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Chapter 741 - Forcefully Charging Through

Soon after, this place erupted into laughter.

"Ha, haha…"

The younger disciples in the academy all began to laugh. Their expressions were all extremely strange and rich with interest. There were even some who gave Shi Hao a big thumbs up. 

"Junior brother, we are waiting for you to enter! When the time comes, let's chat about how outstanding the greatest ranked beauties are. Just the thought alone is wonderful! The scene of goddesses exiting the bath, it is definitely stunning to the extreme!"

It was clear that there were a few kindred spirits that were not hostile towards him or looked down on him. Instead, they revealed goodwill and laughed loudly, making eyes at Shi Hao., 

"Perverts, lechers, absolutely disgraceful!" Chen Lin's long, shapely eyebrows stood on end as she gnashed her teeth. She felt endless loathing and contempt for Shi Hao and that group of people. 

Wu Feng was even more direct with his words, saying, "What nonsense, even people like this can enter my academy? Get him out. What kind of thing is this?" His eyes flickered with cold radiance. 

There were naturally a group of flower protecting envoys nearby. They were all excited, criticizing and scolding Shi Hao on and on. Of course, there were quite a few female disciples that joined in on this, berating the students that released ambiguous laughter previously. 

This place was extremely noisy.

Shi Hao's face was extremely innocent as he said, "What are you all talking about? My intention is that if I can climb up the heavenly staircase, wouldn't I be able to enter the immortal pond? A baptism in the tribulation crossing divine lotus water, this… is too great!"

"Come on, we are all men, so don't try to look all dignified. Brother, why not just directly say which beauty you would prefer to enter the divine pond with?" Someone laughed and said. 

Of course, this triggered a few people's condemnation, especially Wu Feng's group of people, who revealed cold sneers. 

"Really, how can you all think like that?" Shi Hao looked towards Chen Lin, Wu Feng, and the others. "I didn't even say much, why do you all have to continuously associate me in that direction? You all really aren't pure."

Seeing him with his deadly earnest face and counter criticism, Chen Lin's expression changed. It seemed like she cared about this quite a bit. "You pervert, you definitely won't be able to enter the academy. When the time comes, you'll be tossed out!"

"Don't waste your time thinking about it anymore. Do you really think he can climb the heavenly staircase? He will definitely become a laughing stock. How can someone like him be able to to?!" Wu Feng ridiculed, shaking his head there.

"Of course I can. Widen all of your crossed eyes and watch carefully in a bit!" Shi Hao said. 

"What did you say?" Chen Lin's phoenix eyes stood up vertically. Her beautiful pupils were full of coldness. Meanwhile, Wu Feng and the others' faces fell, staring at him with ill will. 

"I want to make sure again. Are the rewards you all were talking about just now real?" Shi Hao didn't pay them any attention, instead looking towards those around him and asking a step further out of fear of being swindled. 

"Of course!"

"Then that's good. Actually, bathing with a few exceptional beauties really isn't bad either." Shi Hao said. He had his arms crossed in front of him, a brilliant smile resting on his face. 

"Pervert, absolutely vulgar. You've exposed yourself!"

"Scoundrel, where did this fella come from?!"

There was a group of people who clearly couldn't take it anymore, most of them being women, but of course, there were quite a few flower protecting envoys as well. The few that incited Shi Hao earlier all slipped away, fearful of inciting public anger. 

The events that happened here drew the attention of the people in the distance. Not only were there people from the academy, but also cultivators in the open market. They all revealed looks of surprise. 

Someone was going to try the heavenly staircase? How many years has it been since something like this had happened? It was because this task was too difficult and seemingly impossible to accomplish. 

Soon after, news travelled outwards, attracting many people's attention. 

Shi Hao didn't mind this at all. He wanted to openly pass this trial, and then acquire the baptism in the tribulation crossing divine lotus' pond. If there really was a giant that paid attention and saw through his true body, then he wouldn't mind directly using a realm shattering symbol to flee. For him, this was an extremely enticing and irrefusable opportunity. 

Only the tribulation crossing divine lotus' elixir could give him a chance at successfully eating the Golden Bodhi fruit.

"Are you serious? The heavenly staircase that has been collecting dust all this time is being opened up? Someone is going to challenge it?!"

"I recall that the heavenly staircase is insurmountable. Normally speaking, one would definitely fail. Has there been anyone that succeeded after all these years?"

When news traveled into the depths of the courtyard, many students were shocked. They all felt that this was inconceivable. 

These people were all elites and carefully selected. They stood out from countless geniuses to arrive here, yet when they asked themselves, they found that none of them had the courage of challenging the heavenly staircase. 

"Major news, explosive news. The fresh new top ten beauty rankings are out and published. A new outstanding beauty has been added. Someone has said that they wish to spend a wonderful night with all ten beauties together and issued a challenge!"

These news struck down like thunder. Someone fearlessly brought out Goddess Academy's fresh rankings and even added this type of heavyweight news. As expected, a great commotion was produced.

"Who dares to act so delusional?"

"Who is it? What kind of pervert appeared, actually daring to talk about our ten beauties like this? Once Feng Wu appears, who can compete against her? They will most likely all be… completely suppressed!"

When these news went out, the academy was greatly shaken up. Even a few low-profile young cultivators that only knew how to bury themselves in bitter cultivation appeared. They all felt quite shocked. 

"Who here among you all can ascend the heavenly staircase? I heard that a youngster came to our entrance and wishes to challenge the limit."

"Go, let's see what kind of saint this is."

There were a few small genius groups. They were all discussing this among themselves. 

In this short period of time, news seemed to have grown wings, spreading in all directions and producing a huge commotion.

Of course, the academy was too big, so there were still many who felt that it was below them to care about this. When they heard this, they all treated it like a joke, not paying it any attention.

This was especially the case for the ranked beauties. They even more so disregarded this, not showing any interest. They felt like people were making up things to talk about. How could anyone ascend the heavenly staircase to enter the academy?

Meanwhile, those most powerful geniuses in the courtyard all sneered. Those that were in isolation remained in isolation, those comprehending the dao continued their comprehension, feeling disinclined to pay this any attention.

"Sigh, it really is a pity. There are ten great extremely beauties, yet not a single one came out, not treating this like anything important at all. We worked hard for nothing." A few people sighed in despair.

There were originally many people who spread the news, hoping to make a few of the ten great beauties appear, yet in the end, they were disappointed. 

The ones everyone was looking forward to seeing didn't appear. However, the academy entrance was still quite lively with activity, with quite a few people arriving, wishing to see who it was that dared to tread upon the heavenly staircase.

Of course, when they were all tallied up, the number of those that arrived was less than a tenth of the academy's total population. 

The so-called heavenly staircase was right within the enormous great gates. Facing the main entrance was an enormous high platform that was extremely vast. Normally, no one paid it any attention, nor did anyone ascend it. 

At this moment, someone displayed magical force to clean up the dust over its surface, revealing a simple and unadorned stone platform. There were complex and mysterious patterns carved on its surface.

Shi Hao walked forward, preparing to ascend the platform.

"Hold on!" Wu Feng walked up, blocking Shi Hao's path. He sneered and taunted, "My Goddess Academy is one of the three thousand province's greatest inheritances. A random cat or dog like you can come stir up trouble and ascend the heavenly staircase? Pass my trial first, or else you will just make everyone feel like you came to make a joke out of yourself." He didn't give Shi Hao any face and spoke like this. 

In the rear, there were people everywhere. There were cultivators from the open market, as well as students from the academy. They all looked in this direction.

"As you wish!" Previously, Shi Hao didn't feel like bickering with him, but now that he decided to do this, he didn't act so politely anymore.

With a hong sound, his body shone and his long hair danced about. Even though his face was delicate and pretty, his entire body seemed to have ignited with divine flame. Terrifying energy overflowed into the heavens, making him look like a divine king. He was completely submerged in the blazing radiance. 


Shi Hao shouted loudly, and then as if divine lightning hacked out, Wu Feng was blasted until he immediately coughed out large mouthfuls of blood. The symbols over his entire body grew dim, and then he flew outwards.

At this moment, the scene immediately became quiet. Not a single voice could be heard.

All of the clamoring sounds vanished. Everyone became shocked. 

Chen Lin looked forward with absolute disbelief. This youth was like a devil god. His entire body was covered in blazing light flames that pulsed around the surface of his body, leaving her heart shaken.

"Heavens, this fella is so powerful! It almost feels like a young Heavenly deity is moving about!" A few young ladies screamed out.

The people that looked down on Shi Hao just now felt as if they were being suffocated. They now all felt a great pressure. 

This place immediately became quiet. Everyone had a feeling that something major might happen today!

In the distance, Wu Feng crawled to his feet with difficulty. His body trembled lightly, and then he coughed out another mouthful of blood. Only then did he feel a bit better. His face was as pale as snow. He looked at the figure in front of him with horror.

With a shua sound, Shi Hao leapt onto the tall platform like a True Dragon soaring into the skies. 

In that instant, the scene was changed greatly. The high platform turned into a fighting arena!

In the arena was an enormous rock. Everyone inwardly thought to themselves and conservatively estimated that it should be at least a hundred fifty or sixty thousand jin in weight. Those that wished to take the trial were required to raise it. 

"This is just too easy, right? Does treading on the heavenly staircase only require this much? For us, it is just a simple task." Some people were shocked. They all felt that it was too easy. 

However, with Shi Hao's steps, many people closed their eyes, because they discovered that Shi Hao was shrinking, turning into a child. He was now only seven to eight years old.

Meanwhile, there were layers of ripples around the arena as well that affected many people. Everyone felt as if they returned to their childhood, back to the Blood Transformation Realm. 

"Heavens! What is happening? Why do I feel like I've returned to being a kid?"

"This is why the arena is terrifying!" 

Everyone finally understood. This was a test of the perfection of one's blood transformation, judging how powerful someone really was.

Normally speaking, the strength of heavenly ranked vicious beasts' descendants during their childhood wouldn't be more than a hundred thousand jin, a number difficult to exceed. Yet now, there was a hundred fifty thousand jin enormous rock there. 

What did this mean? This was a large chunk greater than many of the most powerful races!

Ripples scattered outwards. Many people felt that an enormous rock was smashing towards their own childhood years. They felt extremely powerless, as if they were being suffocated. The scene was too lifelike.

Shi Hao was extremely calm. When he was young, he directly carried enormous boulders weighing more than a hundred thousand jin while running under waterfalls. He could even raise enormous boulders weighing over two hundred thousand jin. 

He walked forward and directly picked it up, lifting it above his head. 


Many people nearby the tall platform cried out, their faces turning snow white. They felt that if they also participated, their bodies would have been crushed under the hundred fifty thousand jin enormous rock. 

"This… how terrifying!"

Many people's entire bodies were covered in sweat. They quickly backed up, not daring to come closer again. They wanted to stay away from those ripples.

This person was able to raise an enormous rock weighing a hundred and fifty thousand jin during his childhood? Heaven defying! Everyone's minds were shaken.

However, what left them shocked was that Shi Hao lowered the enormous rock, then, after winding his right leg back, he kicked this enormous rock into the sky, blasting it apart right there and then. 

"This is… world-shocking divine force!"

"Divine might! Did he grow up drinking True Dragon blood?"

Many people cried out in alarm, all finding this hard to believe. Chen Lin even more so widened her large beautiful eyes and held her brightly-colored red lips, fearing that she would cry outwards. 

Wu Feng and the others' faces were devoid of color, their scalps feeling numb. They deeply felt that this was an absolute freak!


A sound rang through the air, resounding through Goddess Academy, shaking up the open market outside. This indicated that Shi Hao smoothly passed the first trial. 

"Yi, this person isn't simple. He successfully passed the first stage."

"He wasn't just a vulgar claptrap here to please the crowd?"

Within the academy depths, the ranked beauties were shocked. There were also heaven warping talents that were astonished. However, they still didn't come out. 

The high platform's scenery changed again. Ten suns appeared around the arena, crushing down together to suppress this youth.


Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. These were ten heavenly passages, opened to the limit, reaching the human race's limit of power. It was going to suppress everyone here.

"This trial isn't easy to pass. Normally, a tie is already enough. That is except for a few special races where their heavenly passage strength surpasses the limit." Someone commented. 

However, something shocking happened. Shi Hao allowed the ten heavenly passages to crush down. His body shone with brilliant light, completely blasting through them all.


Another ringing sounded, resounding through Goddess Academy, indicating that he passed.

"So quick! He succeeded in the second trial?"

"Did a monster come?"

Within the academy depths, a few people stood up. The ranked beauties were shocked, finding it difficult to hide their astonished expressions.

As for the academy entrance, those people had long been stunned. Then noise erupted.


Soon after, the third bell sounded, long and drawn out, echoing especially far.

"This can't be! The third trial was also passed? This is just too fast. Is he really undergoing the trials?"

Within the academy, a few heaven warping geniuses couldn't sit still anymore. They couldn't remain calm.


The fourth bell sound reverberated through the air, ringing like thunder. It continuously rumbled.

"Heavens, he passed the fourth trial! This won't do, I have to see who exactly this person is!" There were exceptional beauties who walked out from their isolation, hurrying towards the academy entrance.

"You've provoked my curiosity. What kind of person is this?" Meanwhile, within the other fine residences, there were exceptional beauties who stood up. They flung aside their original disdain and hurried towards the heavenly staircase.

"I want to see what kind of person this is!" The previously over-confident youths that were known as the academy's heaven warping geniuses also moved.


Of course, right when they began to move, the fifth bell sound rang outwards. It truly was a powerful sound.

Those geniuses and exceptional beauties were stupefied. This was just too fast and ferocious. They hurriedly increased speed, fearing that they would miss out and not be able to see that scene.

"This… is unprecedented. This kind of speed, it should have broken all past records, right?" Someone cried out with a trembling voice. 

As for the academy entrance, it was long in an uproar!

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