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Chapter 752 - Devote One's Life

"Your skin really is thick." Yue Chan mocked.

A silver moon hung above, its lunar essence interweaving as it scattered downwards like a faint layer of smoke onto the crystalline lake, making this place look hazy and misty. 

She stood under the peaceful moonlit night above the surface of the lake. Her battle clothes shone, and the sleeves of her clothes fluttered about, making her look like an exceptional fairy. Her eyes were black like gemstones, carrying a spiritual radiance. 

The scene was peaceful, extremely quiet and beautiful. Only, Shi Hao wasn't in the mood to appreciate it. He was enduring the most painful torment and might die at any time.

"A friend is still a friend in the end. Even though there were some misunderstandings between us, everything was still settled in the end. Since we are both from the lower realms, we should be helping each other out." Shi Hao said with a straight face. 

Of course, even if he was showing any other expressions, it wouldn't be visible, because his flesh was incomparably tattered. 

His primordial spirit was split up into divine light that produced cauldrons, bells, pagodas, swords, and other things. They transformed into many holy objects, and it was precisely because of this that he was able to stop the attacks, not dying on the spot.

This state of equilibrium was extremely weak. Once it was destroyed, his primordial spirit might turn into an expanse of brilliant multicolored smoke and thus scatter into ashes. 

"You've previously offended me like that, imprisoning me. Today, you aren't asking for forgiveness and instead asking me to help you?" The corners of Yue Chan's lips tilted upwards in mockery, but also aloof like clouds in the sky. 

"Before dying, I let you go without any hesitation, wishing you well in every way. Isn't that enough to prove everything?" Shi Hao continued his argument.

This was the reality. Before he fell, he had previously told all of his loved ones and close friends that should he die, Yue Chan should be let go, and that they shouldn't trouble her.

The clear moon hung high in the sky, scattering down its hazy silver brilliance. Yue Chan's style was unmatched. She sank into a state of silence. Her fine jade-like snow white skin flickered with radiance. She didn't move for a long time. 

"How did you get in?" Only after a long time had passed did she ask.

"By holding a black metal tile." Shi Hao didn't hide anything. He felt that things were a bit interesting, as the other party didn't expose killing intent from the start.

"The one that passed the trial of heaven and ascended the heavenly staircase was you?" Yue Chan's eyelashes were extremely long. Her red lips were brilliant. Even though she was quiet and outstanding, there was still a type of temptation that naturally exuded from her body. 

That day, she didn't she didn't immediately arrive at the scene, so she wasn't able to see Shi Hao's figure clearly.

"Yes!" Shi Hao replied.

At that moment, his divine senses turned into thousands of little cauldrons. They moved together, and bell sounds rose and fell. In addition, those small cauldrons, pagodas, swords, and others were also like this, shining brilliantly.

It was because the situation was a bit critical. That seed contained the Golden Bodhi fruit's demonic force, the power to destroy life force. It bashed about within his body and even more so attacked at his primordial spirit.

This type of fruit was several hundreds of times more vicious than the Blood Soul grass. It was known for being able to strengthen one's soul force, but it was too difficult for the human race and others to absorb it. That was why he was in such a dangerous state.

Right now, Yue Chan had an extremely great opportunity. As long as she pointed outwards, Shi Hao's equilibrium would be destroyed. Regardless of whether it was the flesh or primordial spirit, they would both collapse!

Shi Hao was extremely nervous. He had long readied the Protecting divine symbol, ready to activate it at any time to unleash the defensive barrier.

Yue Chan's steps were elegant as she walked over. As she walked on the moonlit lake's surface, she looked exceptional and lonely, a type of incomparable aloof beauty. It was as if the most divine and spiritual true goddess had reincarnated.

However, she didn't say anything or reveal any emotions. It was difficult for Shi Hao to guess what she was thinking. 

The atmosphere was extremely tense!

Shi Hao didn't know what she was going to do. His mind was extremely nervous, and he was watching everything carefully.

Finally, she raised a jade-like arm, and sparkling white symbols flickered. She prepared to take action against the other party!

Shi Hao's mind jumped. His fine hairs all stood on end. 


A resplendent streak of light flew over, landing on Shi Hao. It possessed an extremely powerful aura, but even more so an exuberant force. Brilliant colors illuminated the entire void. 

In that instant, Shi Hao was about to activate the protecting divine symbol, but then, he ultimately stopped himself.

It was because he felt a wave of softness and holiness. This sphere of light didn't possess any killing intent, instead scattering down like sweet dew, nourishing his body. 

This was like a timely rain. Shi Hao's body was originally about to wither up, his life essence's deficiency severe, long reaching its limit. He couldn't even use his own precious techniques anymore.

The outside of his body shone. His wounds began to move rhythmically and heal, and the powerful aura even made his foundation shine with brilliance, forcefully connecting his broken bones and other parts.

Auspicious light surged, making this place misty, surrounding Shi Hao like a great cocoon, wrapping him within. He underwent a holy transformation. 

Immediately after, the space between Yue Chan's brows shone, producing an imprint. That place shone, producing a spiritual 'immortal projection'. It was as if a woman was dancing about. A mysterious aura that was difficult to describe was released from that figure. 

Divine splendor swept outwards. The space between her brows was hazy, and then an expanse of blazing radiance pervaded the air, rushing at Shi Hao to nourish his primordial spirit.

This was spiritual light, auspicious and unsullied without any impurities. It was like undying immortal essence as it illuminated everything. It was the most pure substance. 

Only someone like Yue Chan with innate extraordinary divine senses dared to do this, because it was extremely difficult to stir on spiritual light. Others wouldn't take risks to try and save another. 

Shi Hao thus received a helping hand. His condition quickly stabilized, and his flesh was no longer on the verge of destruction. In addition, his bones began to connect together, and his flesh was reconstructed. His primordial spirit even more so transcended, breaking away from its most dangerous state.

Mists of light curled about. He didn't move at all, staying by the side of the immortal pool to recover his injured body and refine the final natural laws and medicinal strength within that seed. 

He didn't have any more worries left, no longer having to concern himself with unbridledly absorbing the golden liquid that seeped out from the Tribulation crossing divine lotus. He guided it over from the immortal pool to cleanse his body. 

A sphere of golden light covered him. His splitting body healed and his bones regrew. This was a process of rebirth!

The Tribulation crossing divine lotus displayed its effectiveness, being just like how the rumors were. In addition, Shi Hao seemed to have an urge to comprehend the dao here. 

"Right, so it turned out to be like this. The Golden Bodhi fruit provides mysterious force and produces the magical immunity power, while its seed offers life force, allowing this force to grow."

Shi Hao comprehended the dao, using the Tribulation crossing divine lotus to understand what really was happening, as well as what exactly he lost and gained this time. This divine fruit contained extraordinary substance and natural laws, possessing an attribute of growth. 

Only, the flesh needed the seed to accompany it. They were inseparable. Otherwise, the result would be greatly decreased. 

Earlier, he never thought that the seed would have this type of use. An unexpected disaster happened, but disaster and happiness were interwoven, and as a result granted him this type of reward. 

After a long time had passed, Shi Hao finally completely refined the Golden Bodhi fruit's seed, merging it into his flesh and allowing it to nurture his body. He now completely succeeded!

He carefully experienced it. The magical immunity's time window was increased, and the most important thing was that he sensed a wave of endless growth, the potential for the secret ability to grow. This was the foundation!

In the future, along with his growth in cultivation levels, this type of ability would also become stronger. He wouldn't have to worry about the ability becoming insignificant with his own growth. 

This was a trump card!

Shi Hao's eyes were bright and full of expression, releasing a brilliant torch like blaze. If he used it properly, this type of method would display miraculous effects. It might not even be weaker than some matchless precious techniques!

During the Blood Plains trip when he escorted Yun Xi for hundreds of thousands of li, in the end, even though he was left brokenhearted, being betrayed and humiliated by the Celestial Clan, his benefits were actually quite great.

"Hundred rivers will gather in the sea, three thousand provinces will have a great battle. The heaven warping geniuses of the higher realms will compete for supremacy, and young supreme beings will compete. I am looking forward to it!" He said softly with a type of self-confidence. 

Then, he began to meditate, recovering his injured body. Golden liquid flowed out from the lotus pond. He continuously absorbed and refined it. 


The damaged bones shone, their cracks disappearing. The bone matter was sparkling and so white they were almost translucent. His bone marrow became bright red, carrying a holy radiance that burned like flames. 

Meanwhile, the same was happening to his flesh. The bone texts within his body began to condense in all sorts of ways, reconstructing to become sturdy and flexible. They now contained explosive power.

All of the bloody traces on his body receded. His injuries closed, and his body shone, now without any blemish. It was as if he was cast from flowing divine gold, radiating precious splendor. 

Shi Hao's injuries slowly recovered. After receiving the golden liquid's replenishment and recovery, he gradually returned to his peak state. He crossed this unimaginably great calamity.

Then, Shi Hao produced his true appearance, no longer showing the face he produced through the seventy-two transformations. His eyes became clear, large and bright, exuding a type of self-confidence. Meanwhile, his entire being was also handsome and delicate. His body released a faint holy splendor.

"I finally recovered!" He released a breath of air. He stepped out of the water and looked at the beauty in front of him. 

Yue Chan directly turned around and berated, "Put on some clothes!"

Shi Hao produced a set of battle clothes from his Heaven and earth pouch and put it on. His skin was extremely thick, and without covering his face, he walked forward and said, "Many thanks, wife!"

Yue Chan suddenly turned around and looked at him. Divine radiance erupted from within her eyes, almost a bit intimidating. She stared at him coldly. 

Shi Hao was embarrassed and said, "This time, it really is because you helped me. I don't know how to express my thanks. Just say what you want, as long as I can do it."

"Forget it." Yue Chan spoke with a voice that was as light as a feather. She didn't bring up any demands.

This left Shi Hao shocked. "This won't do. Regardless, you have to say a few conditions."

However, Yue Chan was calm. She shook her head.

Shi Hao was stupefied, and then he pondered to himself. He felt that Yue Chan was definitely not simple and extremely intelligent. She didn't require compensation after offering help and displayed a calmness and tranquility. 

However, with his nature, how could he not care about this? If she had any difficulties or troubles, regardless of what it was, he would definitely take action. 

"Wife, acting so astute, are you trying to make things difficult for me?" Shi Hao said. He felt that the other person should have asked him to defeat her main body, but Yue Chan didn't make this choice.

Yue Chan's lips curled upwards, and then she scoffed, "Only you would think that much!"

"Sigh, what a headache!" Shi Hao grumbled. 

Then, his face became resolute. He looked at Yue Chan and said, "I decided that I will repay you with the greatest sincerity." 

Yue Chan revealed a look of shock. Her eyes shone as she looked at him. "What kind of repayment?"

"I already said that it is the greatest sincerity, so I will naturally do everything I can. Therefore, I decided that I will devote my entire life!" Shi Hao's skin really was as thick as a shield, saying this with a deadly earnest face. 

Yue Chan was stunned, and that trace of a smile directly froze. She felt that she still overestimated this fella's bottom line. He really felt no shame saying this?!

She restrained her smile, and a holy splendor was released from her beautiful face, making others feel unwilling to look directly at her, and even less like blaspheming her. She berated, "Can you not speak such nonsense?!"

"I am a man of my word. There is not much that I can repay you with, so I can only gift you myself." Shi Hao didn't show a trace of embarrassment. 

Yue Chan's elegance and pureness appeared, dealing with him with a cold and holy aura. Her expression was extremely cold like a frozen mountain. 

Divine light flashed. Shi Hao combined the Kun Peng technique and earth into inches great divine ability, directly arriving by her side. With extremely natural movements, he tugged on her hand and said, "We were husband and wife to begin with, so let's continue our previous fate!"

Yue Chan couldn't help but sigh. This fella's face really was thick to the extreme!

Her hair shone strand after strand. Her countenance was exceptionally beautiful, her pupils divine and deep. She was poetic and picturesque as she stood under the -moonlight.

However, even though she carried such cold intent and treated him with such cold elegance, this idiot still didn't seem to mind at all, not letting go of her hand no matter what. 

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