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Chapter 755 - Terrifying Opponents

"Something's not right!" Shi Hao was quite clear on one matter that didn't seem to match up with what Qi Daolin said, making his words a bit hard to believe. 

"What is it?" Qi Daolin asked. He sat on a large bluestone boulder, his dao robes fluttering about. There was an immortal aura to his appearance. 

Shi Hao said, "There is a premise for the three thousand province great confrontation, and that is that the participants cannot exceed the supreme expert realm. It is something inviolable, and it is also because of this that many powerful creatures suppressed themselves, waiting to breakthrough after entering that immortal earth."

There was a divine gate that only allowed those at the supreme expert realm to enter, and once one entered, there wouldn't be any more restrictions. Even if they broke into the heavenly deity realm afterwards, it could only be said that it was your own natural luck.

Qi Daolin nodded and said, "You are correct."

"Since that is the case, those freaks that participated in more than one great confrontation and obtained the first rank, how did they do it? They have to break through into the Divine Flame Realm, or else how can they rule the world and look down on the higher realms' three thousand provinces?" Shi Hao raised this issue. 

Once they became a Divine Flame Realm expert, how were they supposed to enter in this world? They clearly didn't meet the qualifications!

As for those that participated in several great decisive battles, that was even more unlikely. As for the ten time participant the old man spoke about, there was no way that could happen. 

Qi Daolin sighed and said, "That is also the reason why I only wished for you to be in the top ten ranks and not demanding the top spot. It is because they are too terrifying, to the extent where I can even allow you to appear in the first twenty places, as long as you keep your life and wait for the future, accumulate wisdom and growth. After all, you are still too inexperienced…"

"Hey, dao master, you can't speak randomly. You are looking down on me too much! Is the one that is supposed to be number one past and present going to be looked down on like this?" Shi Hao was discontent. Of course, he was extremely narcissistic as well. 

"The preconditions you spoke of will naturally be complied with." Qi Daolin first nodded his head, acknowledging those conditions. Then, he looked at Shi Hao and said, "They do not violate the rules. Do you know why?"

"Don't tell me that they were frozen stupid, causing their strength to regress…" Shi Hao said. At the same time, his mind shook, finally understanding.

Qi Daolin became speechless, and then he sighed. "When you are suppressed and close to dying, you wouldn't be so optimistic and self-confident! You will discover just how terrifying those people are."

He paused, and then he said, "Those people all had great imposing bearing. After participating and coming back, they directly destroyed their Divine Flame Realm, falling down and then restrengthening themselves. 

"Truly… a group of freaks!" Shi Hao knew that it wasn't that simple. So this really was how it was after all! These people were too vicious, all of them daring to do this.

It was rumored that once one became a deity, they couldn't ruin their own cultivation because it was too dangerous. Falling out of the divine dao foundation was life-threatening. Normal people definitely couldn't test it.

Meanwhile, these people could rebuild their cultivations, all for the sake of the battlefield's conditions. 

"There are some that rebuilt their cultivations several times. Can you imagine how terrifying their divine dao foundation is? It is continuously changing…" Qi Daolin sighed and said. Even he felt that it was terrifying and just too shocking. 

Shi Hao frowned. The great battle was extremely dangerous, and it would definitely be incomparably difficult. He had to carve out a path through blood.

"It is to the extent where some are even more thorough, directly cutting themselves down to the Blood Transformation Realm, starting all the way from the beginning!" Qi Daolin added. 

When Shi Hao heard this, his expression truly changed. To repeatedly destroy one's foundation and start over again, this truly was abnormal and terrifying. One can imagine how steady and exuberant that type of dao fruit would be. 

His expression was not good. "Old man, what are you trying to say? Are you purposely splashing cold water on me?"

"Brat, I am warning you that those people are ridiculously astonishing, shocking both past and present. There are few equal to them, unless they are of the same sort. I want you to understand that if you encounter them, it is enough if you keep your life. Do not try to be brave." Qi Daolin warned. 

Shi Hao thought to himself. His brows locked together tightly. This group of people truly reached a certain peak. Regardless of which one of them he encountered, everything pointed towards disaster. 

However, he didn't feel discouraged. After thinking about it for a bit, he became brimming with confidence again. "That is because they feel like they still have flaws, which is why they crippled themselves. In the end, they are still not enough. Great strength is not determined by how many times you reconstruct your divine dao foundation. For example, like myself, every cultivation realm is perfect and evolved to the limit. I don't have to cripple my own divine dao foundation and can similarly suppress them!"

"Child, aren't you just too narcissistic?" Qi Daolin was amused. 

"Please believe that I will be able to!" Shi Hao said. 

"Haha, fine, I am waiting for you to show your power. Just like you said, suppress men and bring back women to warm the bed." Qi Daolin smiled.

"Absolutely!" Shi Hao nodded. 

"You really are something. Why don't I stir things up a bit and tell the world about your confidence ahead of time?" Qi Daolin said.

"This… I don't want to become a public enemy…" Shi Hao said self mockingly. Suppressing men was one thing, but women… if he said it out loud, he truly might be attacked by everyone. 

Qi Daolin seemed to have thought of something. "I'll give you an example to illustrate how unordinary these people are. There is one person that only participated once, but he obtained the first place while remaining at the supreme expert realm the entire time."

He told Shi Hao that every single one of them stood out from the masses, that the path they walked was different. One didn't have to cripple their divine dao foundation and rebuild it.

"I won't think that much anymore. When the time comes, I'll just welcome it with my most powerful state!" Shi Hao said, steadying his conviction. 

Of course, he didn't forget to shoot his mouth a bit more. 

Then, Qi Daolin passed down onto him the Flame Immersion art, Flame seeking method, Flame sacrificing dao… they were all related to rare precious flames. 

In summary, he wasn't forcefully seizing the divine flame, because some of those divine flames were more powerful than even deities. It was too difficult for supreme experts to subdue them.

Especially an 'ancient flame',for  which even burning heavenly deities to death wasn't a problem and was instead easy enough of a task. 

Generally speaking, the Divine Flame Realm was borrowing flames to ignite one's divine source, one that would never go out, establishing an unmatched dao foundation. 

This process wasn't one of enslaving a flame, nor was it merging with it, but instead borrowing the divine dao power to refine his body, cleansing his divinity and foundation.

 Of course, there was another saying, that the so-called igniting divine flame was actually planting a divine dao seed. The best flame will naturally produce the most plentiful fruit. 

"Remember, don't try to subdue it but instead communicate with it to obtain its acknowledgment. Allow some conditions and pay it back in the future." Qi Daolin imparted various techniques to Shi Hao, among which the Flame sacrificing dao was the most important. 

The same flame, could have, throughout history, helped countless geniuses establish their foundations. It wouldn't completely merge with a certain person.

"If you can find the best 'ancient flame', the things I will teach you in the future will be of great use." Qi Daolin said.

What he then taught weren't techniques, nor were they bone texts and other things like that, it was instead a type of sacrificial language. It was ancient, mysterious, and deep, like the chanting of scriptures.

"What is this?" Shi Hao was quite shocked.

"It is a type of language, one that has been passed down since the Immortal Ancient era, excavated from the ruins and later deciphered. It is used for sacrifice," Qi Daolin said. 

Rumors had it that ancient flames could connect past and present, to the extent where it could even form a vague connection.

"This…" Shi Hao found it difficult to calm down. 

"People have offered sacrifices to the divine flames since the Immortal Ancient era." Qi Daolin said. 

"The so-called ancient flames are which ones?" Shi Hao asked.

"It is the precious flames that have been left behind since the since the Immortal Ancient era, such as the Heaven flame, Ten thousand evil flame, and others. They are the greatest flames in the world," said Qi Daolin, pointing out that only these flames could be communicated with through the sacrificial method, establishing a connection.

He told Shi Hao that the inheritances that could grasp these types of ancient flames were all extremely old, all the unrivaled great sects. Normally, no one could learn about them as they kept this information secret.

After digesting this information, he began to earnestly ask for guidance. He asked Qi Daolin if those 'ancient flames' truly were formed after those True immortals fell.

"There is this type of saying, but there is a lack of evidence." Qi Daolin nodded.

In addition, he had some opinions of his own on this matter. He believed that it should be the ultimate substance left behind after a True immortal died, and that was why it could be considered a type of flame. Igniting oneself with them would establish the most powerful great dao foundation. 

In addition, Qi Daolin believed that people had done this since the ancient times, to the extent where it was even more thorough than in the present age. From the true meaning he deduced from the ancient sacrificial language, the people back then directly planted the flame left behind by the True immortals into their body and stirred it on with secret techniques to strengthen their bodies. 

"Not one's own, still not one's own in the end…" After hearing this, Shi Hao frowned and said. 

"What kind of precious flame did you discover?" Qi Daolin asked.

"Green Lunar flame."

Qi Daolin was shaken, truly moved. It was because this was a well known ancient flame, one of the most powerful 'flame sources'. It was just too well known.

"From the clues that were obtained after some ruins were excavated, it should be what goddess Qing Yue left behind after she fell. This was an extremely well known True immortal during the Immortal Ancient era."

When Shi Hao heard this, he was now sure that the Green Lunar flame was formidable!

Qi Daolin spoke, saying, "Wu, I originally wanted to look for the Great Scarlet Sky flame for you, never expecting of you to have discovered the Green Lunar flame that is comparable to it."

Shi Hao said, "Great Scarlet Sky flame? When Goddess Academy was exchanging with Divine Cliff Academy for the seven-colored Immortal gold, they only seemed to have provided a few clues for this flame."

"I precisely wanted to obtain it for you after receiving the news." Qi Daolin nodded and said. 

Shi Hao felt inwardly grateful, but he also felt that this dao lord was extremely domineering. No wonder his bad reputation was so widespread. After he obtained clues about the two academies' exchange, he actually dared to go fight over it.

"Since you have it, then I won't get myself involved. Acquiring it yourself is more meaningful." Qi Daolin said.

Shi Hao opened his mouth, but he didn't say that this was to help Yue Chan acquire the flame. He didn't wish for Qi Daolin to clash with the two academies and take risks over the Great Scarlet Sky flame. 

"The Great Scarlet Sky flame was formed after a sect master fell. Its wonderful uses are endless." Qi Daolin felt rather regretful that he couldn't take action. 

Then, Qi Daolin had Shi Hao earnestly make preparation. He didn't have to carry the great mountain to refine his flesh, bone text, and spirit, temporarily allowing him a break from cultivating the Eight ninth heaven art. Focusing on acquiring the ancient flame was more important. 

For the following few days, Shi Hao continuously cultivated in isolation, consolidating the fire techniques Qi Daolin passed down onto him as well as studying the sacrificial language that had existed endless years ago. 

He chose a quiet place to carefully study everything. He also avoided all noisy and troublesome places, because there were many young experts that appeared in Supreme Being Dao Rite's shoddy monastery gate.

Five days later, Shi Hao came out and headed for Goddess Academy to look of Yue Chan. They were going to move out together to acquire the Green Lunar flame. 

He was quite hopeful, because this was the first test. If he succeeded, he could still go to the bronze coffin to collect the even more mysterious flame source. 

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