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Chapter 735 - Exotic Land

"A chaotic land where clans tussle, it's quite suitable for me." Shi Hao said to himself. 

Suddenly, strand after strand of blue flames seeped out from the ground, flickering with a deep light. It was burning hot and strange, completely burning the corpses clean. 

Shi Hao's pupils contracted. He finally understood where the Fire Province got his name. 

Even normally, there would be strange flames emerging from the ground from time to time. It normally had to do with creatures dying and divine materials appearing. They possessed a mysterious aura. 

Of course this wasn't all there was to it either. There were all types of strange situations that happened, even able to cause the spontaneous combustion of living deities.

"It really is strange." Shi Hao tried to make contact with it. He could see the flames move past both sides of his body, burning through all the corpse. It then receded on its own, disappearing underground. 

He originally still wanted to find a place to cultivate in isolation, and wait until his injuries were completely treated, but now, he felt that the situation wasn't that stable. He had to find a place with human habitation, because the indigenous folk should be more clear on the safer areas of this region. 

From the information he received from the dying bandit, Shi Hao headed east towards a famous city on the grassland. 

Along the way, he saw a few barren areas. They were enormous abandoned ores that had previously contained divine materials. Now, however, they had long been completely excavated by great sects. 

"Hey, little brother, are you trying to make a fortune alone too?" An elder appeared on the grassland mountains, his cultivation should be quite profound.

Fire Province was rich with divine metals and other items, so there were many scattered cultivators who came in search of them. They were all 'gold panners'. 

Shi Hao, for the sake of safety, had long adjusted his cultivation down to the Formation Arrangement Realm. He didn't want to attract attention. He maintained a smile and discreetly asked how far away Fufeng City was. 

The elder was quite good-natured, enthusiastically pointed and said, "The bandits here have suffered a disaster, and there are great sects seizing ore here. It is extremely chaotic and dangerous, so you have to be careful."

"Thank you sir. You don't have to come with me, I'll be fine on my own," Shi Hao said.

The elder was quite enthusiastic, and with a gentle smile, said, "Don't worry. I don't have anything to do right now, so now is a good time for a stroll." 

Soon after, a mountain ridge began to stretch over the grassland. There were creatures there, and one of them quickly swooped over to cut off these two individuals. 

"Old Mo, today's efficiency isn't good. Only two slaves have been sent over, so we are desperately in need of more manpower in the great divine caves, the more the better." That person spoke.

Shi Hao was stunned. He looked towards the elder. This was a human trafficker? His expression became cold. All of his good intentions instantly disappeared.

"Little friend, it is extremely dangerous for you to travel alone through the grassland, and there are wolves waiting for you around every corner and bandits after your life. Don't go trying to make it big. I've found quite a good job for you." The elder said with smiled. 

While speaking, he already accepted a thumb sized piece of divine material as compensation. Then, with a wave of his hand, he decided to leave.

"You old thing!" Shi Hao turned around and rushed towards him. 

"Come back!" From the rear, that person shouted. With a pa sound, a whip lashed over that carried fiery light. It was actually a divine magical artifact. It turned into a flood dragon as it wrapped towards Shi Hao. 

His strength wasn't that profound, also at the supreme expert realm, but the weapon he used was extremely formidable. This was clearly precisely for suppressing the slaves that were sent in normally.

Shi Hao used the Earth to inches withdrawal technique, disappearing from his original place. He appeared behind that person, and with a peng sound, he grabbed his neck. Ka cha. His neck was snapped, and he seized the divine flame whip. 

Then, with a pa sound, his hand lashed over, releasing a streak of divine flames to attack that elder. 

"Yi, you have some skill. Today, I made an error in judgment. It's unexpectedly an excellent supreme expert." The old slave trafficker was astonished. Flames surged around him as he rushed at Shi Hao. 

Meanwhile, he shouted towards the mountain ridge, "Black Falcon, are you still not coming? There's a bit of a problem. I'm going to send you quite a good slave today."

A human figure swooped down, one with black wings and a human body. He slaughtered towards Shi Hao. This was a Black Falcon elite.

Shi Hao reached out with his divine will, discovering that these two were the only powerful individuals here. The others were nothing to worry about. 

He quickly took action. His body shone, and a strange mysterious force appeared. When the two powerful experts attacked him, all of their magical force were neutralized. He was completely immune. 


Black Falcon was shocked. He discovered with shock that his own chest was pierced through. This youth's flesh was even more terrifying than his own, killing him. 

"You… how do you have magical immunity?" The old human trafficker's expression changed. He quickly retreated to escape. 


Shi Hao's foot swept out, like a dragon snake whipping out its tail, sending him into the air. His body split apart, and blood flew everywhere. 

In fifteen minutes, Shi Hao departed from this place. He collected a bit of blue spirit gold, quite the excellent divine material. With a blast of flames, he burned this place to the ground.

An hour later, he could see an enormous city in the distance. Shi Hao closed in on Fufeng City, arriving at a place where there was human habitation. 

The city was extremely tall. There were formations engraved, and the buildings had many engravings on them. They looked like they were cast from black metal, extremely tall and vast. 

"You swindler, stand still! What kind of precious technique is this? It's not useful at all!"

As soon as he entered through the gates, Shi Hao saw two cultivators running, one chasing after the other. They continuously fought, and both of their bodies were dripping with blood. 

He frowned. How could it be so chaotic here?

As soon as Shi Hao walked out not too far away, he saw more cultivators fighting it out in the streets. They fought intensely with precious artifacts. Soon after, someone was beheaded. Blood rushed high into the air, and a headless corpse fell downwards. 

This left him shocked. Fufeng City really was too disorderly. He had just entered the city, yet these two things already happened. No one even seemed to care.

In addition, when he looked at everyone, he found that they were all extremely calm, at most commenting a sentence or two. There was no panic or disorder present.

It was obvious that these things happened often. They weren't really major events. 

"Brother, do you need spiritual medicines? I have one here that is extremely special and never seen before." Someone approached Shi Hao and said quietly.

Shi Hao turned around. This was a well-behaved man with his sleeves curled up and his feet still sticky with mud. It seemed like he had just returned from picking medicine. He had a nervous look on his face. 

"Why not just go to the Pill Medicine Pavilion? I doubt selling it to me will make you better off?" Shi Hao said. 

When he heard these words, the male's eyes immediately became red. "This city is filled with bandits, thieves, and other vile people. Last time, I gave them a stalk of wondrous medicine, but they insisted that it was ordinary medicinal grass and only gave me a bit of reward. It really is bullying others too far."

Shi Hao was shocked. He couldn't help but feel some sympathy. 

"Come with me. I'll show you. This time, I entered some historical remains and dug up this precious medicine. It is quite mysterious. I can't even recognize it." He pulled Shi Hao to a corner, pulled out a beast skin pouch, undid a corner, and produced a precious medicine.

In that instant, medicinal fragrance wafted through the air. In addition, there was lunar essence scattering down, silver white and holy. 

Shi Hao's eyes widened. He sniffed the fragrance, looked at that medicinal herb, and then his heart was immediately moved. Wasn't this the legendary snow moon holy medicine?

The fist sized flower was spotlessly white and sparkling. It took in and sent out multicolored mists. It was like a snow white moon suspended in the sky. When one inhaled its fragrance, they would feel relaxed. The medicinal fragrance was rich to a shocking degree. 

"Yi, there is wondrous medicine? Where?" Not far out, someone smelled it and released a look of shock. Their eyes moved this way.

Rother, how about it? Is this medicine passable?" The man asked, revealing a hopeful expression. He had a simple and clumsy expression. 

Shi Hao was quite shocked. He actually discovered holy medicine on the street! This was just a heaven defying opportunity. One has to understand that it was hard to pick even in Origin Sky Secret Realm.

"Do you want it? If you don't, I'm leaving." The male hurriedly closed the beast skin pouch out of fear of an accident happening."

"I do, only, I want to know why you are selling it to me?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Fufeng City is too chaotic, and there are too many evil people. Meanwhile, I saw that you had just entered with a good-natured face unlike those vicious lunatics." The man sighed softly, his face appearing dejected.

"Let me see it again." Shi Hao said. This time, he used the dual-pupil to carefully inspect the holy medicine. He was immediately shocked. He sneered inwardly.

There was one point where the male was correct. Fufeng City was full of dragons and snakes. It was too chaotic, including the person in front of him. This medicine could actually pass off as the real thing, and even medicinal masters would be fooled. 

"Yi, there really is precious medicine over here. We want." A few people walked over.

"Little brother, do you still want it? If not, I'm going to sell it to them." The well-behaved male revealed a troubled look.

"En, sell it to them then." Shi Hao turned around and left. 

He felt that he really couldn't believe anyone in this chaotic place. No wonder he encountered a human trafficker along the way. It was because the atmosphere of this place was just too awful. 

"You…" The man was at a loss for words. The expressions of the others also suddenly changed.

"There is a holy medicine, do you guys want it? I won't buy it." Shi Hao revealed a simple and honest smile. He called towards those in the surroundings and then quickly left. 

"Isn't this Golden Medicine Hall's people? They came out to dupe others again." Someone muttered.

"Ah! Thieves!" Suddenly someone cried out loudly, frantically chasing after the person in front of them. The streets were in a state of great chaos. 

Shi Hao hid himself, and without batting an eyelid, he slapped at a middle-aged man's hands. The other party could actually steal through precious techniques, fumbling through his body to seize things. 

"Damn it, my spiritual medicine pouch is gone!"

"Oh no! Where did my flood dragon bone armguard go?"

There were people cursing unendingly. They clearly fell into others' trap. 

Shi Hao was speechless. The one that tried to steal from the others was definitely a Divine Flame Realm expert, actually able to do something like this. It was just too unusual and extreme!

It could perhaps be said that the entire city was strange. The culture was really terrible. 

After entering Fufeng City, Shi Hao only encountered chaos the entire time. This place lacked order. There weren't any restrictions. It was extremely chaotic, lacking order. 


Suddenly, the sound of wind and lightning  tore through the air. Hooves stamped onto the ground, rumbling through everyone's minds like war drums and making their blood surge. Even their hearts felt like they were going to split apart. 

Everyone became stupefied, because there was actually two Scarlet Dragons that swooped down. There was a type of world ruling might to their appearance. They roared towards the sky, shaking heaven and earth. 

They descended, appearing on the street. In that instant, their dragon bodies shrunk and they turned into two pure-colored great horses, scarlet red like blood diamonds. They were clearly divine mounts!

Many people sucked in cold breaths of air. Cries of alarm sounded. 

"Those are Divine Cliff Academy's Scarlet Dragon Horses!" 

"Divine Cliff Academy only has four or five Scarlet Dragon Horses in total, right? Why did two of them immediately appear?"

This type of divine mount had Scarlet Dragon blood within them. They were descendants of the True Dragon, one of the world's greatest mounts, a creature unique to Divine Cliff Academy. 

Divine Cliff Academy was situated in Fire Province. This was one of the world's greatest dao inheritances. There were hundreds of thousands of ancient cliffs there, and they were rumored to be ancient True immortals' dao caves. 

Now, in this world, this was the home of a powerful academy. 

There should be a blood dragon pond inside that would produce a few Scarlet Dragon Horses every generation. Once this mount was raised up, it would make the eyes of every cultivator under heaven red. 

It could soar towards the sun and moon, trample the stars. Its original power was great as well. Once it grew up, it wouldn't be weaker than its owner. It was an extremely powerful type of creature. 

Above the two dragon horses respectively sat a male and female. The male was tall and heroic, dressed in scarlet gold armor like a divine king. His heroic aura was imposing. Symbols and divine light accompanied him. 

"What a handsome and heroic male!" Many people cried out in alarm. Everyone felt as if a monarch had descended into the secular world. He was just too outstanding. When others his age stood beside him, they felt like chickens looking at a phoenix. 

Meanwhile, on the other Scarlet Dragon Horse, the female had an impressive figure. Her purple hair danced about, eyes like those of a phoenix, and similarly wore scarlet golden armor that shone brilliantly. She was valiant and formidable-looking, a rarely seen beauty.

This was not the typical weak-looking beauty. She had an aura of valiance, as if she was a war goddess. Her body shone. Her hair scattered down, her eyes deep and dreamy. 

These two individuals were like giants among men. They were exceptionally outstanding and had extraordinary temperaments. 

"These are Divine Cliff Academy's great heavenly geniuses. They actually arrived!" Someone recognized their identity.

Shi Hao also looked out. These two were too unordinary. They had primordial true blood within their bodies. They definitely surpassed the exceptional talents of the world. These two were extremely powerful.

This was not what left him shocked. What truly drew his attention was that he saw a familiar female here. She unexpectedly appeared here, and she went up to welcome the two people. 

Of course, this was only after he used the dual-pupils. That female concealed her true body's perfect appearance, a cold fairy untouched by the flames of mortals. 

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