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Chapter 740 - Goddess Academy

Goddess Academy was right on its respective province's border. It was exceptionally grand and majestic, covering an extremely vast area. It was far greater than an ordinary city.

Multicolored clouds rose, and all types of structures towered imposingly. There were even many spiritual mountains, flying waterfalls, and great rivers passing through the academy. It was extremely beautiful. 

It had a renowned reputation. Even though the higher realms were vast and boundless, this academy's long tradition and powerful name shook the three thousand provinces. It was an inheritance that stood at the peak. 

"Goddess Academy's ten beauties paintings, who wants them? These are the ten most stunning women you know?"

"Sun God Sparrow descendant's precious technique, extremely valuable. Even though it is damaged, it can bring one's fire dao to the peak. Once one completely comprehends it, one can understand the true meaning through the great dao of fire and establish one's own path."

"Quasi holy medicine, eight thousand year old ancient medicine, already released holy radiance and on the verge of becoming holy medicine. Those interested, bring your offers! This is a rare precious medicine!"


When Shi Hao entered this region, he already saw this kind of scene when he was still quite far from Goddess Academy. There was a lot of people here, and an enormous open market rested here. All types of treasures were being exchanged. 

In fact, there were many smaller cities around the academy, stretching as far as the eye could see. When they were all linked up together, it exceeded the enormous city. The amount of area they occupied was terrifyingly great.

Of course, there were no walls in these places, only buildings. This place was a bustling open market. Because it was adjacent to a great sect, there was simply no need to build a defensive wall.

Who would dare behave atrociously here? 

It was quite evident that the outer regions all thrived because of Goddess Academy, and all together, they formed a spacious urban area, or an open area. It was much larger than Goddess Academy itself.

There were people who did a population count. When the dozen or so 'satellite' towns were merged together, the visitors and long-term residents totaled to several million. 

There were some who lived here for generations, and some were here purely for the sake of doing business with cultivators. There was even a larger group of youngsters who crossed provinces to come here to cultivate and join the academy. 

Shi Hao was quite shocked. This region was too large! Even after walking around for more than two hours, he still didn't reach the academy's entrance. It had to be mentioned that there really were treasures that could be exchanged for with other rare hidden treasures. 

It was to the extent where he even saw an archaic vicious beast precious technique that could be directly purchased!

Of course, the price was extremely great, enough to ruin a few great clans. It was just too expensive, a price normal people couldn't bear at all. 

It was clear that this place had many unordinary people. At the very least, Shi Hao saw a few youngsters that surrounded that place, looking at the bone book and assessing that precious technique's price. 

Meanwhile, this wasn't the only example. There were other rare great divine abilities marked for sale. 

Of course, those were all areas decorated dazzlingly with extraordinary and imposing style. These were being auctioned off in a grand manner and not sold directly like in a regular stall.

"How formidable, even selling this type of divine ability. Goddess Academy really is quite formidable." Shi Hao couldn't help but sigh in admiration. 

Someone on the side heard him say this and said, "But of course. This is one of the higher realms' greatest cultivation holy lands. Many great clans send their disciples here, so this is a place where countless geniuses gather. Many of the families behind these youngsters have the ability to purchase these things."

"However, those precious techniques aren't complete. They more or less have some faults, and after they are sold, they can't be leaked outwards, or else they will be reproached. After all, the original owner of the technique wishes to sell more copies of this technique." Someone said. 

Shi Hao was shocked. He earnestly asked for guidance. 

"Youngster, did you just arrive? You know too little about Goddess Academy! These auctions are not simple. They are supported by great figures, or else they wouldn't dare to do this. Rumor has it that the backer is Goddess Academy's Heavenly deities surnamed Su[1]. They sell the spoils of war and precious techniques here."

These precious techniques were all things extremely powerful experts obtained after travelling the world and stumbling upon opportunities, not things that belonged to the academy. Since they couldn't use them either, as a result, these divine abilities were passed on down here. 

Apart from this, the geniuses of the academy, if they obtained any divine abilities when gaining experience in the outside world and didn't need them, they could also sell them here.

Shi Hao strolled around this place, looking for things he was interested in. After walking a large circle, he discovered that this was a place a place where good people and scumbags coexisted. Good items were mixed with rubbish. There were quite a few fake goods. 

Unknowingly when, he arrived in front of Goddess Academy's enormous gates. This was a gate that had existed since the archaic era.

Twelve incomparably thick enormous stone pillars rested here, every single one of them so wide several people had to join hands to wrap their arms around them. There were auspicious beasts and divine birds engraved on their surfaces. They were filled with an ancient aura. The gate building was vast and tall. It seemed to carry a feeling of great age that seemed to embody a great history. 

Without a doubt, Goddess Academy was a sacred place. It was a cultivation holy land in the hearts of many. Even large clans didn't hesitate to send their geniuses over provinces, all for the sake of seeking the dao. 

Inside the academy, there were ancient relics, Heavenly deity magical halls, and the private room of the sect master. As long as he could enter them, his benefits would be tremendous. 

It was because there were insights gained by wise figures gathered there, the recordings of their cultivation knowledge!

The restricted precious techniques inside the academy couldn't be leaked outwards. This was a continuing tradition of their inheritance that was used to protect the sect. However, the insights that were recorded were still extremely useful for other outstanding talents. 

This was also the place most young talents yearned for the most. As a result, many geniuses would gather here year in and year out to enter this academy.

Of course, for those disciples that were definitely going to depart in the future, if they wanted to comprehend and seek the dao here, they had to pay an extremely great price. 

After all, there was no place under the sky that offered charity without a good cause. 


Large amounts of multicolored mists surged from the depths of the academy, and then an enormous figure appeared that covered heaven and earth, one that towered into the clouds!

This figure even made the heavens tremble. He was like an unmatched human immortal. Right now, he revealed his true body, preaching within the academy and chanting sutras. The entire ancient land was shaken.

That type of aura was too grand. It shook one down to their hearts. Many people couldn't help but bow down, prostrating themselves piously in worship. 

Large expanses of light scattered down, allowing many people to gain enlightenment. They all obtained some benefits, their flesh and souls appearing to have undergone some type of purification. 

Only after a long time had passed did everyone return to reality.

"Those are the remains of a predecessor, and within it are true immortal carvings. There are insights from sect masters, as well as an inscribed tablet containing an Emperor Clan's experiences. It is the most divine place, a place even giants from other great sects desire, hoping for an opportunity to enter once."

"Who is this? Such a great opportunity, such great natural luck!"

"Don't even have to guess. It's obviously Feng Wu, the exceptional immortal beauty. She already entered several times. This is a preparation for the three thousand province great battle of geniuses!"

Everyone was discussing this matter, feeling envious and admiration. It was because they could see this scene even from outside the academy. 

Shi Hao was also shocked. Great waves stirred within his mind. 

Multicolored mists pervaded the air. The might that majestic figure released rushed into the ninth firmament, not scattering for a long time. It was not any inferior to the War Emperor or Old Celestial. 

Meanwhile, these were just the effects caused by some of the inscripted engravings, so one could see just how shocking the great natural luck stored within was. 

That projection had already receded, disappearing without a trace. Only when that place was opened would the scene from just now appear. One could well imagine what kind of great benefits they could receive if they entered inside. 

"There are true immortal engravings inside? Is this true" Shi Hao asked the people around him, because he was greatly stirred up inside.

"Country bumpkin! You just arrived? Not even knowing this, yet you still want to enter Goddess Academy? It seems like someone else who wants to try his luck and bluff his way in has appeared. There's no way you'll get in." A young lady at the academy entrance spoke. Her appearance was quite great, and her figure was impressive. She had a look of disdain on her face as she looked at Shi Hao. This was clearly a student of this academy.

Shi Hoa was shocked. Upon closer inspection, he found that this young lady was extremely beautiful and extremely rarely seen. 

"What are you looking at? Stop obstructing the academy entrance." The young lady spoke, her tone full of disgust. Her mood seemed to be quite terrible.

"Junior disciple is saying that our academy is not a place anyone can enter. Only one out of a thousand geniuses are chosen, and all of those geniuses are elites of their clans." A young man smiled and spoke. He carried a somewhat currying tone as he looked at that woman, his face carrying a warm expression. Then, he looked at Shi Hao and said with a voice full of scorn, "You look like you are twenty-one or two years of age already, still in the Formation Arrangement Realm, yet you still want to enter my academy? I advise you to return and cultivate bitterly for a few more years."

"What does an eighteen year old Formation Arrangement Realm cultivator have to show off? There are a few excellent figures your age that are already about to light their divine flames!" That extremely beautiful girl released a snort.

She wore green clothes that were like lotus leaves, setting her off like flower buds, tender and gorgeous. She was extremely outstanding, curves undulating up and down. Her skin color was like snow, her appearance outstanding and truly beautiful.

It was clear that the surrounding people noticed the scolding voices on this side. Many of them looked over, and there was no lack of academy disciples among them. 

"Yi, isn't this Chen Lin of the ten beauties? Why is she so upset? Her mood seems to be quite terrible." There were some who revealed looks of admiration.

"Shush, lower your voice. The academy has recently produced a ranking of beauties, and Chen Lin has been squeezed down to eleventh place, not ranking in the top ten beauties anymore. Rumor has it that the newly arrived Qing Yi entered the rankings. Her pure and exceptional temperament has made many junior and senior brothers feel like they are as light as a feather."


Everyone discussed this with extremely soft voices.

However, Shi Hao still heard them. His divine senses were extremely sharp, and as such, he was shocked. No wonder this young lady he randomly met was so beautiful. It turns out she used to be a well known individual on Goddess Academy's exceptional beauty rankings. 

Meanwhile, he knew that Qing Yi was Yue Chan. She didn't reveal her true body, or else an even greater uproar would be produced and her rankings would climb even higher. 

The other reason why Goddess Academy was so well known was because of its stunning beauties. Since the ancient times, it was unknown just how many exceptional beauties have appeared here.

"What are you still staring blankly for? Hurry and leave already. Stop standing in the way." The young man that was trying to get on Chen Lin's good side spoke again. 

"Isn't that Wu Feng, one of the academy mid level top hundred experts? He's been famous for a while."

"I heard that he had been pursuing Chen Lin for a long time, an extremely powerful flower guarding escort."

Someone said softly.

At the same time, a few others moved over, standing behind Chen Lin. It had to be said that the women on the beauty rankings had extremely great popularity. No matter where they went, there would always be a large group of flower protecting escorts. 

"Why do I have to leave? I wanted to enter Goddess Academy. Who knows, we might just be fellow disciples." Shi Hao smiled and said, not getting angry. 

On the side, someone reminded Shi Hao that now wasn't the time to accept disciples. It was because the last instance didn't happen too long ago, so if he wanted to enter, he could only wait until next year.

"It's not that there's no way. The academy's great gates are always open to exceptional geniuses. If you can successfully walk up the heavenly staircase, then an exception can be made. Anyone can enter the academy at any time through this method," someone said. 

"There is this type of thing?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

"You should save your energy. Even you want to climb the heavenly staircase? Why don't you take a good look at yourself first!" Chen Lin said. Her face was full of contempt, and with an expression of disdain, she said, "Not knowing how high the heavens are or how deep the earth is."

"What is going on recently? The quality of newcomers really is going downhill. Any random dog and cat even dares to boast shamelessly in front of my academy." Wu Feng echoed, ridiculing Shi Hao to curry favor with the ranked beauty. 

In the surroundings, shouts of laughter sounded. There were some of good will, but those carrying mockery as well. They all looked towards Shi Hao.

"Those that can make it through the heavenly staircase are definitely not ordinary geniuses. What kind of benefits are there?" Shi Hao didn't get angry, instead humbly asking those around him for guidance. 

A few people revealed looks of shock. Was this youth really so daring that he was going to give it a try?

"After making it through the heavenly staircase, one will naturally become a super disciple. When the time comes, you can enter the immortal pond that the tribulation crossing divine lotus was planted in for a baptism, and even have a chance of bathing with the most famous unmatched ranked beauties, because they often have the chance to bathe and cultivate there."

"What? That's too awesome!" Shi Hao was so excited he almost screamed out. 

Everyone looked at him, especially a few younger men who were laughing strangely. They all revealed ambiguous expressions.

Meanwhile, a few young ladies' faces became red. They inwardly spat out. 

It was clear that everyone didn't think he acted like that for the immortal pond, but instead that this fella had his eyes on the ranked gorgeous beauties. 

In that instant, Goddess Academy's great gate became quiet. 

1. not the same Su as DH if you were wondering

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