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Chapter 750 - Immortal Pond Breathtaking


Shi Hao released a miserable cry. His right shoulder began to split open, the cracks extending down towards his chest. Blood surged frantically, and half of his body was almost torn apart. He endured the intense pain, operating bone texts to treat himself, guiding the tribulations crossing golden liquid's immortal pond's spiritual essence into his body to recover his injuries. 

His chest healed, not blasting apart. However, his right arm and shoulder fell off, unable to escape the disaster. Blood dyed the pool red.

Shi Hao's face was snow white. His teeth were tightly clenched. He picked up his arm and connected the bones himself, guiding the immortal pool's essence to recombine the broken limb, recovering from this extremely serious injury.

He already lost track of how many times this had happened. His torso was cracked apart, blood dyeing the immortal pool red. His entire body suffered a torment from the underworld. He was like a patched up living corpse. 

If it was anywhere else, even if it was Shi Hao, he still couldn't tolerate it. It was because his flesh shell had been blasted through several dozen times, seriously injuring his body's source and dao foundation. Fortunately, this place was within the lake where the Tribulation crossing divine lotus was planted. The golden life substance could recreate blood and flesh on white bones, allowing a person on the verge of death to recover.

Shi Hao refined the golden bodhi fruit here. His decision was correct. Otherwise, it would have been too dangerous to try this anywhere else. Even if his blood and qi were like those of a dragon, he would still suffer a disaster and die. 

"There is much less of the fruit remaining now, already one-seventh remaining. I am about to succeed!"

What was supporting his willpower right now was the fact that he wasn't far from completely refining the golden bodhi fruit. He could already see the glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel, even though he was suffering in torment with blood everywhere, feeling like he would rather die than stay alive. This was perhaps the final darkness before dawn. 

Shi Hao took a deep breath. After adjusting his body's state, he could clearly see that the immortal pool's golden liquid was quickly gathering over, entering his body to repair his body's cracks, continuously nourishing his broken bones. This was a miracle!

It was because the broken bones recombined and his limbs regrew. The serious injuries from before were healing, approaching completeness at lightning speed.

This was the Tribulation crossing divine lotus, exactly the same as the effects of legend, allowing white bones to display vitality, reproducing flesh. This was the fruit that made Heavenly deities go mad over them. 

Soon after, Shi Hao opened his eyes. When he opened and closed his eyes, there were symbols interweaving. It was as if an expanse of stars were contained within his pupils. There was new life, reprieve from death. 

"I should get this over with!"

He endured this hellish suffering and torment, starting to refine the divine fruit again. Beams of light seeped out strand after strand, winding about his body.

The small world had dao patterns and formations surrounding this place. The divine senses of individuals could not pry through, and as such, even if one wasn't that far away, they still wouldn't be able to sense anything.

On the other side of where the Tribulation crossing divine lotus was planted, there was a beauty whose divine senses were astonishing. Her pupils were like gemstones, sparkling and full of life. She unexpectedly sensed some abnormalities. 

The lake was warm and sparkling. Yue Chan's figure was wonderful, her spotlessly white body glowing like ivory without the slightest flaw. Her pupils flickered about, producing a streak of ripples towards that direction.

Of course, she was acting carefully as well, not taking the risk to approach. It was because she was only feeling doubt.

Under the interweaving lunar splendor, she was exceptionally beautiful. Her fine black hair scattered down, her intelligent pupils flickering with divine light. Her body looked like it was made of fine jade, snow white and satiny, flowing with specks of brilliance. 

She began to quietly close in!

In Shi Hao's hands, there was only an extremely small piece of flesh left sticking to the fruit's core. It released blazing radiance, and the natural laws could vaguely be seen. Divine ripples interweaved within the flesh. 

Meanwhile, the fruit core was the size of a luan egg. It was dark green in color and had a type of demonic attribute. Holding it would make one's heart palpitate. The dark green radiance made Shi Hao's palm become translucent. 

With a resolute heart, Shi Hao opened his mouth and nibbled down. The final piece of flesh turned into a wave of blazing radiance. It frantically rushed into his body, once again hacking at his vitality, making him look like a wild horse out of control. 

There was only the dark green fruit core left in his hand!

Shi Hao released a groan. His body swayed. This time, his chest bone exploded, and his heart released a cracking sound. This was extremely severe, injuring him severely. 


His heart was torn apart. A divine chain of order passed through there, making his body clear from front to back. In addition, they began to extend outwards with him at the center. 

In that instant, many cracks appeared on his chest. It was as if the smooth level of the earth's crust split apart and magma surged outwards. Deep gorges appeared streak after streak, filled with blazing radiance.

It was as if he was going to completely explode! Shi Hao was equivalent to half destroyed!

"It hurts so much!" Shi Hao's mouth opened up a crack, his delicate and pretty face distorting. He fell into the pool of water, turning about and struggling. His injuries were just too severe.

The holy radiance jumped about. His chest began to collapse, turning into an expanse of flames that seemed like it was going to burn him into ashes. Sparkling white bones were revealed there. It was dangerous to the extreme.


Shi Hao roared. His body became covered in divine light. Bone texts shone brilliantly like a phoenix bathed in flames. A coat of divine radiance surrounded his body to support his chest.

He used his most profound precious technique to deal with the golden bodhi fruit's corrosion, neutralizing the dangers of his flesh's collapse. 

Those natural laws barged in. Shi Hao's chest split open, healed, his bones broke, and then they joined back up. The reincarnation repeated again and again, entering a stalemate situation. 

This was the most dangerous instance. In that short period of time, Shi Hao's chest shone, and cracks began to extent out towards every part of his body. His entire body was about to be torn apart. 

The reincarnation force could not only kill opponents, it could also affect time. Right now, it was as if it could make the flow of time go in reverse, allowing Shi Hao to regain new life, struggling and resisting the damage. 

Of course, the price was tremendous as well. His flesh's spiritual essence was starting to dry up as well, and his potential was completely displayed. He was gambling with his life, hoping to cross this 'threshold'.

This was, for him, a great tribulation in his life, as well as a great gamble. If he couldn't make it through, his body and dao would vanish, eternally unrecoverable. 

In that instant, Shi Hao's flesh collapsed no less than ten times. He used all types of methods to resist. Bone texts shone, and his flesh's rupturing stopped before continuing again. 

After a long time had passed, Shi Hao laid there with his face towards the sky. Blood dyed the water surface. His flesh was tattered, and who knew how many bones were broken. He didn't move at all, tired to the extreme. 

The only fortunate thing was that he made it through!

The golden bodhi fruit's terrifying medicinal nature was absorbed. He stopped the final trial of torment. The suffering of the underworld finally ended.

Only, he was now too tired, unable to piece together his broken limbs and torso together. He didn't have any energy left, unable to budge even an inch. 

At that moment, he really wanted to sleep, not wishing to struggle any longer.

Fortunately, he was right next to the tribulation crossing divine lotus. The golden liquid flowed out from the immortal pond, converging strand after strand over into Shi Hao's pores. 

His spirit was weary and his strength was exhausted, close to having the last bit of fuel in his body burning out. Right now, he was completely passively absorbing the divine liquid to recover his body and vital energy. 

"I succeeded?" Shi Hao laughed. Even though he was extremely exhausted and his eyes were about to close, he felt a type of satisfaction. He finally made it through.

In the distance, a ripple flashed, and a mermaid like figure appeared on the water surface. Her hair scattered down with beads of jewel-like liquid hanging from them. Her face was so beautiful it made one suffocate. She calmly looked ahead. 

This was an extremely beautiful appearance. She was like a fairy playing in water under the moon, stunning and otherworldly, untainted by the flames of the mortal world. It was as if she came out of a fantasy. 

"A man!" Yue Chan was shocked.

With a flash of multicolored light, a set of divine armor appeared on her body. She quickly entered a battle state. 

Even numbered days was when females would use the immortal pond, while odd number days were for men. It was clear that this individual overstepped the boundaries, coming in on an even numbered day and violating the regulations. 

Was he trying to defy the rules of this place?

Yue Chan's beautiful face became cold. A male broke into here, and he wasn't far. This was the same as bathing together with her. 

This was an intolerable result. A male was bathing with her in the divine liquid, an unimaginable thing! For a pure fairy, there was nothing worse that this. 

Great waves stirred within her heart. She couldn't tolerate this!

At the same time, before she made any movements, Shi Hao became vigilant as well. He endured the fatigue and suddenly stood up. He looked at the beauty in front of him, splashing out a lot of water.


Both individuals' bodies shone, carrying out defense. The result of doing this was that bone texts covered this place densely, creating an intense collision.

It was because they were just too close, and once bone texts collided, it was hard for them not to take action against each other even if they wanted to. 

With a xiu sound, a beam of seven-colored radiance flew out between Yue Chan's brows. This was her most powerful divine sense attack, immediately using it to intimidate Shi Hao, making him focus. 

Shi Hao had just experienced a great disaster, and right now, he was weak to the extreme. He didn't face it head on, instead breaking through the lake and hiding to the side.

"Pervert, you've entered the immortal pool during this moonlit light, absolutely despicable." Yue Chan scoffed. If one thought that this was just berating, then they were wrong. These words carried the force of cursing.

Every word turned into a symbol, as if it was the peak of a metal mountain. They appeared in the void to suppress her opponent. It was as if the great imprint of mountains and rivers crushed down.

If one underestimated this and thought she was just acting out of resentment, then they would definitely suffer for it. This was an extremely formidable type of precious technique. 

Shi Hao's eyes flickered with radiance. He didn't face this attack, nor did he use his temporary magical immunity to face it. He continued to hide to the side, avoiding this attack.

Yue Chan's beautiful eyes were like stars, immediately detecting Shi Hao's weakness. His face was miserably pale, and the pool water was bright red. He clearly suffered serious injuries, losing a lot of his essence blood. His current state was terrible. 

Who was she? She was Heaven Mending Sect's holy lady, the most outstanding and heroic disciple. Her divine senses were incredible, so she could naturally sense this. She confirmed that the other party's spiritual essence was exhausted and could be easily captured.

Yue Chan revealed a faint smile from the corners of her lips. Her jade like appearance and sparkling white face were stunning. At this moment, she was like an ice princess as she forcefully pressed forward to attack Shi Hao and suppress him.

She was sure that if she acted with the utmost caution, she could easily capture the other side without much difficulty. 

Ripples fluctuated out like rainbows. The sky was covered in auspicious brilliance. Yue Chan immediately sealed all of Shi Hao's escape routes, constraining him at the center so that he couldn't get out.


Yue Chan used five great precious techniques again and again. Brilliance shone, and the great divine abilities descended simultaneously, locking onto Shi Hao and illuminating the lake. 

Normally, this attack would make all exceptional talents tremble inwardly, because it was just too shocking. This was the most powerful clash of power.

However, sometimes, reality and what one expected didn't match up.

In that instant, Yue Chan was shocked. She discovered that all of her precious techniques were useless, and when they made contact with the other party's body, they were swept clean by a wave of light. The precious techniques scattered. 

Meanwhile, her true body already threw itself over, closing in on the other party. The easy capture that she anticipated didn't happen. She had no choice but to engage the other party in a physical struggle.

Shi Hao refined the golden bodhi fruit, so the magical immunity improved a step further, becoming more powerful than before. It could naturally immediately withstand the five great divine abilities.

Originally, his body was weak, so he wanted to leave. However, now that he saw the other party fall down, becoming almost within reach, he decisively retaliated. 

He still had a Realm shattering symbol, so he didn't have to worry about not being able to escape ata ll.


In that instant, both parties grabbed an arm of the other. They then tangled together. 

"Catching a beauty under a moonlit night?" Shi Hao teased.

"You won't be able to get away!" Yue Chan's perfect appearance was flowing with holy splendor. Her beautiful hair scattered down, her skin like fine jade. Her eyes flourished with divine radiance. 

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