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Chapter 733 - Departure

Archaic contract of alliance. Just this name alone made others' hearts tremble. These words carried a heavy aura of times past. What kind of contract was this exactly?!

Everyone felt that there should be some kind of great secret hidden here that, once exposed, would most likely shock the world.

"Six great celestials… known as an undying legend. If In the end, I was the only one that returned alive, so how could I forget?" The Old Celestial said to himself with a downcast voice. 

Everyone shivered. The so-called archaic contract of alliance was formed during that period after all. It should have something to do with the six great celestials, their former glory…

"Not long ago, someone has sent you a letter, but there was no reply, so I came here myself to pay you a visit," Ye Qingxian said. Her snow white clothes fluttered about, pure like an immortal.

"At that time, I had not yet revived and was about to pass away in meditation," the Old Celestial replied. 

"You should already know my purpose for coming, which is for you to fulfill your obligations to the archaic contract of alliance. It's time for the contribution," Ye Qingxian said. 

Her voice was extremely pleasant to listen to, but it sounded like thunder in everyone's ears. What kind of oath was this? Even after endless years when the Old Celestials were about to depart from this world, it still had to be honored. 

Even the Old Celestial himself was stunned. Then, with an extremely shocked, look, he said, "It appeared again. I am about to be wiped out from the list of the living, yet the day when I have to fulfill the oath has still come…"

The deities present were all extremely nervous. Every single one of them wanted to find out exactly what was going on, but neither party leaked out any information, not willing to speak too much. 

Only Heaven Mending Sect Lord, Qin Changsheng, Underworld Lord, Demonic Sunflower Garden's ancient ancestor and some others seemed to understand something. They clearly heard about this before and knew a few details. 

"Are you not willing to go?" Ye Qingxian asked. 

"I am willing!" Unexpectedly, the Old Celestial's reply was sonorous and ear-splitting like the striking of metal. It was extremely straightforward and resolute.

"Ancient ancestor, what exactly is going on?" Heavenly deity Qi Tuo carefully asked. He was full of confusion inwardly and wanted to understand what was happening. 

"If there is a day when you can make my Celestial Clan into an Emperor Clan of the three thousand provinces again, then you'll have the qualifications to know!" The Old Celestial said. His eyes were profound and unfathomable as he looked into the horizon, as if it could penetrate into the archaic to a certain place. 

"What?!" Everyone gasped, their backs breaking out into cold sweat. What kind of oath was this? It was too terrifying and strange.

"Immortal stream heads east, long lives end, world's elites decline. Mortal society in hundred worlds, heavenly geniuses wiped out, with the setting sun comes leftover blood. When are we headed?!" The Old Celestial said softly, carrying endless endless sorrow with his voice. He had a feeling that he was at the end of the road. 

"Old ancestor!" The Celestial Clan's deities cried out loudly. They all wished to stop him, not willing for him to fulfill his obligations to that so called contract of alliance. 

They all felt even more so terrified!

Ye Qingxian was extremely calm, not saying much. However, when everyone looked at her, their eyes were clearly different, feeling that this woman was more and more terrifying and mysterious, coming from the uninhabited area to send a message to the Old Celestial. 

At the same time, when they looked at Shi Hao, they also felt shocked. This youth was most likely really going to be saved. Everyone had to reconsider if they still wanted to kill him. 

"The archaic contract of alliance is dignified and sacred. Since it has long been set, I believe you will not refuse. Alright, this matter is already decided. Let's talk about him now. He was humiliated by your Celestial Clan for no reason, so I need an explanation no matter what." Ye Qingxian spoke, pointing towards Shi Hao. 

"What else is there to say? Just bring him away. Immortal dao divine projection is not truly unfathomable. It is not your power, so it is impossible for you to be undefeated." The Old Celestial said. 

"Things are already at this point. No matter what, your clan has to offer a bit of compensation, no?" Ye Qingxiang spoke. Her large eyes swirled with multicolored light and shone brilliantly as she said, "I heard your clan has immortal melody. How about you lend it to me for a few years?"

"Impossible!" The Old Celestial directly refused.

"If you are talking about compensation, I believe it has already been enough. He has comprehended the Flying Immortal stone for many days and already cannot continue further." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo timely spoke up. 

"I'm not the one that comprehended it for many days though…" Ye Qingxian muttered. Then, as if she accidentally leaked her intentions, she hurriedly stopped herself. 

Everyone was shocked. She was the one that had her mind set on the Flying Immortal stone? When the Celestial Clan looked at her, they all revealed looks of shock.

"As compensation, you can comprehend it for ten days, and then immediately leave!" The Old Celestial decisively spoke.

When everyone heard this, they were all stupefied. 

"Fine, then it's decided." Ye Qingxian nodded.

"Archaic contract of alliance, we only know a bit about it, but it should have nothing to do with us, right? Meanwhile, this child is someone we wish to capture, so he cannot leave like this," Underworld Lord said.

"Are you sure you want to take action?" Ye Qingxian turned around, covering her body in hazy light. 

"This is the higher realms' three thousand provinces and not the vast uninhabited region," Underworld Lord said. 

"I feel like in the future, you will also have to fulfill the archaic contract of alliance," Ye Qingxian said.

"Impossible. We never agreed to any contract." Underworld Lord calmly said. 

"The War Emperor has never went to that place either, but when I met him not long ago, he also agreed to the archaic contract of alliance," Ye Qingxian said.

Everyone within the great palace's expressions went rigid. Their breathing became hurried. What kind of contract was this? It actually made the ancient and powerful War Emperor and Old Celestial act like this.

"I don't understand. Why do you need to protect him?" Demonic Sunflower Garden's lord asked. A black sun surrounded him, black flames surged, making him look powerful and intimidating to the extreme. 

"It is because I had previously met someone who told me to lend a hand or two. Also, he can wear that tattered armor, so he is worth me taking action for," Ye Qingxian replied. 

"Let him leave. He was captured by my Celestial Clan." The Old Celestial spoke, promptly standing up, not letting this problem continue any further. 

When the few most powerful sect masters heard this, they all became silent, not opposing him. It was because this was the City of Heaven. Forget about the Old Celestial being powerful and troublesome, there was still the great chaotic formation the six great celestial laid down. It was extremely terrifying. 

"Immediately prepare a great transport formation, the type that can cross provinces," Ye Qingxian said, deciding to immediately send Shi Hao out.

"Didn't you want to study immortal melody?" Heavenly deity Qi Tuo said, his eyes flickering with a strange light. The longer they stayed, the more opportunities there would be.

"He already finished comprehending it, so what is left it'll be enough if I just comprehend for him." Ye Qingxian giggled as she spoke. 

Everyone became speechless, feeling that her skin was incredibly thick. No wonder the Old Celestial agreed later on. It turned out to be satisfying her own wishes.

City of Heaven's center. 

A massive transport formation that was ancient and existed since the distant past rested here. 

Shi Hao stood in front of the altar, turning around his body. When he looked at Ye Qingxian, his expression was a bit complicated.

Ye Qingxian smiled. Her snow clothes were brighter than snow, her style unmatched. It was precisely her arrival that changed Shi Hao's fate, saving him.

Shi Hao opened his mouth to speak words of gratitude. 

"If you want to thank me, just become my battle servant, how about it?" Ye Qingxian took the initiative to speak. She was all smiles, and her black crystal-like eyes flickered with brilliant radiance. 

All of Shi Hao's words of thanks were immediately swallowed back down, and dark lines appeared on his forehead. 

"What, you aren't willing to be my little bro?" Ye Qingxian giggled. 

"You aren't coming with us? How about I leave together with you?" Kong Qiuji sqeezed onto the altar, hooking his shoulder around Shi Hao's. Then, he looked towards Ye Qingxian and said, "I want to get in on this archaic contract of alliance. Can I sign now?"

"Someone like you? Go cultivate for another million years." Ye Qingxian waved her snow white sleeves, sending him flying out. 

"Thank you, senior!" Shi Hao made a deep bow towards Peacock Divine Lord, expressing his heartfelt gratitude. 

Peacock Divine Lord nodded. Kong Qiuji wanted to come over, but he was stopped. 

"Are you not leaving?" Shi Hao asked Ye Qingxian, feeling worried for her. After all, those sect lords were not of the kind sort. If they truly wished to make things difficult, then anything could happen. 

"I want to comprehend immortal melody and hide from a terrifying existence inside of here," Ye Qingxian said. 

"You have the chaotic supreme treasure, so what kind of enemies do you need to hide from?" Shi Hao was shocked. Back then, when he had the little pagoda with him, he could travel unhindered through the world, going wherever he pleased.

"Immortal dao divine projection really isn't my own power." Ye Qingxian pointed towards the outside world and said, "There is a fella there that has been chasing after me this entire time, wishing to use my ancient shield to repair his rotten bell." 

Shi Hao was shocked. He thought of the immortal bell that had previously appeared in the lower realm. It had appeared in the City of Heaven not long ago. 

"Your ancient shield, is it related to that bell?" He asked. 

"Mine is the bell's soul, while his is the bell's corpse." Ye Qingxian felt that it was beneath her dignity and began to spout nonsense again, saying how she was going to beat the shit out of that person.

"You won't be in danger, right?" Shi Hao asked. 

"It's really not that bad. With the Old Celestial here, as well as the War Emperor outside, it's enough. Actually, I just don't really want to have to run and lose face. Otherwise, who can do anything to me?" Ye Qingxian said.

"Is it really impossible for you to not shoot your mouth?" Shi Hao couldn't handle her. 

"What do you mean? Am I someone that loves to shoot my mouth?" She directly flung Shi Hao onto the altar, and with a wave of her sleeve, had him go on his way. 

Suddenly, Shi Hao felt as if he had obtained an extra divine symbol in his bosom. It was incredibly mysterious and had a strange aura like that of primal chaos. 

Meanwhile, he heard Ye Qingxian's voice as well, "After being transported out, immediately use this 'realm shattering symbol', or else it will be dangerous."

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. He nodded his head. 

At this time, the great formation shone, quickly forming a resplendent passageway, unknown where it leads to.

"Dozens of provinces out, Purple Profound Province." The Old Celestial secretly informed Ye Qingxian. 

"Okay!" She nodded, expressing her agreement. 

Shi Hao entered the passageway. When he looked back, he saw that many people's expressions carried killing intent, regret, as well as those that were deeply concerned, for example, Kong Qiuji.

"Next time you encounter trouble, just say my name." Ye Qingxian spoke, leaving a group of people speechless. Only the Old Celestial helplessly frowned. 

Yun Xi appeared. She opened her mouth. While standing in the distance, she said softly, "You have to take care of yourself!"

Shi Hao swept his eyes over everyone. In the end, he looked at the most powerful existences of the Celestial Clan. Then, he didn't turn around again as he headed into the distance. 

At this moment, the great Heavenly deities' bodies went cold, and even the Old Celestial frowned, feeling a bit of regret. By letting this youth go, will there be a disaster in the future?

The void passageway was closed. The light mists disappeared. 

Shi Hao listened to Ye Qingxian's suggestion, so he immediately used the realm shattering symbol, activating it.

Dense mists of radiance pervaded the air. This divine symbol released resplendent light, and then it fiercely tore through the passageway, changing the direction.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao was shaken up inwardly. He saw a large black hand appear behind him, Demonic Sunflower Garden's lord. 

Apart from this, a blood colored radiance erupted. Heavenly Country's vice lord suddenly appeared in the passageway to capture him. 


Another large snow white hand appeared that carried heavenly underworld mist. It was precisely Underworld Lord. However, he was stopped by Peacock Divine Lord, causing him to be a few steps slower. 

As expected, the most powerful sect masters secretly took action, using their spiritual bodies to blast apart the void and enter that passageway to capture Shi Hao. 

It was to the extent where Shi Hao even saw Heavenly deity Qi Tuo and a few others, as well as this clan's dao protector.

However, there was no need for him to think too much. The realm shattering symbol tore through space, distorting the passageway, bringing him away from this place quickly. 

This time, it continuously changed the direction and coordinates. In an instant, he disappeared, freeing himself from everyone. 

In the rear, a group of people had gloomy expressions. The realm shattering symbol was extremely complex, enough to break through a great thousand worlds, impossible to stop. There was no way to seize its coordinates either. 

Shi Hao, thus, departed. 

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