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Chapter 725 - Difficult, Dangerous Situation

He was Huang, the one who had the Lightning Emperor's immortal scripture, the golden sheet. Right now, he was in the City of Heaven! Everyone revealed looks of shock. 

The palace was silent. Mists curled about. Several Heavenly deities sat on praying mats, indistinct and powerful. No one opened their mouths to say anything. It was incredibly quiet.

"How could this be?!" Yun Xi's purple hair was smooth and glossy, her sparkling charming face full of shock. The Mo Xi she had traveled with this entire time was actually Huang. He had this other identity!

You Yu had an imposing appearance. His eyes shone brightly as he stared at the calm youth in front of him. This was Huang? The one that had killed exceptional talents, and killed a War King was actually like this.

Within the palace, the atmosphere was extremely tense and heavy.

Shi Hao stood there, waiting for the result. He knew that things would be extremely dangerous now that he exposed his identity. No matter which great sect it was, it would be difficult for them not to be enticed. 

After all, the Lightning Emperor's magic was known as a heavenly technique, an immortal scripture that regulated the world in heaven's place, passing divine judgment on this world. It was the most terrifying thing. Even forbidden existences would feel moved.

"Where do you come from? What sect are you from?" One of the Heavenly deities surrounded by mists spoke calmly without any fluctuations in his voice. The chaotic mist within the palace was hazy. There was a great pressure here.

"I came from the uninhabited forbidden depths outside the three thousand provinces." Shi Hao replied. Currently, he calmed himself down, his eyes not revealing a trace of ripple as he gazed at the Heavenly deities. 

When these words were spoken, there wasn't a single one among the higher level figures of the Celestial Clan who weren't shaken. However, as Heavenly deities, they preferred not to show joy or anger on their faces. They still looked calm, but great waves were stirring about within their hearts.

This youth came from that terrifying uninhabited region? They harbored suspicions and attached exceptional value to this.

It was because that place represented the strange, powerful, frightening, and mysterious. It was full of unknowns and terror. Not even the Celestial Clan would be so great as to believe they could subdue a place like that. 

"Are there inheritances in the uninhabited region?" A Heavenly deity spoke, not revealing any human emotion. 

"My clan resides within, but I cannot talk about it." Shi Hao continued to remain neither servile nor overbearing as he responded to the Heavenly deity's question. Now that things had reached this point, he had no choice. He could only use this name as a shield, because perhaps that was the only way he could protect himself. 

Yun Xi found this hard to believe. Her beautiful face was full of shock. The youth she had travelled hundreds of thousands of li with was actually so mysterious. 

Inside the palace, those Heavenly deities became silent, not speaking for a long time. None of them could calm themselves down.

In the archaic era, the Celestial Clan was extremely glorious. There were six great celestials that appeared in this world, establishing an Emperor Clan and ruling the word. All people respected them. It was precisely these six great experts that brought them endless glory, but after they entered that boundless uninhabited area, the unexpected happened!

Regarding the six great celestials, whenever their names were brought up, who wouldn't respect them, who wouldn't feel fear? That was an undefeated legend! However now, only a single one returned alive. The other five were nowhere to be seen. 

Inside the palace, the great Heavenly deities were silent. How could they not attach great importance to this? If what this youth said was true, then they had to treat him seriously. They couldn't rashly make decisions.

This might perhaps be an incredibly important event!

"Coming from that region, do you feel that it is any different from the outside world?" A Heavenly deity asked, his gaze deep as he stared at the youth below him. 

Shi Hao trembled inwardly. Were they trying to test him? He knew that there was no way he could make them believe him with just a single sentence, nor could it intimidate them. These people were full of experiences, their eyes and eyelashes clear, not easy to deceive. 

"The ancestor has instructed me not to say anything regarding that place," Shi Hao said. It was because he truly didn't know, while the Celestial Clan had an old ancestor that returned alive, so he should more or less know a bit. If he tried to say anything more, he would give himself away. 

Shi Hao's mind trembled. He felt like it would be difficult to deal with what would happen today. 

"Mo Xi, you… are Huang?" From the side, Yun Xi spoke. She was beautiful and stunning, her entire body sparkling and shining. Her skin was snow-white and translucent. Only, right now, her expression was complicated. 

"I am!" Shi Hao nodded.

Yun Xi opened her mouth, but she didn't say anything. They had travelled together all this time, yet she didn't even know his true identity.

Then, the Heavenly deities asked a few more questions. They did not casually smile and instead spoke with awe and solemness. They made it feel like it was a bit difficult to breathe here.

Shi Hao replied the questions one after another with a calm expression. 

"Alright, you may leave." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo spoke, having him depart from the palace. This place entered a state of silence.

Shi Hao stared blankly. Everyone led him out from this important holy land. He walked quite far away, not showing any expression this entire time, revealing neither joy or anger. 

In the palace, the Heavenly deities talked among themselves. They were all discussing and thinking about what to do. 

"Do you all believe his words?" Qi Tuo asked.

"Naturally not." One of them carried an indifferent smile.

The others nodded. Their expressions all relaxed. They didn't believe Shi Hao came from the uninhabited region. They understood some actual truth. 

On the side, the three young supreme beings were shocked. They all revealed looks of surprise. They began to ask the Heavenly deities for guidance. How did they come to this decision?

Qi Tuo indifferently said, "Forget about the performance in Origin Sky Secret Realm, as well as how those sect masters have all said that he is a loose cultivator, just as a Heavenly deity myself, how can I be deceived so easily? I naturally have my own divine senses for judgment."

This was a Heavenly deity's intuition. They carefully thought to themself, and they always felt, through their divine senses, that Shi Hao's words were not true. 

"Daring to deceive you all, that is equivalent to disrespecting Heavenly deities," You Yu frowned. 

"What type of attitude should we use exactly, to deal with him?" A Heavenly deity spoke. This was a difficult topic. The Heavenly deities were all internally conflicted. How were they supposed to treat this youth?

The LIghtning Emperor immortal scripture could not be passed up on. They wanted to obtain it. This type of unmatched secret method would be extremely beneficial for even the ancient ancestor, the Old Celestial. Perhaps he could advance a step further. 

In addition, this youth's aptitude was quite shocking as well, able to make Immortal Palace inheritor suffer greatly. He truly was formidable. If they could nurture him and make him the Celestial Clan's protector, the value was too great.

"I feel like we must obtain the clan's bone lens to observe him and see the truth." A Heavenly deity said.

Some people nodded, expressing their agreement. "Perhaps we should let him first study the method of immortal melody in isolation. We can discuss this a bit later."

It was clear that they cared quite a lot about Shi Hao borrowing the Flying Immortal stone to comprehend the unrivaled method. They wanted to understand and obtain its secrets.

"It will give him time, and give us time as well. There is no need to urgently make a decision. Before then, we can communicate less with him. If he is willing to stay behind, what is so bad about cultivating him into a dao protector?" A Heavenly deity said.

The others nodded. This was a mature and dependable suggestion.

If that was the case, they could foster this youth, giving him time to rise up to power and ultimately become an extremely powerful individual who could overlook dozens of provinces. This would definitely bring the Celestial Clan endless benefits. 

"Alright, then let's go with this for now. We will have him comprehend the Flying Immortal stone first. That precious technique and the Lightning Emperor's immortal scripture are both extremely important." On this topic, their opinions were more or less the same.

"There is one point where we have to be on our guard about. He is obedient now, but if he feels hatred in the future, once he grows up, it might be a disaster." When these great Heavenly deities were leaving, someone said this. 

Everyone nodded, shivering a bit inwardly.

Shi Hao returned to the small lakeside residence. Only after a long time did he calm down. He didn't know what would happen, how the Celestial Race would treat him, or what kind of decisions they would come to.

However, everything was peaceful, as if nothing had happened yet. True deity Xi Xia told him that he didn't need to think too much and to just focus on his comprehension and cultivation. 

Shi Hao was speechless. He realized that a difficult and dangerous situation was impending. The peace was going to be shattered. His peaceful days in the Celestial Clan were about to reach their end. 

He knew that the Celestial Race cared greatly about his current comprehension and even more so wanted to obtain the Lightning Emperor's immortal scriptures. They didn't immediately make a decision and take action because he couldn't escape. As long as he was inside the City of Heaven, they had more than enough time to demand for those things.

"Perhaps there are still some who are thinking of fostering my growth so I can resist those Emperor Clans' experts, right?" He said to himself. 

Shi Hao entered a state of meditation, recovering himself to his most calm and optimal state. He silently thought to himself for a long time, and in the end, he began to comprehend the Hand of heaven.

After that day, no one came to disturb Shi Hao, giving him a peaceful cultivation environment. Even those young celestials that tried to stir up trouble didn't appear. 

Shi Hao didn't think about anything else. He only focused on the techniques and dao. 

"Reporting, there are War Race experts that have appeared in the outer region of my Celestial Race." Several days later, someone reported, informing the higher level figures of the Celestial Clan about some news.

"Yi, could it be that they still want to fight us, coming to the Heaven Province, entering our domain? They should forget about being let off lightly this time!" A True deity sneered. 

Then, a few powerful experts came out and personally investigated. They understood the true meaning of this event. Could it be that a war was truly going to break out?


Soon after, heavenly drums sounded, startling the Heavenly deities.

"Why are the drums sounding?" Qi Tuo appeared, his expression grave.

Soon after, other great Heavenly deities descended. They all look forward at those few True deities. 

"Seniors, things are not good. Heavenly deities from the War Clan have appeared." 

A True deity spoke with a pale face. They captured traces of Heavenly deities and felt that things were taking a turn for the worse. They immediately hurried over to give a report.

"It seems like they can't sit still any longer and came for Huang!" Qi Tuo said. 

The one that killed a War King from the War Race was Huang. Regardless of what aspect one looked at this from, there was no way they would take this matter lying down. The first was for revenge, and the second was to obtain the unrivaled precious technique he had. 

Now, the War Clan's people finally arrived, revealing their whereabouts. 

"Coming to my Clan's residence, yet you all still want to be let off easily?" A Heavenly deity sneered. Intangible killing intent pervaded the air. They were definitely going to retaliate and kill the War Clan's experts. 

Last time, they were ambushed in the Blood Plains, causing them to suffer greatly. They wanted to get revenge for quite some time already. 

The Celestial Race used to be an Emperor Clan of the higher realms. Even though they had declined since the archaic era, there was still no one who dared to come knocking on their doors. They decided to completely sweep through all intruders.

"Martial uncle, not good, we've discovered the bone boats of other great sects! They are traveling through the void into our Celestial Clan's territory. There are Heavenly deities overseeing them!" Someone returned and suddenly reported. 

Everyone stared blankly, and then they frowned. Even Qi Tuo and the other higher level figures' eyes were intimidating as they gazed into the distance. 

Soon after, someone reported that a Heavenly deity level warship appeared a hundred thousand li out. There were powerful experts wishing to enter the City of Heaven and obtain an audience.

"I understand. The War Clan released information. They don't dare go all out against my clan, and instead came to pressure us together with a few great clans." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo came to this conclusion. 

  The Heavenly deities already understood what was happening. A difficult and dangerous situation had arrived. The Celestial Clan's residence was definitely going to go through a storm, one that would be difficult to calm. 

Those people all came for Huang, for the immortal scripture!

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