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Chapter 736 - Hundred Rivers Converge At the Sea For Battle

Yue Chan!

It was actually her! She also appeared here. 

Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. He watched from the distance. Did Heaven Mending Sect's people come? What kind of movements will there be in the future? Why did she come here to welcome Divine Cliff Academy's people?

Yue Chan, who had world collapsing beauty, did not reveal her true appearance right now. Only geniuses with heavenly eyes and dual pupils could see her exceptional beauty, but those people were truly rare in this world. 

It was clear that she had a divine ability similar to the Seventy-two transformations. 

She put away her beautiful appearance. She wore a faint golden dress that made her look clean and elegant. Even though it was definitely not comparable to her former fairy-like beauty, she still possessed an outstanding temperament. 

"Elder brother Zixiao, elder sister Xiaodi, forgive my tardiness at welcoming you." Yue Chan revealed a faint smile. Right now, she was delicate and pretty. Even though there wasn't a moon hiding, flower shaming beauty, she still possessed a unique brilliance and beauty.

When everyone heard this, they became sure of it. As expected, it was Divine Cliff Academy's exceptional genius pair that arrived. 

The male on the Scarlet Dragon Horse was named Mu Zixiao. He was tall and heroic. Divine patterns protected his body and divine light filled this place. The scarlet golden armor was also brilliant, flickering with scarlet multicolored light. There was an imposing air to his figure. 

Meanwhile, that female was named Zuo Xiaodi. She was not of the human race. Her purple pupils were sparkling, flowing with a dreamy radiance. This war goddess female was supposedly the princess of some ancient country, and today, she came to cultivate in Divine Cliff Academy. 

"It should be sister Qing Yi?" Zuo Xiaodi smiled and said. Her tall and slender figure leapt off the Scarlet Dragon Horse, and when she landed, one could see that her height was similar to normal men. Her eyes carried a valiant look. 

"Junior sister Qing Yi, we've met previously." Mu Zixiao also jumped off the dragon horse. He had a warm smile on his face, yet there was still the dignity of a king being emitted from his presence. 

In the distance, Shi Hao was shocked. Yue Chan used an alias, so wasn't this the same as him? In that instant, his mind jumped. Could this be… Yue Chan's second body?!

"This is another genius from Goddess Academy. Rumors has it that she joined the academy a year ago. She is a heaven warping talent, extremely intimate with Feng Wu."

Someone said this, speaking about Qing Yi's background.

"Of course I know she came from Goddess Academy. You can tell just from the insignia on her sleeve. Only, I never thought that she was Qing Yi. What is she trying to do?"

Many people were shocked. Qing Yi was a heavenly genius that rose up recently from Goddess Academy. Her name shook Fire Province, Goddess Province, Kun Province, and she was the most stunning young lady of the academy in recent years. 

Thus, Shi Hao was sure that she was Yue Chan's second body. She had previously joined with him in a wedding ceremony and entered the bridal room. 

They unexpectedly met again. Shi Hao revealed a strange expression, and great waves stirred within his heart. Yue Chan's second body didn't go to Heaven Mending Sect, instead choosing a different path.

She clearly feared being killed by the main body, because she did, after all, get married to Shi Hao under the moon. The scene was charming and gentle, truly an equivocal experience. Shi Hao had previously seen her spotlessly white jade body, one that possessed unmatched grace. 

The main body knew about these, and she even more so knew that they had engaged in intimate skinship.

If the second body risked returning to Heaven Mending Sect, then there would likely be great danger. 

Meanwhile, Shi Hao also understood why the main body didn't disclose his identity in Origin Sky Secret Realm, because she feared that he would speak randomly as well. If he really exposed her relationship with the second body, then that would tarnish Heaven Mending fairy's holiness and perfect bearing. 

"When the time comes, I might just bring Yue Chan's second body to pay her main body a visit." Shi Hao secretly snickered. If they met like that, what kind of expression would the main body reveal?

Shi Hao couldn't help but laugh at these ill interests of his. Of course, he was just thinking right now. He couldn't even meet the second body right now, or else something unexpected might happen. 

Qing Yi, Mu Zixiao, and Zuo Xiaodi left for the distance, entering a manor in the city, clearly having things to talk about. Meanwhile, there were several powerful auras around them that went back into hiding. 

"I know what they are going to discuss." Someone said.

"Oh, tell us, tell us." Many people were interested. They wanted to know why two great academies' outstanding talents were walking together. 

"It is definitely for the sake of the Great Scarlet Sky flame." 


Many people were shocked. That was a flame ranked at the very forefront. Once one ignited it and transcended the supreme expert realm, they would be able to display the most perfect transformation. Their foundations would be stable, and their fighting prowess would be world shocking. 

Even if they were all at the Divine Flame Realm, the Great Scarlet Sky flame cultivator would sweep through all those before it. This individual would rarely encounter worthy opponents. 

Great Scarlet Sky flame, its name reflected everything. In the ancient legend, the three words 'Great Scarlet Sky' were as heavy as divine mountains, unshakeable. The flame that had this name naturally transcended the mundane world. 

Since the ancient times, not many people obtained it. It was one of the world's most powerful precious flames. 

It was like Heaven flame, something that could be discovered but not sought!

Rumors had it that Goddess Academy had clues to the whereabouts of  the Great Scarlet Sky flame. As a result, Divine Cliff's people were moved, sending out two of their exceptional heavenly geniuses to negotiate with them. They wished to obtain that type of flame as well. 

In reality, there were a few rare and valuable divine flames, but that didn't mean that every type was suitable for cultivators. Meanwhile, for the Divine Cliff inheritance, what they needed the most was precisely the Great Scarlet Sky flame. 

It was because there was a scarlet dragon pond in the ancient cliffs that had True Dragon scarlet blood. There were endless profound mysteries stored here. The academy's most outstanding people had the qualifications to soak within it, using it as a baptism, as as such, were granted a few transformations and abilities of the Scarlet Dragon. 

If they had the Great Scarlet Sky flame as well to accompany this, then that person would be like a tiger that grew wings, like a dragon in the ocean. His fighting prowess would soar and undergo the most shocking evolution. 

That was why this time, Divine Cliff Academy became nervous. They urgently rushed to Fufeng City to discuss with Goddess Academy. They were willing to pay an extraordinary price to obtain clues regarding the precious flame. 

Fufeng City was located where Fire Province, Goddess Province, and Kun province intersected, and as a result, it bordered several great academies. The great inheritances all had their own official residences here with many experts being stationed here. 

"Heavens, the Great Scarlet Sky flame is actually going to appear? Is a pair of unmatched heavenly talents really going to be created?" After being informed of the inner details, there wasn't a single person who wasn't shocked. 

Now, Divine Cliff's two greatest geniuses Mu Zixiao and Zuo Xiaodi personally descended, so they naturally needed this the most. Meanwhile, the higher level figures of the clan would naturally do everything they could to accommodate. 

"Divine Cliff's exceptional pair are making preparations, wishing to welcome the three thousand province great battle, the gathering of hundred rivers at their greatest possible state. They really might be able to forcefully oppress the experts of every race."

Someone said softly, speaking about the true root cause. 

If they could obtain the Great Crimson Sky flame and bring it into the place of decisive battle, they could immediately transform at that immortal ancient remains. These two could then construct the most powerful dao foundation. During the great confrontation between countless races, who could even compete against them? 

There were news that it was ultimately related to the immortal ancient record, or else why would the sects all make such a huge fuss over it? There were unfathomably great natural opportunities there. 

One couldn't exceed the supreme expert realm, a type of cutoff. However, after entering, there weren't that many restrictions. 

"Every clan is making preparations to help their own disciples soar into the heavens. Even if they can't ultimately win, they would still be able to protect themselves and bring back great natural opportunities."

It was clear that not only Divine Cliff was preparing. The other inheritances were doing the same. A few exceptional talents forcefully suppressed their cultivation levels, waiting until their true bodies entered before erupting with power. Only, Divine Cliff was relatively fortunate, unexpectedly learning about the Great Crimson Sky flame. 

When Shi Hao heard about this, he couldn't help but frown. He didn't want to miss out on this, also wishing to prepare himself.

"What kind of conditions did Goddess Academy demand? After all, the Great Crimson Sky flame is too shocking. If there are clues, how could they casually give it away and strengthen their competitors?" 

"They naturally needed to exchange with similarly astonishing things." Someone sighed and, then then name of the object was spoken. This immediately made everyone gasp. 

"Seven colored Immortal gold! Goddess Academy's appetite really is great, actually wanting this type of legendary item. Who can bring such a thing out?"

Many people knew that Goddess Academy's Feng Wu excelled at arrow techniques. She naturally didn't fire them with a great bow, but rather used some precious techniques to directly fire them. They could throw heaven and earth into chaos. 

It was clear that Goddess Academy were preparing this for her as war preparation. They wanted to use the most precious Immortal gold to refine an unmatched weapon. 

They had all heard that seven colored Immortal gold emerged with seven types of immortal materials. Once they were used together, the power would be unmatched.

If they could be used to create seven divine arrows, when the seven brilliant unmatched arrows were fired, it would simply cause the heavens to fall and earth to rend. Who could contend against this power? 

At the very least, there would be few opponents among her peers. 

Everyone knew that Goddess Academy's old clan head was a precious artifacts master, and he could create the most outstanding weapon for her. 

"Breaking news! Divine Cliff Academy and Goddess Academy's talks are approaching an end. There is a chance that they might carry out an exchange!"

"What? Great Scarlet Sky flame and Immortal gold are both going to appear?"

Everyone became shocked. They had only talked for two hours, yet they already reached such a breakthrough. It was completely unexpected.

An hour later, the center of Fufeng City surged with radiance. Goddess Academy's Feng Wu came, entering a manor to continue the discussions.

Soon after, when the dust settled, the two great sects reached a preliminary agreement. Both sides were going to take what they needed. 

Only, the clues Goddess Academy offered only pointed towards some ruins. That place was full of dangers, and it was unknown whether the Great Crimson Sky flame could even be obtained.

Meanwhile Divine Cliff Academy only offered an extremely small piece of ore. It came from the academy's remains, and only a small piece of seven colored Immortal gold rested inside. It wasn't enough to make seven divine arrows. 

This left people shocked. Was this just the smoke both sides were putting up, or were they trying to undermine each other, not wishing for the other party to obtain the secrets? Why did they leak this out so quickly?

Shi Hao thought to himself. It seems like he had to do some work for the impending three thousand provinces great battle. It was far more terrifying than he had imagined. Powerful individuals would emerge in large numbers, and their methods were all extremely astonishing. 

"Chaotic flame, does it really exist? Is it really in Fire Province?" He said softly. He thought back to the secret information he obtained from the mouths of bandits and began to think to himself. 

Soon after, some news came out. Goddess Academy then spoke out a few great taboo regions, informing all the mercenary groups and great loose cultivators that they would offer a great reward for anyone that found seven colored Immortal gold inside of them. 

The place of Immortal gold inevitably had secrets. There was no need for them to truly excavate it, because they were definitely dangerous places where one would have to pull off a miracle to extract it. Otherwise, why did seven colored Immortal gold only appear a few times since the ancient past?

Goddess Academy only needed only needed people to offer verification and clues that there was seven colored Immortal gold there. 

"What kind of rewards are they willing to offer?" Someone asked. 

"They are willing to offer a pond of water, and one can soak themselves inside of it for a day and night."

"This is too stingy, right?!" Many people shook their heads. This was unbelievable and even harder to accept. 

"It is a divine pond that a Tribulation crossing divine lotus has been planted in!" Someone added. 

When this sentence went out, all of the sounds of discontent disappeared, and it turned into cries of alarm. There were even sounds of saliva being swallowed. 

Tribulation crossing divine lotus was a true divine medicine. This type of thing could reconstruct the flesh and make one undergo a complete breakthrough, successfully passing into the next level. Once it matured, its flowers and leaves would dissolve into the immortal pond, turning it into divine precious liquid. Only its roots would remain to regrow again. 

This was a heaven defying item! In the entire higher realms, only Goddess Academy had one. It made the eyes of the  Heavenly deities of every sect go red, staring at it without letting go. 

When Shi Hao heard this, his heart pounded with eagerness. It was because he had a divine fruit -- Golden Bodhi fruit, that he didn't dare use the entire time. He needed a divine medicine to help protect him during the process.

"Goddess Academy has this type of thing?!" He said softly to himself. 

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