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Chapter 730 - Sects' Arrival 

"You!" The Celestial Clan's dao protector backed up. Primal chaos appeared. His chest was dyed in blood. His injuries were extremely severe, and the most alarming thing was the horn on the ground. It was soaked in blood and flickering with dark light. 

This was his unique great divine ability. These bull horns could split the heavens, hack down the sun, moon, and stars. It could cut down a person on the spot, terrifying to the extreme. 

Peacock Divine Lord only spoke a single line, saying that he was already old. This made the dao protector's chest rise and fall intensely, feeling unconvinced and furious!

"Beauties of the past say they are past their prime, yet they do not allow heroes to see old age." Peacock Divine Lord said softly. This was a type of realization, as well as a type of helplessness. He thought about how this day would come for him as well. 

It was because when one reached their cultivation realm, they finally understood that no matter how powerful one became, there would still be a day when they would disappear. 

It was to the extent where the even the vicious ten couldn't avoid this. They perhaps reached the insurmountable peak, but they still reached the end of the line, dying in meditation along the endless stream of time. 

He suspected that the Lightning Emperor, Kun Peng, and the others were all delivered a heavy blow by time as well, ultimately passing away, no longer existing in this world. 

At this moment, Kong Qiuji was excited. Even though he was in human form, part of his original form was still revealed. His tail feathers were displayed, the five-colored feathers shining brilliantly here. 

As for the Celestial Clan, their expressions became ugly one after another. Meanwhile, their hearts all stirred greatly. The Peacock Divine Lord was too terrifying, actually severely wounding their dao protector as soon as they met.


Terrifying aura scattered outwards, and primal chaos descended from the heavens, surrounding this place. Even though the dao protector was shriveled up, and all skin and bones, right now, he erupted with incomparable might.

This was the fury of an extremely powerful figure. Heavenly force was stirred on, and stellar light scattered down onto the City of Heaven.

Behind the dao protector, magical chains interweaved densely with the heavens, merging together. As of this moment, it could simply represent heavenly judgement. Many great stars appeared in the heavens above, creating a scene that was terrifying to the extreme. 

In the distance, the expressions of the Heavenly deities of a few great sects changed. They knew that extremely powerful experts were in confrontation in the City of Heaven. A great problem had happened.

"Your blood energy is dried up, not even a tenth of what it was your during your prime. Fighting against me now, there is not the slightest chance of success." Peacock Divine Lord calmly said. 

He wouldn't show mercy. He couldn't bear to see Celestial Clan oppress others and bully a youth like this. Moreover, with the relationship between the Willow Deity and himself, he naturally wouldn't watch from the side.


From Peacock Divine Lord's back, five streaks of divine rainbows rushed into the heavens, erupting with brilliant radiance. It was as if five unique immortal swords were slicing open the primal chaos, slicing apart the descending natural laws and order. 

In that instant, the dao protectors' face flushed red, choking back a wave of blood. His entire body seemed like it was on the edge of a cliff; one foot stepped on nothingness, causing him to fall.

Fear, helplessness, and even more powerlessness!

He immediately lost his courageousness, lacking vital energy. This strike struck down his convictions. He really had aged after all, unable to win this battle.

The expressions of the Celestial Clan's Heavenly deities all changed, a shadow creeping over their hearts. The dao protector was too old, long lacking his peak fighting strength. It was impossible to win over time.


The dao protector forcefully trampled down. Symbols flickered between heaven and earth. A strange wave of power emerged, surrounding the entire City of Heaven. A formless unmatched divine might appeared.


At this moment, everyone raised their heads. No matter how far away they were, they were all shaken up inside. It was because someone had opened up the great chaotic formation the six great celestials laid during the archaic era. 

A boundless pressure appeared. Primal chaos pervaded the air, descending from above and surrounding this city!

Things had now become extremely serious!

Right now, forget about the people here, even ordinary Celestial Race cultivators shivered inwardly, feeling a wave of fear inside. This concerned the fate of the clan!

The expressions of the Celestial Clan's Heavenly deities were snow white. They were greatly shaken up inside. They didn't wish for this type of situation to happen. They were allied with the Peacock Clan. If they had a falling out now, the results would be unimaginable.

They originally wanted to use the dao protector as intimidation, but how could they have expected that the Peacock Divine Lord stood at the peak and was impossible to defeat?!


A sigh sounded. The formation, symbols, and primal chaos between heaven and earth suddenly disappearing, restoring the peace of this place.

Outside the palace, an elder walked over. He was clearly standing there, yet he felt indistinct, as if he merged with the world. It was a medium of the great dao and difficult to see clearly.

The Old Celestial had emerged from his isolation!

When his foot descended, the enormous city became suffused with auspicious and peaceful radiance, as well as propitious brilliance. The scene was astonishing, neutralizing the great disaster. 

In reality, Peacock Divine Lord was already prepared to unleash a bloodbath. He produced a sect protecting supreme treasure to connect heaven and earth, destroying this place. 

"Peacock, do you feel that your actions are worth it? For the sake of a youth, you are going to declare war against my clan?" The Old Celestial spoke. 

"I wish to protect his life." Peacock Divine Lord calmly spoke.

The Old Celestial wanted to say something, but then his expression changed. He disappeared from his original location.

"War Emperor, you arrived?" 

He rushed into the heavens, gazing a hundred thousand li outwards. He was vigorous like a True Dragon, blood energy surging. Compared to that dao protector, he simply looked like he was at the prime of his life, powerful to an unfathomable degree!

Soon after, he disappeared again. There was no sound, his figure vanishing into the void. It was unknown whether or not he exited the city.

City of Heaven recovered its peace. 

The great palace calmed down.

"Reporting, Underworld Lord has arrived, wishing to pay my City of Heaven a visit." Suddenly, a True deity personally came to report this information, immediately shocking this great palace.

Underworld Lord, that was definitely not a small matter. Now that the deathlands had merged under one rule, becoming an extreme power that was practically an entire world of dead, the appearance of the lord himself naturally left everyone shaken. 

In the end, several Heavenly deities discussed among themselves. They asked the dao protector to guide Underworld Lord into the city.

It was because the Celestial Clan still had confidence. Even though a few giants were here, as long as the great chaotic formation the six great celestial laid was still here, they didn't fear any changes taking place.

The main reason, however, was because the Old Celestial had awoken!

A black underworld vehicle appeared. It was powerful and mysterious, pulled by nine archaic vicious beasts into the City of Heaven. Underworld mists pervaded the air, as if an underworld was being opened up here.

"I must ask everyone for forgiveness in arriving uninvited."

A man walked out from the underworld carriage. He wore black and gold battle clothes that flickered with ice-cold dark light. His entire being was sinister and handsome, looking like he was in his thirties. He was precisely Underworld Lord, a terrifying powerful figure. 

No one knew how many eras he had lived through. Rumors had it that he was an ancient chaotic corpse who, after producing a spirit, then developed divine senses, turning into the lord of Underworld Earth. 

Someone else said that he was an unmatched expert to begin with. Otherwise, how could the flesh alone live and become the lord of a region.

There were others that said that he is currently trying to recall his past. If he can remember everything and merge the knowledge of two lives, he might perhaps be undefeated throughout the three thousand provinces!

Underworld Lord had a head of black hair that was extremely thick. Only, his bewitching and handsome face was extremely pale. When he saw Peacock Divine Lord he nodded with a smile.

"I heard the youth named Huang is in Celestial Clan. He killed my clan's Underworld Child, so I came especially to take a look at him." He carried a faint smile. 

In reality, everyone knew that he came for the Lightning Emperor's immortal scriptures, because he was a chaotic corpse that developed intelligence. No matter how great his cultivation became, he would always carry a trace of yin energy that was difficult to remove. 

He wanted to obtain the lightning dao precious technique and use its most forceful and domineering immortal scriptures to cleanse himself, allowing his own highest level of enlightenment to advance a step further.

Underworld Lord arrived. He clearly wouldn't let Shi Hao go. The atmosphere became more and more tense. Even if Celestial Clan pulled back and Peacock Divine Lord wanted to protect Shi Hao, it was still a huge problem.


Soon after, another voice sounded from outside the great palace. A True deity entered, reporting to the higher level figures here. Heaven Mending Sect's sect master came, wishing to pay the City of Heaven a visit. 

This time, not only was the Celestial Clan's mind shaken, even Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. He definitely had his share of interactions with this great clan, only that it was limited to the lower realm. Now, the greatest sect master in the higher realms was actually going to appear! This gave him a strange feeling.

Underworld Lord also revealed a look of surprise, not expecting this person to also hurry over. 

Great sleeves moved about. An individual that looked like he was about to sprout wings and ascend appeared. This was an elder who walked over, untainted by the flames of the secular world. He entered this grand ancient palace. 

Everyone was shocked, and no one dared to show contempt for him. If this person displayed his might, he might be able to sweep through dozens of provinces. He was definitely terrifying!

The fame of Heaven Mending Sect in the higher realms was great, and their relationship with Immortal Palace was good. They often acted together, and few people dared to provoke them. 

"Little friend, seeing as how you and my sect have karma, how about your follow me?" Heaven Mending Sect's elder spoke with a faint smile.

When these words were spoken, everyone's expressions changed.

Shi Hao shook his head and said, "I will only leave with Peacock Divine Lord."

"I do not come with ill will. Yue Chan's evaluation of you isn't low. I just wish to ask you a few questions," the elder smiled and said in a rather easy-going manner.

However, no one dared to not attach importance to his words. What exactly did he mean? Was he being sarcastic, or did he truly wish to protect Shi Hao and bring him away?

There was one thing that everyone believed, and it was that Heaven Mending Sect definitely cared about the Lightning Emperor's immortal scriptures as well. There was no way they would show kindness for no reason. 

Shi Hao's mind jumped. Was this person talking with him as if they were talking to Huang, or to Shi Hao?

Then, Yin Yang Academy's people came. Following that, the lord of the sea who established the Hundred beast sutra arrived as well. The atmosphere of the City of Heaven immediately became tense to the extreme.

"Is Huang here? I heard that the Celestial Clan's dao brothers are highly principled, capturing him. It truly is good luck." Fire Devil Palace's lord arrived. This was a Scarlet Feathered Crane that transformed into human form. He was an elder clad in scarlet dao robes. 

He carried cold intent. As soon as he arrived, he released the message that he was going to kill Huang. He definitely couldn't be allowed to live. This was also helping the Celestial Clan, speaking on their side.

In Origin Sky Secret Realm, Shi Hao had unleashed a great slaughter on Fire Devil Palace's people, making their sect master furious. They stopped the entrance, yet in the end, they didn't capture him. Today, he made a special trip here. 

"Truly boasting shamelessly. Who do you think you are, daring to let words loose here?" Suddenly, a female voice sounded from the heavens, directly berating Fire Devil Palace's lord. 

"Who?" Fire Devil Palace's lord was furious.

"You aren't worthy of knowing." Even though the woman lightly scoffed, her voice was extremely beautiful like the sounds of nature.

Then, the world calmed down. That woman didn't enter the city.

Then, Qin Changsheng appeared, arriving in the City of Heaven. 

Then, Demonic Sunflower Garden's lord appeared. This was a terrifying existence that was like a great black sun, releasing dark light. This individual walked into the ancient palace, making many people's minds tremble. 

Soon after, Yun Xi appeared, hurrying to this palace. She opened her mouth, wishing to say something, but there were all great figures here with sect masters present. The atmosphere was extremely suffocating. 

The Celestial Clan's Heavenly deities frowned. They really wanted her to leave. 

"Heavenly Country's lord seeks an audience!" Someone reported.

"What?" Everyone was shocked. This blood-soaked nation's lord came as well? It was just inconceivable. This was an association of assassins. They always walked in the darkness. 

"This old one is the vice sect master and not the true Heavenly Country lord." The figure of the person that came was indistinct. It was impossible to see him clearly or see through him. However, everyone could feel that he was terrifying and powerful, and there was a thick bloodiness to him that wasn't disguised in the slightest.

One could vaguely feel a sea of corpses before them. It was difficult to imagine just how many creatures this person had slaughtered before.

Even the great sect masters felt as if things weren't right. This person's bloodiness was too thick and excessively terrifying. He definitely obtained great dao and achieved great cultivation accomplishments. 

"Huang cannot be left alive."

Heavenly Country's vice lord's words were extremely direct. He only had these few words, expressing his sect's decision.

Everyone shivered inwardly. Regardless of who it was, when they looked at Shi Hao, they all felt that he wouldn't make it out of this alive. 

"What if I wish to protect him?" Peacock Divine Lord spoke. 

"Divine Lord, why go so far? He is not worth it." Someone spoke.

"Haha…" Heavenly Country's vice lord laughed. 

The experts of other inheritances revealed looks of surprise. Fire Devil Palace's lord even more so shook his head and said, "With so many people here, he… likely wouldn't be able to live."

At this moment, another person paid a visit, entering the City of Heaven. A loud and clear voice sounded that left everyone shaken. "I am going to protect him."

Everyone revealed looks of shock. This was definitely the voice that sounded from beyond the sky. 

A few people expressed their discontent, especially Fire Devil Palace's lord and others. They all stood up. Killing intent pervaded the air. They stared at the entrance of the palace. 

A snow white clothed woman appeared. Icy body, jade bones, fine black hair smooth and shining, eyes like black gemstones and full of spirituality. As they wandered about, the beauty she exuded was exceptional.

Even the sect masters who were used to seeing the illustrious individuals of the world revealed looks of shock. They were deeply shocked. This woman was too special, actually possessing a wave of immortal dao energy.

She stood there, facing these giants, yet she still exuded this type of svelte and confidence. The snow clothes spread out, revealing her beautiful figure. Her divine charm was transcendent, truly exceptional yet solitary. 

"Who are you? By what qualifications do you have to stop the will of our sects?" Someone spoke. Fire Devil Palace's lord even more so released a cold snort, releasing killing intent.

"Because I am Ye Qingxian. You all even dare to touch my people?" Her voice was peaceful, but it shocked a group of people until their eyes stood up straight. She actually dared to say this.

"Youngster, you've crossed the line." One of Celestial Clan's Heavenly deities spoke coldly. This woman actually dared to speak like this in their palace. 

"Celestial Clan, you all truly do not want face!" The woman directly spoke. Her voice was sharp and clear like droplets on a jade plate. 

Everyone's expression changed. Someone actually dared to speak like this in the City of Heaven. 

Yun Xi was shocked. This woman looked similar in age to her, yet she dared to berate the great Heavenly deities of the Celestial Clan. 

"You… are talking to us?!" Heavenly deity Qi Tuo's eyes were cold as he looked down.

"Correct, so what?" She didn't seem to mind in the slightest. 

Ye Qingxian's white clothes were clearer than snow, her figure long, slender, and elegant as she walked over step by step like an immortal among a world of mortals. She stopped in front of Shi Hao. 

"You actually dare to to stir up trouble here? What sect's disciple are you?" Someone scoffed, the one speaking a sect master from a certain great sect. 

"Shut up!" Ye Qingxian turned around and berated the sect master. 

Everyone was shocked. This woman actually dared to do this!

Immediately, there were sect masters who displayed their divine might to suppress her. However, the swirling brilliance and boundless pressure were scattered by an intangible force.

"I said I was going to protect him. I want to see who dares to act out!" Ye Qingxian stood by Shi Hao's side, her eyes clear. Her entire being exuded a type of spirituality as she swept her gaze over everyone.

Even though she was a woman, right now, she definitely possessed unmatched valiance. She looked down on everyone, facing the sect masters alone, leaving everyone's minds greatly shaken. 

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