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Chapter 751 - Identity Leaked

Yue Chan's eyes were like black gemstones. Divine radiance flourished. Even though her mouth was unyielding, her mind was extremely shocked, because the other party did not display any divine abilities, yet unexpectedly neutralized her five great precious techniques.

This was definitely inconceivable!

"Sky illuminating technique!" Yue Chan shouted lightly. This was a type of precious technique. With the support of incantations, it became even more powerful, shining along with the movements of her cherry lips. A blazing flame erupted and blasted towards Shi Hao.

Unfortunately, it was still ineffective!

The golden sun smashed into Shi Hao's body, but a layer of precious splendor shone around him, neutralizing all of the so-called Sky illuminating technique, causing it to scatter in the void. 

After ingesting the Golden Bodhi fruit, the Magical immunity ability was strengthened somewhat, and the corresponding time was extended a bit as well, and that was why this scene appeared. No matter how the other party's magical force surged and erupted with symbols, they were completely useless.

The two intertwined together, arms shining. Meanwhile, Yue Chan even more so operated bone texts to make the other party's blood energy decline and forcefully suppress him.


The two collided. It was as if metal smashed together. 

Shi Hao was truly not at his best right now. His blood energy was dried up, and even at his strongest suit, a battle of physical strength, he still couldn't immediately gain an advantage. 

If it was in the past, if someone dared to get so close, Shi Hao would definitely occupy the advantage, using an innate advantage that others normally could not strive to obtain. 

"Not good, I have to end this as soon as possible. Otherwise, I really might fall into my wife's hands, and be suppressed by her. That kind of result is too terrible to imagine!" Shi Hao shivered inwardly.

Fortunes rise and fall. This time, he suffered serious injuries. His blood energy was dried up, and he still hadn't recovered yet. If he was captured by Yeu Chan, then he would definitely wish he was dead rather than alive.


Five-colored cold light appeared. Shi Hao's palm became incomparably sharp, producing the True Dragon's profound mysteries. It was a loose move he obtained from Origin Sky Secret Realm, an extreme divine art in close combat battle.


What was shocking was that Yue Chan's palms and fingers were like jade, sparkling and pure white, blocking this attack.


Draconic cries ran through the sky. Shi Hao produced a dragon imprint, and then a True Dragon rushed out from his palms, surrounding Yue Chan and suppressing her. This was also an unmatched body technique.

In reality, he really wanted to use other techniques like the reincarnation divine ability, but right now, with his magical force at an all time low, it was hard for him to display complete exceptional techniques. Only these types of loose moves were the most efficient.

Yue Chan's jade arms shone. They looked soft, but they possessed the power of thousands, able to blast apart mountain peaks. Right now, even though she looked like an immortal, she was terrifyingly powerful. 

A loud and clear phoenix cry sounded. A fiery red immortal phoenix appeared from her palm to face that True Dragon. The two intertwined, releasing a resplendent radiance.

"Dragon and phoenixes are both symbols of good fortune! The two of us truly have karma!" Shi Hao teased. Even though he was in a critical situation, he still didn't forget to use his thick skin to his advantage.


The immortal phoenix soared up, its wings bright red like flames, carrying with it heaven overflowing flames. It swooped down, and then Yue Chan's slender jade-like hands slapped down.

Shi Hao's mind trembled, because the Magical immunity was about to end. He had to make some kind of move to break through the other party's restraints.

He forcefully gathered a breath of air, and then his entire body became covered in symbols. He used all of his power, using every last bit of magical force he had left to support his body and suppress the other party. 


Shi Hao's body shone. He used a variant of the Kun Peng technique. Golden vortexes appeared on the surface of his body like scales, but also like feathers that were spinning about. 

This was something even the normal Peng Race could display, but it was difficult for them to reach this level. It was because Shi Hao secretly used the Kun Peng technique to stir it on. This was the higher level Golden vortex ripple technique. 

When he was still young inside the Heaven Mending Pavilion, he had learned a damaged Peng Race technique -- the Golden vortex ripple technique, but now these two couldn't be spoken of as the same things. 

He used the Magical immunity method to neutralize the other party's scarlet immortal phoenix, and then he used the Golden vortex ripple technique to frantically devour the scattered spiritual essence and divine force, strengthening himself.

It was because this was the last opportunity. The Magical immunity was about to wear out.

The golden vortex swirled about. Shi Hao's body shone, becoming like a human divine bird that ruled the world. He devoured the essence of heaven and earth to strengthen himself. 

This was a divine skill that turned the weak to the strong. Shi Hao immediately became powerful, reaching in front of Yue Chan. With a raise of his hand, he attacked, his palm and fingers like a dragon claw. 


This time, Yue Chan's expression changed. She had just taken advantage of the other party's blood energy being dry, yet now, she ended up in this type of situation. Her arm was feeling intense pain. 

In reality, there weren't many who could contest Shi Hao in physical strength. Even Immortal Palace's inheritor who accepted the unrivaled inheritance's tradition since he was young, undergoing all types of refinement, only managed to fight Shi Hao evenly.

Even though Yue Chan's body was powerful, it was not where she was strongest. As such, she revealed an expression of shock.

Shi Hao really was ferocious, doing everything he could. The golden vortexes around his entire body moved, devouring spiritual essence from all sides, drawing in the Tribulation crossing divine lotus' golden liquid to use for himself. 

In that instant, he continuously delivered heavy blows, fighting Yue Chan in close quarters.

Great waves rose and fell. Bone texts interweaved between the two of them. Strong winds blew about and splendid radiance scattered down. They immediately exchanged over a hundred blows. 

Yue Chan shivered inwardly. This close distance was extremely unfavorable for her. 

Meanwhile, Shi Hao was even more shocked. Yue Chan was shocking after all, being even more powerful than ordinary exceptional talents. The light she fired from between her brows made him feel great fear. The light beam formed from condensed essence energy could destroy one's primordial spirit. 


Shi Hao leapt up, not holding back at all as he displayed the Earth to inches great divine ability. He was fast to the extreme as he battered Yue Chan with attacks. 

However, Yue Chan also had this type of precious technique. In addition, the space between her brows continuously shone, and like an immortal falling blade, it blasted out unstoppably. That was the most terrifying divine sense attack!

Could it be that his was her innate divine ability, the one that was always sealed within her sea of consciousness that was now opened?!

Shi Hao found out about her sea of consciousness' secret while in the lower realm. Now that he saw it again, he became even more terrified. It was difficult for normal people to survive this. 

With a sou sound, Shi Hao leapt out, arriving at the edge of the immortal pond. He frantically absorbed the Tribulation crossing divine lotus' precious liquid. He had to recover as quickly as possible, or else, with his blood energy dry and magical force weak, it would be difficult to capture Yue Chan. 

He had several great precious abilities, yet he couldn't display them right now!


Yue Chan released a cold snort, discovering his weak point. Even though the other party was becoming more powerful, he still couldn't compare to her. His body was still extremely weak. This was an opportunity.

She gave up on defense and no longer felt any restraining fear, focusing all of her attention on attacking. An imprint appeared between her brows, and then it was as if a true immortal appeared, dancing about there. It sparkled brilliantly and magnificently. 

At this moment, the light that fired from between her brows covered the void, blocking Shi Hao's path of retreat. It was incomparably domineering. 

Shi Hao was shaken. Not only did he feel fear towards this divine senses blade, it was also because he discovered that the imprint between Yue Chan's brows seemed extremely close to the immortal dao divine projection. It made one shiver with fear.

Fortunately, this 'divine projection' was not like the one Ye Qingxian used, able to defend again.

Shi Hao thought to himself inwardly. There were only two immortal dao divine projections, and the other one should not be on Yue Chan's body. 

A putong sounded. Shi Hao suddenly dove into the bottom of the lake, swimming around the tribulation crossing divine lotus to absorb divine force and strengthen himself. As long as he recovered, none of this would be a problem.

"There is still a fruit core. I wonder if it is useful at all." Shi Hao said to himself. He produced the Golden Bodhi fruit's dark green fruit core and tried to see if he could absorb any power from it. 

This was all so that he could use the Magical force immunity ability again a bit sooner!

Of course, he didn't dare refine it out of fear that some major problem would occur.

It really was effective? Shi Hao was shocked. The effect wasn't extremely prominent, but it really could trigger his body, producing some type of reaction. It was as if he could use it again after a short period of time.

Shi Hao continuously tested it, and then he revealed a strange expression. He actually succeeded! However, the Magical force immunity was quite weak, so it might only display itself for an instant.


This time, he turned around and returned, attacking at full force. He produced a barrier of light. The True Primordial Record's bone texts changed the rotten to miraculous, suppressing Yue Chan.

"What?" Yue Chan was shocked. Her precious techniques were ineffective again, and the other party immediately closed in on her, subduing her.

Shi Hao opened his only heavenly passage and took action at full force, using up all of his magical force to imprison Yue Chan, temporarily locking her down.


He took action to suppress her, sealing Yue Chan.

This all happened in an instant, producing shocking changes.

The space between Yue Chan's brows shone to resist, but Shi Hao raised his hand, pointing at her sparkling white forehead, making her head feel intense pain. She was unable to release this attack. 

Moreover, in Shi Hao's only heavenly passage, she received an inhibition to begin with. No matter what she tried to use, it was exceedingly difficult.

Shi Hao continuously took action, patting Yue Chan's body to seal her. It was because he really felt uneasy.

"Even with such distance between us, we are reunited by fate. It seems like the two of us really are predestined to be married together." Shi Hao laughed and said. 

Yue Chan's body was sparkling white. The divine battle clothes on her body shone, but it was ineffective. She still had her key areas sealed, placing her on the verge of being taken prisoner.

This was especially the case since Shi Hao grabbed her small waist and then lightly blew into her ears, teasing her. Her snow white neck immediately produced a layer of goosebumps, causing her to feel even more disturbed. 

This was a fairy. Her figure was soft, elegant and slender. Shi Hao took her into his arms, smelling a fragrance that penetrated deeply into the heart. He quickly sealed her, not willing to make any delays. 

Of course, skin contact was unavoidable. The two continuously touched each other. 

"Do you dare fight a fair battle against me?" Yue Chan said softly, trying her best to calm herself down.

"My blood energy is all dried up, yet I wasn't even suppressed by you. If we truly fight a great decisive battle, you think I would be scared of you?" Shi Hao said softly, holding her tightly by the waist and continuing his sealing. 

"Can you tell me who you are?" Yue Chan spoke calmly. Her skin was snow white like ivory and shining resplendently. Her face was beautiful to the extreme.

Shi Hao was shocked. Why was she so calm? Could it be that she had other methods?

Suddenly, Shi Hao's expression changed. He released a loud cry, shouting 'not good'!

He discovered that the Golden Bodhi fruit's core split open. A green seed dropped, entering his body and frantically battering at his flesh.

"How could it be like this?!" Shi Hao cried out loudly. This was too sudden! He didn't know that the seed was even more terrifying, unexpectedly resonating with the medicinal effects within his body, wishing to merge with him.

The torment from hell began again, and this time, it was even more dangerous!

The only fortunate thing was that Yue Chan was sealed.

Shi Hao's flesh released green radiance. That seed dissolved, and the bizarre natural laws as well as divine force bashed sideways and collidied straight. His flesh immediately became tattered.

The space between his brows shone, and his skull became covered in cracks. Then, a ka cha sounded. His primordial spirit became unsteady, suffering from the natural laws contained within the Golden Bodhi fruit's seed.

This was the most terrifying thing. The death of a person was like a lamp going on, and the primordial spirit was an existence's 'lamp'. Once that withered away, then everything became nothing. All thing would become silent.


Shi Hao shouted, using his most powerful precious techniques. He was completely spent. His magical force was pretty much exhausted.

"I can only do this!"

His essence energy split up, becoming small cauldrons, dao bows, divine swords, and other things. These were the insights he gained from the Spiritual Transformation Realm, transforming bone texts, spirits, and others into tangible holy objects.


The dao bell released a long and drawn out sound, tens of thousand of bells rang through the air. At that moment, his primordial spirit turned into one dao bell after another.


Sword cries that shook one's soul sounded, sending zheng zheng sounds into the sky. At that moment, Shi Hao's primordial spirit turned into tiny divine swords, covering the sky densely, numbering in the tens of thousands. 


Great dao streams flowed, suppressing the void and protecting his body. Those were the cauldrons produced by Shi Hao's foundational spirit. They arranged themselves, all of them releasing dao energy produced from the cauldrons' entrances. 


Meanwhile, he used the True Primordial Record, using the most simple and least energy consuming bone texts to cover his flesh and spirit, carrying out a comprehensive resistance.

This was a life and death confrontation. Shi Hao's 'lamp' could go out at any moment, and his flesh was about to collapse. Blood dyed the pool red. 

Bells, cauldrons, pagodas, swords, and others appeared endlessly. Those were things formed from divine senses, things that turned into tangible holy objects. They accepted a life or death refinement, about to be wiped out at any moment. 

This was a terrifying process. Shi Hao sank into the most dangerous situation.

After who knew how much time had passed, he finally stabilized himself. The destructive force and his vitality reached an equilibrium. His entire body was completely tattered, and his primordial spirit was dim.

However, he knew that this was an opportunity. If he could make it past, his benefits would not be small. This was a life and death baptism!

However, something completely unexpected happened. Yue Chan moved. Her eyes swirled with intelligence. She had icy skin and jade bones. Her black hair scattered down, and color returned to her gorgeous face. 

"It was you after all!" Her red lips moved slightly.

Shi Hao's mind jumped. "How did you break free?!"

"I was taken advantage of by you in the lower realm and suppressed once, so I would never fall in the same place twice." Yue Chan said. 

Shi Hao sighed. Was he going to have to use the Protecting divine symbol? He really didn't want to waste it, because it was too precious.

However, Yue Chan was unexpectedly calm. Her figure was tall and beautiful as she stood there, not taking action or displaying killing intent. 

"Wife?" Shi Hao spoke.

Yue Chan's eyes were brilliant, and the corners of her clothes fluttered about. She became more and more calm and otherworldly.

"Can you help me?" Shi Hao's mind operated at lightning speed, asking like this. 

"Do you need help?" Yue Chan's eyes moved about. She had an immortal aura and jade bones. Her wonderful body shone, untainted by the flames of mortals.

"I do!"

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