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Chapter 723 - Oppressive Behavior

True deity Xi Xia found this hard to believe. Her golden magical robe shone, and her head of silver hair fluttered about. She widened her eyes and said with a trembling voice, "How could that be? Why can he come into contact with the immortal scripture?!"

She found this hard to accept. Their clan's most powerful experts couldn't do this, yet this youth could actually hear the sound of scriptures. This was simply outrageous. 

"It is indeed unexpected, but he really is comprehending the method. If it isn't the immortal melody's great dao bone texts, what other explanation is there?" Heavenly deity Qi Tuo said. 

"He has immortal energy and undying matter on him?" Xi Xia revealed a look of shock and asked like this. 

She now already understood that immortal melody, as a rare thing, would not appear to have much value when compared to precious things of the secular world. It was hard to find a second piece of something like this in the entire world. 

It did not have secret methods recorded on its own, but it could carve down this world's natural luck and reveal great dao traces. That was why it could be called an immortal scripture. 

Qi Tuo nodded. He believed that Shi Hao perhaps had a bit of undying matter left on him. 

"If immortal melody is not currently engraving this world's great dao, then it is repairing some damaged technique on this child's body." The Heavenly deity reached this conclusion. 

If it was the former, then it was still easy to explain, because this was where the value of the immortal melody laid. However, if it was the latter, it meant that Mo Xi had some supreme inheritance that, even though was damaged, was currently being made whole. 

Regardless of what side one looked at it from, the meaning was significant. It meant that a type of exceptional precious technique was taking form!

"What kind of backing does this fella have exactly for him to have undying matter?" True deity Xi Xia said to herself. 

Comparatively speaking, Heavenly deity Qi Tuo cared more about the result, caring about the method Shi Hao was currently comprehending. If it was handed to the Celestial Clan, it would be an unmatched inheritance!

"I still find this a bit hard to understand…" Xi Xia was still puzzled how this youth could have obtained immortal energy or undying matter. 

"In this world, there aren't many things that are absolute. Perhaps some type of triggering factor led to the changes that are taking place today, because the Flying Immortal stone had absorbed a bit of undying matter a long time ago." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo said, recalling a few past matters. 

"Your distinguished self is saying…" Xi Xia asked for guidance. 

"In the past, my clan had six great celestials." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo's eyes started to close. He thought back to the ancient past, recalling it fondly, but even more so feeling a sense of regret. 

The Celestial Clan was extremely glorious in the archaic era, its might shaking the three thousand provinces. It was known as a higher realm Emperor Clan, and a golden age was produced. 

Xi Xia was moved. She had also heard a few rumors. Regarding the six great celestials' ultimate end, it was impossible to unravel. Not many people knew about it in the clan. 

Even as a True deity, it was still difficult for her to know about everything. How exactly did they die? That was a taboo topic!

"During our most powerful and glorious time, only rarely did our clan face troubles. We were greatly respected under the heavens." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo's eyes were extremely brilliant, yearning greatly for that time. 

"Where did they go?" True deity Xi Xia asked carefully. Since they were talking about the six great celestials, this was a rare opportunity to ask about them.

Heavenly deity Qi Tuo sighed softly and said, "The six great celestials all ended up entering that vast uninhabited area. Just like that, they left for for millions of years. Five of them never returned." 

This was the reason for the Celestial Clan's decline. Otherwise, if the six great celestials were still in this world, they would still be one of the higher realms' Emperor Clans!

True deity Xi Xia was shaking. Their clan's ancient ancestors actually disappeared like this! 

Of the six great 'man to heaven' unmatched experts, only a single one returned alive. He never mentioned anything about the disasters of the uninhabited area. 

"Back then, they brought immortal melody into the boundless and limitless uninhabited area's depths and discovered a bit of undying matter." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo said, exposing some secrets. 

True deity Xi Hua was shocked. Those six great celestials' plan really was great!

Unfortunately, five of them fell, and only one of them returned alive. This was terrifying to the extreme. One has to understand that back then, six of them moved under the heavens, sweeping through all of their enemies. In the end, they actually had this type of conclusion. 

It was rumored that the three thousand provinces added up all together weren't even a tenth of the total higher realms' territory, while that vast and uninhabited area occupied more than ninety percent. It really was shocking. 

What exactly was there in this unknown region? No one could say for sure. 

"The Flying Immortal stone is too important, able to bring about a sheet of supreme immortal scriptures. He has to stay in our clan." Heavenly deity Qi Tuo ordered after snapping back to reality. 

Five great celestials disappeared, paying this type of price to make immortal melody absorb a bit of undying matter. Even though it was not enough, now, it was actually successfully triggered. They naturally had to cherish this opportunity.

True deity Xi Xia understood. They couldn't allow Shi Hao to leave. 

Shi Hao became this generation's protector. News hadn't been announced publicly yet, only informing him privately. It was because the effects of this were too great. The Celestial Clan had their misgivings. 

However, his current situation was quickly improving. There were people specially designated to protect him, allowing him to peacefully comprehend the method.

During these past few days, Shi Hao obtained tremendous benefits. The hazy radiance scattered out from within the Flying Immortal stone, passing through his arm and entering his body to project symbols. 

In addition, there was a great dao sound that sounded like it came from a yellow bell, ringing by his ears to help him comprehend the dao. 

Through the Flying Immortal stone's help, the symbols became clearer and clearer. He began to understand them one after another, but there was no way he could achieve success overnight. After all, the supreme being bone had already been lost. 

During this process, Shi Hao inspected the inside of his own body, carefully observing the changes that were taking place within him to see exactly what was different, why he could sense the Flying Immortal stone's secret force. 

He discovered that it should be related to him coming into contact with the immortal tomb and Lightning Emperor's two golden sheets. The immortal dao energy within his body had aroused the Flying Immortal stone. 

Soon after, this cultivation concluded. He let the Flying Immortal stone go. 

Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu appeared with reluctant expressions on their faces. Their beautiful, sparkling white faces were filled with unwillingness. Tending to this fella made them extremely, extremely unhappy. 

"This is a cookbook. What do you need?" Red Spider Lily asked emotionlessly. 

"A hundred jin of dragon liver, three plates of phoenix marrow," Shi Hao teased.

"You!" Fu Qu stared at him, feeling more and more like this fella was despicable. He was completely opposite from them in every way. 

The food the Celestial Race prepared for Shi Hao were all extremely shocking. They were all precious medicines, spiritual springs, and others. Any one of them would be extremely precious in the outside world. It was all for the sake of helping him comprehend the dao. 

For example, the purple liquid could cleanse the divine senses and brighten the flesh. It was extremely extraordinary, and normally, one can just forget about touching it. They would never be able to even see it. 

The food were all composed of spiritual medicine essence, great flesh medicine. If his meals were seen by the outside world, jaws would drop to the ground. It was because it was too expensive. 

"What is so good about this thick-skinned fella that Heavenly deity Qi Tuo is caring for him like this?" Red Spider Lily muttered inwardly in discontent. Even she felt speechless when she saw this food. 

For example, that soup actually had a bit of holy medicine. It was slowly refined into a congee. Brilliant colors flowed about. 

Normally, only when Heavenly deities went into isolation cultivation would they be able to enjoy this type of treatment. 

Shi Hao found it difficult to laugh, because these past few days, he had really been treated too well. However, only heaven knew when his identity would be exposed. There was no way to predict what would happen. 

"When are we becoming dao companions?" He looked at the two and purposely frightened them.

The two ladies' faces immediately fell. They really wanted to escape the City of Heaven. If they were urged into the wedding and ended up marrying this most despicable youth, for them, it was truly the most terrifying punishment. 

Just like that, Shi Hao was extremely content during the following days, using the immortal melody to cultivate while having the Celestial Clan's two pearls to help him. He was simply like a rich good-for-nothing. 

"How am I supposed to leave?" When there was no one around him, Shi Hao revealed his worry. He sighed deeply. He didn't have any way out. 

Inside the City of Heaven, all of the young celestials were envious of him. They heard a bit of news. 

"Did you know that the fella that raised the Flying Immortal stone is now being treated like a good-for-nothing, enjoying all types of holy precious medicines?"

"Sigh, it would be fine if that was all, but our clan's two pearls were taken into his house, becoming his exclusive property. How can heaven tolerate this?"

"What? Say that again! Preposterous! He cannot blaspheme our fairies!"

The people in the streets began to become riled up. They were all younger generation celestials. They were incomparably stirred up. 

"Everything I said is true. Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu really are living in his residence. If you don't believe me, you all can go to seek proof!"

These news were truly shocking!

The Celestial Clan favored Mo Xi, giving him precious medicines to help him comprehend the great dao. These things could all be accepted, but this result filled the younger generation with grief and anger. 

That day, news traveled outwards. The younger generation celestials now all knew about this, causing a great disturbance to break out. It was extremely noisy.

"My clan's two exceptional beauties were taken into the home of an outsider brat?"

"Heavens! Just bring down lightning and hack me to death already! What hope is there left in life? This really makes people fall into despair!"

The outside world was in an uproar. 

"Young miss, there are people slandering you!" A servant girl ran over to spread this message. 

"Who? Who is?" Red Spider Lily asked. 

"You'll know if you just walked on the street…" The servant girl didn't dare talk about it. 

Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu got up. As soon as they arrived on the street, chaos immediately broke out. Many young experts surrounded them. 

Soon after, they knew what was happening. They were incomparably embarrassed and resentful. Their public images were completely destroyed. Everyone was discussing this matter. 

"Red Spider Lily, don't be scared, isn't this just an outsider? We'll help you get rid of him. The City of Heaven cannot tolerate his oppressive behavior!"

In the end, the two individuals' faces fell from anger and they stormed off in a huff. 

Of course, this was also done intentionally. They stirred on everyone's resentment to borrow everyone's help in dealing with Shi Hao. They were now already halfway there. 

As expected, the furious crowd of young celestial crowded the streets as they headed towards the azure lake, surrounding Shi Hao's residence. 

"You evil tyrant, return our Celestial Clan's pearls!"

"What right do they have to do this, abusing others in my City of Heaven? Even if you were someone from an Emperor Clan, it's still not enough. My clan won't agree to this!"

Shi Hao felt that this was rather strange. His cultivation was disturbed. He walked out from the fine residence and saw thousands of young Celestial Clan experts. He felt quite wronged. 

"Get lost from the City of Heaven! There is no place here for you!"

"You little brat actually dare to do whatever you please here, bullying my clan's people. I want to challenge you right here and banish the vile evil you are!"

When Shi Hao heard these shouts, he immediately looked at everyone with contempt. 

"Staying together with my dao companions, what does that have to do with you all?"

This simple sentence seemed to have set off an explosion. Many people wanted to rush over and beat him up together.

Shi Hao gave Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu a look, noticing that the corners of their lips were curled up, realizing that it was them who invited everyone over. He immediately walked over with large steps. 

"Red Spider Lily, Fu Qu, you two come over. Don't throw a tantrum and stoop to their level. Let's go back and make babies!"

When these words were spoken, this place immediately became silent. All of the young celestial opened their mouths, revealing shock, dejection, and despair.

"You scoundrel!" In the end, Celestial Clan's young experts all roared. This place erupted into chaos. 

Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu screamed. This guy was too much of a good-for-nothing! Now, no matter how they tried to explained things, it all seemed blank. It was too hard to clear things up. 

They shouted loudly, but with so many people here, their voices were completely drowned out. The two were embarrassed, angry, and annoyed. They truly wished to directly tear Shi Hao apart. 

Shi Hao took action, and like a ghost, he appeared by their side, dragging them away. His cultivation level was greater than theirs, so they had no way of resisting. 

Everyone became furious. They wanted to attack.

However, in the end, True deity Xi Xia appeared. She roared loudly, subduing everyone and ordering them to leave.

There was no way the disturbance would end just like that. That day, geniuses continuously came and went, coming here to challenge Mo Xi to a decisive battle. 

Shi Hao tossed the Flying Immortal stone by the lakeside, telling anyone that whoever could raise it could challenge him. Otherwise, please keep this place peaceful.

"Too arrogant!" Everyone was resentful, but there was no way, because no one could lift it. 

That day, Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu were so angry they almost spat out blood, wanting to stake it all against Shi Hao. In the end, they weren't his opponent, suppressed together, only proving his 'tyrannical behavior' further. 

"We are not willing to accept this. We want to meet the Heavenly deity!"

"Please ask the ancient ancestor to come out and deliver justice!"

That day, many people cried out.

Unexpectedly, the Heavenly deities all came out!

It was because Yun Xi and the others had finished merging with the heaven's mandate stones, so they didn't need their assistance in protecting them anymore. They all came out together.

Shi Hao sighed. What was inevitable was going to happen. 

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