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Chapter 754 - Group of Idiots

QI Daolin's golden robes fluttered with sounds. His expression became serious, and within his eyes, there were the sun, moon and stars fading in and out of existence. Strands of auspicious energy curled about above his head.

"You do know?" He asked seriously. 

Shi Hao's mind jumped. The nine dragons and bronze coffin actually produced such a huge reaction with this old man. He really wanted to know, and perhaps now, he could understand some of their secrets.

"I heard some people discussing it in Goddess Academy." Shi Hao didn't immediately reveal the truth, because the other party had a really bad reputation, doing all types of disgraceful things. He was scared that he might be tricked again.

"Who mentioned it?" Qi Daolin asked. 

"The three thousand province great battle is drawing near, and a few geniuses in Goddess Academy were discussing various supreme treasures. Someone talking about this, saying that it was terrifying to the extreme." Shi Hao said, and then he asked for guidance again.

Qi Daolin looked at him. He didn't say anything for a long time. 

"Dao master, what's wrong? Please help me dispel my doubts." Great waves were stirring within Shi Hao's heart, but his face remained calm. 

"Forget it. Pointless even if its whereabouts are known. No one can open it, only burying more people within." Qi Daolin released a long and drawn out sigh as if he relieved himself of a great pressure, not acting as serious as before.

"What kind of secrets does it have exactly?" Shi Hao asked. 

"It is called Three World Coffin" Qi Daolin said. 

Shi Hao was immediately shaken up. This was the first time he heard of this name, hearing about it when he first entered the higher realms. He even more so almost got caught up in its disturbance.

Immortal Place inheritor, Zhen Gu, with, and a few other exceptional talents were looking for a silver-haired woman, leading to her being seriously injured. There were rumors that if it wasn't related to the Supreme Hall, then it was the Three World Coffin. 

At that time, Shi Hao had only heard about it while passing by. The Three World Coffin was a supreme treasure of the higher realms!

He never thought that the so-called nine dragons and ancient bronze coffin were precisely the Three World Coffin. The name was quite unique. He didn't know if it truly contained some extraordinary meaning. 

"As for this thing, my understandings of it is quite limited as well. However, I do know that it is extremely terrifying and mysterious, originating from the Immortal Ancient era." Qi Daolin said in a long and drawn out manner.

Shi Hao believed these words firmly. He had previously opened up a corner of the coffin and saw that terrifying great war scene. Shouts of slaughter shook the heavens, and it was as if True immortals descended into the world to participate. 

"My sect only has a single person each generation, even though I did not truly pay my respects and enter…" When Qi Daolin spoke up to here, he felt extremely emotional, and there was melancholy as well. 

Shi Hao didn't interrupt him. Even though he already mostly guessed what kind of inheritance it was, he didn't say anything. 

"The nine dragons and bronze coffin has a bit of connection with my martial sect." Qi Daolin brought up that inheritance, saying that the inheritance's unmatched elder had previously searched for this coffin for many years. 

It was also precisely because of that reason that this highest elder had neglected many other things, not leaving behind a powerful inheritor, causing the inheritance to fall.

"What did that elder previously deduce?" Shi Hao asked. 

"He had confirmed that the copper coffin cannot be opened, or else even those at the very peak might fall." Qi Daolin's expression was serious, and there was a trace of regret as well. 

In the past, that elder had searched for endless years, and then he finally found it. When he opened the ancient coffin, a few strange events happened that caused his dao foundation to be seriously injured. 

Following that, he faced the pursuit of great enemies. Immortal Palace's unmatched expert that had been asleep since the ancient times revived, and together with several others, they surrounded him to wipe him out.

In the end, he still fell. 

Otherwise, with his tremendous strength, he might have some of his long life left even in this present era, not necessarily turning into dust. This was also precisely why he wasn't in such a rush to bring up a powerful inheritor. 

All of these unforeseen events arose because of the nine dragons and bronze coffin! 

"The entire Immortal Ancient era was buried underneath…" When Qi Daolin spoke up to here, he looked into the sky, his eyes deep as if he was gazing into the world beyond at something. He said softly, "Only the nine dragons that pulled the copper cauldron was left. Everything else was buried behind."

He seemed to be talking in his sleep as he spoke about the past.

His master, that unmatched elder, for the sake of unraveling a great ancient secret and seeking the Immortal Ancient era's truth, chased after it for half his life. Unfortunately, he died while nursing grievances. 

As such, this became something that gnawed at Qi Daolin's mind. 

Shi Hao became silent. This elder had a notorious reputation that was extremely widespread, but through their interactions, he began to feel like he might not go so far as to swindle him. However, he still didn't speak about the truth.

It was because he was quite worried. If Qi Daolin, due to these thoughts that had always been preoccupying him, went to face the Three World Coffin without fearing the consequences, the results would be too horrible to contemplate. 

Shi Hao decided that he would talk about it in a few days. He would wait for the elder to calm down to avoid something unexpected from happening. 

"Dao master, do you know any methods of subduing rare divine flames?" Shi Hao wanted to ask for guidance on this problem. It was because it was extremely important. He needed an answer to this issue urgently. 

"Oh? You discovered a precious flame with which you want to ignite your body into divinity?" Qi Daolin's curiosity was piqued.

"With the battle of three thousand provinces near, I'm just preparing a bit ahead of time." Shi Hao said. He felt a rather great headache. He saw two flames, yet he was at his wits end, unable to subdue them. 

Even though Yue Chan said that there was a method that she would tell him when the time came, he still felt like it wasn't too dependable.

"Wu, as my Supreme Being Dao Rite's inheritor, this time, if you cannot rise up in the battle of three thousand provinces, I will directly kick you out!" Qi Daolin narrowed his eyes and said. 

"Why do you have to do such a thing?!" Shi Hao complained. This was simply more terrifying than an evil cult, having his 'dao destroyed' at every turn, not for a mistake, but rather because of some freakish requirement being too hard to obtain. 

"If you are lower than the top ten places, then don't return and just end your own life." Qi Daolin said.

"Yi, didn't you want me to be number one?" Shi Hao was stunned. Didn't this fella always have a high standard? Why did it seem a bit more lenient this time?

"The three thousand provinces have endless heroes and heavenly talents. Even exceptional talents will come out in batches. Entering the top ten is easier said than done, especially this time." Qi Daolin sighed. It was clear that he knew a few matters, understanding quite a few secrets. 

"Even that fella from Immortal Palace, the one that was rumored to have suppressed the younger generation until they couldn't breathe, looking down on all others his age is someone who I will definitely suppress, yet you still don't think that I will be in the top few, or perhaps the be the first?" Shi Hao never lacked confidence. Of course, in the eyes of many, it looked more like he loved to shoot his mouth. 

"I already said that if you want to be someone of my Supreme Being Dao Rite, you have to defeat Immortal Palace's inheritor. He is strong, but not the biggest threat." Qi Daolin said.

"Don't tell me that even though he is so strong, the number one or two in this generation, he cannot even enter the top ten?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

"Top one or two? Who is putting up these ranking? Absolute bullshit!" Qi Daolin glared, not acknowledging this at all.

Shi Hao was shocked. During this great confrontation of geniuses, could it be that Immortal Palace's inheritor wasn't among the top group?

"You have to remember that in the wider world, there are always people more talented than yourself. Who dares to call themselves number one? In the past, there were many geniuses who had put this title on themselves, yet soon after, someone stepped out, defeating them. Since the ancient times, who dares to unbridledly call themselves unrivaled?!" Qi Daolin was greatly stirred up. 

"Me!" Shi Hao said with endless confidence.

Qi Daolin was angered so badly he laughed. "Fine. Youngster, if you don't enter the top ten, watch how I deal with you!"

Shi Hao mumbled. "I say, dao master, you are praising others too much, ruining your own awe-inspiring dignity. Why is it called the Supreme Being Dao Rite? It's naturally to be number one under heaven, and only this type of attitude is good. Didn't you say this before too? Why are you suddenly lacking in confidence once the great battle of three thousand provinces is brought up?"

"The goal I established for you is for you to reign supreme in the future. You need to accumulate and look to the future and not struggle with the present. The great battle this time, I do not want you to… send yourself to death!" Qi Daolin seriously warned. 

The notorious Qi Daolin who had always had strict requirements for Shi Hao, wishing him to walk towards the peak, at this moment, actually lowered his attitude, leaving Shi Hao shocked.

It was clear that the other party had good intentions, worrying that he might encounter a disaster, and that was why he seriously explained and spoke in detail. 

"Is it because of those young creatures from snow covered hidden inheritances?" Shi Hao asked. He had heard that there were ancient inheritances that had exceptional heavenly talents who could dominate all of their peers, rarely meeting opponents.

"Correct, but also incorrect." Qi Daolin shook his head. He told him that this was a subject best avoided. 

If it was just the young creatures that were from hidden inheritances, then that would be that, still manageable. Immortal Palace inheritor would be enough to rank in the first group, and entering the top ten wouldn't be a problem. 

What was terrifying was that there were a few other secrets.

"The great battle of three thousand provinces will be held once every tens of thousands of years. It has continued from the ancient times until now. The main reason is because there is too much natural luck within. Whoever obtains certain things will become undying and tower above all others at the extreme peak for tens of thousands of years to come!" Qi Daolin sighed and said. 

Shi Hao quietly listened without interrupting. 

"Do you think the extremely powerful creatures are from those snow covered hidden inheritances? I am saying that it's something else!" Qi Daolin's eyes shone, their radiance sharp like lightning.

Shi Hao didn't understand. What was the difference?

"The snow covered inheritances I am talking about are those that have been sealed under icebergs since ancient times, those buried under snow caves. Those great icy and snow inheritances have suppressed a few young supreme beings that you cannot fathom, those that are enough to overlook the past and future!

"What?" Shi Hao finally couldn't hold back and released a cry of alarm.

"All for the sake of transcending and obtaining the great natural luck left behind by the Immortal Ancient era, there are people who have been waiting this entire time, laying dormant to appear at the most suitable time." Qi Daolin said quietly. Even he felt rather helpless. 

Shi Hao was stunning enough, but compared to those young supreme beings that have accumulated since the ancient times, it might not be enough. 

However, Shi Hao curled his lips. He was full of self-confidence, saying, "Who am I? Turns out its a group of fellas like that. I will beat them one by one when the time comes. I will put down men, and women I will bring back to warm the bed!"


Qi Daolin almost coughed out a mouthful of old blood. This kid was spouting his mouth a bit too far! There had to be some limit, right?

"What do you understand?" He berated.

Shi Hao's lips twitched. "Isn't it just some beansprouts in the greenhouse, those that survived the frost? I'll just stir-fry them later, turning them into appetizers."

"You should stop spouting your mouth before going too far. One should have limits even in their confidence!" Qi Daolin instructed, saying, "Not a single one of those that have been sealed within those icy mountain inheritances are greenhouse flowers. There are some that have participated in more than one three thousand provinces great battles."

"What?!" This time, Shi Hao was completely shocked.

"Those people have almost all participated in this type of great battle, and they also obtained the number one place in their respective eras! These are eras where monarchs overlooked the world, looking down on the three thousand provinces!" Qi Daolin stressed seriously. Only, in their respective generations, they didn't find the so-called greatest natural luck, causing them to return without any achievements.

"Are you serious… a group of number ones in history?" This time, Shi Hao's expression became serious. He felt a tremendous pressure. The upcoming great battle will definitely be incredibly difficult. There was going to be a great bloody road to march through. 

"Rumor has it that there is someone who has participated ten times, and he has the power to be number one both past and present!" Qi Daolin spoke again.

There was someone that appeared in different eras, participating ten times, becoming number one each time, first under heaven!

When Shi Hao heard this, he felt his fine hairs stand up one after another. His body became cold. Was he even going to make it out of this alive? There was a group of freaks that were going to appear!

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