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Chapter 731 - Powerful Ye Qingxian

A snow clothed woman with fine black hair, black crystalline eyes that flickered with divine light stood there. She was like a fairy that walked out from a painting. She stood proudly in the great palace, her appearance unmatched. 

It was precisely this icy, otherworldly beauty that was berating the Heavenly deities present, facing the sect masters alone, making many people incredibly shocked. 

No matter how they looked at it, her age wasn't that great. Her dazzling and graceful body carried an exuberant vitality, so she she should be rather young. 

It was precisely because of this that everyone was stunned, feeling that this was inconceivable. She actually stood against a group of sect masters. It was hard for others to imagine where she got this type of confidence. 

"Unbridled!" Celestial Clan's Heavenly deity rebuked. This was, after all, their clan's important location. For a younger generation member to barge in and act so overbearing, it was too outrageous. 

"Im my opinion, it is you all who are acting unbridled!" Ye Qingxian raised her head. She looked towards the great Heavenly deities seated high up in the palace. Her words were disrespectful, as if she didn't think much of them at all.

"Youngster, this is not a place for you to be in!" Another sect master spoke and exerted pressure.

A weng sounded. Scarlet light suddenly appeared in the palace, scattering down like the sunset glow of the horizon. The brilliant redness carried a blinding golden border. It was incredibly terrifying as it hacked towards Ye Qingxian. 

Someone took action to teach her a lesson, have her understand that this was the sect masters' palace and not a place where a younger generation member could behave atrociously and do whatever they pleased.

Suddenly, the scarlet multicolored light stopped moving, as if it was frozen in midair. A red feather that carried golden color appeared, stopping there.

A chi sounded. It began to burn, turning into a divine flame about a zhang away from Ye Qingxian, illuminating the entire palace. In the end, with a pu sound, it turned into ashes, scattering downwards. 

Everyone's expressions became sluggish. This time, they clearly saw that a mysterious ripple stopped everything, preventing that divine feather from getting closer and eventually turning it into ashes. 

Fire Devil Palace's Lord was shocked. This was a red crane feather he fired out, and it possessed shocking divine force, as well as his clan's unique precious technique symbols. In the end, in unexpectedly exploded, turning into ashes. 

At this moment, everyone's expressions changed. They couldn't help but treat this seriously.

"Do you like pulling out your own feathers a lot? I don't mind helping you pick them clean, plucking all of them out. If you don't believe me, should we try?" Ye Qingxian spoke. This was an undisguised threat towards this sect master. She was looking down on the Scarlet Feathered Crane. 

Fire Devil Palace Lord's expression became downcast. He felt incomparably shaken inwardly. This woman was too mysterious, actually able to stop this strike! His mind could not stay calm. 

"Youngster, what sect did you come from exactly? Do your clan elders know that you are stirring up trouble here? Do not make a mistake and provoke trouble for your clansmen," someone said. 

"I don't want to lower myself to argue with you, so just stay on the side quietly. With so many sect elders here, it's better if you listen more and talk less." Fire Devil Palace's Scarlet Feathered Divine Crane spoke. 

"I even decided not to make things difficult for you, but now you even dare to threaten and lecture me?" Ye Qingxian laughed. 

Fire Devil Palace's Lord's expression changed. This really was quite an awkward situation in front of all of these people's faces. His skin was stinging a bit from heat. 

"You aren't willing to accept this?" Ye Qingxian had red lips and white teeth, her appearance was graceful and exquisite. Her white clothes were fluttering about as if they were riding the wind. However, right now, there was an indescribable type of domineeringness! 

This was quite a contradicting attitude. She was incredibly beautiful, but when she looked out in disdain, there was a shocking pressure. She exuded a type of confidence and aloofness. 

Fire Devil Palace's Lord was angered. The top of his head shone with scarlet multicolored light, ready to release a ferocious attack at any moment. He turned around to look at the Celestial Clan's Heavenly deities and said, "Dao brothers, what do you all think?"

Heavenly deity Qi Tuo and the others frowned. This young lady was extremely troublesome. Right now, they all felt like she was bottomless, unable to see what kind of background she had. Meanwhile, this old crane was definitely lacking in confidence as well, trying to drag them down as well. Meanwhile, even though this was the City of Heaven, they still found this difficult to deal with.

"What what do you think? You just attacked me in secret, so of course I have to help you pluck a few feathers as punishment." Ye Qingxian spoke extremely casually, her voice pleasant to listen to, melodious like heavenly music. 

Her body shone, brilliant like a rising sun, dazzling and resplendent. Her graceful, tall and straight body was covered in a layer of holy radiance. She walked over with quick and agile steps towards the Scarlet Feathered Divine Crane. 

Everyone was shaken up. She truly dared to take action? She was actually on the initiative!

"Younger generation, I give you face, yet you don't take it. Now, you even dare take action against this old one? I'm going to capture you!" The Scarlet Feathered Crane naturally wouldn't shrink back. Now that things reached this point, he was definitely going to act powerful to the extreme. Otherwise, what face would he have left to stand in this world?

A hong sounded. The entire ancient palace was shaking. His left rib shone, and then an enormous wing flew outwards. Scarlet multicolored light erupted like flames, burning fiercely. Lightning erupted as well.

This place was covered in a dazzling multicolored haze. Thunder rumbled, and great dao symbols appeared densely. It was incomparably dazzling and brilliant as it immediately surrounded Ye Qingxian.


Ye Qingxian walked over. She lightly scoffed, and then her body erupted with auspicious brilliance that rippled outwards. They spread out in the ancient palace like bell sounds, unexpectedly producing a rumbling sound.

"What is this?" Many people were shocked. 

These ripples looked gentle, but the sound they released was tremendous, so loud even the deaf could hear. It was a great dao sound. It blasted through that scarlet haze and swept through all of the fiery light, wiping out the scarlet feather symbols. 

"En?" Fire Devil Palace lord's mind leapt. His precious technique was broken through, the fire dao divine ability dulling. The ripples battered over and were about to reach his body.

He released a loud shout. The red crane wing was like a heavenly blade. It was incomparably sharp. Within the blood color was killing intent as it hacked downwards.


The ripple struck his divine wing, releasing a metallic sound. Then, something happened that made everyone quake in fear. That crane wing cracked apart. Feathers flew everywhere, scattering on the ground. 

Fire Devil Palace's Lord released a muffled grunt. He quickly pulled back the wing. A streak of blood was left behind in the void. He actually staggered backwards.


At the same time, the wing that was pulled back unexpectedly shone again. It was ignited again, because the densely packed ripples swept over, landing on its surface. 

"Ah…" Fire Devil Palace's Lord was furious. He was injured by a younger generation, igniting his wing, making it wither away. It truly was a huge humiliation. 


Ye Qingxian's body flowed with mysterious multicolored brilliance. Her body shook, and then even more ripples flew outwards. They all landed on that ancient crane's body; it was impossible to avoid. 

In that instant, Fire Devil Palace's Lord released a loud shout. Half its body was scorched black, and half of its scarlet dao robe was destroyed, turned into ashes. His entire body flew out, blood flowing out from his mouth.

It was clear that the dao robe was formed from his feathers. Now that a small half of it was destroyed, it truly was equivalent to having his feathers plucked clean by someone. 

It immediately became difficult for people to calm down in the palace. Celestial Clan's True deities were immediately scared stiff. This was the first time they saw a youth this powerful.

"Who is this person? Could she be the core descendant of some Emperor Clan?"

"Just a young lady, yet she is actually able to injure Fire Devil Palace's Lord. Outrageous. Is she going to oppose my Celestial Clan too?"

This result left everyone greatly shaken. Forget about them, even those sect masters narrowed their eyes. They revealed looks of shock, finding it difficult to calm down. 

Fire Devil Palace was not the most powerful great sect, but it wasn't a pushover sect either. Their Palace Lord reached Heavenly deity level, yet in the end, he was defeated just like that, suffering such a huge loss.

At this moment, Heavenly deity Qi Tuo couldn't sit still anymore. This was just a young lady, yet she immediately displayed power, moreover not being any weaker than them. This was truly a shocking thing. 

"Are you convinced now?" Ye Qingxian looked towards Fire Devil Palace's Lord and asked like this. Her voice carried a bit of magnetism, a unique charm. It was beautiful and moving.

However, right now, no one dared to treat her like a weak beautiful young lady anymore. They all looked at her like she was an extraordinary and holy expert that was incomparably dazzling.

What could Fire Devil Palace's Lord say? His face was scarlet red. He coughed out a mouthful of blood. He couldn't even stand straight here. 

"Convinced, completely convinced! Older sis, you are a true immortal!" Not far out, Kong Qiuji shouted loudly in praise. If not for Peacock Divine Lord giving him a look, he most likely would have jolted his buttocks over. 

Ye Qingxian gave him a look, and with a rather discontent tone, said, "Am I that old? I'm younger than you."

When these words were spoken, it triggered another great commotion. What kind of freak was this? Everyone believed that she definitely had some great secret on her, or else no one should have this type of strength at her age. 

"Little friend is outstanding and rarely seen since the ancient times. However, you should forgive those that should be forgiven." In the palace, a Heavenly deity from the Celestial Clan spoke to stop her.

After all, Fire Devil Palace Lord had helped them before, speaking on their behalf, and that was why this even happened. If they ignored this, then others would look down upon them. 

"Your Celestial Clan really is despicable." Ye Qingxian turned around and looked at the great Heavenly deities, not showing any bit of fear and directly spoke rudely.

The Heavenly deities' eyes became cold. This was the Celestial Clan's palace, yet she didn't give them any face. 

"Little friend, you've crossed the line!" Qi Tuo spoke. 

"Things that will cross the line even more are still to come. He delivered your clan's genius back out of goodwill, so why do you all bite the hand that feeds you?" Ye Qingxian pointed towards Shi Hao, the she looked at them while loudly asking. Her eyes carried anger. 

"There are ulterior motives in this. He schemed viciously to get his hands on my Celestial Clan's supreme treasure." A Heavenly deity said coldly.

"What a joke. Back then, I was in the Blood Plains as well. I saw everything clearly. You are extremely shameless!" Ye Qingxian's words really were harsh and shocking, directly challenging City of Heaven's higher levels. 

"Great one, please let Huang go! He escorted me hundreds of thousands of li and has showed me great kindness!" Yun Xi spoke. Her expression was complicated. The snow clothed woman actually dared to berate Heavenly deities even though her age didn't seem much different from her own. 

"How can you understand the vileness of the heart? Back off!" Qi Tuo's face fell as he spoke. A powerful pressure descended to make it difficult for Yun Xi to speak.

The Heavenly deities' expressions became cold. They secretly blamed their clansmen for letting Yun Xi appear. She should be in 'isolation'. 

"I really am disinclined to bickering with you all. You all even dared to touch one of my people, so today I came to demand an explanation! Otherwise, there is no way things will end peacefully!" Ye Qingxian said. 

Her white clothes were exceptional. She didn't look like a weak young lady, but instead a monarch of the world beneath the heavens, overlooking the three thousand provinces, a sovereign of a generation. 

Everyone trembled inwardly. They all originally believed that she just wanted to save Huang and bring him away, but they never expected that she would even demand an explanation. This was domineering to the extreme.

Everyone became even more shocked. What kind of background does she have?

Meanwhile, Heavenly Country's vice lord, Qin Changsheng, Demonic Sunflower Garden's ancient ancestor, Underworld Lord, Heaven Mending Palace and other sect masters revealed looks of shock. They extended their wills to investigate her. 


At this moment, Ye Qingxian's white clothes suffused with large amounts of multicolored light. Mysterious ripples spread outwards, unexpectedly forming a protective barrier that isolated her from the outside world. 

"Not simple!"

The great sect masters were inwardly shaken. This woman had a great secret on her. 

"Celestial Clan, give me an explanation. I want a sincere explanation, or else today's matter will not end!" Ye Qingxian said. 

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