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Chapter 743 - Entering the School

The academy entrance boiled with commotion!

The twelve enormous stone pillars were spotlessly white like jade as they supported the entrance building, grand and imposing.

 Everyone was discussing this matter excitedly. The sky had been pierced today! Someone truly passed the heavenly staircase, successfully making it through, shattering the peace of Goddess Academy. 

On top of the tall platform, Shi Hao turned around. He immediately recognized Qing Yi, aka Yue Chan. She wore pure white clothes that made her look like a stalk of white lily.

Even though she didn't reveal her true appearance, Yue Chan was still stunning, possessing an extraordinary temperament. She had long and slender legs, an impressive figure, undulating curves, snow white neck, a delicate face, as well as clear and intelligent eyes that others couldn't bear to blaspheme.

Of course, Shi Hao had seen Yue Chan's other side, so he naturally wouldn't be misled. This woman's methods were formidable, and normal people definitely wouldn't be able to subdue her. 

He couldn't help but think back to how he previously captured her alive, in the end even undergoing a wedding ceremony, seeing her spotlessly white jade body. A smile appeared on the corners of his lips. 

"Yi, he is smiling towards junior sister Qin Yi, he really is a... " As soon as someone wanted to say the word pervert, they forcefully swallowed it, quickly changing their words, saying, "Young and talented, distinguished and elegant."

Many people released looks of surprise. When they thought about how Shi Hao was still muttering just now about bathing with the ten beauties, none of them knew what to say. This was just too direct, right?

Meanwhile, now that he was staring at Qing Yi, did he truly harbor ill intentions?

The expressions of a few young men fell. Even though it wasn't to the extent where they were going to throw themselves over and stake it all against him, they were all discontent. 

Shi Hao was speechless. In the end, that really was his wife. Even though they never truly walked together before, the scene was still charming and gentle. He saw the other side of this exceptional fairy. 

"Staring, what staring? That's my wife!"

Of course, he could only say this inside and couldn't directly berate them. Otherwise, the consequences would be too terrible to contemplate. 

"Qing Yi, look, he really is looking at you. Could it be that he wants to bathe with you?" Tian Yao teased. They were both on the beauty rankings. Her sapphire pupils shone as she spoke to Yue Chan. 

"Don't speak so randomly. Didn't Chen Lin already say before that this is a lecher?" Yue Chan smiled. Her skin was snow white, perfect and holy. 

When the group of men around them heard this, they all loosened a breath of air. Otherwise, if they really confronted Shi Hao, they would all grow apprehensive.

Chen Lin was the only one with an embarrassed expression. 

"I made an error in judgment. How can he be so formidable? Can it be that he surpassed the academy's previous generations? What kind of person is this exactly?" Chen Lin said softly. She was like a delicate flower. Her cheeks felt like they were burning. She felt great regret.

On the side, Wu Feng's face was as ugly as it could get. Once this type of young supreme being entered the academy, was there any place for him to even seek shelter anymore? He provoked him so greatly before, saying that Goddess Academy wasn't a place any cat or dog could join, which practically forced this person onto the heavenly staircase. When he thought of this, his face became deathly white. He staggered backwards, almost falling on the ground. 

"Junior brother, I really must praise your courage and strength. Today, you passed the trial of heaven! This feat will definitely be recorded within my school's annals of history. Right, if you really have a chance to visit the tribulation crossing divine lotus, you definitely have to choose a good opportunity! The ranked beauties have a regular pattern in which they visit." There was someone who was quite brazen, shouting out from below. 

When these words sounded, this place immediately became even more noisy. It immediately became chaotic with noise. 

"Junior brother, when you come back, we need to have a good discussion!" Someone shouted out. 

"Despicable, all perverts!"

"Shameless, scoundrels!"

All of the female students spat out, staring at those people. 

On the tall platform, Shi Hao turned around, because he could feel that someone had arrived. He secretly prepared the Divine protection symbol and World shattering symbol,  believing that with these two, he could proceed without too much worry.

Of course, unless absolutely necessary, he didn't wish to waste these precious symbols. He truly wished to enter the immortal pond the tribulation crossing divine lotus grew in. 

"Not bad." This was an elder. He also stood on the tall platform. He nodded towards Shi Hao with a smile. 

He wore golden-colored dao robes. His white hair was like snow, his eyes deep. He exuded an immortal aura and had a body that resonated with the dao. There was an extraordinary style to his appearance. 

He looked quite kind. He was currently smiling towards Shi Hao, not pressuring him like a giant, instead only showing warmness. It made others feel as if they were bathed within spring winds. 

However, everyone could sense that he was definitely powerful, because just now, he appeared on that platform without any sound or aura. No one noticed his appearance. 

"It can't be the old academy head that came out of isolation, right?" 

Many people's heart rates sped up, unable to suppress the agitation within their hearts. 

Even those ranked beauties widened their large and beautiful eyes, staring forward. It was because they discovered that there were two Heavenly deities that were completely petrified, not moving in the slightest as they looked at the tall platform. 

Shi Hao's charge up the heavenly staircase left deep and long lasting effects, completely shocking those two Heavenly deities. They had been watching closely the entire time, but right now, they were like wooden dolls as they stood there in a stupor. 

This immediately drew everyone's attention. Everyone became incomparably shocked, and almost everyone knew that this really might be the old academy head that hadn't made an appearance in many years. 

"Heavens! The old academy head is going to take him on as his disciple?"

"This is the same as ascending into the heavens with a single leap, actually drawing my academy's most powerful existence's attention! Is he going to be personally taught?"

Many people felt jealous and envious. They simply couldn't believe what they were seeing.

"It can't be the academy head, right?" Someone muttered softly. 

"Can't you see those great Heavenly deities? Their eyes are all completely widened!" Someone berated. 

On the tall platform, Shi Hao was extremely cautious. When facing these types of powerful figures, he didn't dare act carelessly. He respectfully gave his greetings. 

"Are you willing to join my dao sect?" The elder asked. His hair was white, yet his complexion was like that of a child. His being emanated immortality and dao, giving others a feeling of sprouting wings and rising to heaven. His aura was just too otherworldly. 

"Can I soak in the divine pond for a few days?" Shi Hao muttered. 

Below, the group of people were petrified. They all looked completely stunned. There was such a huge opportunity presented in front of him, yet this fella didn't cherish it, daring to haggle over this? 

"Haha, don't tell me you came for stolen scent, pilfered jade, here for a dao companion?" The elder teased. His deep eyes exuded intelligence, and the smile on his face was great. 

He didn't put on any arrogance, instead acting rather easy-going, joking around with Shi Hao. He even gave Qing Yi below a look and said, "Not bad."

Everyone became stupefied. What was the old academy head implying? Was he recklessly trying to set them together?

Yue Chan's mind jumped. When the elder gave her a look, she felt a bit awkward. The beauties beside her all began to tease her. 

"Junior sister Qing Yi, you might have a dao companion! The academy head looks quite enthusiastic if you ask me!"

"This is tremendous heavenly fate! I am so jealous, why don't we sisters all serve a single dao companion?"

It had to be said that these beauties were fearless, quietly harassing Yue Chan. They were laughing so hard their bodies were swaying back and forth. Seeing these flowers act like this, the surrounding youths' eyes all went straight. 

"Don't worry, if you enter my dao sect, you can come and go as you please through the tribulation crossing divine lotus. Of course, don't be so focused on bathing that you forget about cultivation." The elder laughed and said. 

Everyone began to sweat profusely. The ranked beauties' large eyes began to roam about, feeling that this old academy head's mind was just too lively and young. 

"Senior does not need to worry!" Shi Hao patted his chest and said. 

In the distance, Wu Feng's face went pale. He sat on the ground, every hope turning into dust. This type of scene left him frightened, scared that Shi Hao might get revenge on him in the future. 

The elder flung his sleeves. Several white tortoiseshells bounced about, releasing pi pa sounds. He then said, "The divination says that you have karma with Goddess Academy. One dao companion is waiting for you just ahead."

When he spoke up to this point, he didn't forget to give Yue Chan a look. His intentions were too obvious.

Many people were shocked. This… old academy head, you… are concerning yourself with too much! This was what many young disciples thought in their hearts. 

Moreover, everyone noticed the words he used. One companion is up ahead, did this mean that there were going to be more?!

"Feng Wu isn't here. She is comprehending the immortal engravings in the academy, or else she would be an excellent choice as well," the elder smiled and said. 

Shi Hao was a bewildered. Why was Goddess Academy's giant so obsessed with matchmaking? This left him a bit puzzled. 

"Alright, entering my dao sect, becoming my sect's disciple, this matter will thus end. Follow me." The elder said.

"Am I not going to the immortal pond? The tribulation crossing lotus… Shi Hao reminded with a soft voice. This was his biggest goal. He feared that after he followed the elder to the dao sect, his true nature might be given away.

"Stinky brat, you really don't understand your future prospects. There are more than enough chances to enter the immortal pond in the future. Do you really lack this bit of time?" The elder scolded while laughing. 

"The academy head truly wishes to send him to the precious pond! What if the joined bath truly happens?" A group of people muttered. Many people expressed their discontent. 

"Let's go."

With a fling of the elder's sleeves, the void became hazy, immediately becoming indistinct. A passageway appeared there. That hand alone suppressed everyone; this giant really was terrifying!

Shi Hao followed him inside, thus disappearing. 


Right at this moment, the dao bell sounded, ringing through Goddess Academy. Everyone was stunned. 

"This is the ninth trial's dao sound. Why did it sound only now?" Many people were confused. 

Soon after, everyone discovered that the two Heavenly deities seemed to have been immersed in a great dream. They suddenly cried out, and then they fiercely shook their heads. After giving each other a look, both of them were overwhelmed with shock.

"Someone suppressed the dao bell, not allowing it to ring?" A Heavenly deity trembled inwardly as he said softly. 

"Things have already developed this far without our notice?" The other Heavenly deity was shocked.

Only when the ninth dao bell's sound waves spread outwards would Goddess Academy's most powerful figures be startled. Just now, someone had suppressed it.

"Hurry and head for Goddess Hall!" The two turned around and left. 

In the rear, when the students heard those sentences, they all found this difficult to believe. They felt a wave of lingering fear, feeling that something enormous was happening. 

Strange things were happening all at once, and unforeseen events were taking place in succession!

"Someone successfully passed through the trial of heaven?" Within Goddess Hall, an elder inquired.

"Succeeded, but… he didn't enter my courtyard. We are harboring suspicions that 'that' person returned!" A Heavenly deity said with a trembling voice. 


Inside Goddess Academy, heaven overflowing waves were billowing. Several streaks of radiance erupted into the skies. That was the blood energy of the most powerful experts. 

This day, a great sensation swept through the academy that was difficult to calm.

The void distorted. Hazy light emerged. The elder wearing golden dao robes brought Shi Hao away. They descended into a mountain region.

"Senior, are these the academy depths?" Shi Hao was curious. 

"Wu, not really, but the distance is quite close," said the elder.

"Yi?" Soon after, Shi Hao was shocked. He saw an enormous gated courtyard in front of him that rushed into the clouds. These gates were too grand and majestic. 

This enormous entrance building exuded an ancient aura, the accumulation of endless years. There was even more so a great dao aura that was too extraordinary. Standing here felt like standing in front of the imperial court of heaven. 

Then, when he raised his head, he saw an inscribed tablet with four ancient words: Supreme Being Dao Rite. 

Shi Hao's mind trembled. Why wasn't there the word Goddess? Could it be that the elder's place of seclusion used this name? However, it seemed to too domineering and powerful.

Meanwhile, he immediately thought of Supreme Palace. That inheritance only had a single person each generation. It was known as an unmatched inheritance that stood against Immortal Palace for many generations. 

Shi Hao began to have second thoughts. 

"Remember, this dao rite is the highest inheritance of this world. Once you enter, you cannot turn back. You have to fight for its sake!" The elder said with a serious expression. Right now, his temperament was completely different, becoming like that of an unmatched supreme being that looked down on the world, one that overlooked all three thousand provinces. 

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