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Chapter 746 - Origin


Shi Hao also narrowed his eyes. When they opened and closed, divine light flickered about. This wasn't the first time he heard this word. This was naturally related to many important things!

He felt that this might not be pointing at a single person but perhaps a group of creatures, or even a unique era. Perhaps it might even be something else that he didn't know anything about!

As expected, when Qi Daolin finished talking, he became extremely quiet, not saying anything for a long time and continuously stared into the heavens, as if he wanted to see through the stellar river of outer space to gaze upon something else. 

"En? You aren't allowed to goof off. You should go cultivate." Qi Daolin turned around and gave him a look. Then, he turned around to gaze towards the boundless stellar sky again. 

"It's already so dark that it's the later part of the night and you still want me to cultivate? It should be time to sit and comprehend bone texts…" Shi Hao muttered. 

"Hurry and go. Do you not want to study the Eight ninth heavens art? Maybe I should just directly sweep you out of the sect." Qi Daolin spoke expressionlessly. It was clear that his mood was quite terrible.

"Damn it!" Shi Hao could only carry the enormous mountain on his back while running about crazily. He inwardly cursed. This was just too freaking unlucky! He definitely joined some evil sect. Was there anyone that cultivated like this?

He always thought of himself as diligent. Apart from being a foodie, he was still a cultivation madman, never slacking off, yet today, he was 'spurred on' like this and driven even a step further. Otherwise, he would be banished out of the sect!


The great earth rumbled. Within this barren place, all creatures were stupefied. They only saw a single great mountain moving about. It was as strange as strange could be!

It was because Shi Hao's height, when compared to the large mountain, was completely negligible. That was why when he walked with the mountain on his back, from the distance, his figure was completely negligible. 

That night, a 'crazy mountain' legend was born in these barren lands!

Several days later, Shi Hao covered quite a wide area. Finally, that day, he entered a grassland that belonged to the common border of Fire Province and Goddess province. It wasn't too far from Goddess Academy.

"I say, what is that? A mountain is moving?" Someone was stunned, their face looking like they saw a ghost. 

This was especially the case for the students outside Goddess Academy who were searching for divine ore. When they saw this scene, they were even more stupefied. An enormous mountain was frantically running, and its speed was so fast!

"This is… a mountain deity!"

"No, its a mountain treasure! The great mountain acquired immortal essence and became a treasure, now developing intelligence. Hurry and chase it!"

As a result, this place became bustling with activity. Many people used their movement techniques to soar through the sky or speed through the great earth, chasing after it.

"Capture it! Since it is a mountain deity, it will definitely have some earth element essence, a rare divine material."

Shi Hao had no choice but to focus all of his energy on this, turning his flesh, bone texts, spirit, and others into one, turning into a streak of light while carrying this great mountain into the horizon. 

This result scared everyone until they were stupefied, unable to speak for a long time. This was just too strange!

If that mountain flew, then that was that, but it was jolting up and down, running into the distance, moreover so quickly. What in the world was this?!

Several days later, Shi Hao sat down in exhaustion. He was quite resentful as he looked at Qi Daolin. This rotten old man actually made him run for three days and three nights!

"Go…" As soon as Qi Daolin spat out this word, he was directly cut off by Shi Hao's howl of grief. "Just kill me then!"

In the past, he was cursed by others as angering god and man alike, but today, he was suppressed by another in such a miserable manner. He had a feeling that those who do bad things will be treated similarly by others, leaving him a bit speechless. 

Shi Hao truly couldn't take it anymore. This was too dry and dull, running crazily with the mountain on his back day in and out. He was already tired to death. 

"I was saying that you can go and rest to save up energy. When cultivating the dao, one naturally needs to understand how to relax. Only after stretching and relaxing can one reach the truth," Qi Daolin said.

"I fucking swear…" Shi Hao cursed inwardly. 

A cool breeze blew past. Ancient trees swayed back and forth, and leaves continuously released shua shua sounds. A few thousand year old vines flowed with multicolored radiance. This was an omen of developing spirituality. 

The mountains were still the same, but it became quite a bit more desolate.

During Shi Hao's 'relaxation' time, he went back to Supreme Being Dao Rite alone, looking for it based on what he remembered. However, it seemed quite a bit different from the first time. 

The great mountains were majestic and imposing, but they were too cold and cheerless. 

He trudged along, and in the end, he found an ancient stone staircase, but it was all cracked apart and caved in, tattered to an unbearable degree.

He suddenly raised his head, and then his expression went rigid, standing petrified there. Where was that majestic mountain gate that towered into the clouds? 

Weeds grew tall, creating a scene too desolate, enough to drown one out. Meanwhile, this place's broken walls were in ruins, rubble laying everywhere, recounting a bleakness and decline, as well as sorrow. 

"What place is this?" 

Shi Hao was sure that he didn't go to the wrong place, but it was completely different from what he saw the first time.

The entrance building that towered into the clouds like a mountain was nowhere to be seen. Instead, there was only wild grass, as well as cracked foundations of buildings, rusting nails, debris, and broken pillars. 

He stood at the side of the broken walls and used his hands to touch it. Sinister flames immediately surged, and there were still powerful symbols that hadn't disappeared, indicating that this place truly did use to be incomparably glorious. 

There were world shocking formations protecting this place. There was no way this place collapsed with the passage of time. From the remains, this was clearly the result of a great battle. 

"I originally thought I joined some glorious great sect, but I never expected that even the mountain gate was razed to the ground. I've truly been fooled badly!"

All of the proof pointed at the fact that he had been fooled, that this had nothing to do with Goddess Academy. Even though he was aware of this a while ago, he always felt that Supreme Being Dao Rite shouldn't be that bad either. Who would have expected that this great sect that didn't seem that bad had already been wiped out!

Shi Hao walked inside, ascending the other mountains. They were similarly filled with old trees and tall weeds. The giant heavenly temple wasn't there at all. There were only ruins and ghost flames, cold and desolate. 

He walked around this place, confirming that this place was abandoned. 

"That old man really is shameless." Shi Hao walked while saying to himself. He was truly conned badly.

Even a broken dao earth like this wanted him to become the most powerful in the world, or else he was unsuitable and would be kicked out of the sect?!

Shi Hao wandered about, and then he sat down on a boulder, stopping here. 

After who knew how much time had passed, he unexpectedly heard voices. This was a group of youngsters that walked over from outside the mountains, approaching the mountain gates.

"Do you see? It is right here. There are still quite a few ruins left behind," someone said, guiding the way and explaining to the others. 

Shi Hao was stunned. From their conversation and way of talking, it completely sounded like they were visiting a historical sight, a place that retold stories of the past. 

"Look, this small tattered mountain gate, back in the day, towered into the clouds. However, it was still crushed and destroyed in the end," someone said. 

"So this is Supreme Being Dao Rite… It seems like it wasn't bad, and that it was definitely glorious in the past." A young lady said. 

"Wrong, it was a small tattered mountain gate to begin with, and now is what it was originally like." A youth with his hands behind his back said. 

In the distance, Shi Hao didn't feel so good. Regardless, he was currently still Supreme Being Rite's sole disciple, or its great disciple. When he heard them ridicule this place, he felt a bit upset.

"I feel like this Supreme Being Dao Rite should have been quite imposing in the past…" that young lady said. 

"Junior sister Xiaorou, you shouldn't fantasize. This place doesn't have any glory and instead a widely spread bad reputation. It can even be said that this little poor sect's people are infamous." That young man laughed and said. He had a pair of antlers on his head, and while looking at the the one leading the way, he said, "We just came, so I must ask senior brother Liu to explain to us."

"Junior brother Lu is too polite." Senior brother Liu said with a smile. 

"Even though there were many provinces separating this place from my homeland, I have still heard about the Supreme Being Dao Rite. In the past, it stirred up quite the commotion, affecting many great sects, but I still do not understand too many details. I must ask senior brother Liu to enlighten us." Jing Xiaorou said. 

Through their conversation, Shi Hao knew that this group of people were likely geniuses that had recently joined Goddess Academy led by a few older students. They were here for sightseeing.

"Now that you mention it, Supreme Being Dao Rite's dao master truly is a…" Senior brother Liu hesitated when he spoke up to here and looked around.

"What, a heaven warping figure?" Someone asked. 

"An extreme weirdo!" When senior brother Liu was sure that there weren't any others here, only then did he calm down. He had heard in the past that those who had spoken badly about that dao master had always been dealt with miserably. 

After so many years had passed, that person shouldn't exist anymore, right?

"A weirdo?"

Back then, this dao master angered everyone under the heavens, and everyone wanted to beat him up. He was detested by all," said senior brother Liu. These words naturally aroused the shock of the new students. 

Meanwhile, when Shi Hao heard this, he was completely stupefied. Where they talking about Qi Daolin?

"Can you guys imagine? This person was chased after by the experts of every sect, making the entire world his enemy. How rotten of a person do you think he has to be for this to happen? There was a sentence that was used to describe him in the past, so vile there is festering boils from heads to toe. He really is quite the character."

"There is such a bad saying?" Someone asked.

"Do you see these mountain gate remains? In the past, it was so grand and imposing. However, do you know where it all originated from?" Senior brother Liu said while laughing. 

"Where did it come from?"

"Stolen from other sects! This was originally Natural Luck Academy's decorated archway, but in the end, it was carried away one night and brought here," senior brother Liu said. 

The group of people were stupefied. There was even something like this?

"Do you know what his explanation was? He said that he cherished his memories of Natural Luck Academy, and that was why he seized their mountain gate over, all because he cultivated there before for a short period of time," said senior brother Liu. 

Everyone wanted to laugh, but they were deeply shocked at the same time. "That kind of person was even Natural Luck Academy's disciple?"

"That isn't all. He was even our Goddess Academy's disciple." A senior sister said.

"What did he do before in our academy?"

"If he didn't do anything, he naturally wouldn't be the notorious abandoning dao master. When our great guardian spirit was asleep, he stole a supreme treasure from the old academy head -- Phoenix beak shears, and used it to secretly snip off most of its plume feathers to refine a stupid fan. Tell me, is this hateful or not?"

Everyone rose up in an uproar. This dao master was too shameless! 

"How was he able to steal the academy head's supreme treasure?" Someone in the group was confused. 

"Cough, that is because he almost stole the old academy head's great-great-granddaughter away as well. The rest… you all should understand!" Senior brother Liu coughed and said this. 

"Heavens, the old academy head's great-great-granddaughter, could it be that senior vice head?" Jing Xiaorou cried out in alarm. 

"It's good… as long as you all understand. This is something that happened many, many years ago. You cannot speak about it randomly in the academy." Someone reminded in a soft voice. 

In the distance, Shi Hao felt disgusted. That old thing was quite the scoundrel himself, yet he even had the nerve to scold him.

"Do you see the remains of the enormous palace on that mountain top? Rumor has it that he stole that from the Celestial Clan. It was originally named Celestial Hall, and it was also because he reminisced about his past sect that he carried over that well known place here." Someone continued to explain.

"What?" Everyone's eyes widened, feeling a bit speechless. 

"He had even entered the Celestial Clan and did this type of bizarre thing?"

"It isn't just the Celestial Clan. in the past, this dao master entered more than ten great sects in total, and in each case, be became a traitor, running away after stealing the knowledge of his masters," said senior brother Liu. Then, he added, "This is only what we know. There are still a few great sects that are too embarrassed to talk about him."

Another senior sister added, "Can you guys imagine? Those dozen or so great sects were all those at the very peak, ancient inheritances that are on an incomparable level. They overlook their area and intimidate over a hundred provinces!"

Everyone became stupefied, feeling that this person was a bit hard to understand. 

"Regardless, that person is too vulgar, stealing and betraying his masters, threatening and blackmailing others. He is riddled with bad reputation, too many to even count." A senior sister said.

"There are are even more, like his origins and others."

"Yi, there is someone here. Did he also come to inspect ancient ruins?" Someone cried out in shock after seeing Shi Hao. 

"Hey, brother, did you also come to see this small tattered mountain gate?" Someone asked him.

He raised his head to look at him. With an expressionless face, he said, "This is my sect gate." 

"What? Haha… there is still someone that entered a small tattered sect? Are you stupid?"

The group of people surrounded him, pointing while commenting. They looked at Shi Hao like they were looking at a freak, laughing endlessly. 

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