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Chapter 732 - Immortal Dao Projection

"You want an explanation from us?" Heavenly Deity Qi Tuo's face fell. He sat on top, overlooking the white clothed woman. Killing intent seeped out. 

Regardless, this was the City of Heaven, so they should be rushed to do anything. No matter what the Celestial Clan wished to do, it was not something outsiders could interfere or meddle with. 

The other Heavenly deities' eyes were cold. As Heavenly deities, they rarely let their emotions affect them. However, this time, they became impatient. They all released symbol light, prepared to take action.

"You cannot deal with them alone. Just hurry and leave…" Shi Hao transmitted mentally. He did not believe that Ye Qingxian truly could face the entire City of Heaven. 

"Relax, you are my little bro, so I'll naturally bring you out," Ye Qingxian said with a smile, not seeming worried at all.

Shi Hao was shocked. She was going to take him as her little bro?!

"Fairy, how about accepting an older bro?" Kong Qiuji wasn't embarrassed or impatient, licking his lips as he moved forward. 

"Get lost!" Even though Ye Qingxian's style was unmatched, beautiful and pure to an almost dream-like degree, at crucial moments, she didn't hesitate in the slightest. These words alone immediately made Second Baldy feel suffocated. 

"Enough!" Qi Tuo spoke. She actually acted as if no one else was here, chatting with others and completely ignoring the Heavenly deities. Their eyes immediately became cold. 

"Are you ready to give me your explanation?" Ye Qingxian turned around and asked. 

"This is the Celestial Clan and not your sect. Forget about capturing Huang, even if we wanted to kill him, it is still none of your business!" Qi Tuo shouted and swept his eyes towards Shi Hao.

"The benefactor of the Celestial Clan ended up becoming a maniac that harbors evil intent. You all actually dare to say this out loud, moreover killing just because you all wish to, it truly is overbearing!" Ye Qingxian sneered. Her fine black hair flew about. Her slender and elegant figure released sparkling radiance. 

"Capture!" He released a light scoff, using a Heavenly deity magical artifact.

The purple-skinned gourd enlarged. Symbols covered the mouth of the gourd, turning into a purple vortex that sucked in everything. Mists pervaded the air as it tried to capture Ye Qingxian.

Ye Qingxian's body shone. She raised her hand and pointed outwards. It was unexpectedly still a ripple, and as it undulated outwards, it released a great bell sound, striking that purple-skinned gourd.


It was like the evening drum and morning bells of a temple, ringing through heaven and earth. 

In addition, sparks flew outwards. After the purple-skinned gourd was struck by the ripple, it released zheng zheng sounds. Symbols erupted as well.


Qi Tuo shouted. He never thought that the Heavenly deity magical artifact wouldn't be able to deal with Ye Qingxian, unable to move her in the slightest. He immediately stirred on the purple-skinned gourd to directly smash into her.

This was a secret treasure that was ranked even at the forefront among Heavenly deity magical artifacts. It was extremely formidable. Right now, it was like a purple golden divine mountain as it released purple energy, suppressing downwards.


Something shocking happened. Ye Qingxian released a light scoff. Her body shone, and then ripples extended out like ropes, wrapping around the purple golden gourd layer after layer. 

"En?" Heavenly deity Qi Tuo was shocked, feeling like he lost connection with that magical artifact, unable to control it anymore. 

Ripples spread outwards, covering everything densely. They battered the purple-skinned gourd with attacks, surrounding it and refined it. 

"This is…" Everyone became shocked. This girl was too formidable. How could she so easily seize a Heavenly deity magical artifact at such a young age?

"She has a divine treasure inside of her!" Qin Changsheng spoke.

"It might very well be… chaotic magical artifact!" Demonic Sunflower Garden's ancient ancestor said. His entire body was surrounded by a great black sun, submerged by the dark demonic flames. He was incomparably terrifying. 

When this sentence sounded, everyone immediately became shocked. A chaotic magical artifact was definitely astonishing. All of the sect masters' eyes went red, because it was just too rare. 

"Girl, do you believe that just because you have a magical artifact, you can do whatever you wish in the City of Heaven, behaving atrociously in my clan?" The other Heavenly deities stood up. They all shouted. 

"Hahaha…" Ye Qingxian didn't reply and instead sneered, releasing laughter that sounded like silver bells. Her eyes released astonishing radiance, appearing incomparably self-confident. 

"Lock him away." A Heavenly deity ordered, having someone bring Shi Hao bring down.

"I want to see who dares." Ye Qingxian stopped them right there.

"Girl, do not be overconfident in your magical artifact being astonishing and think that you can do what you wish because of that. My Celestial Clan's matters are not for you to meddle in," Heavenly deity Qi Tuo said. 

"Today, I am going to get involved!" Ye Qingxian said. "Since you all don't want to give me an explanation, then I will get it my own way."

She looked at Shi Hao and looked at the blood covering him. "Who did this?"

"A prison head." Kong Qiuji said. 

"Is that so?" Ye Qingxian stood tall. From her large black gemstone like eyes, two golden beams of light made of symbols appeared, staring at Shi Hao.

"Martial dao Heavenly eye?!" At this moment, forget about the True deities, even the Heavenly deities, those terrifying sect masters were shocked. They all revealed looks of shock.

The two beams of golden light swept through Shi Hao, and then a scene unexpectedly appeared. The prison scene slowly replayed, a clip of the past. The prison head's sinisterness as he pierced Shi Hao's flesh with a magical artifact. It was bloody and incredibly cruel. 

"What a Celestial Clan!" Ye Qingxian said softly.

Everyone became incredibly shaken. The Martial dao Heavenly eye was mysterious after all, actually able to replay what happened not too long ago. Everyone felt rather strange.

"How can this be? She actually has Martial dao Heavenly eyes from such a young age!"

Forget about True deities, not even Heavenly deities like those sect masters could do this. This kind of achievement was unrelated to one's strength, purely relying on one's flesh and soul.

It was hard for the entire palace to calm down. There was a huge uproar. Those sect masters all revealed strange looks.

"Rumor has it that the Martial dao Heavenly eyes can be 'grafted'?" Someone said softly. This was extremely dangerous. By reminding the experts here, it could be said to be harboring evil intentions. 

"So it's you. Why don't you come over then." Ye Qingxian took action. An expanse of symbol light flew out, imprisoning and detaining a True deity from outside the palace here. It was precisely that prison head.

He escorted Shi Hao over with the others and hadn't left yet, always staying outside the palace. Right now, he was captured.

"There was chaotic energy. She used a magical artifact's power, moreover an unmatched supreme treasure that truly has its own powerful will!" Underworld Lord said. His handsome and pale face revealed a look of shock. 

"We cannot tolerate your wantonness!"

Celestial Clan's great Heavenly deities moved, all of them aiming to suppress Ye Qingxian. Precious artifacts shone and symbols interweaved. Heavenly deity magical chains were like spider webs as they covered the void. 


Ye Qingxian shouted. Her snow white clothes shone, and from within her, a brilliant expanse of symbols surged. It produced a diagram that released undying energy. 


At this moment, forget about the other deities, just the great sect masters shivered inwardly. It was because they sensed true immortal dao energy that flowed in the void. 

"What is this?" The great Heavenly deities cried out in alarm. It was because their magical artifacts all disappeared with no hopes of returning once they sunk into the void, unable to budge an inch. They were imprisoned in place.

In the void, brilliant colors swirled about like jade. A divine projection appeared, a divine diagram. 

That was a person, one that was hard to see clearly. It was formed from hazy light, sitting there and releasing immortal scriptures that locked down all of the Heavenly deity magical artifacts. 

"It was a supreme treasure after all!" A sect master said softly, eyes blazing. This type of divine object was too rare, so even his heart was tempted.

However, Heaven Mending Sect's lord, Demonic Sunflower Garden's ancient ancestor, Underworld Lord and the most ancient great sect masters' expressions all became grave. They didn't easily display any intentions. They were all endlessly shocked. They were pondering things, appearing a bit uncertain about something.


Ye Qingxian's body was resplendent, erupting with even more brilliance, making the void's divine projection distort. It was precisely that divine diagram that refined everything. If was as if there really was someone seated there who was exerting immortal might. 

The Heavenly deities released muffled groans, staggering backwards. They looked like they had seen a ghost. Many of their faces were flushed red, and blood seeped out from their mouths. They couldn't believe what was happening. 

It was because the hazy figure in the void released immortal light that swept through them, inflicting heavy injuries upon them. They couldn't defend themselves. 

"I want an explanation, yet you all are still trying to stop me?" Ye Qingxian looked towards those people. Then, she imprisoned that prison head, and then after lightly pointing out, holy light blossomed.

"No!" The prison head screamed. Even though he was at the True deity level, he couldn't struggle free at all. After being surrounded by that mysterious radiance, he couldn't move at all.

A ka cha sounded. The sound of bones cracking sounded in his body, and the symbols in his flesh were also immediately wiped out. His entire body immediately became dispirited. 

"You… crippled my cultivation?" The prison head cried out, his face full of horror.

"I will never take the life of another existence, but I don't want to let you go either, so this is the best way," Ye Qingxian said coldly. She then tossed him aside. 

"True immortal sister, I like your methods!" Kong Qiuji flattered from the side. 

In the palace, many Celestials were furious. This was their domain, yet this little girl forced back several Heavenly deities and crippled a True deity. It was inconceivable.


Suddenly, a sect master took action to suppress Ye Qingxian. 

However, Ye Qingxian was still without fear. Her body shone, and the divine projection in the void became a bit clearer. It engraved itself there, swirling with symbol light.

That was a person, sitting there unmoving. However, it was releasing immortal dao aura that terrified one down to their soul. 

That sect master was greatly shaken. That attack was useless, completely neutralized. 

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. What was this?

"All of you should not act rashly." Heaven Mending Sect Master spoke. 

"Is this the legendary immortal dao mark?" When Underworld Lord's eyes opened and closed, dark light erupted. Underworld mist surrounded his entire body. 

"Rumor has it that the unmatched existence in the ancient times -- immortal,and mysterious fell. It left its divine projection, engraving it on its former magical artifacts to be reproduced in the future." Demonic Sunflower Garden's ancient ancestor said slowly. 

"The so called divine projection is the embodiment of a divine conscience." Someone added. 

"What?!" Everyone gasped. They were all shocked. This young lady actually had this type of thing on her! No wonder she could look down on everyone. She was borrowing the immortal dao mark's power. 

"You came from the vast uninhabited depths?" Heavenly Country's vice lord spoke. His body was indistinct. He stood up, bringing with him a great bloodiness.

Ye Qingxian smiled, but she didn't say anything else.

"Let me give it a try. Let's see if that really is the immortal dao divine projection." Heavenly Country's vice lord held a blood sword in his hands. He suddenly erupted with power. At this moment, the City of Heaven trembled, as if an endless hell was unleashed. It was unknown just how many people fell weak onto the ground. 

Everyone shivered inwardly, finding it difficult to endure this killing intent. Even a few sect masters felt restraining fear. They then rushed backwards in retreat. No one was willing to stay that close to the head of an assassin organization.

He disappeared. There was only mountains of corpses and sea of blood. Endless terrifying killing intent surged, and then a heaven seeking bloody radiance erupted. 


A blood sword tore through the air, suddenly hacking forward. 

Symbols erupted. A hazy figure shone in the void, gradually appearing more distinct. A hazy figure sat down with its back towards everyone, one that released undying energy. 


The blood sword was blasted apart. Heavenly Country's vice lord's body was immediately exposed. He staggered backwards and revealed a look of shock. 

"There has always been a legend that there are two immortal dao divine projections. I actually had the fortune of seeing one of the engraving diagrams…" he said to himself. He wanted to back away, no longer taking action again.

This strike was stopped by an immortal dao divine projection. It also made Ye Qingxian receive some damage. Her body lightly trembled, but soon after, she stabilized herself again. 

After this, everyone became quiet. Even the great sect masters were stunned. 

"The two divine projections are both in the depths of the boundless uninhabited region. People in the past had seen them before." Heaven Mending Sect's master spoke. 


Ye Qingxian's palm shone. A simple and unadorned shield appeared, putting that divine projection away. An indistinct figure sat on that shield, releasing immortal dao aura.

Was this that ancient magical artifact?

Everyone stared at it. They called it a shield, but it was better to call it a grinded piece of a bell. 

"I said I was going to bring him away, and that I wanted an explanation. Is your Celestial Clan going to agree to my demands or not?" Ye Qingxian spoke.

The Celestial Clan became silent. This young lady came from the depths of the uninhabited area. That place was too mysterious. She was not good to provoke!

"Old Celestial, I came. Are you not even going to meet me?" Ye Qingxian spoke. 

A sigh sounded. The Old Celestial appeared and said, "You can bring that person away." 

However, Ye Qingxian didn't leave, continuing to stand there.

"Do you have some other matters? The immortal dao divine projection really deserves its reputation." The Old Celestial said. He harmonized with heaven and earth, as if he embodied the dao. 

"The archaic contract of alliance, do you stil remember it?" Ye Qingxian spoke. 

"I remember." The Old Celestial nodded.

Many people were confused. Only the most ancient sect masters gasped. They were all extremely shocked as they stared at Ye Qingxian.

In the past, the six great Celestials entered the boundless uninhabited region, but in the end, only a single Old Celestial returned alive. Could it be a contract formed from that time?

Or was it to say that there was a group of people that participated, establishing this oath of treaty in the archaic era? Everyone stared at the center of the stage, all of them wishing to know!

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