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Chapter 739 - Precious Flame

A streak of flame, green and faint, a sphere only the size of a fist appeared. However, even when he was extremely far away, Shi Hao already felt as if his soul was being ignited. This was an extremely mysterious type of precious flame. 

In its surroundings, wisps of mists spread outwards, mysterious and unfathomable. At the same time, there was a heart rate raising fluctuation. It was as if ripples of the great dao were spreading outwards. 

Was this even a flame?

Shi Hao was shocked. He carefully looked at it. Why did it have the aura of the great dao? It really was shocking.

"Dao brother, help me out here with this dragon bone soup! I invite you to drink a cauldron with me!" Shi Hao said. However, he was inwardly nervous, because he felt an extremely dangerous aura. 

He felt that this precious flame was not easy to subdue. He had to think of some other way. 

He actually already felt the urge to fly into the sky. A pair of Kun Peng wings were faintly visible behind him. If he spread his wings, he would immediately possess extreme speed. He didn't believe that this sphere of fiery light would be able to catch up to him.


The green light illuminated everything, as if the heavens were opened. The jade green radiance swept outwards without a trace of impurity. However, as it burned, it began to turn blue, becoming more and more like the color of the sky. 

Shi Hao was shocked. His intuition told him that this flame was extremely unordinary. However, it seemed to dislike him and was going to act 'aggressively' against him. 

As expected, a xiu sounded. A green streak flew at him, a fiery wisp. It unexpectedly burned the void until it distorted. Natural dao law ripples even sounded.

Shi Hao was shocked. He moved his body sideways. That was just a wisp of flame, yet it melted an enormous rock that weighed over a hundred thousand jin in weight. It even more so left the great earth roiling with magma. 

He sucked in a cold breath of air. This kind of power, this type of natural dao law ripples were too terrifying. This power could definitely easily kill deities!

"I definitely can't subdue it!" Shi Hao clearly realized this reality. That flame seemed to have a will, and it bore hostility against him.

"Dao brother, if you have something to say, then say it. Do you want to eat the bones, so how about I move out of your way?" Shi Hao laughed bitterly.


Suddenly, that green flame became more and more dark blue. Then it quickly spread, immediately filling the skies above the ruins. It was as if the sky was falling, dark blue like a great flood!

Shi Hao spread his wings. His body curled with electricity, and at his feet, symbols appeared as well. He merged the Kun Peng, lightning, and Earth withdrawal techniques into one, forming the greatest speed to rush into the heavens. 

However, right at this moment, he suddenly felt as if something was strange, so he stopped himself again. It was because that 'blue sky' retreated, not attacking him. 

Meanwhile, he felt as if something not too far out was comfortably warm. There was a flame there that was bright and sparkling. It appeared at the edge of the bronze ancient coffin and scared off the green flame.

This flame was similarly the size of a fist and densely packed with symbols. Upon closer inspection, it didn't seem like a flame and more like something formed from symbols. 

It was even more strange!

How could there be another flame that appeared? Shi Hao was stupefied. Moreover, all of this was so strange. This was definitely not an ordinary divine flame. 

"Is it the chaotic flame?"

This place was full of chaotic energy, and it all originated from the ancient coffin. He didn't know whether the flame itself also carried chaotic energy. He had no way of telling.


Suddenly, the blue-green flame moved, erupting with endless light and even exerting a suppressive type of power. It transformed into a dark blue sky and descended. 

Meanwhile, in front of the bronze coffin, the warm radiance seeped out. Then, the flame that appeared was covered in symbols, making it look not like a divine flame, but like dao patterns. It easily supported the 'blue sky', making this place unaffected.

Shi Hao's pupils rapidly contracted. What a powerful flame!

Shi Hao became silent. That blue fiery light disappeared. It was startled and was chased off, entering the great earth. This made Shi Hao shocked!

Meanwhile, the sparkling symbol light by the copper coffin disappeared with a flash. It also quickly disappeared. 

"They both left?" Shi Hao rubbed his hands. He suddenly discovered that both of these precious flames were terrifying and not as easy to absorb as he thought. 

"I am not familiar with their behaviors. I need to search through the ancient bone text records and understand a bit more!" He felt like he had to make some more preparations, or else there was no way for him to acquire them.

This place became quiet. Shi Hao began to work at the dragon bone soup, but after cooking it for a long time, the bones remained sparkling white without any changes. Meanwhile, the water in the cauldron was already completely dried up.

"Could this be… True Dragon?" Shi Hao carried a piece of bone and tested it with his own teeth. In the end, tears almost fell, and his gums were so awfully sore. He couldn't bit through them at all. 

"There seems to be dragon marrow. Why can't I get it out?" He carried this bone, looking left and right as if he was incredibly confused. 

Then, like a thief, he decided that he was going to bring this stuff out and hide it. It was too unsafe to leave them here, especially since the two bandit groups knew about this place as well. 

However, what left him dejected was that all precious artifacts were useless, unable to store the copper coffin, nor could they bring the nine enormous skeletons away. Regardless of whether it was the heaven and earth pouch or the cauldron, they all seemed to have lost their efficacy. 

"Come on!" Shi Hao roared. He raised the entire enormous bronze coffin. Even though he couldn't open the lid, he had enough divine force to forcibly raise it.

Shi Hao was shocked. The inner and outer coffins were even heavier than a great mountain. It was incredibly strenuous for him to lift it!

"This won't do… This thing is too large. If I carry it out like this, I will definitely be discovered by others." Shi Hao was worried. 

He held his hands behind his back and paced about the ruins, trying to think of a way. When the green flame covered the sky, it didn't destroy the ruins. These ruins were still here. 

He wanted to find an ancient altar so that he could bring this ancient coffin with him out of this place.

However, no matter where he looked, the entire city was deathly still. In the end, he discovered an ancient altar, but it had long been destroyed. Only the enormous foundation rock remained.


Shi Hao was shocked. As he searched through the ancient city, he discovered a few ruined artifacts that were divine materials. They were extremely valuable. He was immediately moved, starting to gather them. 

"Medicine hall!"

What left him shocked was that there was a collapsed medicine refinement place. He actually dug up several jade containers that were perfectly intact, and after unscrewing their lids, they released multicolored light. 

These jade containers clearly had terrifying symbols carved on them before, only, now, they had all practically disappeared. Only the containers remained.

"What a pity. It has been too long, and the divine pills have practically all dissolved. There is only a bit of thin medicinal fragrance left."

He felt rather regretful. It was because he felt that these were definitely refined from holy medicines at the very least, perhaps even having divine medicines. 

At the same time, he found a weapon storing pavilion. All of the magical artifacts were destroyed, simply unable to resist the corrosion of time. Their symbols were dim, and the weapons snapped. 

Shi Hao searched through the entire ancient city. He was a puzzled, feeling like this place had existed for endless eras. It was far more ancient than what he had previously thought. 

"This is… a precious interspatial case?" Suddenly, Shi Hao exulted. He discovered a magical artifact that looked extremely similar to the bronze precious case that contained a small world. 

However, the case was full of cracks, and faint light seeped out from it. With a light flick, a ka cha sounded. It directly broke apart.

With a hong sound, this place erupted with noise. It truly was a small world, and at this moment, it was collapsing. It was an extremely terrifying and shocking sight. 

If not for Shi Hao's speed being fast enough, it would have been extremely dangerous for him. 

He was extremely regretful. This precious case wasn't able to stand up to the test of time either. In the explosion just now, the things inside were most likely destroyed. 

What kind of thing is this?" Suddenly, he was shocked. A rock material flew out from the explosion, a black colored item. It was the size of an infant, and it smashed towards him. 

There was actually something in the precious case that wasn't destroyed and was still perfectly intact. This was too shocking! Even the void blasting apart didn't affect it!


The moment Shi Hao caught it, he released a groan. It was because this rock that wasn't that large was too heavy, weighing at least a hundred thousand jin. Together with how it flew over, it was simply like a mountain slammed into his body. 

If it was any other supreme expert, their muscles and bones would have definitely been torn apart. 

"The world precious case exploded, yet it wasn't destroyed. Is this an extreme immortal material?" Shi Hao's mind was thumping with noise. 

This small rock was more than a hundred thousand jin in weight. It was horrifyingly heavy!

He felt that this thing might be formidable. It was extremely heaven defying, or else why would it have been stored in the precious interspatial case? He immediately carefully stowed it away.

When the explosion calmed down, Shi Hao looked forward. He saw a sparkling radiance, as well as fragments everywhere. He immediately cried out, "Heavens! My treasures, my holy symbols!"

He cried out with ao ao sounds. This was too much of a pity. There were divine symbols everywhere, but they had all split apart. From the types of materials used, they were all definitely shocking items.

Everything sealed within the precious interspatial case were treasures!

However, once it disintegrated, the result was similarly terrifying. The items inside were pretty much all destroyed as well. 

Shi Hao counted them up approximately. There were more than a thousand divine symbols. Just how shockingly rich was the one that owned this previously? They were all carved from heavenly materials!

"Heavens! You might as well just send down lightning and hack me to death!" Shi Hao lamented. 

Then, he saw a symbol that was unexpectedly still shining in the distance. It produced a barrier of light, not truly destroyed. Right now, there were still a few symbols within the barrier of light that were still intact. 

"Protection divine symbol?" Shi Hao was shocked, he actually encountered this type of legendary precious symbol. Even after the precious interspatial case exploded, it still wasn't destroyed, so one could see just how high level this item was.

"There is a crack. I don't know if it can be used again…" Shi Hao said softly. He waited for this divine symbol's radiance to recede, and then he picked it up.

There were a few other divine symbols that, due to the protection divine symbol's barrier, were able to be preserved. 

"Realm shattering symbol?" Shi Hao was shocked. There were two realm shattering symbols, unexpectedly similar to the type Ye Qingxian gave him. Even the auras were a bit similar. 

This could clearly penetrate realm walls and travel through endless distance. It was a precious treasure, yet two of them appeared at once. 

There were two other symbols. One of them, even after studying it for a long time, couldn't figure out what it did, so he could only put it away. He managed to get a rough idea of the other one, a space shattering symbol. 

Its use was quite clear, able to tear apart space and send one a certain amount of distance. It was a weaker form of the realm shattering symbol. 

"Let's test out its power a bit." Shi Hao had searched everything within this city of death, but there weren't any other spoils. He wanted to test the space shattering symbol's efficacy, so he arrived in front of the copper coffin. 


In the end, he controlled the direction, bringing the bronze coffin and nine skeletons with him as he disappeared from this place, entering the underground depths several hundreds of thousands of li away. 

The underground was dark, a sealed off place. 

"Placing the copper coffin here should be okay, right?"

Suddenly, he was shocked. This place lit up. That sparkling, resplendent flame that was formed from mysterious symbols appeared again. 

It had also followed along. Shi Hao was shocked, but then, he was extremely happy. At the same time, he began to wonder, could this flame be just inside this coffin?

For the following half a month, Shi hao used all sorts of methods to try and subdue this flame, but all of them were useless. In addition, this flame didn't appear often during this time, only appearing once every few days. 

In the end, he had no choice but to leave this place dejectedly. He decided he would look through the bone books and learn a bit more about these things before returning. 

The copper coffin, dragon bones, and precious flame were all moved to a different spot. He believed that outsiders wouldn't be able to find them. 

He returned to the territory of those two bandit groups and secretly scouted about. He unexpectedly discovered that these two groups of people had entered before him, but they never discovered the underground ruins. 

Instead, they once startled the green flame and had half their men directly wiped out by the blue 'sky', and as a result, the remaining people fled in panic. 

"There were some unexpected spoils. Now that I have the realm shattering symbol, I can take a look around Goddess Academy." Shi Hao said to himself. He didn't have to worry about being unable to escape upon having his identity exposed.

He wanted to read their bone books so that he could understand more about that flame in the bronze coffin. 

In addition, he wanted to obtain the tribulation crossing divine lotus' elixir so he could eat the Golden Bodhi Fruit. After that, he would have a symbol immunity ability that would grow together with him. 

"Yue Chan's second body is there. I wonder what it will be like when we meet again?" Shi Hao thought to himself. 

Meanwhile, he thought of another matter. Back then, when he fought with Feng Wu on the Copper Sparrow Altar, the other party continuously hollored how he was a great vicious being and how she was going to take him as her mount. In the end, she didn't even have the chance to display her own exceptional talent precious technique and was instead defeated by Shi Hao. 

Back then, Shi Hao had jokingly said that should the day come when he visited Goddess Academy, Feng Wu had to admit her loss and become his mount instead. 

He never thought that the day really would come, that their province was so close to Fire Province. 

Several days later, Shi Hao returned to Fufeng City, and then he scouted about, discovering that Goddess Academy was extremely close. It was because Fire Province, Goddess Province, and Kun Province all shared a common border. 

Goddess Academy was right on the border. 

He didn't use a transport formation and directly flew over. In just a day's time, he already hurried to this bustling and sacred cultivation land. 

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