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Chapter 742 - Walking Past the Heavenly Staircase

"This is a freak, actually passing five trials, moreover with such speed! Simply inconceivable!"

"Is something major really going to happen today? This fella is so ferocious!"

At the academy entrance, everyone's eyeballs were popping out. They all felt that this was unbelievable. A seemingly gentle youth actually acted so ferociously, continuously breaking through these trials and pressing forward fiercely. 

How many years had it been since someone came to challenge this? The heavenly staircase was difficult to pass, so difficult that not even the ancient sages, the past outstanding individuals, ancient heavenly deities and others were able to pass it. They all failed.

On the high platform, a sphere of light rose. Shi Hao was stretching out his hand and carrying out a ferocious confrontation. Magical chains appeared one after another, releasing clear metallic sounds to bind him up. 

This was the sixth trial. He was confronting the divine chains of order, a battle of the Supreme Expert Realm. 

"This fella looked quite despicable before, like a pervert, but now, he doesn't seem so bad, quite handsome. He is extremely formidable!"

"Hey, can you stop acting like such a love-struck idiot?"

"But he really isn't that bad. His hair is so shiny, his eyes bright, his face delicate and pretty, and he is so powerful to top it all off. He really can be considered handsome!"

A few young ladies became excited, chattering among themselves. Their faces were full of excitement. A few of them defected, changing the situation, no longer attacking Shi Hao. Their attitudes were now leaning towards the other side. 

Everyone looked forward. Shi Hao released blinding radiance. Auspicious multicolored light continuously surged, pulsing like divine flames in an incomparably brilliant manner. It made him look incredibly heroic. 


He reached out his hand and formed a fist imprint, and then he fiercely blasted out. It unexpectedly released the roaring of a flood that rumbled through everyone's ears. Primordial energy rushed out in all directions, making the heaven and earth here tremble.

His tall figure surged with heaven overflowing divine might like a supreme being among deities. He swept through everything before him, forcing his way through all that stood in his way, leaving this place shaken.

"How… could it be like this?" Wu Feng's voice was trembling. He couldn't accept this reality. When he thought of the confrontation that took place not too long ago, and then looked at the heaven warping martial talent appearance in front of him now, his face became snow white. 

The group of people beside him closed their mouths. Earlier, they ridiculed Shi Hao together, mocking how he didn't know how high heaven was or how deep the earth went, that he should just forget about climbing up the heavenly staircase.

However, the things that happened now were the most effective counterattack. It left them absolutely speechless and inwardly shaken. All of them were so shocked that they felt dizzy. Great waves stirred within their heart.

"I didn't come too late right?" A blue-clothed young lady elegantly arrived. Her eyes were like sapphire, and her hair was also a watery-blue, lightly moving about like a blue waterfall. 

She carried a smile on her face. Her entire body was glowing, possessing an indescribable type of gentle beauty like that of water. Her intelligent appearance carried a scared feeling that drew people's attention. 

"Yii, Tian Yao arrived. The bell sounds even left her alarmed!"

In that instant, voices sounded in this place. Many men revealed passionate eyes as they looked over towards the beautiful figure. 

"Haha, a ranked beauty was startled. The fourth ranked Tian Yao has appeared!"

Not only the men were crying out and revealing fiery gazes, even a few ladies were shocked. They attached great importance to this young lady who was graceful like a fairy. 

"Major news, junior sister Tian Yao has come out of isolation. Senior and junior brothers, are you all going to still stay calm? Hurry and go take a look!"

Within the academy depths, many people received news. They were extremely shocked, and all of them got up, hurrying towards the academy entrance.

"He is the one that's treading on the heavenly staircase?" Tian Yao gathered her ocean blue hair. Her spotlessly white cheeks revealed a smiling expression as she focused her attention in that direction. 

With a hu la sound, a group of people arrived, included within both men and women. 

"Junior sister Tian Yao, this fella does not have any good intentions. He wishes to bathe together with you all." Someone spoke, loudly reminding that she had to be careful.

"Hey, senior brother Liu, can you not slander others please?" A female student called him out, speaking on Shi Hao's behalf. 

When Tian Yao heard this, she laughed. Her beautiful teeth shone brilliantly. She didn't declare where she stood, only continuing to stare at the figure on that tall platform. 


Right at this moment, on the tall platform, something strange happened. Those magical chains of order all shone, igniting into a golden color. They then wrapped around Shi Hao. 

"What a powerful aura!" Everyone focused their attention, feeling extremely nervous. Even from far away, they felt as if they couldn't breathe, their chests feeling oppressed. 

"This is a trial of order, testing one's understanding of the natural laws!" Tian Yao spoke. Her beautiful eyes blinked, sparkling with divine light. Her white dress fluttered about stunningly. 


A sound rang through the air. Everyone trembled inwardly. The golden divine chains closed in inch by inch, ultimately entering Shi Hao's flesh to break him apart into several pieces.

Meanwhile, divine splendor curled about and dao sounds rumbled. Magical chains rang out with zheng zheng sounds. Sparks flew everywhere. 

Everyone knew that Shi Hao was in trouble. If he couldn't break through this, then he might have his body torn apart by the divine chains. Blood would dye the heavenly staircase. 

A trace of color returned to Wu Feng's pale face. "I knew that he would fail. He was definitely faking it before. Everything will be exposed soon.

"Yi?" Someone hurried over, a male in purple clothes. He was incomparably heroic. When his eyes opened and closed, the light that was released was sharp like cold lightning.

"Senior brother Ye Lingxue came out of isolation as well!" Someone cried out in shock. This was clearly a well known person, a genius of Goddess Academy. He was an extremely powerful expert. 

Ye Lingxue looked onto the high platform and revealed a faint smile. "It seems like he has encountered quite the problem. He might not be able to pass."

"He is going to fail. Hurry up and tear his body apart! Goddess Academy is not a place you can enter!" Wu Feng said softly out of hatred. His face was sinister, losing his calm heart. He clenched his fists and watched nervously, truly wishing for Shi Hao to fail. 


Suddenly, all of the magical chains on the tall platform broke. Shi Hao broke free. Like a demonic god bathed in flames, there were bone texts all around him. Divine flames rushed several dozen zhang into the air.

In that instant, all of the magical chains broke, turning into flowing light that rushed in all directions.

Shi Hao stood there with his back towards everyone. He was like a divine furnace, releasing boundless divine might. Flames overflowed into the heavens.


The sixth bell sound rang into the depths of Goddess Academy.

At this moment, even the students who didn't know what the bell sounds represented raised their heads. They all felt shocked and prepared to see what was happening.

Meanwhile, the open market was in chaos. 

As for the academy entrance, everyone was clamoring with noise. Many people's mouths were wide open.

Chen Lin had been pushed out of the top ten beauty ranking, now the eleventh rank. Her mood was originally terrible, and as a result she ridiculed Shi Hao. She never expected that she would encounter this type of freak who would deliver this type of shocking performance. 

She covered her bright red lips with her hand, and her beautiful eyes were wide open. Her face was covered with an expression of shock, feeling that this was unimaginable. Her heart was pounding unendingly. The youth that she treated with contempt was actually going to establish a legend, one that had been covered in dust all this time?!

"It is already the sixth stage. There are still three more and he will succeed! This really is hard to imagine! The heavenly staircase no one could travel through for all these years is going to be passed."

"If he succeeds, this will definitely be recorded in my Goddess Academy's history!"

"That might not be the case. Rumor has it that Feng Wu can get through as well, only that she never openly displayed her skills. An expert silenced the dao bell, not allowing it to sound."

A group of people discussed among themselves. They were all stirred up and excited. Of course, there were quite a few who were jealous with complicated expressions. When they thought about how they still wanted to attack Shi Hao before, they couldn't help but panic.

Of course, Goddess Academy's sect masters all learned of this as well. True deities, saints, and Heavenly deities appeared one after another. 

"Hey, I haven't seen his true appearance yet. Why doesn't he turn around?" Tian Yao said. She wrinkled her fine nose, yet she could only see a rear figure. 

Ye Lingxue was speechless. Just now, he thought that Shi Hao had already failed, yet in the end, as soon as he spoke, the other party passed.

On the high platform, the scene was changing.

White mists scattered. Dragon scales flickered in the sky. A mountainous dragon claw reached out, incomparably sharp and flickering with gold light as it surrounded that youth.


Many people were horrified. They retreated backwards. This was a type of heavenly might that terrified one down to their hearts. It was as if a supreme being was descending and looking at them like ants.

"Spiritual might pressure, a test of endurance." A True deity spoke, exposing this test's true meaning.

Shi Hao stood there. The space between his brows shone. His divine senses were like a sun. His body swayed, but he didn't take half a step back. 


A moment later, that enormous dragon disappeared. The bell sounds rose. He passed the seventh trial.

"This type of pressure is something not even those at the Divine Flame Realm can endure. He actually persevered through!" A heavenly deities said with shock.

Nearby, people appeared like they were being fished up from water. Even though no one was up there on that high platform, they all felt as if it was themselves experiencing that power. Those students in particular were about to faint just now. 

This trial looked simple, but it was actually a contest of spirit, a tempering of the will. That youth didn't fall.

"He is the one?" At this time, someone else came, the most powerful geniuses of the academy.

In addition, not far out, two more exceptional ranked beauties came together. They looked upwards. They were outstanding beauties. 

This triggered many sighs of admiration. They were actually startled out as well. However, soon after, they turned their heads around, not wishing to get too distracted by them and instead watched the figure on the high platform closely. It was because there were two trials left.

Heaven and earth became dark, and even Shi Hao's figure became indistinct, difficult to make out. It was as if he entered the underworld. A green lamp appeared in the void, displaying a light source only the size of a pea. 

Shi Hao sat there, confronting the green lamp. 

"What is the dao?" A voice sounded from the green lamp, entering everyone's ears. It was so loud the deaf could hear it. 

Shi Hao's expression became serious for a bit, and then he said, "Without foundation or roots, there will be no leaves or glory. The life of all things, the completion of all things depends on the fate of the dao."

"What is the dao?" This was still the sentence the green lamp spoke. 

"The innate brings life, silent and empty. Alone and unchanging, one travels, yet never in danger. Also called the mother of the world, what could be said to be the dao." Shi Hao replied again. 

"What is the dao?" 

"The great dao is extensive, and it can be influenced."

"What is the dao?"

"Yin and yang, the meaning of the dao."

"What is the dao?"


One question, one reply. Shi Hao explained from every aspect, but this question was too vast. Even if giants were to come and speak for several days and nights it would be difficult for them to put everything they understood into words.

It was because in this world, everyone was seeking the dao, cultivating the dao.

In the end, he stood up. He kicked the green lamp over and said, "This is the dao!"

Everyone became speechless.

"Did this fella go mad? He dares to act with such disrespect!" Only after a long time had passed did someone speak.

Even more people took delight in Shi Hao's disaster. They all began to laugh. 

Then, unexpectedly, the green lamp disappeared, and the sound of the bell rang through heaven and earth again in a long and drawn out manner.

Shi Hao headed forward, entering the final trial. Everyone became stupefied, not knowing what to say.

That place was dusky and accompanied with traces of mysterious mist. At this moment, Shi Hao's figure couldn't be seen clearly. Even his rear figure was now only an outline. 

"We came late, missing out on the grand occasion. We can't even see his true appearance anymore." A gorgeous lady that seemed to have walked out from a painting spoke, revealing shock. 

This was another ranked beauty. Two more people came, standing together. They both revealed shock. When they looked above towards the high platform, they never expected that this person would reach that step.

As for the geniuses, they all revealed grave expressions, maintaining silence. 

"There is still one trial left. Will he be able to pass it?"

At this moment, everyone discovered that even though they were all nervous, they were all expectant as well, wishing to see the final result.

A bone gate appeared there, pure white like jade. Primal chaos pervaded the air, and a mysterious aura filled this place. 

"Upon entering the gate, one will face the natural laws of heaven. Death of body and soul awaits those who cannot endure until the end."

A line of text appeared above the bone gate, shining brilliantly. It made everyone's hearts tremble. They secretly thought to themselves; if it was them in this young man's place, would they dare enter?

Shi Hao didn't show any hesitation and directly walked in. In the end… the bone gate collapsed, extinguished in an instant. 

"Your dao heart is resolute. You passed." A grand voice sounded, one that sighed softly, carrying deep regret. He successfully passed.

This… everyone was startled awake. The eight trials before were enough to stop everyone, yet the last one didn't test one's conviction and instead their resolution. If one said it was easy, it was easy, but if one were to say it was hard, it really was difficult as well. 

If one had any hesitation, then they would naturally fail. When one even doubted themselves, what other paths were there left to walk?

Everyone was shocked. Someone succeeded, passing the heavenly staircase and breaking the dust covered history!

The scene was absolutely silent!

"Where is the ladder? Why can't I find it? That's it? Is this the end?"

While everyone was under great shock, a voice suddenly sounded, and it came precisely from Shi Hao. This immediately shattered the silence and made jaws drop to the ground. This person… was too full of life!

"Now that I passed like this, can I bathe together with the ten beauties?" Then, this muttering even more so caused this place to erupt into an uproar. 

Everyone erupted with noise. 

As for the ranked beauties, some of the corners of their lips tilted upwards, while others' foreheads revealed dark lines. There were others that grinded their teeth!

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