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Chapter 744 - Supreme Being Dao Rite

Was Goddess Academy this famous?

The academy was indeed extremely powerful with the immortal engravings, but if one were to say that it overlooked the three thousand provinces and was the higher realms' greatest inheritance, Shi Hao would become quite doubtful, feeling that this was a bit too much. 

There were countless schools of thought, and all of these sects contended for supremacy. Who dared to call themselves the absolute best, the highest in this world?

"Are you willing to enter my sect and fight for it?" The elder asked with a dignified voice. Strands of chaotic energy flowed down from the top of his head. He truly looked like a lord of deities that could overlook all living things. 

Shi Hao was a bit conflicted, but he braced himself and said, "I'm willing."

For the Tribulation crossing divine lotus, he would temporarily put aside anything. Things like integrity and moral principles, he'll deal with after he had his time in that pond. If he really did leave, then he'll just properly compensate Goddess Academy at worst. 

The elder nodded. His image was dignified, giving off the grandeur of a supreme existence. "Remember, you are my dao rite's descendant. If it cannot become the greatest under the heavens, then you will be banished."

Shi Hao cursed silently. This requirement was just too high! Did Goddess Academy really have this type of confidence? How could all of the disciples that came out from it have this type of world ruling mentality?

Meanwhile, he also became a bit suspicious. Why didn't he mention Goddess Academy and always say dao rite?

"Senior, is this the core region of Goddess Academy?" He couldn't help but ask.

"It is not Goddess Academy's core region, instead transcending above." The elder was deadly earnest. His image was dignified as he replied. 

Shi Hao was stupefied. It was even more important than the core region? The elder's identity was definitely extraordinary to dare say these things. If he wasn't the academy head, then he was a dao protector, or perhaps Goddess Academy's guardian spirit!

"Alright, it's about time to cross these gates. Once you enter, you cannot regret it your entire life. I will give you one final chance. Have you thought it through?"

Even though he looked calm and extremely dignified, Shi Hao was a bit apprehensive, feeling that the elder's eyelashes were fake. This shouldn't be some treacherous old fox, right?

"Have you made the decision?" The elder calmly asked. 

"Senior, when can I go to the Tribulation crossing divine lotus?" Shi Hao asked softly. His main objective in entering Goddess Academy was for this, so he definitely couldn't be duped out of it. He began to haggle over it. 

"What is so good about the Tribulation crossing divine lotus? Comparatively speaking, that toy is just something to feed pigs. You don't have to care too much about it." The elder said. 

"What?" Shi Hao's eyes widened. This elder's words were too excessive, and talking too big, right? One has to understand that this was something all Heavenly deities wanted to get their hands on, willing to risk life and limb for it.

"Cough, we've gotten sidetracked." The elder coughed and said, "All you have to know is that in the past, my sect had the higher realms' first spiritual root." 

Shi Hao was a bit stupefied. Goddess Academy previously grasped the first spiritual root? He quickly thought of that stalk of medicine from the past that was planted in the valley in the lower realm, protected by countless formations. 

The little pagoda had previously said that it was the first holy medicine. If one wanted to find something comparable to it, they had to enter the boundless uninhabited depths.

Could it be that spiritual medicine? Rumors had it that it was planted by someone from the higher realms. During the heaven and earth great calamity, there were indeed many experts that fought a great battle, fighting fiercely there over it.

"It should have been lost by now, right.." Shi Hao said softly. He could tell from the elder's tone. 

"It will be brought back sooner or later!" The elder's eyes were deep as he gazed into the limits of the heavens. A wave of cold and desolate aura surged.

"Then lets… still talk about the Tribulation crossing divine lotus first…" Shi Hao muttered with a voice so soft that it was almost inaudible. His heart was worried, beating a bit fast. 

"Do you want to bathe with those girls that bad? Do you see your future prospects?" The elder had a smile that wasn't a smile on his face as he scolded. 

"Sweet and virtuous women, a person of noble character will find them easily!" Shi Hao's mouth was firm. 

"I am now a bit hesitant. If someone with such an illustrious reputation like me taught a flower stealer, wouldn't my dignity be tarnished" The elder muttered to himself.

"Senior, please don't worry! I will definitely bring glory to the sect!" Shi Hao's voice resounded powerfully, acting as sincere as sincere could be. 

In front of the grand mountain gate, the elder nodded. The golden dao robes covering his body fluttered about, making him look even more outstanding. Specks of radiance scattered downwards, as if he was going to sprout wings and ascend. 

"The Tribulation crossing divine lotus isn't that bad either. Don't worry, when the time comes, you can enter it as often as you want. It is not a problem." He urged Shi Hao to enter through the great gates. 

"Okay, since senior said it like this, I will treat this like obeying an order." Shi Hao followed him into that grand and boundless entrance building, walking inside. 

"Let's just establish the oath here." The elder said seriously.

There was an oath involved too? What kind of binding force was there? Shi Hao inwardly twitched his lips, not worrying about it too much. 

"Make the oath with me, starting now!" The elder said. 

An oath prayer that wasn't long, but definitely extremely strict was completed. Then, the elder had Shi Hao drop some of his essence blood on the document, and then it was set aflame. 

"What is this for?" Shi Hao was confused. 

"This is a curse. Should you abandon the sect, then you will receive heavenly punishment, forever falling into a world of disaster and die after suffering all types of torment." The elder said indifferently. 

"What? Is there a need for such fierceness and viciousness?!" Shi Hao was stupefied. Why did he feel like he had climbed aboard a pirate ship? He was actually cursed as a limitation.

"What is it? You already wish to abandon the sect?" The elder looked at him with a smile and then reminded, "The curse is quite formidable you know?"

Shi Hao looked at him with a stupefied expression. He felt more and more like he had been careless. This elder looked kind with an immortal aura and dao body, but that didn't seem to actually be the case. 

"Alright, since you entered my sect, you should solemnly observe the oath," the elder said. 

"Senior, what do I call your distinguished self?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Qi Daolin." The elder spoke with a smile, and then while looking at him, he aid, "You heard of this name before?"

Shi Hao was embarrassed. He had just entered the higher realms not too long ago, so how could he be familiar with the names of great figures here? However, he concealed his true intentions and said, "I've long looked forward to meeting great senior. Your reputation is well-known and illustrious."

The elder revealed a strange look and said, "Is that so?"

It was clear that he felt Shi Hao didn't recognize him, that he hadn't heard of this name before. 

For some reason, Shi Hao felt like the elder gave off a slight feeling of relief. Was this his misconception? Goddess Academy's old academy head or guardian spirit even had shameful matters?

While standing in front of the vast great gate and gazing inwards, what one saw was not groups of palaces, but instead a mountain range that stretched as far as the eye could see as well as drifting clouds. It was a majestic and natural sight.

"This is the academy's dao rite? It is this large?" Shi Hao asked. 

Qi Daolin smiled and said, "How large the heart is, that is how large the world will be, as well as how large our dao rite will be."

"My spirit is indomitable!" Shi Hao said. 

"Is that so? Then this dao rite will be boundless. Come with me, I will show you around," Qi Daolin said. His great sleeve moved, bringing Shi Hao through the skies. 

Beneath his feet, mountains and rivers retreated. Great rivers were like pearls, long rivers like thin ribbons. They quickly headed for the distance, immediately crossing who knew how many tens of thousands of li. 

Even someone as powerful as Shi Hao felt as if his ears were rumbling and his eyes hurting. It was because the speed was just too fast. Wind tore at his face like blades, and his sleeves felt like they were about to go up in flames. 

"Senior, where are we going? Why do I feel like this isn't right? Even if Goddess Academy was ten thousand times larger, it still shouldn't be able to contain this place!" Shi Hao was skeptical. 

Then, he was stupefied, because he saw a few cities as well as other creatures' residences. This was clearly not some dao rite's territory.

He became suspicious. Was this elder tricking him?!

"I said it all already didn't I? The dao rite is only as large as the heart. Did you not understand my meaning yet?" Qi Daolin carried a kind smile on his face as he spoke in an unhurried manner. 

Shi Hao's forehead was covered in dark lines. "Then, don't tell me that the dao rite is just that gate?"

"Correct." The elder nodded. "Once you entered the gates, what you will face is the entire world. That is our dao rite, not like other sects that are confined within a circle they drew on the ground themselves. How can such a speck accommodate our inheritance? Do not forget it's name -- Supreme Being Dao Rite. If one has the ability, the entire three thousand province will be like our back garden."

Shi Hao was stupefied. There was even something like this?

On the contrary, Qi Daolin's face was completely serious, talking idly about important matters. He exerted a great heroicness, a type that devoured the nine heavens, extremely serious as he instructed Shi Hao to survey the heavens above and earth below, the past and future. 

"Then senior, let's find a place to rest our feet. The dao rite is so great, and even the three thousand provinces is our backyard. Are we going to sit for a while at Immortal Palace or go into isolation inside some Emperor Clan?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Immortal Palace, that rotten place will only become a latrine pit in the future." Qi Daolin said. His eyes were filled with splendor. This was the first time his emotions leaked outwards. 

With a shua sound, he brought Shi Hao into an indistinct space, returning to the mountain gate they left not too long ago. Then, with a point of his finger, a mountain peak shone, and then an enormous palace unexpectedly appeared that was like the temple of heaven. 

"What kind of place exactly is this inside of Goddess Academy? Or is it not even related?!" Shi Hao asked with a quiet voice.

"In the future, you do not need to bring up Goddess Academy. Just consider yourself a person of Supreme Being Dao Rite." Qi Daolin smiled and said. 

"Why is that?" Shi Hao was confused. Was there an academy head or a guardian spirit that wasn't willing to mention his own inheritance?

"Now that you entered Supreme Being Dao Rite, you've transcended Goddess Academy. Remember that this is the root, regardless of all else!" Qi Daolin strictly warned. He then said, "That is to say, it is enough as long as you treat yourself as Supreme Being Dao Rite's disciple. Everything else can all be forgotten."

Shi Hao was shocked. His face was filled with doubt. Why did he feel that things weren't quite right?

"Are we the only two here?" He asked. 

"What kind of place do you think Supreme Being Dao Rite is, a place anyone can enter? Every generation, there is only a single disciple. In principle, before you are expelled from the sect, there cannot be a second inheritor!" Qi Daolin said.

Shi Hao became more and more doubtful. Damn it! Could it be that he was trafficked off?!

When he thought of this possibility, he almost vomited blood. It was always him swindling others, yet today, he was cheated by another?

This inheritance only had a single inheritor, why did it seem similar to Supreme Hall?

"No matter what questions you have in cultivation, you can always consult me. Of course, this does not include the concrete methods, but instead broader themes. You will have to wait two days before the true unmatched dao will be passed down," Qi Daolin said. 

"Unmatched dao?" Shi Hao's mind was stirred up. He actually really wanted to ask whether it was the True Primordial Record's 'transcendence' piece. 

"The extreme art that can sweep through all three thousand provinces can naturally be called unmatched," Qi Daolin said proudly. Of course, he wouldn't pass down the inheritance now.

Shi Hao carefully thought to himself. He thought of the nine dragon skeletons as well as that bronze ancient coffin. He then asked, "Senior, are there reincarnated beings in this world?"

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