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Chapter 753 - Promise

"Let go." Yue Chan 

If it was anyone else, they might be caught up in her beauty. While standing in front of this gorgeous fairy that was surrounded in holy splendor, they might find it extremely hard to stay calm and even feel ashamed of their own inferiority. 

It was clear that Shi Hao didn't belong to this group. His eyes were clear, and he even concentrated his expression on Yue Chan, saying, "I am being serious, wife, did you forget the events that happened between us in the lower realm?"

The word 'wife' made Yue Chan's brows jump. The imprint within her brows appeared, and multicolored radiance surged. She felt like this fella was truly incurable. His arrogance and pushiness made one feel a sense of powerlessness.

Yue Chan quickly jerked her hand away, because she knew that her aura alone definitely couldn't subdue the other person, unable to leave him feeling ashamed, only adding more fuel to the flames. 

However, Shi Hao grabbed her firmly without being willing to let go. Her eyes flickered with divine multicolored light as he stared at her. 

"I didn't save you so you can disrespect me." Yue Chan said quietly, not panicking and instead like a water ripple. There was no anger to be seen.

"How could I dare? I am just proving my words with action." Shi Hao had a sincere look on his face, grabbing her hand without letting go.

Yue Chan jerked her hand again, but in the end, she couldn't move it away at all. Her entire jade like arm shone, becoming snow white and resplendent, but under Shi Hao's strength, she found it difficult to struggle free. 

"Even though there are misunderstandings between us, but since you saved me today, I've seen your true intentions of being unable of abandoning me." It was clear that Shi Hao's skin became another inch thicker as he spoke without minding her words.

However, he quickly became discontent, saying, "Yue Chan, what are you trying to tell me? Even though I am showing you such emotions, you are actually breaking out with goosebumps? It truly hurts my heart!"

"Stop being so sickening!" Yue Chan no longer concealed her expression. She knew that in order to deal with this shameless fellow, she definitely couldn't show him any good expressions. 

Unfortunately, even though her bone texts swirled about, she was still unable to shake off Shi Hao. It was because the mysterious force Shi Hao cultivated after ingesting the Golden Bodhi fruit was used, neutralized all of the symbols.

"Wife, did you forget our affections of the past?" Shi Hao asked serious.

When she heard this way of address, Yue Chan wanted to give him a beating. She truly felt that this fella was too much of a scoundrel, giving her quite a headache. 

"Sometimes, I really feel like I can't recognize you…" She said softly.

She had seen Shi Hao's heaven warping appearance, how he fought against the seven deities, clearly knowing that he might not survive, yet he still pressed forward. Just how solemn and stirring of a scene was that? She also knew that his aura devoured mountains and rivers. When he was the Stone Emperor, he hacked down Heaven Mending Sect, Western Sect, Immortal Mountain, and other powers, destroying the foundations of great sects one after another. 

Back then, he truly possessed the aura to intimidate everyone. He was like a monarch ruling the world, looking down on everyone. He was, back then, truly a young supreme being. 

Only, once this fella became unoccupied, he definitely angered man and god alike. His vicious, imposing, and mighty appearance only appeared when absolutely necessary. 

Shi Hao shook his head and said, "Everyone only lives one life in this world, why is there a need to always wear oneself out? Yue Chan, you are thinking too much."

These words were spoken rather absentmindedly, but Yue Chan found it understandable, and she knew that this was still, in the end, that person that stirred up endless storms in the lower realm. 

"Let's just forget about our past misunderstandings then." Yue Chan said. Her body was like a divine lotus, sparkling and flowing with otherworldly light. 

"Since the misunderstandings have been unmasked, we naturally have to celebrate!" Shi Hao smiled. He opened his arms up to directly embrace her. 

The imprint on her forehead shone again. It trembled slightly and became extremely brilliant, releasing a blinding radiance!

"Stop! What are you trying to do!" Shi Hao quickly stopped himself.

Yue Chan glared at him and softly said, "Your serious self has more character than your mischievous self, and better as well."

"Then I will watch myself better. In the future, my heroic aura will be matchless!" Shi Hao boasted shamelessly, and then he even directly expressed it, directly grabbing her waist and walking outwards. 

"You scoundrel!" Yue Chan's couldn't remain calm anymore, falling from the fairy high up down into the world of mortals. She was truly humiliated and angry. Nothing she did brought any results. 

"Aren't I earnestly expressing myself?" Shi Hao said. Then, he stopped, saying, "We even carried out a wedding ceremony. Could it be that you still want to marry someone else?"

"Enough already. Let's discuss a few true matters." Yue Chan said, stopping her footsteps. 

Even though Shi Hao's skin was thick, he still wasn't a truly despicable person who was impossible to deal with. When he heard this, he loosened his hand and walked next to her. 

"What exactly did you end up doing after coming into the higher realms?" Yue Chan asked.

Shi Hao didn't try to hide things, talking about everything he could talk about. 

Yue Chan was shocked. He was Huang? She was just too shocked, being speechless for an extremely long time!

"I presume that soon after, your identity will still be ultimately leaked. I do not believe the Celestial Clan will keep it a secret for too long," she said softly.

Yue Chan was quite honest as well, talking about her own circumstances. She was hiding from her main body. From how things looked right now, she wasn't the main body's opponent. She was hiding from a fate of destruction. 

"With me here, this isn't a problem. I'll capture her in the future!" Shi Hao said, his voice firm and resolute. 

"You cannot look down on her." Yue Chan shook her head. Then, she pointed at the place between her brows. "Once her divine senses completely undergo rebirth and revive, she will be difficult to defeat."

Shi Hao wanted to understand more about it, but Yue Chan only said that this was an innate ability. 

The two chatted for a long time. They learned about each others' experiences in the higher realms. 

"The two of us are both hiding from powerful enemies, unable to reveal our true identities, and we both came from the lower realm. Don't you feel that we are quite connected by fate?" Shi Hao laughed and said. 

Yue Chan was a bit moved as well, and there was a type of empathizing feeling. 

"Can you become a bit more decent and have a bit more of a heroic air? It's way better than how you are now!" Yue Chan said.

"Okay, I definitely will!" Shi Hao said. Then, he added, asking, "The marriage we had before, are we really going to pretend that never happened?"

Yue Chan's hand held her head. She truly couldn't beat him. Her skin was sparkling white, flowing with symbols and precious light, suppressing her annoyance. 

"If you win during the gathering of hundred rivers, the battle of three thousand provinces, then I'll admit that a wedding ceremony was held between us." In the end, this was what Yue Chan said. 

"That easy?" Shi Hao asked.

"Can you not shoot your mouth so much?!" Yue Chan truly couldn't put up with him anymore and directly berated. 

"Who am I? In the future, I will definitely rise up and wipe out Heavenly Country, Underworld Earth, Immortal Palace, and slaughter my way into the uninhabited area to understand the source and secrets of the highest existences. Is such a thing really too difficult for me!" Shi Hao said cockily. 

"This world is far larger than your imagination." Yue Chan sighed and said. She pointed into the sky and then said, "Even the Immortal Ancient era has become a thing of the past, forever buried in the annals of history!"

Towards this, Shi Hao was quite interested. He inquired about this, but unfortunately, Yue Chan only knew bits and pieces. 

The two then chatted for another while. When they mentioned the three thousand provinces great battle, as well as various trump cards, Yue Chan felt rather regretful. She still hadn't discovered the flame she wanted.

"What kind of flame do you want to use to become a deity, to ignite the self?" Shi Hao asked.

"I draw from a lunar force, resonating with the moon. I wish to find a divine flame related to it," Yue Chan said. 

Shi Hao shook his head and said, "That's too bad then. Otherwise, I know a divine flame in Fire Province's grasslands that is blue-green like the sky, extremely mysterious and powerful. I could only run away when I encountered it."

"What did you say?" Yue Chan was shocked. Then, she widened her eyes as she looked at him, hurriedly asking about it. Her current appearance conflicted a bit with her normally otherworldly temperament. 

Shi Hao briefly described it, talking about the various characteristics of the blue-green flame. 

"Green Lunar flame!" Yue Chan was shocked as she spoke these three words. 

"Are you sure?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

"If your descriptions were not inaccurate, then that should be it. The blue-green like sky is actually an enormous moon that covers the sky!" Yue Chan said. 

Shi Hao was shocked. After carefully thinking about it, it really might be the case. 

He never thought that something he randomly brought up would be what Yue Chan needed the most, a rare and precious flame.

"Is it really special, that valuable?" Shi Hao asked. 

Yue Chan nodded her head seriously and said, "It is at the same level as Scarlet Sky flame and Heaven flame, one of the world's rarest divine flames. It is incomparable, and as long as one could obtain it, they could display a perfect evolution. Their future accomplishments would become limitless."

"They are both flames, yet why is the difference so great?" Shi Hao muttered. 

At the same time, he thought about the flame that was even more mysterious than the one that came from the nine dragon skeletons and bronze coffin. What kind of origin did it have?

"The rare and precious flames are special because their origins are exceedingly extraordinary and shocking." Yue Chan said. 

Shi Hao now had his interests piqued. He asked her to speak about it in more detail.

"It is because they came from the Immortal Ancient era! This is something that most people acknowledge." Yue Chan said. 

"What?!" Shi Hao seemed to have lost his voice. 

Yue Chan spoke extremely seriously, explaining earnestly that the most shockingly precious flames were suspected to be left behind after a true immortal fell. Their bodies would be burned up into ashes, only leaving behind a flame. 

"This… can't be, right?!" Shi Hao was truly stunned. 

Yue Chan then said, "Those are just speculations and not truly proven. There were just a few people who found some clues to the truth while unearthing some Immortal Ancient ruins."

Shi Hao was stupefied. What kind of background did these rare precious flames have?

For example, the great Scarlet Sky flame was rumored to very well have been left behind by the great Scarlet Sky Lord after he fell." Yue Chan said. 

Shi Hao's mind was greatly shaken. Their origins were that great?

"Meanwhile, the Green Lunar flame was rumored to have been left behind by a goddess named Qing Yue. Her status was equivalent to Scarlet Sky Lord." Yue Chan explained a step further. 

These words left Shi Hao greatly shocked. There were actually such terrifying secrets!

Only, there was no way to truly prove this. They were deduced from clues excavated from Immortal Ancient secret realm, and a lot of it were just speculations. 

"After Scarlet Sky Lord's fall, the flame he left behind was not given the name immortal flame. What is the deal with the chaotic flame and other flames that have the reputation of being immortal flames then?" Shi Hao asked.

"Immortal flames, chaotic flames are not left by true immortals after their death. They are extremely mysterious, and it is difficult to say where they came from." Yue Chan said.

Shi Hao nodded. Eventually, both him and Yue Chan left this place. They decided to collect the Green Lunar flame together in a few days. 

"Will you be able to handle it?" Shi Hao felt like it was simply impossible to subdue. 

"A predecessor has left behind their experiences, not using forceful means. There was a secret method that was produced. When the time comes, I will tell you." Yue Chan said. 

When they left the lake and passed through all types of formations to emerge, someone saw them walking shoulder to shoulder. They were immediately shocked. 

"Junior sister Qing Yi, you went to the immortal pool, he…"

That person found this simply impossible to believe. It was because Shi Hao still had beads of water in his hair and giving off the aura of the immortal pool, leaving him shocked. This was… joint bath?

"Today is an even numbered day. As a male, you actually dare to barge into the restricted area and be together with junior sister Qing Yi?!" Someone berated. They were people from the enforcement team. When they saw this scene, they were greatly shocked. 

"What are you yelling about? This is my wife!" Shi Hao shouted. He then directly embraced Yue Chan's small waist, standing with her and looking at everyone. 

"Let go!" Yue Chan's cheeks flushed with color. This fella really was too improper. 

"I know who you are! You are that bastard who was doing business at the courtyard entrance?" Someone cried out. 

"What? It's that person from the shoddy monastery? He actually ran here to harass my Goddess Academy's ranked beauty! Unforgivable!" These people were furious. 

It was clear that they also knew how formidable he was. They called people over for assistance.

"I'll come looking for you in a few days." Shi Hao said to Yue Chan. Then, while holding the black metal tile, he turned into a streak of light, disappearing from this place. 

Goddess Academy was in chaos. Even though the night was already deep, there were still great waves being stirred up. Quite a few students hurried over.

"This really is beyond tolerable. That notorious inheritance really is going to make a return? Moreover, he dares to lust after junior sister Qing Yi!"

The group of youngsters were extremely riled up. They truly wanted to immediately leave to challenge Supreme Being Dao Rite. 

Shi Hao didn't concern himself with all of this. He left Yue Chan to grind her teeth alone.

Inside the shoddy mountain gate, Qi Daolin was sitting there.

"Dao master, I want to ask you about something. Do you know anything about nine dragon skeletons and a bronze coffin?" When he returned, Shi Hao's head was filled with thoughts about divine flames. He was going to help Yue Chan in a few days to acquire the Green Lunar flame, while he himself was even less willing to give up the mysterious precious flame in that copper coffin. 

When these words were spoken, Qi Daolin stood up with a teng sound, unable to stay calm!

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