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Chapter 734 - Flame Province

The realm shattering symbol was the size of a palm. It pierced through the void with extreme speed. In that instant, it was unknown just how far Shi Hao traveled. 

In the end, the symbol was wiped out. It released a blast of fiery light, ignited the void and formed a gate, sending him out. 

Shi Hao sighed. This type of rare secret treasure really was unordinary, so precise. The instant it used up all of its divine might, it connected to the outside world and formed a safe passageway. 


Shi Hao fell onto the ground. Earth and stones flew outwards. The tremendous impact force smashed apart a huge ditch. He stood up and observed the surrounding wilderness. 

Weeds grew up to his waist. It was incredibly desolate.

This was a great savanna that stretched as far as the eye could see. Shi Hao had no idea where he was or how far he was from Heaven Province. 

Wind blew over. All of the great grass was swaying, releasing sha sha sounds. There was also an earthen aura and a grassy smell. 

Shi Hao rose into the air. Blood flowed out from him. He couldn't help but frown. He had his flesh pierced through with a magical sword by a true deity, causing him to be seriously injured. Even though he ate the Peacock Clan's precious medicine, he still hadn't recovered completely. 

"Celestial Clan!" He said softly, his eyes cold.

This time, he actually encountered this type of disaster. After sending out Yun Xi for several hundreds of thousands of li, showing the Celestial Clan such kindness, he was treated like this, imprisoned and tormented. 

He began to think to himself. For an unmatched inheritance, there were some great clans that, forget about conscience, even if it was more hypocritical or ruthless things, they would be able to do it as if it was nothing special.

He carefully thought to himself. From today forth, no matter what, he couldn't land himself in this type of dangerous situation again.

Strength was the foundation. He sighed softly. 

"When I become an emperor, I will definitely pay them a visit again. Even Emperor Clans and Emperor Races will fall." Shi Hao said to himself. Before leaving the Celestial Clan, he didn't make the vow, nor did he say anything. He simply gave them a deep look. 

It was because no matter how much one said, it wasn't worth as much as a single instance of action.

"Demonic Sunflower Garden, Underworld Earth, Heavenly Country… I will visit you all one after another and play a song of blood and flames."

This wasn't his oath, but rather something he was just going to do in the future. Shi Hao looked into the distance and said softly. When he left, those sect masters still wanted to capture him. Those cold and ruthless figures still appeared before his eyes. 

There were mountain ridges at the end of the horizon as well. This indicated that this wasn't purely a savanna. 

Shi Hao stood in midair. He surveyed the scene, coughing out a bit of blood. He really was injured badly by the Celestial Clan. There were more than ten bloody holes on his body. 

The crisis this time made him feel feel extremely humiliated. 

"I need to rise up and increase my strength. Even if I am only one person, I still have to become an Emperor Clan!" He descended onto the ground and then walked along the prairie. 

Grass grew abundantly, and the terrain was vast. 

He displayed the Earth to inches great divine ability and headed forward. He wanted to find signs of human habitation and understand where he was currently, what type of place he arrived in. 

Along the way, Shi Hao coughed out blood again. He couldn't help but frown. He felt that he had to find a place to treat his injuries. This was the first time he suffered such injuries without even participating in a battle.

Suddenly, he stopped. He heard a thunderous sound that was especially oppressive. 

Then, the great earth rumbled and trembled greatly. There was even the roaring sound of a waterfall. 

Soon after, he noticed that a black flood was rushing over, moreover with extreme speed, shaking up this entire prairie. 

"Not good, it's armored mounts!" Shi Hao was shocked. That was a group of armored cavalry. They all wore black armor, rushing through the great savanna. They were really fast. From the distance, they looked just like a flood engulfing the great earth. 

Even when separated by such great distance, endless killing intent already pervaded the air. It was as if winter descended. 

Shi Hao's eyes shot out electrical arcs. He carefully gazed outwards, and then couldn't help but reveal a look of shock. These mounts were all unordinary, all of them a vicious beast -- Giant Wolves. 

Every single wolf was pitch-black like ink and as enormous as giant elephants. They were covered in deep, cold scales that flickered with dark light. When they ran, they were even faster than wind. 

This type of giant creature, coupled with them being in a pack of several thousands, when moving together, was simply like a black flood. 

All of the riders held sky halberds, war spears, and other weapons. They pointed them forward, their bodies releasing great killing intent. 

Meanwhile, noise could similarly be heard from behind Shi Hao. The noises of the iron hooves were ear-splitting. They trampled the half person tall wild grass apart. 

He turned around and saw a scarlet flood. Their vicious aura was even more severe, similarly a group of armored mounts. However, the mounts were different, a group of vicious lions that were all blood colored. 

This group of lions' manes were scarlet red, two to three meters in height as they danced about in the wind. It was as if scarlet flames were raging. 

This was a group of vicious beasts. They were incredibly vicious. Every single one of them were the size of a small mountain. When several thousand of them ran together, the savanna that was trampled on shook violently. There were also crazy lion roars. 

On the vicious lions' bodies sat scarlet armored soldiers. They carried terrifying blood-colored weapons that erupted with war energy. They slaughtered over. 

By now, the peace had long been disturbed. The blood-colored lions and black giant wolves rushed together. A decisive battle unfolded. 

Shi Hao was surprised. He encountered a great battle as soon as he entered this great prairie. It really was unexpected. Fortunately, he confirmed that they didn't come in his direction. 

He turned into a void figure and pierced through the grassland, avoiding the armored mounts on both sides, carefully watching everything from the distance.



Shouts of war shook the skies. Lion roars and wolf cries sounded, shaking the entire great savanna. Both sides clashed, and blood immediately surged.

This battle was incredibly intense. The giant lion claws moved about with enough strength to split mountains apart, tearing the great earth asunder. Meanwhile, the black wolves' scales were dark, similarly incomparably vicious. 


A vicious lion tore apart an enormous wolf. Blood soared more than ten meters into the air. 

"Ao…" The wolf's howl was ear-splitting. An enormous black wolf opened its mouth, spitting out a light blade, tearing through the divine light protecting the lion and also hacking it in half. 

"Black Wolf Bandits, hand over your lives!" The thousands of cultivators on top of the blood lions shouted. At the same time, they brandished their weapons. Symbols erupted as they hacked forward. 

"Blood Lion Plunderers, the ones that should die are you all!" The black wolf cavalry were also roaring. They raised their long spears and other weapons to fire out dark light, piercing towards their opponents. 


This battle was incredibly bitter. From time to time, people would drop off of enormous beasts, having their heads removed, or their chests pierced through. Blood dyed the great prairie red. 

There were many people who rose into the air, battling in the heavens above. They produced their precious artifacts and displayed divine abilities, fighting intensely. 

Meanwhile, many of the blood lions and black Giant Wolves rose high up into the sky as well, carrying their masters to battle. Both sides fought an extremely bloody and barbaric battle. They were all extremely vicious.

Shi Hao was shocked. These were clearly bandits, not any good people, but both sides actually had Divine Flame Realm experts, and there were even a pair of True deities fighting. 

"How formidable. What kind of place is this?" He was a bit confused. The two bandit parties were so vicious and powerful. He really didn't know where he ended up.

Soon after, six or seven hundred corpses appeared from both sides. There were those of enormous beasts, as well as of cultivators. Blood dyed the prairie red. 

"The Chaotic flame is just something of ancient legend. You all heard a rumor, yet you all immediately decided that we discovered it? Attacking our Blood Lion Group, you all will suffer our retaliation!"

"Heng, the legend of the Chaotic flame has always existed in this place. It is clearly my Black Wolf Clan's experts that unexpectedly discovered some clues, but then had it stolen away by your clan. Our members were slaughtered, so we naturally demand an explanation!"

Both sides fought each other viciously. The great battle was incredibly intense. All types of precious artifacts filled the air, covering the sky densely. There were figures everywhere, as well as enormous lions, black wolves, and others. They could all fly and spit out precious techniques. 


From time to time, weapons would snap and blood would splash outwards. There were even a few powerful corpses that fell, smashing into the prairie. 

Shi Hao's heart was shaken. He could clearly hear everything from the distance. There was unexpectedly a chaotic flame!

This was something out of a legend. Could it be that there really was some in this world?

Any creature that wished to enter the Divine Flame Realm had to 'ignite a divine flame'. This realm's name clearly indicated everything. 

Some people borrowed the Divine Flame pill, while others relied on their body's strength. There were others that seeked the world's most mysterious flames to cleanse their bodies, refine their bodies and souls to become more tyrannical. The effects would become even greater. 

For example, Impure Divine flame, Five-colored Heavenly flame, and others were all wondrous things ranked at the very forefront. 

While Netherworld flame, Paradise flame, were things even more shocking. As long as one could obtain them, they could advance to the most perfect state, establishing a powerful dao foundation and rush into the heavens in one swoop. Their fighting strength would completely surpass that of others in the same realm. Unfortunately, few have found them since the ancient past. 

As for Chaotic flame, it had always only been a legend. Of course, there were those that confirmed that an ancient individual did obtain it before, but were all burned to death as a result, unable to use it as their foundation.

Different flames would make the cultivators that ignited their divine flames through them entirely different. As a result, any experts that wished to enter the Divine Flame Realm had to be extremely careful and not rashly break through. 

It was because this was related to a person's future accomplishments. Its effects were profound. Two individuals both at the Divine Flame Realm with different flames could be as different as the sky and earth with huge disparities in strength. 

What kind of place was this? How could there be signs of a Chaotic flame? Shi Hao was extremely shocked, but at the same time, his heart began to pound with peng peng sounds. He was at the supreme expert realm right now, so the next step was to think about lighting a divine flame. 

The Chaotic flame was just too tempting! Even though it had only existed since the ancient past and might not even be real because, after all, even though there were people that were suspected to have obtained the Chaotic flame, they all burned themselves to death. There had never been anyone that successfully made it their divine dao foundation, yet it still made everyone's heart moved after hearing about it. 

The distant great battle ended. The two True deities both suffered with neither side winning. The two bandit groups respectively backed off, leaving behind an expanse of corpses. 

Enormous bloody lions, and black giant wolves were piled up like a small mountain. They laid on the ground with blood everywhere. There were experts from both sides as well. More than two thousand mounts stayed behind here, losing their lives. 

Shi Hao walked over and carefully looked around. As expected, he found a few heavily injured soldiers that had not stopped breathing yet. He used a secret method to preserve a person's life, and then he asked him what he wanted to know. 

In the end, these bandits were extremely vicious, not willing to cooperate at all. They even wanted to detonate themselves to injure him.

Shi Hao had no choice but to use his divine abilities, disturbing their minds and making them like puppets. He then asked what he needed.

"What is this place?"

"Fire Province."

Even though it was called Fire Province, there were no flames in sight, only endless grassland. This left Shi Hao shocked. However, soon after, he understood why this province had fire as its name.

"How far is it from Heaven Province?"

"I do not know. Never heard of Heaven Province."

Through this response, Shi Hao was now sure that he traveled several tens to over a hundred provinces. Otherwise, there was no way a supreme expert wouldn't know about this. 

"What provinces does this place border?" He then asked. 

"Adjacent to Goddess Province, Kun Province."

Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. Goddess Province's Goddess Academy was extremely well known. The Feng Wu he fought against on the Copper Sparrow Altar was there. 

Then, he asked the most important question. "Did you obtain clues on the Chaotic flame's whereabouts?"

After asking this, he understood a few details!

In the end, Shi Hao then asked many other questions, allowing him to understand a bit about this place. Fire Province was extremely chaotic with bandits everywhere. The distribution of powers was tangled and complicated.

In this place, many rare divine materials were produced. The savanna was full of divine ore, and great powers were stationed everywhere, all for the sake of obtaining the most precious heavenly materials and earthly treasures. 

It was to the extent where there was immortal gold buried within a legendary mysterious ancient mine. 

This was heaven for adventurers, the nest of bandits, as well as the training ground for great academies, a battlefield for the young talents of top clans. It was extremely bustling with activity. 

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