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Chapter 726 - This is How You Repay Me?

A warship stopped a hundred thousand li out. Only a single person walked out, arriving in the Celestial Clan's important location. They then entered the City of Heaven. 

This was a Heavenly deity, a black robed individual who was covered in dark light, his face pale like snow. There wasn't much color to the face, as if he was a corpse.

He was someone from Underworld Earth, an individual that had entered the Heavenly deity realm for many, many years. Despite this being the case, there was still a wave of yin underworld deathly energy pervading the air. 

"I have to ask fellow dao brothers for forgiveness for my uninvited visit," he smiled and said.

"When esteemed guests visit, there is no forgiveness but welcome." One of the Celestial Clan's higher level characters said, cupping his fists. Even though he was discontent inwardly, he still wouldn't show it on the surface. 

It was because Underworld Earth was definitely powerful. There were many pieces of deathlands in the higher realms, and all of them were vast. Now, they already formed a power and unified, so no one was willing to even slightly offend Underworld Earth's people. 

"Dao brothers, I definitely do not come with malice." Underworld Earth's Heavenly deity explained his position first, dispelling the Celestial Clan's hesitation. "I just heard that a youth entered the City of Heaven, so I came for him."

When these words were spoken, the Celestial Clan's Heavenly deities didn't say anything. They were naturally discontent inside. These people came, without a doubt, for Huang, desiring his precious techniques. 

"We are both Heavenly deities, so let's not beat around the bush. That youth is named Huang, correct? I believe you all know." Underworld Earth's expert noticed that they were discontent and explained, "In Origin Sky Secret Realm, he killed our Underworld Child."

A Celestial Clan expert opened his mouth and said, "The Qin Clan invited the young experts of every clan to exchange pointers. For people to die in the secret realm, that is something difficult to avoid and cannot be blamed on outsiders. Moreover, if you are to blame anyone, you should instead visit Immortal Mountain."

"You are correct. My clan's descendant's strength was lacking, and this cannot be blamed on anyone else." Underworld Clan's Heavenly deity nodded.

This made the Celestial Clan's experts reveal different looks, waiting for his next words. 

The important figure that came from Underworld Earth opened his mouth and said, "I am an extremely straightforward person. If I have something to say, I will say it. My clan will not go so far as to muster large forces to forcefully attack the Celestial Clan to kill a youth. I came today just to ask for the Lightning Emperor's scriptures. I wish to borrow it to take a look."

The Heavenly deities from the Celestial Clan were stunned. They never expected him to be so direct, not disguising his intentions at all and immediately stating his intentions.

"Dao brothers perhaps do not know yet, but this time, experts from many powerful sects have come into the Celestial Clan's territory. There is definitely not only people from Underworld Earth. If the Celestial Clan wishes to possess the golden sheet alone, I fear that it is not too realistic." Underworld Clan's Heavenly deity spoke. 

His intentions were clear. This time, quite a few great sects came. Huang obtained great natural luck from Origin Sky Secret Realm, tempting the hearts of many sects.

"The War Clan really has done it!" Qi Tuo said coldly. They leaked this piece of news out and worked together with other sects to coerce the Celestial Clan into meeting their demands. 

Underworld Clan's Heavenly deity left. It was difficult for the City of Heaven to become calm. The Celestial Clan's higher level figures gathered together to discuss what they should now do. 

"What a joke! These sects want to force us by joining together? Do they think my clan's great formation is just for decoration? The great formation was laid around the ancient city by the six great celestials together. Let whoever wants to come come,, then we'll just kill them all!" An old Heavenly deity spoke furiously.

Since the ancient times, few people dared to force them to do anything. Even at the worst times, they could still rely on the City of Heaven's defenses. There was no way for outsiders to capture them.

"There is no need to become angry at this. My clan does not fear them. We have the chaotic great formation to protect us, so there's naturally no need to worry about much. There is no need for us to bow down." Qi Tuo spoke. Then, he frowned and said, "However, we still have to make various preparations. 

"Have you obtained the sect protecting bone mirror yet? We need to take a look at Huang's true form first," someone said.

Even though the Heavenly deities didn't have heavenly eyes, they still speculated that Shi Hao's current appearance wasn't his true appearance. They wanted to borrow their ancestral mirror to see through him, illuminating his soul.

"Come, let us see exactly what kind of background he has, what kind of footing." A Heavenly deity said. He brought out a sparkling white mirror.

By the azure lakeside, Shi Hao walked by himself. As soon as he emerged from isolation, he released a sigh. Howling winds and torrential rain had descended, making him feel extremely suffocated.


Suddenly, he felt his body become rigid. A wave of mysterious power emerged from his back, making him freeze in place. Bright holy radiance scattered down from the void, surrounding his body. 

"Yi, this youngster never revealed his true appearance. This is his true form!" In the palace, several Heavenly deities revealed looks of surprise. They stared at the person inside the mirror.

 This was a precious mirror that could illuminate one's true body. It could also display the secrets of the soul.

"Why do I feel like he is a bit familiar?" A Heavenly deity carried doubt. However, before he was able to think any further, he discovered that something wasn't right. 

"Stop!" Someone shouted, because they discovered that a streak of blood flowed out between Shi Hao's brows. His forehead almost split apart.

This made the Heavenly deities shocked. They quickly stopped the bone mirror, not daring to have it shine on him anymore, fearing that the youth's flesh would crumple apart.

"What a precious precious technique! Out of fear of others peering into his divine senses, he carved symbols for protection, wishing to destroy everything indiscriminately!" Heavenly deity Qi Tuo said. 

By the small lakeside, Shi Hao's body trembled. He recovered his freedom. He looked towards the sky, and then he wiped at the blood between his brows. He was greatly shaken inwardly. Just now, someone had tried to peer into his primordial spirit!

If not for him carving the Kun Peng's symbols, reincarnation patterns, lightning technique and others inside of his primordial spirit to protect himself, he would have had his sea of consciousness invaded just now. 

This was the restriction he set for himself. If a Heavenly deity tried to forcibly peer into his sea of consciousness, then his head would split apart, destroying him along with his precious techniques. 

It was because he knew that once others obtained his secrets and got what they wanted, then he wouldn't be far from death.

"What is wrong with you? Your complexion is a bit unpleasant." True deity Xi Xia emerged.

"It's nothing." Shi Hao shook his head. He believed that Xi Xia did not know what had just happened. It was definitely a Heavenly deity that tried to investigate him. 

"You have to carefully cultivate in isolation. My Celestial Clan will create a dao protector position for you. Recently a few experts from other great sects arrived, but my clan's Heavenly deities won't compromise and will protect you," True deity Xi Xia said.

Shi Hao finally understood why those Heavenly deities pried into his primordial spirit. It was because they felt the outside world's pressure and wanted to obtain the Lightning Emperor's immortal scriptures ahead of time.

"I've entered a desperate situation…" He said softly. This was the greatest crisis since entering the higher realms. 

He walked along the lake and released a soft sigh. He encountered Yun Xi in the Blood Plains, wishing to save her life, yet in the end he put himself in such a dangerous situation. 

Shi Hao reflected on himself. It really was difficult to be a good person. He originally had good intentions, slaughtering along and escorting her for hundreds of thousands of li, yet in the end, he put himself in danger. 

In the following two days, a few other great sects appeared. They all came to pay the Celestial Clan a visit, among them including Immortal Mountain, Demonic Sunflower Garden, Heavenly Country, and other sects. 

This made the Celestial Clan feel pressured. They had no choice but to reconsider. 


Suddenly, a bell sounded. Another guest came. 

This time, it wasn't a creature, but a bell that was accompanied by chaotic energy. It was simple-looking and mysterious. It appeared in the City of Heaven and faced the Heavenly deities.

"It's him!" The Celestial Clan's Heavenly deities were shocked.

Shi Hao was shocked as well. He heard the bell sound and raised his head towards the heavens. Then, his mind was greatly shaken. It was because he had seen this bell in the lower realm before, understanding that his was a chaotic magical artifact of the higher realms. It was at the very forefront of precious artifacts. 

In the past, even the Willow Deity had trouble with this bell!

"I wish to borrow the Lightning Emperor's scriptures." The great bell was long and drawn out, releasing a clear voice that rippled outwards. Its user didn't descend and merely sent out this voice.

The Celestial Clan shivered inwardly. This immortal bell was too unordinary, grasped by an unmatched expert. If it fully displayed its power, perhaps it could destroy the Celestial Clan's great chaotic formation. 

There were two characters on the bell, the first: without!

The second character was extremely indistinct and impossible to make out. It released an ancient aura of great changes.

Then, the great bell disappeared from the City of Heaven. The expression of the experts of the Celestial Clan were definitely not pleasant. 

More and more people came from different sects. It made their minds extremely heavy. If they wanted to leave Huang behind, they would most likely end up bringing a huge calamity onto themselves.

"Underworld Earth's representative was perhaps right. Our clan cannot possess the golden sheet alone." A Heavenly deity sighed and said. 

"Hold on, just now, the bone mirror reflected Huang's true appearance, but it didn't discover two golden sheets on his body." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo frowned. Could it be that it could only be obtained from Origin Sky Secret Realm?

In reality, regardless of whether it was the two golden sheets or the True Primordial Record, Shi Hao left them all with Grandpa Fifteen, having him comprehend them. He didn't bring them out with him. The most valuable things on him was the pill furnace containing the immortal earth and heavenly river, as well as the thoroughly rusted tattered armor. 

Within Celestial Clan's ancient palace, one of the Heavenly deities was suddenly shaken, saying to himself, "I remember! Could it be him?"

Even though he was a Heavenly deity, right now, his face still revealed exceptional shock. It didn't match the dignity and solemness of a Heavenly deity. 

"It truly is a miracle! It's actually him!" This Heavenly deity said to himself. He had previously paid attention to a few matters.

"What are you talking about?" Qi Tuo and the others looked at him.

This Heavenly deity was extremely excited as he said, "Do you know who he is? He came from the lower realm and used to have a great name!"

He had previously inspected Yun Xi's grandfather's sea of consciousness, and from this learned about the lower realm. He had seen this youth. When the bone mirror revealed his true appearance, he felt that it was familiar, and now, he finally remembered.

"He previously foiled Underworld Earth, Heavenly Country, Immortal Mountain, and even slaughtered seven deities in the lower realm, stirring up quite the chaos in the higher realms!"

"What? You are saying that he came from the lower realm?" Qi Tuo and the others were shocked. They asked him for details. 

That Heavenly deity saw through Shi Hao's true body and origins. This immediately made the group of people reveal looks of shock. It was difficult for them to calm down. 

"The Kun Peng technique… is on his body?"

"Apart from this, he also has his own innate reincarnation precious technique!"

Even these Heavenly deities' voices began to tremble. They originally thought that he only had the Lightning Emperor technique, but they never expected that he would also have the Kun Peng precious technique. This was too shocking!

"We cannot expose his identity! Even if we truly have to hand him over, he will just be Huang and not the lower realm Shi Hao!" A Heavenly deity released a downcast voice.

The atmosphere of the City of Heaven became more and more nervous. The Old Celestial had never came out of isolation. The great Heavenly deities couldn't discuss things or even make reports to him. 

That day, Shi Hao was shaken. Blood flowed from the corners of his lips and the space between his brows cracked. The Flying Immortal stone dropped onto the ground, releasing a peng sound.

"What is wrong? You are injured?" True deity Xi Xia was shocked.

Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu revealed looks of surprise. If it was the Flying Immortal stone that inflicted injuries onto him, then the effects would be extremely serious. In the past, the Celestial Clan's most stunning geniuses were severely injured because of the Flying Immortal stone, using up close to a hundred years of their lives to recover from their great dao injuries as a result. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything and carefully searched around.

During these past few days, he felt like it was harder and harder to trigger immortal melody, because the immortal dao energy within his body was used up. It had finally reached its limit. 

The only fortunate thing was that the Hand of heaven's symbols were vaguely engraved in his flesh. If he was given time, he would definitely be able to reconstruct it. 

Only now, it was a bit troublesome. He was injured. However, he didn't feel like it was as severe as it was before.

It was clear that in the eyes of the Celestial Clan, this was a huge matter. It was because a tragedy had happened in the past!

"What? He was injured?"

Within the ancient palace, the great Heavenly deities received a report.

"Regardless of whether the injury is light or heavy, it means that he cannot stir up immortal melody any longer. His dao comprehension ends here. Is this heaven's will? Let us make our decision. 

In the Celestial Clan's opinion, injuries to the great dao were extremely terrifying. Even if it was a light injury, it would take years to heal from. 

In addition, the pressure they were facing from outsiders was becoming greater and greater. Their opinions were already swaying a long time ago, to the extent where they didn't even want to examine the severity of his injuries. They used this to directly make a decision.

Shi Hao wiped away the blood stain. He stood up, made his way around the azure lake and arrived in the street. He had a premonition that things were about to turn bad.


Right at this moment, the sound of space tearing sounded in the skies. Terrifying auras pervaded the air. Several Heavenly deities descended. 

Not far out, Yun Xi and You Yu saw them arriving together as well, just in time to see the Heavenly deities take action to capture Shi Hao.

"Old ancestors, what are you all doing?" Yun Xi was shocked and hurriedly asked. 

You Yu revealed a look of shock. He walked together with Yun Xi and looked over.

"Yun Xi, one sometimes knows a person for a long time without understanding their true nature. Sometimes, what you see is often not the truth." A Heavenly deity spoke.

"Old ancestor, I don't know what you are trying to say!" Yun Xi was confused. 

"This person not only tricked you, he tricked all of us. He is not just Huang. He has another identity." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo said.

Then, he activated the heavenly deity magical chains to destroy Shi Hao's seventy-two transformation, revealing his true appearance.

"What? It's you!" Yun Xi cried out in alarm. She found this impossible to believe. Wasn't this youth dead? How did he end up becoming Huang and arrive in the higher realms?

"You… for the sake of hiding yourself, you didn't tell me your true identity?!" Yun Xi asked. 

"This person's heart is treacherous, with everything being fake. He purposely hid his true appearance," said You Yu. 

"I didn't say anything, but was still captured by your Celestial Clan. If I said everything, perhaps things would be even worse for me." Shi Hao ridiculed and looked towards them. 

"He hid his true appearance, plotted greatly to enter my Celestial Clan, harboring evil intentions." A Heavenly deity spoke in a cold and detached manner.

Towards this, Shi Hao revealed a look of contempt. "So this is the Celestial Clan?"

Even though he knew that because he had precious scriptures, and grasped unmatched precious techniques, there would be a great disaster if his identity was exposed, but it was still difficult for him to dispel the negative emotions he was currently feeling. He could only sigh. 

"Why didn't you tell me that… you were Shi Hao?" Yun Xi spoke with a trembling voice.

"You clearly used Yun Xi, using her relationship to enter my Celestial Clan. Your schemes really are great! How laughable it is that I actually brought you to the City of Heaven before," said Heavenly deity Qi Tuo.

"I fought bloody battles, escorting you for hundreds of thousands of li. Ask yourselves honestly, what falseness is there in this? This is the repayment that you all have for me?!" Shi Hao's voice was extremely loud. His eyes were clear as he looked at everyone. 

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