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Chapter 745 - Cheated

This question was clearly extremely broad, and it had stumped who knew how many people since the ancient past. There were always supreme existences that believed people could reincarnate, able to reappear. 

Just like how a flower that withered this summer would bloom again next spring. There was also the matter of flower fragrance seeping into the bones. 

Only, regarding a being's reincarnation, there was no concrete proof. There had never been anyone that truly understood it, and it might just be a few taboo existences' wishful dreaming, wishing for the next life.

Qi Daolin frowned, and then he said, "This problem is quite complex. It is difficult for others to answer, but I can clearly tell you that there is definitely no one in this world who can unendingly reincarnate!"

Shi Hao was speechless. He thought to himself, his own precious technique's name -- reincarnation. He had reached the conclusion that he might be able to transcend even a step further, but he didn't know what would happen. 

"Is there no reincarnation?" He asked softly. 

"There is reincarnation." Qi Daolin said. 

"Doesn't this… contradict with what you said?" Shi Hao was stunned. 

"It does not." Qi Tuo spoke. He looked into the distance, and then he spoke in an unhurried and profound manner, "There are no reincarnated beings, but there might be old instances of reincarnation."

Shi Hao didn't say anything. He thought of the scene he saw in the bronze coffin, and then he said, "During the immortal ancient era, there were immortals that descended into this world. Could it be that even when they died in battle, there is no way for them to reincarnate and resurrect?"

"Young one, you are thinking too much. The dead are dead, everything becoming nothing. How can there be anyone that can transcend? If one absolutely insists on this… when they meet again, it will be several eras later." 

"Senior, what are you saying? You are contradicting yourself!" Shi Hao was discontent.

"Understanding is understanding, and not understanding is not understanding. No matter how much I say, it is still useless. As long as you remember that there are no reincarnated beings in this world, then that is enough. Everything is in the present, what is happening right now!" The elder warned with a serious tone. 

"Okay." Shi Hao nodded.

"Do you have any other questions? Take note to ask broader questions and not specific precious techniques." Qi Daolin asked. 

"The Immortal Ancient era always discussed the immortal dao, seeking the immortal techniques, yet in this world, it is always the divine dao. What is weaker and what is more powerful?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Youngster, you truly raise tough questions!" Qi Daolin was shocked, and then he nodded. He asked Shi Hao to ask him broader questions precisely to see what kind of person he was and what kind of spirit he had in cultivation. After remaining silent for a moment, he said, "All methods are different routes to the same destination, there is not much to distinguish what is stronger. However, there will definitely be great chaos in the future. You should just earnestly raise your cultivation."

"Where does the chaos lie?" Shi Hao asked.

"In the distance. I can already feel that it is approaching!" Qi Daolin's expression became grave. He looked into the limits of the horizon. What was hiding there? The boundless uninhabited area?"

"What exactly is there out there?" Shi Hao asked.

"The undying!" Qi Daolin had these words for him, but his expression became series, exceptionally grave. He put away his smile.

When he spoke these words, a diagram of stars appeared above his head. It was mysterious and unfathomable, as if a stellar stream from outer space was suspended above his head, one that connected to the nether world. 

Meanwhile, in another dao earth.

Within Goddess Academy's palace, a group of people were stupefied. There were extremely powerful figures that were angry, absolutely furious as they roared, "It is definitely that person, that notorious individual!"

Someone else voiced their agreement, saying, "We're finished, a world-shocking genius was stolen by someone just like that! If he falls into that person's hands, then it truly is unknown what will happen in the future!"

"Hurry and look for him, bring him back! Otherwise, an outstanding person will be ruined!" Someone jumped to their feet.

Only the old academy head sat there, sighing lightly. "Sigh!" 

"How are we supposed to know where he went? He hadn't appeared for several thousand years already, only heaven knows where he will bring that young man." Someone said helplessly. 

"What do you all think? Will he run back to that small tattered mountain gate?" An elder with eyes as bright as golden lamps said. 

"Go, let's take a look. Either way, it's better than sitting around," someone else said. 


"Just like that, inside Goddess Academy, three heaven overflowing blood energies surged, dying the sky red. The three individuals entered a blurry void gate and thus disappeared. 

They could reach the end of the horizon with a single step because they were all powerful, the founders of the academy.

Within the enormous palace, Qi Daolin helped dispel Shi Hao's doubts, expounding on many questions with broader themes. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and said, "Let's go, this poor daoist will bring you to to find a few cultivation lands. From then on, you should start preparing yourself to learn my great methods."

A shua sounded. They disappeared from this place, vanishing from that place.

Almost immediately after, the distant heavens split open, and three figures walked over. They inspected the world below, their brows wrinkling.

"He was just here, leaving a moment ago." Goddess Academy's dao protector spoke. 

Meanwhile, the previously grand and imposing entrance building was now tattered beyond recognition and completely ruined. That place was still level with heaven and towering into the clouds, but now, it was ruined to a near state of collapse. 

It was as different as night and day. 

Apart from this, the enormous palace on the mountain peak ahead also changed, turning into ruins. Broken wall stood within rubble, producing a miserable sight. They were about to be covered in the thriving weeds. 

If Shi Hao was here, he would definitely be stupefied. 

"That despicable fella's cultivation has increased again. We are likely not his opponents," someone said. 

At the same time, the void distorted. The old academy chief walked out. He gave this place a look and then said softly, "Let's go. In the end, we really did let him down. Even though he later did those preposterous things, it is all pardonable. Moreover, which one of you can control him now?"

There was a momentary period of silence. Those individuals opened up their mouths, but they didn't how to refute these words. 

"Are we supposed to just let him snatch my academy's exceptional genius like this? How many years has it been since someone like this has appeared?" There were some who felt unwilling. 

"Having Feng Wu is already enough. Moreover, didn't Qi Daolin also complete the heavenly staircase and stay behind?" The old academy chief asked. 

"That's because he wanted to steal from the teachers, he is a supreme being… abandoning person!" Someone said. 

"Forget it, let it be." The old academy head said. 

A cool breeze wafted through this area. This place became calm. Those figures disappeared. 

Two days later, within a barren area.

Shi Hao and Qi Daolin faced each other while sitting on the grit. 

"I have nine great divine abilities, and five great rebirth methods, as well as the dao inheritances of various sects. What do you want to learn?" Qi Daolin asked. 

"When can I go to the immortal pond and see the Tribulation crossing divine lotus?" Shi Hao asked with a soft voice. He always had the feeling that he was being cheated by this person.

"Truly not understanding your future prospects. If you don't cultivate a type of divine technique, you can forget about it. How can you engross yourself in women?" Qi Daolin berated.

Shi Hao was completely speechless. 

"I'll learn the unmatched dao. Didn't you say you would teach me?" In the end, he clenched his teeth and said. 

"I'll admit you have good taste. However, if you learn this type of technique, then you can forget about other precious techniques for now. One cannot become distracted, because it is too difficult!" Qi Daolin said with a stern expression. 

Shi Hao was now truly a bit curious. What kind of technique was this exactly, to actually have so much importance attached to it. 

"It is called Eight ninth heavens art!" Qi Daolin said.

"What kind of shoddy technique is that? Just the name alone already doesn't sound like much…" Shi Hao curled his lips and then muttered, "I even know the seventy-two transformations…"

"Foolish disciple what do you understand? Do you think I'm making a joke? Do you even understand the meaning behind the Eight ninth heavens art?" Qi Daolin was fuming with anger. 

"What kind of meaning?" Shi Hao asked.

"It isn't a precious technique or divine ability." Qi Daolin said.

"Isn't it just bone texts then? I have my own and don't need any from you!" Shi Hao was arrogant. He had the True Primordial Record, something more powerful than any other primitive bone texts. 

"What do you understand? What I speak of transcends divine abilities and precious techniques!" Qi Daolin glared at him. 

Shi Hao was shocked. Was this old man speaking the truth? If he wasn't, he really was boasting a bit big. 

"Strictly speaking, it is a technique that stirs on other precious techniques, a type of unmatched technique. Not understanding its importance at your level is forgivable." Qi Daolin gave Shi Hao a look as if he felt disinclined to lower himself to argue with him. 

Shi Hao's mind was shaken. He immediately remembered a type of legendary method that was known to shake the world!

As expected, Qi Daolin also mentioned it. "Have you heard of the Six dao reincarnation? That is a method for handling precious techniques. Through it, one will display six types of precious techniques and sweep through all before them, becoming unmatched under the skies!"

"This… I have heard of it." Shi Hao nodded. 

As for the Six dao reincarnation, this type of method really was too terrifying. He had learned about it even in the lower realms and yearned for it greatly. 

There was a rumor that there was someone who wanted to collect the precious techniques of all the vicious ten, but needed a type of means to control all of them and display them at the same time, thus, the Six dao reincarnations unmatched method was born. 

Of course, since the ancient times, there was simply no one who gathered all vicious ten precious techniques, at most just four or five types. As such, the Six dao reincarnation was only something that was inferred and not actually tested. 

The precious techniques of exceptional talents were only suitable for oneself and not for passing down. If the bone was lost, then it would be difficult to be used again. After the accumulation and tests of time, the creatures of all clans discovered that only the vicious ten's precious techniques were the most powerful. If its clansmen learned its technique, its power was unlikely to suddenly decrease. 

Of course, for any divine ability, if it wasn't the one that founded it using it, its power would still be less. This was just the case when comparatively speaking. 

"Six dao reincarnation is already considered mastering precious techniques and divine abilities, but as for this Eight ninth heavens, you can infer a bit of its taste from this name alone." Qi Daolin's eyes became deep. 

Shi Hao's eyes immediately lit up, and an incomparably yearning expression appeared on his face. "Who was the one that established this?"

"I've scoured the world for precious techniques and researched all types of great methods. In the end, after going into isolation for a hundred thousand years, I finally established this method!" Qi Daolin said proudly. 

However, when Shi Hao heard this, his face immediately fell, becoming somewhat disappointed. It was because he had always had his suspicions that this old thing was swindling him. Now, he was already cheated. This wasn't Goddess Academy at all, and just now, he heard him talking big again, so he naturally felt that he was bullshitting. 

"Youngster, what kind of look is that? What are you trying to say? I was going to teach you an unmatched dao, yet you have this kind of attitude. I guess you don't want to learn it anymore." Qi Daolin felt rather hurt, appearing quite angry.

"I'll learn!" Shi Hao said. Regardless, he wanted to see what this so-called Eight ninth heavens art was like. 

What followed was suffering. Qi Daolin had him carry a large mountain on his back and run several tens of thousands of li every day. This was simply a torment from the underworld. 

With Shi Hao's innate divine force, carrying a great mountain on his back was naturally not a problem, but Qi Daolin required him to run on the ground. This was just too difficult! A single mishap, and his entire body would fall into the underground, leaving behind only a mountain. 

"This is simply a type of sharpening, unifying the flesh, magic, spirit, and others together at a high level, allowing you to obtain the initial requirements of cultivating the Eight ninth heavens art." Qi Daolin said seriously. 

"Once you cultivate it to a certain degree, you will discover that your so-called flesh, bone texts, spirit, and others will become intimately connected. Only at that time can you consider yourself to have entered the glorious temple of a cultivator."

These words gave Shi Hao a bit of motivation, and as such, he didn't resist it, doing what he was told to train himself. 

"I am telling you right now, if, after you finished your training under me and cannot reign supreme in your generation, I will personally end you," Qi Daolin said. 

Shi Hao was speechless. What kind of evil sect did he end up joining?

"I will arrange a few opponents for you. The first stage will be an equal fight. You need to slaughter Immortal Palace's inheritor, are you capable of that?" Qi Daolin asked. 

"No problem!" Shi Hao replied in a clear-cut manner. 

"Good. Continue training. My technique will definitely shake up all three thousand provinces of the higher realms, unmatched in the world. Undying… have you arrived? I am waiting!" Qi Daolin narrowed his eyes and gazed into the skies. 

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