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Chapter 729 - Peacock Divine Lord

Back then, he was still young, just a little peacock. He saw a willow tree in the mountains with nine branches that supported the nine heavens. It was surrounded by chaotic energy. 

Every single leaf of the willow tree supported a star. Its branches pierced into the nine heavens above, condensing the mysterious emptiness. The great dao cascaded down, descending from the sky and drowning it within.

That scene was vast and incomparable. It left an incomparably deep impression on the young Peacock Divine Lord, one that he would never forget through his entire life.

Then, that lush and green tree lowered a drop of sparkling liquid, a drop that reflected the scenes of the heavens!

That drop of liquid was different from all else. It possessed the dao and aura of life, surrounded by the scene of heavenly stars. In the end, it just happened to land on the little peacock's body.

From that day forth, the Peacock Divine Lord's fate was changed. He quickly revealed as an outstanding talent, rising up in his clan. From that day forth, he never saw the willow tree again. 

When he grew up and his strength became more and more powerful, he went outside the country. He unexpectedly discovered an ancient divine country that sacrificed to the willow tree's carving. Countless creatures worshipped it. 

Later on, in a certain province, he had the fortune of meeting an extremely old demonic god. He mentioned the matters of that willow tree, and as a result, that person's expression also changed.

When that ancient creature was young, he had seen a willow tree in a dangerous place. It was blasted apart by the great dao of the nine heavens and turned into a seed. Great natural dao laws merged within it, and then it disappeared. 


All of this, whenever he thought back to it, would always make the Peacock Divine Lord's expression become grave. Even after becoming this powerful and reaching his cultivation realm, he still felt that the Willow Deity was powerful and mysterious. Its existence made others feel reverence. 

That was why even though those of the higher realms thought that the Willow Deity would undoubtedly die after entering through the primordial gate, he still felt that the day might come when the willow tree would appear again!

"Has your Celestial Clan's conscience been chewed up by dogs? Someone risked their life to escort your genius, your future hopes, yet he ended up in this kind of state. Do you not fear having the world turn against you? Who else dares to associate with you all in the future?!"

Kong Qiuji was furious, pointing at everyone in this grand palace while cursing viciously. Spittle flew everywhere, almost landing on a few True deities' faces.

It was to the extent where he wanted to spit on the Heavenly deities, but he decided that this was crossing the line. Even the Peacock Clan might punish him then, so he forcefully endured his urge. 

However, towards those True deities, he didn't feel so much restraining fear. His fingers reached out, about to poke those people's noses, especially those that had laughed coldly in secret before. 

He directly rushed over, spittle flying everywhere. He grabbed the other party's neck and loudly cursed, "Fucking degenerate, what are you laughing at? Heart of a damn wolf and lungs of a dog, not understanding what the hell gratitude is. You are still laughing coldly here, showing how cold-hearted you are. Is this something to be damn proud of?"

The person who had his collar grabbed was furious. He was a glorious True deity, yet he was being blasphemed against. He was about to flip out, but when he saw the Peacock Divine Lord indifferently sweep his eyes over, he immediately shut his mouth. 

That eye contained an indifference and coldness like the void in the cosmos, making his soul tremble. He almost cried out in fear. This was a formless type of killing intent.  

"Where is Yun Xi? Get her out here! Someone risks life and limb for your damn ass, escorting you back. Where are you? Get the fuck out here and say something!"

Kong Qiuji roared. Even though he was in human form, a collection of feathers appeared above his head, standing up straight one after another. Five-colored radiance shone brilliantly, illuminating this enormous palace. 

Many people's expression changed. He was still causing chaos here. When was this going to end?

"Yun Xi? Where are you? Don't tell me that they locked you up too, or you don't even dare show your face?" Second Baldy roared. 

A Celestial Clan Heavenly deity spoke. Mists curled about him. A powerful aura pressed down. He looked at Second Baldy and said, "Little dao friend, why are you doing this?"

HIs words weren't many, but it was extremely dignified. His intention was clear, informing him that this was the Celestial Clan's palace, a place that one could not create a disturbance in. This was a type of warning. 

"Little dao friend, it is better if you sit down." Another Heavenly deity spoke.

"I am here for an explanation! Why did you all treat my dao brother like this? What did he do wrong? You all kick your benefactor in the teeth like this, is there still heavenly reasoning in this world?!" Second Baldy roared. 

He walked up and laid Shi Hao down on a praying mat. He asked for a holy pill from his clansmen and helped Shi Hao treat his injuries. He was absolutely furious. 

"He became my clan's prisoner, so he naturally committed a great crime. We can discuss these matters in the future." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo spoke, not wishing to stay on this topic. It was because they were truly groundless. He looked towards Peacock Divine Lord and said, "Senior, this is Huang. What do you think, can you sense the Lightning Emperor's aura?"

He wanted to bring Shi Hao away after the Peacock Divine Lord looked at him. They couldn't continue like this, because they felt that the gaze of the Peacock Clan's lord was become a bit strange. 

"This child has some karma with me, so I wish to keep his life." The Peacock Divine Lord spoke. His voice carried a type of great changes, and even more a type of dignity. 

Not far out, Second Baldy revealed a look of happiness. He knew that he made the right gamble. The divine lord had some type of relationship with the Willow Deity after all. Back then, when he entered the higher realms, just because he carried a branch of the Willow Deity, he was immediately favored by the divine lord, thus becoming a member of the direct line of descent.

Back then, Second Baldy had visited Heavenly Divine Mountain to help the Celestial Clan repair their higher realms transport formation. The Willow Deity gifted it with a branch, telling him that if something unexpected happened, he could use it to return to Stone Village. However, he never used it. 

"His teacher has showed me kindness." Peacock Divine Lord replied.

"What?" The great Heavenly deities were shocked. A few True deities almost jumped. What kind of figure was this, to be able to show the Peacock Clan's divine lord kindness? This was a bit frightening!

"Senior, you are joking right? He came from the lower realm, a human race country's youth. How can his teacher have bestowed kindness onto your distinguished self from the higher realms?" Heavenly deity Qi Tuo asked. His face was extremely overcast. 

"Does it seem to you like I am joking?" The Peacock Divine Lord asked indifferently.

Qi Tuo immediately shivered inwardly, not even daring to utter another word. 

As a result, the atmosphere of the great palace became a bit tense. This was the Celestial Clan's important place, but with such a supreme giant here, a suffocating pressure began to fill this palace. 

There was no way the Celestial Clan would hand over Shi Hao, but how were they supposed to refuse the Peacock Divine Lord? They secretly looked at each other. Perhaps they could only invite out the Old Celestial.

"That existence is a willow tree. You all should know about it." At this time, the Peacock Divine Lord spoke again. He didn't want to pressure others through power and enter a deadlock situation with the Celestial Clan.

"It's that existence…" The great Heavenly deities all revealed looks of shock when they heard the Peacock Clan's divine lord. They released a pent up breath inwardly. 

They had heard of the lower realm's matters, always feeling that the Willow Deity would undoubtedly die after slaughtering into that bone gate, never to appear again. 

It was because since the ancient times, not a single creature that entered those bone gates ever returned alive.

"This child and me truly have a bit of relationship." The Peacock Divine Lord already spoke so far. His intention to defend Shi Hao was extremely clear. 

"Senior, he commited a great crime, his heart is vile and evil, sneaking into my City of Heaven to obtain my clan's Flying Immortal stone's secrets. He cannot be let off!" A True deity spoke, wishing to defend their side.


Peacock Divine Lord released a cold snort, and then that person immediately coughed out blood. His entire body seemed as if it was struck by a great hammer, almost flying outwards. His face became incredibly pale. 

When the Peacock Clan's clan lord opened his mouth, normally, True deities, didn't have the qualifications to interject. He coldly swept his eyes out, making many people's minds sink. Even the Celestial Clan's great Heavenly deities' expressions were ugly. It wasn't easy to issue any blame.

"Senior, this person… we truly cannot let go."

After some hesitation, Heavenly deity Qi Tuo spoke. This was a decision that he and the other great Heavenly deities came to. They couldn't release Shi Hao just because the other party was exerting pressure. 

No matter which side they considered it from, they couldn't allow this to happen. This youth had precious techniques and immortal scriptures on him. His existence was priceless, all of them able to become sect protecting divine techniques. It could make a sect improve greatly, granting them glory throughout the ages. 

The other reason was that this youth's natural talents were terrifying. Now that they already offended him, if they let him go, he might become a disaster in the future. If geniuses were not allowed to grow up, then they would not become anything! However, if he was given a chance, once he grew up, the results would be difficult to predict. 

"I ask everyone to reconsider." Peacock Divine Lord spoke. Without that willow tree, perhaps he wouldn't be here today. That was why he had to protect this youth at all costs.

"I apologize, senior. We truly cannot agree!" Even though the Celestial Clan's great Heavenly deities were nervous, they still refused. Since they had an alliance relationship, even if they other party was being aggressive, they still couldn't yield. 

"What if I forcefully bring him away?!" When Peacock Divine Lord's eyes opened and closed, five-colored multicolored lights swirled. A powerful aura surged around his body. It was incredibly terrifying. 

"Dao brother, do not go too far." 

Right at that moment, an aged voice sounded, transmitting into the ancient palace. At the same time, an old shadow appeared, one that was leaning on crutches. 

This person was all skin and bones. There was a pair of bull horns on his head. His skin was withered up like a skeleton, his eye sockets sunken in. He gave off a bottomless feeling, as if one's soul would be sucked away. 

"Senior!" Celestial Clan's Heavenly deities got up together, expressing looks of happiness. 

This was the Celestial Clan's dao protector, an existence of the same generation as the Old Celestial. Back then, if not for the six great celestials rising up, this person might have become this clan's guardian deity.

Despite this being the case, he was also quite powerful, second to only the six great celestials. He had lived through the endless years and was incomparably terrifying. 

Only, his age was just too great, about to pass away in meditation. He couldn't even walk out from the City of Heaven, because without the divine substances here, he would immediately wither away. 

"Do you feel that I am forcing you all? I want to ask the Celestial Clan not to go too far. This youth escorted your clan's genius back, so where has he wronged you?" Peacock Divine Lord didn't speak too much. He stopped here to save them some face.

"Dao brother, you want the Lightning Emperor precious technique on him, correct?" The elder asked coldly. 

"Senior, we will not let him go. This concerns too much," Qi Tuo said. With the dao protector here, he felt a bit more at ease.

Even though the elder might not be able to fight for a long time, if he activated the formation here, it was definitely enough!

A teng sounded. Peacock Divine Lord took a step forward. A powerful aura pervaded the air. Five colored divine light rushed into the heavens, and a pair of chaotic wings appeared behind him. He looked coldly at everyone. 

"Dao brother, could it be that you wish to interfere with my clan's decision and display military strength here?" The dao protector spoke.

"You've all crossed the line. As for exactly what is going on, you all understand best within your hearts. For the sake of precious techniques, even your innate sense of right and wrong has been obliterated?" Peacock Divine Lord spoke extremely coldly.

As of this moment, he was already angered. With his identity, he already tried to discuss things amiably to protect Shi Hao's life, yet in the end, he was refused again. 

"You want to bring this child away? Impossible!" The elder spoke. The bull horns on his head shone. It was because he already received warnings from a few Heavenly deities that this matter was extremely important.

"Is that so? Then I will just forcibly bring him away!" Peacock Divine Lord's body erupted with five-colored multicolored light. He looked at everyone with disdain.

"You cannot do it!" The elder walked up to stop him. 

"There are some things I wish to warn you all. Because of today, should he rise up, the Celestial Clan might fall because of what happened. All of your glory will have become a thing of the past!" Peacock Divine Lord said.

"Are you threatening us all?"

Peacock Divine Lord said, "There is no need for threats. I am just telling you the truth. What I am doing today can also be considered saving you all. If that willow tree appears again and learned that you all killed its disciple, the Celestial Clan will definitely be wiped out from existence!"


At this moment, he took action. Chaotic mists emerged from the five-colored multicolored light. It was shocking to the extreme! That dao protector also used his most powerful divine ability, but with a wa sound, he coughed out blood and backed up in retreat. 


Meanwhile, one of the bull horns on the dao protector's head was snapped. It fell onto the ground with a dong sound. 

"What?!" Celestial Clan's Heavenly deities were shocked. The battle had just began, but the dao protector was already defeated?

"You…" Blood trickled out from the elder's mouth. He couldn't stand still.

"You are already old." Peacock Divine Lord only had these words for him. 

"Divine lord is unrivaled!" Second Baldy was excited, crying out loudly. He supported Shi Hao while standing to the side. He felt incredibly refreshed, finally venting out a bit of his resentment. 

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