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Chapter 724 - Identity Leaked

Heavenly deities came out! The effects of this were huge. 

However, unexpectedly, Shi Hao wasn't summoned. He instead stayed peacefully in his residence. Xi Xia told him to comprehend the dao at ease, that he didn't have to worry about anything else. 

It was clear that she hoped that Mo Xi would obtain immortal melody's assistance and comprehend the unmatched secret method, then hand it over to the Celestial Clan. 

The Celestial Clan's younger generation were in despair. The higher levels of the clan didn't deal with Shi Hao, and instead 'doted' on him, having people specially guarding the vicinity of the lake and preventing others from coming close. 

Soon after, everyone concentrated their attention on another matter. Yun Xi and the other three great geniuses came out of isolation, successfully merging with the heaven's mandate stone and thus walking on the unmatched path.

The effects of this were extremely great. There were six great celestials during the archaic era, and they ended up establishing their clan as a higher realm Emperor Clan. Now, these people showed up again, even though they were just seeds right now!

What was a bit regretful was that there were four of them before, but one of them was killed along the way. Fortunately, even though another one was seriously injured, he was still treated. 

A sensation broke out today!

The appearance of the three geniuses made them temporarily forget about everything else. They stood at the sides of the road, calling out to them. This represented hope and glory. Perhaps they could once again lead the Celestial Clan to ruling the world!

Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu's expressions were complicated. When they saw the three great experts that everyone was watching, especially that purple-clothed girl, it was difficult for them to hide their disappointment.

In the past, Yun Xi was like them, not becoming well-known because of her fighting strength or cultivation, but instead from her gorgeous appearance. She was ranked within their three pearls. 

Now, the heaven's mandate stone changed everything for her!

There was a ruined stone in the clan called heaven's mandate that could test the younger generation for potential, and whether they could truly merge with the true heaven's mandate stone.

Through this test, she, together with a large group of people, headed for the mysterious land, ultimately standing above the others and merging with the divine stone. From here on out, her path would be completely different. 

In reality, this wasn't all that rare. The Celestial Race were extremely special. They were divided into two stages, man and heaven. They might not be that amazing in the man stage, but when they reached heaven, they might erupt with potential!

After obtaining the heaven's mandate stone and completely merging with it, it meant that these three would have endless potential. Their heaven stage would definitely shock past and present. 

As for their previous foundation, it wasn't an issue at all. Man to heaven was originally a rebirth process. All of the path that had been treaded upon would be 'rectified'. 

Starting again from the beginning was precisely the first step of the road from man to heaven!

The man stage wasn't important, what was important was that after stepping on this path, after the rebirth process, they would truly surge with the brilliance the heaven stage ought to have. 

How could Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu not be dejected? Someone who was originally equally famous had now become one of the clan's most important members. 

Yun Xi's appearance was not inferior to theirs, also an exceptional beauty. However, her status and future accomplishments would advance unprecedentedly, far outstripping their own. 

In the future, Yun Xi would rule over the world under heaven, becoming someone in a different world from them.

At this moment, everyone in the Celestial Clan looked towards Yun Xi. Her purple clothes fluttered about, her hair soft and glowing. Her forehead was sparkling white, her beautiful eyebrows curbed. Her large eyes were like gemstones, precious lips bright, body graceful and slender; her entire body was outstandingly gorgeous like a fairy that had just walked out from a painting. She was just too beautiful 

In addition, there now a charm to her body that separated her from the masses. This was the result of merging with the heaven's mandate stone, obtaining the heavens' approval, the world's wisdom. It could now be said that she possessed a magnificent style unmatched in her generation!

Many from the Celestial Clan's younger generation stared absentmindedly. Their eyes were fixed on her, feeling a type of shame in their inferiority.

Apart from Yun Xi, the other two were male. They similarly drew people's attention. 

One of the others was similar to Yun Xi, they couldn't be considered particularly powerful among the young celestials, but this time, because of their great destiny, rose up, obtaining the heaven's mandate stone and merging with it.

As for the other person, he was even more dazzling. He also had a head of purple hair like Yun Xi, bright and glowing like a waterfall. There was a unique divine aura to him. This was an extraordinary male.

His name was You Yu. His figure was tall and slender, sturdy like a dragon. His skin was sparkling and brilliant, looking like an immortal that descended into the secular world. His eyes were clear, his eyebrows reaching the temples. He was handsome and heroic in appearance. 

This was the Celestial Clan's most powerful genius. He was an exceptional talent, already shocking originally. Now that he received the heaven's mandate stone's approval, he became even more terrifying, now incomparable!

Many young ladies screamed from both sides of the street, their eyes filled with great splendor. They were all looking towards him, because You Yu was already the number one expert of the Celestial Race before.

After merging with the heaven's mandate stone, his future accomplishments were impossible to assess!

Just like how all the young men were looking at Yun Xi, all of the young women were looking at You Yu. Some people couldn't hide their adoration and cried out from the sides.

Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu sighed. When they saw Yun Xi and You Yu walk together, it really was an ideal combination. Their gaits were identical, walking shoulder to shoulder. They felt a bit of bitterness inside.

They knew that if nothing unexpected happened, this would be like a pair of jade. There was always the tradition that the most powerful and perfect celestials would walk together. 

Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu also felt admiration for You Yu, but now, the two of them were powerless to compete for him. Yun Xi and You Yu's relationship looked so close that it was hard for anyone else to walk between them.

That was why Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu felt a bit dejected, even thinking a few different thoughts. So what if they ended up becoming dao companions with that hateful Mo Xi?

Perhaps solely based on aptitude, Mo Xi shouldn't be inferior to You Yu, right?

The two were immediately frightened. Was this despair? They were actually searching for confidence like this to compare themselves with Yun Xi, even using the relationship they had with that hateful youth?

"What do you all think? Now that our three great young supreme beings came out, can they suppress Mo Xi?" Someone suddenly said.

"They are definitely not inferior to him!" One person said resolutely. He then explained, "The reason why Mo Xi could raise the Flying Immortal stone, based on what a True deity said, is because he has some special undying matter on him."

This information left many people shocked. After understanding more of the details, there wasn't one that wasn't happy. They now regained quite a bit of confidence!

"Regardless, I believe that he definitely isn't You Yu's opponent. My clan's exceptional talent merged with the heaven's mandate stone, so who could compete against him?!"

Many young celestials nodded their heads in agreement. They were previously an Emperor Clan. Once an exceptional talent appeared, that would definitely be an incomparably terrifying thing. Now that he merged with the heaven's mandate stone too, he was fated to dominate all others in his generation. 

"Is Mo Xi really strong?" While walking through the street and being looked at by tens of thousands of pairs of eyes, You Yu spoke. He looked towards the beauty walking with him.

Yun Xi nodded and said, "Extremely strong!"

Everyone was shocked. They never thought that even the three most powerful experts of their generation also mentioned that person. 

"He killed a War King?" The other young man that merged with a heaven's mandate stone spoke up. 

When a few people heard this, they couldn't help but be socked.

When You Yu heard this, he also nodded and said, "I heard that a young War Emperor might appear among this generation of the War Race. I am actually looking forward to this individual's appearance."

His eyes were clear, his style was elegant and confident. His character was outstanding.

The three formed companionships. They originally wanted to see Shi Hao, but they were then told that he was in isolation training and couldn't come out to meet them.

Meanwhile, the higher levels of the Celestial Clan were in discussion. 

"We already came out, so we should meet Mo Xi. He can actually raise the Flying Immortal stone and through it trigger the unmatched scriptures, formidable!"

"He absolutely cannot be disturbed right now. Give him the best dao comprehension environment. No one is allowed to disturb him."

In the mist shrouded palace, several great Heavenly deities spoke with serious expressions. They all favored that outsider youth, hoping that he could obtain the perfect technique in the following days. 

This also meant that the Celestial Race was going to obtain an unmatched inheritance. 

"Everyone, the people who I sent out behind have returned. Perhaps there might be some good news." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo spoke. He clapped his hands, allowing a void figure to enter.

Everyone became interested. It was because this was someone they sent out into the War Clan to understand the truth. 

"Through some special means, we obtained the truth. A young War King was indeed killed in the Blood Plains." The void figure reported.

"The War Clan really is keeping their composure, sealing off all information. News of this has not yet spread to the outside world." A Heavenly deity smiled coldly. They killed a heaven's mandate genius, while the other party lost someone as well. This barely made things even. 

"I also report to great ones that the War Clan sealed all news, because another irregular event happened. The one that killed the War King does not have an ordinary identity," said the void figure.

"Oh? What kind of unordinary?" A Heavenly deity shrouded in the hazy ancient palace who released a powerful pressure asked.

"It is rumored that he is Huang!"

When these words were spoken, the palace hall became quite. Then, an incomparably terrifying aura erupted. It was clear that several Heavenly deities were shocked. 

"It's actually Huang!" A Heavenly deity stood up with a teng sound. His eyes flowed with terrifying luster. Heavenly deity magical chains interweaved in the void.

Even though they were high above everyone else, they still heard this name. In Origin Sky Secret Realm, the young devil king Huang slaughtered young outstanding talents from all areas, killing more than a single exceptional talent and also obtaining the golden sheet. 

As the Celestial Clan, they were naturally informed. The ancient ancestor, the Old Celestial, had said that this might be the Lightning Emperor's inheritance.

"Heh, no wonder the War Clan sealed these news. So it turns out to be like this. I reckon they might take a risk out of desperation and capture the young devil king Huang!" A Heavenly deity spoke.

This was definitely no small matter. The young devil king Huang had a supreme precious technique. Who would try to plot against him?

"He actually appeared in my race! I truly never would have thought of this!" Another Heavenly deity laughed loudly.

"How should we treat this matter?" One of them frowned. 

Huang had a great secret on him. His unmatched precious techniques were world shocking. Who didn't want to capture him and obtain what he had?

Meanwhile, from another point of view, he had previously made Immortal Palace's inheritor suffer a huge loss. His natural aptitude was shocking. If they raised him, he might produce a terrifying intimidation effect. 

"Call him over first. We want to meet with him." A Heavenly deity said. 

Soon after, Shi Hao came out from isolation. He was led into this ancient palace. The people who showed the way were shocked, because normally, few people could enter this place. 

This palace hall was extremely ancient. It was often used for deciding on great matters.

Shi Hao had a bad feeling. Things couldn't be hidden any longer. He entered the mist shrouded ancient palace along the stairs and met the Heavenly deities.

In addition, he found with surprise that Yun Xi and the other two young men were also here. They were allowed to stay on the side and hear secrets. They were being raised as core members of the clan. 

"Who exactly are you?" A Heavenly deity spoke. There was a terrifying dignity to him. He sat on the praying mat, surrounded by a bit of chaotic mist. He was mysterious and powerful.

At this moment, Shi Hao was calm. Since things already reached this state, he remained incomparably calm. "I am Huang!"

"What?" On the side, Yun Xi was shocked. Her beautiful eyes were widened. 

You Yu and the other young supreme being were also shocked, revealing looks of astonishment. They felt that this was inconceivable. This person actually had this kind of identity.

Above, the Heavenly deities were silent. They never thought that he would be so frank, directly exposing his own identity. This place immediately sank into a state of silence. 

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