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Chapter 757 - Green Moon

Burning hot!

Gentle moonlight scattered down, turning their clothes into ashes. 

However, no disaster befell them, as nothing else dangerous happened. They could feel that this green moon was extremely peaceful, not releasing any terrifying auras. 

Yue Chan's tall and slender figure was pure white and sparkling like ivory. Her beautiful black hair scattered downwards, covering a portion of her unmatched appearance. She immediately stood above the debris, her figure immortal and beautiful, fair and radiating a soft gentle radiance. 

Meanwhile, on the other side, Shi Hao's body was not tainted by a strand of silk. His clothes were completely burned by the ancient flames, revealing his robust build. Precious splendor flickered about and his black hair scattered down. His eyes were brilliant like stellar rivers. 

On the immortal ancient ruins, the two looked at each other. They weren't far from each other, so they could see everything. This sudden change happened too abruptly!

When he saw Yue Chan's expression changed and was about to scream out, Shi Hao shouted out first, saying, "Not good, be careful!" In addition, he rushed over with the fastest speed, blocking the green moonlight. He arrived in front of Yue Chan to half embrace her sparkling white body. 

The two were just too close to each other, and he could smell the waves of delicate fragrance of a young lady. It spread under the moonlight, pervading the air. This was a type of intoxicating fragrance. 

This all happened too abruptly. The sacred and serene Yue Chan found it difficult to maintain her calmness as well. Her beautiful face turned pale. She released a light cry and quickly backed up. 

"Don't worry." Shi Hao had a firm expression. He left behind an afterimage and followed Yue Chan to her side. "I will deal with it, so you can just hide by my side."

"Let go!" Yue Chan's sparkling white face flushed with redness. This fella was too shameful, clearly taking advantage of her and still trying to appear 'honest'. 

His face was just too thick! He spoke with a deadly earnest expression, but in the end, that arm quickly moved around her soft waist in an extremely natural manner. 

This made Yue Chan's body go rigid, because both of them had their clothes destroyed. Her body was soft and glowing like fine jade. Being touched like this was truly uncomfortable. 

With a shua sound, Yue Chan left behind a beautiful afterimage, moving like a spirit. Her undulating tall and slender body quickly moved away, avoiding him.

"With me here, I will definitely not let you become injured!"

What left Yue Chan speechless was that Shi Hao continued to act 'devoted to righteousness', displaying the Kun Peng technique and Earth withdrawal technique to their pinnacle and sticking right to her and standing right there.

"Stay a bit further away from me!" Yue Chan's fair face immediately blushed, carrying embarrassment and resentment as she berated with a low voice. This was just too embarrassing! They had just arrived, yet this kind of situation happened.

The most hateful things was that this fella's face was thick to a ridiculous degree. He looked serious, but he was walking shoulder to shoulder with her, holding her sparkling waist. Her body was trembling, and her beautiful eyes were widened in anger. 

"There's no way I will allow you to be in danger. With me here, you won't be harmed in the slightest!" Shi Hao's expression remained unchanged as he said loudly. He also tightened that arm, wrapping it around her small waist. The two were almost sticking together.

"You scoundrel, thick-faced black hearted person, hurry up and let go!" Yue Chan berated. A layer of goosebumps appeared on her body and her cheeks became red. This situation really left others embarrassed.

"Who needs your protection?!" Yue Chan felt like her face was definitely completely red now, because she felt a hot sensation. These two were incredibly close and just too intimate right now.

She could feel the heat of his arm around her waist, as well as how dishonest that hand was. It held her pure white waist, and it even pinched down. 

With a xiu sound, Yue Chan was like a holy arrow that went off course, causing even the void to distort. She moved out several hundred zhang to free herself from that arm and stay as far away from Shi Hao as she could. 

However, what left her shocked was that Shi Hao's speed exceeded the past, reaching an inconceivable level. He continued to stay right beside her. 

Yue Chan's eyes were greatly widened. That arm… was still there, continuing to wrap around her waist and not letting go. She was unable to free herself from him. 

If the actual Kun Peng knew about this, it might even be startled and sigh so greatly, becoming extremely speechless. Its method was actually cultivated by an outsider to such an extreme, reaching such an unimaginable speed. 

"Did you learn techniques just to show off right now?!" Yue Chan was ashamed and resentful as she berated.

"It is to protect you!" Shi Hao shouted loudly, putting on a face of righteousness. 

"Go die!" Yue Chan was going mad. She truly couldn't take it anymore. Her entire body erupted with multicolored radiance, and all types of symbols covered her body. Meanwhile, her body shone and metallic sounds rang through the air. A layer of divine armor appeared on her body. 

She felt that she was truly angered beyond belief. She should have put on this divine armor a long time ago. 

However, right at this moment, the light of the green moon shone down from above, becoming more and more brilliant. There was a strange aura that pervaded the air. 

Shi Hao raised his head. This time, he truly became serious, and his brows frowned as he stared at that green moonlight. He was trying to figure out why this was happening, becoming dangerous. 


Suddenly, a streak of moonlight hacked over like a green chain. It wasn't that brilliant, but it condensed into a beam of light that was extremely unordinary. 

"En?" Shi Hao was startled. This beam of light was rushing at Yue Chan. He became serious and put away his mischievous heart, taking out a divine magical artifact to block it.


Something alarming happened. A second streak of light appeared, rushing down towards each person respectively to attack them!


In that instant, the magical artifact in Shi Hao's hands snapped, turning into metal liquid. One has to understand that this was the divine whip he seized from the roaming bandits of Fire Province, a divine level precious artifact. 

However, it couldn't even take a single hit, quickly being refined and falling onto the ground, turning into waste material. All of its bone texts were wiped out.

Meanwhile, Yue Chan was shocked as well. The magical clothes on her body distorted and changed shape. If not for her reaction speed being extremely fast, her entire body would have been refined as well. She freed herself from the armor, separating from it. 

This time, Shi Hao was serious and not teasing. He blocked in front of Yue Chan with a serious expression with his back towards her, facing that green moon alone. 

However, after the two beams of light disappeared, the green moon became peaceful again, not releasing any dangerous aura. It really was confusing.

"What is going on?" Shi Hao said to himself. 

Yue Chan was incredibly shocked as well. Currently, her body was absolutely perfect without a trace of silk on her, snow white and sparkling. It made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

"Could it be that the green moon is helping us become one?" Shi Hao turned around to look at Yue Chan.

"What are you randomly spouting?!" Yue Chan rolled her eyes and stared hatefully at him. 

The green moon hung high above, gentle and hazy. There really was nothing unexpected that happened again. The two were almost within reach, producing a type of ambiguous and charming scene.

Shi Hao raised his head and carefully sensed around. Then, he began to chant in  the Immortal Ancient era's sacrificial language.

In that instant, he was shaken. He unexpectedly felt a wave of fluctuations, a type of emotion. There seemed to be some kind of connection. This Immortal Ancient language was indeed extraordinary!

Then, Shi Hao sensed a bit of abnormalities.

"Burning our clothes was a warning, telling us that we cannot act randomly here."

"Wearing divine armor, holding divine level weapon, from its opinion, is a type of provocation, and that was why it destroyed it."

This was what Shi Hao obtained after thinking it over, the message he obtained from that will. He spoke it without holding anything back, sharing it with Yue Chan. 

"It was actually this type of situation." Yue Chan understood clearly. She quickly fetched an ordinary set of clothes to wear on her body. 

Shi Hao was quite regretful, mumbling to himself. His emotions were also written all over his eyes and face. 

"You… what are you trying to imply? Hurry up and put on your clothes!" Yue Chan glared at him. 

When the two faced each other again, they finally put on all of their clothes. Shi Hao didn't try to stir up Heaven Mending Sect's fairy and instead began to carefully discuss with her how they were going to acquire the Green Lunar flame.

"The ancient language you used just now was quite effective," Yue Chan said. She also understood a bit. As an inheritor of Heaven Mending Sect, one of the higher realms' most ancient and powerful inheritances, she naturally had her own secret methods. 

Along the way, the two of them had long exchanged what they knew, and now, they even began to earnestly exchange the dao of flame sacrifice, as well as the ancient sacrificial language. They didn't hold anything back from each other.

It was because they discovered, especially with that Immortal Ancient language, what the two grasped wasn't quite the same. They could complement each other and perfect it a bit further. 

"Even though dao master Qi's name is notorious, he truly has quite the methods. After stealing from hundreds of clans, he obtained even more of the ancient language than Heaven Mending Sect!" Yue Chan sighed lightly. She couldn't help but praise in admiration. 

Both of them had terrifyingly great natural aptitudes, and because they both grasped the dao of sacrificial flames, as well as a portion of the ancient language, the exchange went extremely smoothly. They both comprehended things by analogy, and as such, they understood it well quickly. 

They then tried to communicate with that green moon several times. It was quite effective!

"Watch the surroundings for me, I am going to start," Yue Chan said. 

Immediately, her precious projection appeared, majestic and dignified. Her fine black hair scattered down, and her eyes were intelligent. Her entire being was otherworldly and immortal as she stood there, staring upwards towards the green moon. 

Segments of the mysterious sacrificial language sounded from her red lips one after another high into the sky. 

Shi Hao watched over her from the side. He was also speaking softly, using the ancient sacrificial language to communicate with the green moon, helping Yue Chan establish her foundation with it and truly become connected.

This… was strangely effective!

That green moon slowly descended. It was soft and brilliant like a gemstone, appearing not too far out.

This type of language was originally a sacrificial language of the ancient generation. It was originally used precisely for communicating with rare flames and to establish a vague connection, so right now, it naturally displayed a great use. 

The green moon was brilliant and beautiful to the extreme. From up close, it looked sparkling and resplendent, not like an ancient flame at all. 

It approached closer and closer until it was before them, suspended above. The distance between them was less than several zhang. 


Moonlight scattered downwards. The two individuals' clothes became ashes again, but this was because the fiery light's temperature itself was too great and not intentionally done. 

The two didn't dare act rashly, not deciding to cover their bodies, because this was an extremely crucial moment right now. They began to chant the ancient language again to carry out an offering and communication.

Then, the green moon got closer and closer, becoming more and more peaceful. However, even though this was the case, it still burned the two until their skin were shining and they produced divine patterns for self-protection.

At this moment, both of them released a breath of relief. If nothing unexpected happened, they should be successful. They could have already be considered to have formed a type of connection with the green moon. 

Once they relaxed, Shi Hao's eyes naturally roamed about to appreciate the scene before his eyes. 

The green moon floated in the air, scattering down its moonlight.

A tall and slender figure appeared above the ruins. A female, spotlessly white like jade, towered there, her hair shining strand after strand, untainted by a speck of dust. Her eyes were brilliant and her red lips bright. Her neck was snow white like a swan's. 

As for her wonderful body, it was even more curvaceous and close to perfection. Her chest was tall and full, her waist small and elegant, her legs perfectly straight and long. Her body was snow white.

This was an alarming scene without any flaws. It was close to perfection, one that would easily make one absentminded.

Yue Chan glared at him. This was just too unrestrained, actually staring at her body without end, making her humiliated and angry. However, there was nothing she could do, because this was the critical moment of acquiring that flame. 

In addition, right at this moment, what was the most unbearable for her was that this fella even went in for another blow.

"This is sexual harassment! Don't just look at me, hurry and acquire the Immortal Ancient precious flame!" Shi Hao spoke with a deadly earnest expression.

"Who is looking at you?!" Yue Chan was indignant, appearing quite different from her usual pure and untainted fairy style. It was as if an immortal fell into the world of mortals. 

With a cough, Shi Hao began to move out his tall and robust body, saying to himself, "It can't be helped. My style is exceptional, so not even Heaven Mending Sect's fairy can hold herself back. She can only be drawn in."

At this moment, divine multicolored light seeped out from Yue Chan's eyes, and the roots of her teeth felt sore. She truly wanted to put him down and viciously beat him up. 

"It's coming!" Shi Hao reminded. The green moon fell, gradually approaching Yue Chan's sparkling white body, illuminating her brilliantly. It suspended above her head and released a gentle feeling. She was going to succeed soon. 

Yue Chan focused her attention. Her red lips gently opened, starting to chant the sacrificial language to communicate with the green moon and establish a close connection.

What left her helpless was that Shi Hao who was now idle and didn't have to take any action unexpectedly began to walk back and forth, evaluating every part of her. It made her snow white body immediately flush with redness.

"Can you stay a bit farther away from me?!" She said through clenched teeth, because she didn't feel at ease, fearing that she would be disturbed and there will be some problems. 

"Fine, but you have to take responsibility for looking at me indecently. You've already seen everything I have." Shi Hao said.

Yue Chan's bright red lips opened slightly. She was so angry she almost vomited blood. Her pearly white teeth clenched inwardly, but in the end, she could only stare hatefully at him. 

"It was effective. Yue Chan is about to succeed. Will I be able to acquire that extremely mysterious ancient flame as well?" Shi Hao said to himself, feeling rather expectant. 

Of course, the beautiful scene in front of him was similarly something to look forward to. He wasn't willing to pass up on this chance. 

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