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Chapter 719 - A Pair of Stunning Pearls

The city had wide streets, bluestone covered ground, and building complexes at both sides of the streets. There were spiritual mountains surging with multicolored clouds resting one after another. It was an extremely unique place. 

The two ladies ran like the wind, crossing through the skies quickly towards the azure lake where Shi Hao resided, towards the fine house inside the bamboo forest. 

"Yi, someone came. There is a unique fragrance. I feel like it should be two young ladies," Shi Hao said. 

The True deity Xi Xia gave him a look that was not that happy, throwing away all of the solemness a deity ought to have and revealed different emotions. She just felt like this youth wasn't that reliable. 

Under the breeze, the green and lush bamboo forest shone. Through the branches, one could see two young ladies quickly approaching, passing above the lakes, their clothes fluttering about.

"Fairy walking over ripples." Shi Hao widened his eyes. When he looked forward, he saw an extremely beautiful scene. Two unmatched beauties were standing on the small azure lake, their beautiful hair dancing about and their eyes clear like water. It was as if immortals descended into this world. 

"Senior, are these the two you mentioned? I… definitely have no complaints!" Shi Hao said extremely directly. 

All of the happiness the old woman felt before was gone. She had complaints, moreover extremely great ones!

These were two young ladies with completely different temperaments. They were both incomparably beautiful.

One of them had red-colored clothes that touched the ground, as if she was a red spider lily, sexy and gorgeous. She carried a mysterious aura, as well as a head of long red hair that scattered behind her snow white neck. 

The other one had otherworldly white clothes and green hair that fluttered about. She was quiet and elegant like a blossoming lotus. As her jade feet touched the surface of the lake, it produced rings of blue ripples, light and skillful as she arrived.

These two were not smiling. They were originally exceptionally beautiful, but now, they were expressionless as they entered the bamboo forest. After showing the old woman an act of respect, they sat down on their own. 

They didn't even give Shi Hao a look. Just now, they obtained news that an extremely 'unreserved' fella had set his eyes on them, so they hurriedly rushed over. 

The two were extremely unsatisfied, because they were always the one that were in control. There had never been had marriage matters pushed onto them, yet recently, there were actually people in the clan that hinted towards them that they should select a dao companion.

It was clear that it was to be this person in front of them.

In these past years, young outstanding talents and heavenly geniuses all visited their gates with great gifts to propose marriage, but they were all refused. Why were they now acting so voluntarily like this?

The two completely ignored Shi Hao and chatted with Xi Xia, not even giving him a look. They sat on the stone blocks while sipping on fragrant tea. It was just like a gathering of heavenly celestials. 

Under this type of strange atmosphere, Shi Hao didn't act embarrassed and instead sized up the two incredible young ladies in front of him. 

He didn't say anything as he stared at them, from their fine facial features down their smooth long hair. He looked at their snow white necks, soft willow waist, long and slender beautiful legs up and down, again and again, nonstop. 

In the end, the two young ladies really couldn't take it anymore. Those invasive eyes were just like little bugs that crawled up and down their bodies. They both glared at him. 

"What are you looking at, pervert?" The fiery red-clothed young lady turned around to look at him. There were flames burning within her beautiful eyes, appearing extremely angry and embarrassed. 

"May I ask for your name?" Shi Hao smiled. 

The red-clothed woman frowned. This fella's skin was too thick, right? Even in this type of confrontation, he actually had the nerve to ask for her name. Light flashed within her eyes. She was becoming more and more discontent. 

"She is one of my Celestial Race's most beautiful pearls, Red Spider Lily[1]." The True deity Xi Xia said.

Shi Hao was speechless. This name… really was fitting. If this woman wasn't so angry, she would be sexy and fierce, brilliant and beautiful like a demonic flower in full bloom. 

"Then I am looking at you, Red Spider Lily," Shi Hao said with a smile, responding to what the young lady said out of rage.

Red Spider Lily stared at him, feeling more and more that this fella's skin was really thick. He was definitely not a good person.

"This one is…" What made Red Spider Lily upset was that the fella who was still smiling and staring at her turned around and changed targets to ask the white clothed woman. 

"Her name is Fu Qu[2], also one of my clan's pearls." The True deity Xi Xia introduced.

Shi Hao was stupefied. They unexpectedly both had flowers as their names, but it really did suit their temperaments. This one was refined and aloof, elegant and not temptatious. 

"When watching from afar, you are brilliant like the multicolored brilliance of a rising sun, but upon closer inspection, you are like a lotus releasing green waves," Shi Hao said. He gifted these words of praise, and then he added, "Beautifully pure, but not overly temptatious."

Fu Qu revealed a faint smile, but there was still an aura of being a thousand li away. She did not show much emotions or response.

"What are you trying to imply?" Red Spider Lily was annoyed, shooting him a look of disdain, "Are you saying that I am too flirtatious?"

"No, you are thinking too much. How could I mock my dao companion?" Shi Hao said, talking drivel. 

When these words sounded, several jaws dropped. 

Red Spider Lily directly stood up, so angry her wonderful body was shaking. Forget about her not agreeing, even if her clansmen did arrange for this, he still couldn't be this direct, right?

Shi Hao became doubtful, expressing his confusion. He looked towards the old woman and said, "Senior, didn't you arrange things? These two are not my dao companions?"

A teng sounded. Even the tranquil and exquisite Fu Qu stood up. Her hair flew about, and the sleeves of her clothes moved about. This fella's skin was too thick!

There was even less of a need to talk about Red Spider Lily. Her cheeks were swollen and she was about to flip out. Her fiery red dress danced about chaotically, and her entire body flowed with scarlet multicolored light. Her sparkling white face was filled with anger. 

She couldn't stay calm. "You want to become dao companions with both of us at the same time?!"

If not for having misgivings about her own conduct, she would have directly screamed. This youngster was too greedy, actually wanting to marry both of them. 

"This shouldn't be the case, right? Senior, could it be that I misunderstood?" Shi Hao gave the True deity Xi Xia an extremely helpless look.

The old woman's face was darker than dark. This youngster's appetite was too great. Was he trying to overturn the skies? She truly wanted to beat the shit out of him!

"How about… just one then." Shi Hao said to himself, a rather unwilling look appearing on his face. He then stared at the two young ladies, looking left and right, as if it was an extremely difficult choice. 

"You!" Regardless of whether it was Red Spider Lily or Fu Qu, they were both about to explode from anger.

On the side, the two maids were laughing so hard they were about to roll on the ground. How could this fella be so amusing? This was too greedy! Could it be that he was a muscle head with no brains, not understanding anything else? He didn't understand the heart of a woman at all!

"It really is a hard choice… why don't you two discuss amongst yourselves, whichever is willing…" Shi Hao looked like he was troubled as he spoke. However, before he finished his sentence, the two beauties immediately shouted together in anger, "You can drop dead!"

The two exceptional beauties stormed off angrily. They were truly angered badly, their bellies full of fury. They had never met such a strange person before in their life!

In these past years, as they became more and more beautiful, their names moved every clan. The number of people that chased after them was too numerous to count, but they were at least all refined and courteous. Which one of those young outstanding talents didn't have outstanding and elegant bearing?

Yet today, they ended up encountering this type of bastard. Their moods were completely ruined. This was just a terrible meeting. 

"Even if he is more powerful than exceptional talents, it's still not enough. He is ridiculously and utterly lacking!" The two beauties left in anger and said hatefully.

"Hey, we already agreed to become dao companions. Now that you two are avoiding this by running away, what are you all treating this matter as?" Shi Hao shouted from behind them. 

"Go die, go die, go die!" The two young ladies shouted, their voices incomparably ear-piercing. Symbols erupted, making waves appear on the azure lake. 

"They have to at least give a reason and give some conditions, right?" Shi Hao muttered. 

"There are no conditions!" Fu Qu said.

"No, there is a condition." Red Spider Lily suddenly turned around and said, "As long as you can raise the Flying immortal stone, then I will agree!"

A flash of light appeared in her eyes. She truly hated this youth bitterly, deciding to have him suffer a great disaster. 

That Flying immortal stone was quite strange. No one in the supreme expert realm could raise it. There were heaven warping geniuses that raised the stone in the past, but in the end, as soon as it passed their shoulders, they were so tired they spat out blood and their arms snapped off. 

In the end, that rare genius injured his dao foundation, and only after several tens of years did he recover. 

The Flying immortal stone was extremely mysterious, and it could even be said to have a demonic nature. There were strange natural laws within that could easily injure one's great dao!

"You two are saying that if I do raise it, then you two will have to become my dao companions." Shi Hao acted cockily there.

"You…" the two exceptional beauties really wanted to give him a beating. This fella really was vile and despicable, persisting with this thought this entire time. 

"Fine, if you can raise it, then it will be as you say. But what if you fail?" Fu Qu asked.

"If I fail, then I'll just choose one dao companion I guess," Shi Hao said nonchalantly. 

"You… are too shameless!" The tranquil and elegant Fu Qu couldn't even take it any longer and harshly lashed out. 

"If you fail, then you have to immediately disappear from the City of Heaven, never allowed to return!" Red Spider Lily said. Her voice carried coldness, and her expression was firm. She gave off an extremely cool and elegant appearance. 

"This… you really are troubling others a bit too much right?" Shi Hao appeared a bit unwilling.

"If you are a man, then you should be straightforward." The two girls incited him. 

"Fine, if I fail, then I'll just get lost. If I succeed, then both of you will become my dao companions, leaving behind quite the story to be told." Shi Hao said.

"Remember your words!" The two girls turned around at the same time, not wishing to stay here a moment later.

"Wait, I just remembered, if I succeed, you should add the other pearl as well, right?" Shi Hao added, shouting loudly. 

The corners of the two maids on the side twitched. They forcefully endured, not daring to laugh out loud. What kind of person was this?

Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu ahead were clearly angered badly by him. They both staggered, almost dropping out from the sky. Their beautiful bodies were trembling.

They resisted the rage within them with great difficulty. Without turning around and their backs towards him, they clenched their fists tightly and through clenched teeth, said, "Fine!"

Then, without even turning back, they left into the distance. If they stayed here any longer, they really would die from anger and ruin their appearances as wise and virtuous ladies. They really would act out violently here.

"You… really ought to be hacked by lightning!" The True deity Xi Xia also stormed off in a huff. 

In her opinion, this youth might be a martial dao genius that was incomparably excellent, but his 'moral quality' was simply awful. 

Of course, she felt that there was another possibility as well. This fella might have some other intentions. When faced with these two beauties, he might actually want the exact opposite. Maybe he had heard that when outstanding talents and heavenly geniuses met these two, they both ended up hitting a wall, so he would rather try something different, first leaving a deep impression with these two pearls to slowly pursue them. However, this was just going too far!

"Sir, the two young misses wanted me to tell you to visit the martial arena in two hours to raise the Flying immortal stone." The pretty maid said softly. 

"I understand." Shi Hao nodded, and then he waved his hand to have them leave. 

At this moment, he already recovered his composure, forming a stark contrast with his previous appearance. His eyes were clear, calm and composed.

"I am but an illustrious name!" Shi Hao sighed. 

He did this because he truly had no way. He wanted to leave immediately, because staying here a day longer would mean more danger.

It was clear that he didn't want to raise the Flying immortal stone. Since they were going to drive him out, he couldn't ask for more. 

However, Shi Hao knew that if a Heavenly deity really wanted him to stay behind, even if he had a falling out with those two girls, it still wouldn't be enough. His little scheme here wouldn't be very effective. 

However, he still didn't want to give up. At the very least, there was a small chance of it happening, so he had to try it. In the end, he really had been forced with no way out.

These two girls' identities were special, and there were likely Heavenly deities behind them, or else why would they dare to act so extreme? Together with their beautiful appearances, it might be able to produce some effects. 

Shi Hao believed that the effects of beauties 'acting out' might produce terrifying results. Together with their backing, there really might be a way to secretly 'chase him out'. 

"I hope they can be of some use and get me out of the City of Heaven. As long as I can leave this place surrounded by this great formation, a bit of time is already enough!" He said inwardly to himself. 

Then, he muttered, "That rock really is strange. I hope nothing strange happens… what do I do if I really do end up raising it?"

1. Chinese pinyin is man zhu sha hua, which is too long imo

2. lotus

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