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Chapter 727 - Prisoner

"Human hearts are all made of flesh. What about the hearts of your Celestial Clan?" Shi Hao roared. 

He had a wave of resentment within him that couldn't be easily dispelled. He escorted Yun Xi for hundreds of thousands of li, fighting great battles along the way, almost dying himself in the process, yet he was being treated by the Celestial Clan like this.

He couldn't find it within himself to ever do something like this. If someone treated him kindly, he would do everything he could to express gratitude, but right now, the other party was going to capture him, throwing mud in his face all for his precious techniques. 

You Yu had a head of purple hair, bright and thick. His eyes were clear, his body's symbols faintly visible, and he had an extraordinary and divine temperament. At this moment, he calmly said, "The human heart is sinister. This is the best explanation for your human race. You were acquainted with Yun Xi, so why are you not willing to reveal your true appearance? Doing everything you could to hide yourself, you understand what you are plotting in your heart the clearest."

"Laughable, shameless, ridiculous. There is only us here, so why are you all still putting on these final pretense? Just directly slaughter over if you don't have any sense of shame! Is there a need to say all of this?!" Shi Hao berated. 

"Capture him. We'll know everything after a bit of investigation." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo spoke indifferently.

"What a sorry reason and excuse. You all really have nothing else to say." Shi Hao calmed down. He didn't want to say too much either.

"Old ancestor, please retract the order!" Yun Xi pleaded. 

Regardless of whether it was the lower realm or higher realms, Shi Hao had saved her life. Right now, she needed herself to stand out. She didn't want to see anything bad happen to him.

"Yun Xi, you feel like he saved you, but in reality, he had set up a huge scheme against my Celestial Clan. You cannot let your emotions affect your decisions." Qi Tuo spoke. His expression was solemn as he spoke these meaningful and heartfelt words. 

"But…" Yun Xi wanted to say something, but she was immediately stopped by a Heavenly deity. 

"Just withdraw." A Heavenly deity waved his sleeve, and then a gust of wind rose, bringing Yun Xi and You Yu into the distance. The corners of their clothes fluttered about. It was as if these two were walking on water. 

"You Yu, accompany Yun Xi for a walk. It is best if you both go into isolation cultivation. It is enough for this person to be handed over to a specialist to deal with. You two do not need to pay any attention to this." A Heavenly deity spoke.

At the limits of the horizon, as soon as Yun Xi wanted to open her mouth and turn back, she was pulled back by You Yu. "Let's go. Do not feel dispirited for this type of person, and there is even less of a need for more words. The clan will naturally carry out justice."

Meanwhile, an old man appeared that steered a bone boat. Symbols pervaded the air, surrounding the two people, bringing them to a sealed off place.

"Little friend, do you have anything else to say?" A Heavenly deity asked.

Shi Hao remained silent. He had nothing else to say to them. He didn't want to give them another look. 

"Little friend, there is nothing absolute in life. My Celestial Clan does not want to kill endlessly either. If you cooperate, we will send you out of the city in the end," Qi Tuo said.

Shi Hao looked into the distant skies and didn't pay him any attention. 

A Heavenly deity waved his hand. They brought Shi Hao through the air, and then they arrived in that ancient place. The defenses here were extremely strict. It was difficult for outsiders to take half a step inside. 

"You are still young, so why do you have to make things difficult for yourself? Leave behind a path for yourself, this is the best route." A higher level figure from the Celestial Clan that was sitting on a praying mat said. 

"Don't you all just want the precious techniques?" Shi Hao sneered. What is the point in discussing things? They were just going to return to this problem.

Qi Tuo and the others' faces were calm and natural without the slightest bit of embarrassment or unpleasantness. They didn't treat these words of ridicule as anything. They looked at him with calm smiles. 

"Little friend, you are a sensible person. With your aptitude, with enough time, you will definitely rise up in the higher realms. Why do you have to make things so difficult for yourself?" One person sighed.

"Your words are all pretty sounding. If you all want my precious technique, then just directly take action," Shi Hao said. 

One person frowned. They long understood from the bone mirror that Shi Hao set a restriction on his primordial spirit. Once they forcibly tried to pry into his sea of consciousness, it would definitely self-destruct. 

If not for this, they would have long taken action. Why would they wait so long?

"Detain him!" Qi Tuo waved his hand and put away his smile. His face fell, having people bring him down. 

The palace became quiet. They had to quickly open Shi Hao's primordial spirit and obtain everything. Otherwise, bad things happened the longer people waited. After all, there were many great sects outside. 

"There are a few methods to seize his primordial spirit imprint, but it needs time for preparation." One person spoke.

"The most dependable method is awakening the old ancestor. With his powerful divine will and omnipotent 'six heavens' level divine ability, it isn't a problem at all," someone said. 

They understood well that Shi Hao definitely used the Lightning Emperor's technique, Kun Peng technique, and others to support his sea of consciousness. It was precisely this type of unmatched taboo secret methods that prevented them from rashly trying to break in. 

This youth was extremely unyielding. If he self destructed here, then they would lose everything.

"Create a great soul formation. Together with my clan's secret treasure, we can easily break through, and it won't damage the primordial spirit imprint," someone else said. 

This type of formation was extremely ruthless. As long as someone was sent inside, it was the same as destroying them. Only the divine sense imprint would remain with the flesh and everything else completely obliterated.

"En, together with the damaged six dao natural laws my clan possesses, we'll let him be 'reborn' in the great soul formation." Someone laughed coldly and spoke even more directly. 

"Good!" Everyone nodded.

All of this needed time for preparation, because these were ruthless methods, or more accurately called torture. All types of secret treasures, formations, and other things were needed. 

"Find a few people to investigate him in case he still has some more tricks," someone said.

The other Heavenly deities agreed. Then, this place became quiet. 

Underneath the divine palace was an underground black prison, and those incarcerated were all the felons imprisoned with the terrible crimes. Every single one of them had extraordinary backgrounds, some from this clan, some from outside this clan.

The worst of them were True deity level. Otherwise, they didn't have the qualifications to be sent here.

That day, a young prisoner was sent inside, drawing the attention of many great vicious individuals. They all revealed looks of shock. It was just a youth, so how did he have the qualifications of being locked up here?

"Youngster, it is still best if you think things through and tell us a bit earlier. Otherwise, there won't be a good end for you." The elder that was in charge of sending him here said with an extremely cold voice. 

Shi Hao ignored him. He didn't want to say anything. 

"If you hesitate, things are only going to be worse for you. Do you see that cage?" The elder pointed towards a pitch black ancient cage sealed with iron strips. There were even more mysterious magical chains surrounding it that released a deep and chilly aura. 

"There is a Quasi-heavenly deity locked up here, one that is a step away from reaching that cultivation realm. He has been imprisoned for over ten thousand years. He is quite fond of doing it with men, so if you don't know what is in your best interest, I don't mind sending you inside," said the elder.

"Get lost!" Shi Hao couldn't help but shout.

"Are you challenging my authority?" This prison head elder was at the True deity level himself. At this moment, his face fell, and he stared coldly at Shi Hao. 

"Hehe… has fresh meat been sent in?" A powerful voice sounded from the black prison. An indistinct shadow appeared at the entrance of the cave, tall and intimidating.

It was clear that this was a devil king, an ancient expert that was fond of male homosexuality, as well as an extremely cruel individual.

"A youngster that doesn't know how to appreciate favors!" The prison head looked coldly at Shi Hao and revealed a mouthful of snow white teeth. Then, he grabbed him by the collar and carried him towards the black prison. 

"I really like this type of soft skin and tender flesh, but prison head, you aren't that bad either, can't be considered that old. Why don't you come in together? This old man can pass onto you the greatest method." A loud and clear laughter sounded from within the ancient cave.

"Hurry up and go learn some great method from that devil king," Shi Hao laughed coldly and said.

"Youngster, you are bringing trouble on yourself." The prison head gave him a hateful look. He arrived in front of the ancient cave and indicated that he was going to throw Shi Hao inside. 

Shi Hao didn't reveal fear. Instead, his eyes were ice-cold as he said, "You want to humiliate me? At worst, I die. Meanwhile, once the clan's Heavenly deities find out, you can't even die even if you want to."

The prison head's expression was sinister. He truly wanted to send him into the ancient cave, but when he thought about the clan's higher level's repeated warnings, he still didn't dare act randomly.

"Little bastard, you will regret it!" The prison head said coldly. 

Shi Hao didn't pay him any attention, showing disdain beneath contempt. 

"Prison head youngster, hurry and send him over!" The existence in the ancient cave urged. 

The prison head released a cold snort, and then he carried Shi Hao away. 

"Hou…" A terrifying roar sounded from the ancient cave. When he roared, the nearby cells rose and fell in succession. A few powerful experts were roaring together.

There were even Heavenly deities!

Shi Hao was shocked. This place really was terrifying, imprisoning even Heavenly deities. He couldn't help but look towards that direction. Then, his mind was even more moved. He loudly sent a message. 

"Everyone, I am sure all of you are quite curious why I was sent here. It is because I obtained the Lightning Emperor's immortal scriptures. The Celestial Race is shameless, wishing to force me to hand it over…"

Shi Hao sent this out with his divine will, so it was naturally many times faster than speaking with his mouth, completing everything in an instant. He informed many of the prisoners that if they could break out, he was willing to give them this greatest precious technique.


The underground black prison swayed as if it was about to break apart. All types of auras pervaded the air. It was incomparably terrifying.

An uproar broke out as soon as Shi Hao arrived, making the prison head's face turn pale, and at the same time, making him incomparably angry. The only thing that reassured him was that the underground black prison was sturdy and undying. No one could break out.

"Youngster, are you looking for trouble?" The old guard carried him, bringing him into a stone room. With a peng sound, he closed the walls. 

Shi Hao didn't want to say too much to him. This type of expression made the prison head furious. It was just a youth, yet he actually treated him with such disdain. It was unendurable.


He brought out a sharp metal sword and directly pierced towards Shi Hao's chest. With a pu sound, bloody light flashed. Blood splashed outwards. He was pierced through. 

The prison chief smiled sinisterly. "Do you think I don't dare deal with you? As long as it doesn't go to far, suitable punishment is still permitted. You ended up in my hands, yet you still dare provoke me! I advise you to tell me everything you should tell me, or else you will regret coming into this world!"

A cold chill blew in. The stone room was full of bloody odor.

Several esteemed guests entered the City of Heaven. Drums beated simultaneously, and several Heavenly deities personally went out to greet them. It was an extremely grand matter. 

The one that led the guests was a middle-aged man who had a good-looking face, only, his eyes were ancient and deep. He had an imposing and impressive appearance and an upright and tall body. Chaotic energy curled about him, and there was five-colored multicolored light accompanying him. 

This person was divine and imposing. He was clearly standing there, yet it made others feel as if he had transcended this world and did not belong to this secular realm. He never released divine force, yet the Celestial Clan's great Heavenly deities all felt like they were inferior. 

"I've met Peacock Divine Lord before." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo and the others were a bit overly cautious. 

If Shi Hao was here, he would definitely recognize the person next to the Peacock Divine Lord. He was a former acquaintance. Right now, a pair of thief-like eyes were roaming everywhere. 

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