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Chapter 718 - Living With Wife's Family?

"Dao companion, cultivation, life…" Shi Hao stroked his chin without declaring his intentions. 

"Youth is when one is at their most brilliant. It should be like the rosy clouds of sunrise, the flowers of summer that leave behind their beauty, not the loneliness of autumn filled with bleakness and regret," the old woman sighed with sorrow.

Then, the old woman got up. She did not continue into a deep conversation.

She left behind two young ladies who were pure, refined, and had good looks. They were in charge of tending to Shi Hao's everyday life. 

"She's leaving just like that? She even mentioned dao companions, so what about exceptional beauties? Why did she not mention them?" Shi Hao said quietly, looking at the old woman's rear figure rather impatiently.

The two young ladies were stunned, and then they giggled up their sleeves, eventually swaying back and forth from laughter. 

"I'm actually not all that reserved and aloof. She could have just sat down and discussed things with me." He poured a drink for himself. 

The two young ladies were between laughter and tears. Was this the heaven warping genius the clan's deities favored? This was a bit too undisciplined, right? The two were both pursing their lips and secretly laughing.

"Yi, turns out that it is your two? The so-called dao companions, they gave me two at once?" Shi Hao turned around and looked at the two young ladies. His large eyes shone brilliantly.

"Aiya, we aren't!" The two young ladies' beautiful faces went pale, looking like two deers as they quickly backed up. 

"Should be, right?" Shi Hao laughed as he looked these two over.


The two young ladies ran with great speed into the bamboo forest, staying far away from the azure lake. Only then did they look at each other in dismay. 

"It was too scary! Is that fella really a genius, the one that killed a War King?"

"Why do I feel like he is up to no good, without any integrity?!"

By the azure lake, Shi Hao's smile was restrained. He looked in the direction where they disappeared into, and with a frown, said softly to himself, "My reputation is world renowned you know…"

He was a bit upset. How was he going to leave the Celestial Clan? If this continued for a long time, his identity would definitely be exposed. He wouldn't even be able to hide it if he tried.

He carried the wine cup as he stood up, walking within the bamboo forest until he arrived before a stone mountain. He ascended to its peak and then gazed at the beautiful scenery of the lake. In reality, he was secretly watching the entire enormous city.

Unfortunately, the city was too large, just like a small world of its own. He couldn't see its limit. There were many immortal caves, and the beautiful mountain peaks were swirling with pure-white immortal mists. 

In addition, there were wide streets, as well as large amounts of palace buildings and other normal city constructs. 

Even without thinking too deeply, he knew that the entire City of Heaven had a world shocking great formation protecting it. Forget about him, even if it was  a Heavenly deity, it would be difficult to break through. There was no way of getting out.

Soon after, the two young ladies then returned again to carefully take care of him. From their explanation of the surrounding scenery to the tea, wine, and dishes that were served, it was all done extremely seriously. 

Of course, the main thing was that Shi Hao didn't scare them again. "Is there any wonderful scenery here worth seeing?" Shi Hao was extremely bored. He asked these two young ladies. 

"The entire City of Heaven is a holy land, a supreme pure land. Many clansmen wish to come in, but they don't have the qualifications to do so. There are magnificent landscapes everywhere," one of the young ladies said. 

"Is there any area that is more special? For example, a True Dragon cave, Immortal Phoenix nest, War Emperor grave, oops, I mean unmatched celestial tomb or something else like that?" Shi Hao gave examples.

The two young ladies rolled their eyes. What kind of places were these?! True Dragon, Immortal Phoenix, these weren't like snakes or pheasants, they were part of the vicious ten, so how could there be traces of them here?

"Great one, it is better if your distinguished self is a bit more careful when speaking. We are the Celestial Clan, so how can there be a War Emperor tomb? Also, it is best if you do not mention the unmatched celestial's tomb to avoid breaking taboos." A young lady muttered. 

"Alright!" Shi Hao said while consoling his forehead. 

The other young lady's large eyes moved about, revealing an amused expression. "Great one, we know an ancient place that might be related to immortals."

"Where is it? Hurry and bring me there!" Shi Hao developed interest. After being cooped up here for all this time, he really was bored. 

The two young ladies gave each other a look. They were going to bring him there originally, and now that they didn't have any excuses left, it was a good time to do so.

They made their way through the flourishing downtown area, and then they passed several cave dwellings, arriving at a dignified and holy martial arena. There were people cultivating here, but not too many.

The martial arena was quite spacious, covering a range of several dozen li. 

There were some seated, some doing breathing exercises. This place had a strange natural dao, as well as spiritual essence several times richer than other places. It was extremely suited to cultivation.

The martial arena had a strange stone in its depths, an ancient monument that seemed to be made of jade. It was a zhang tall and not all that large, situated right here.

"This is it? It doesn't seem that special?" Shi Hao was confused. 

"Great one, it is called Flying Immortal stone and quite strange. From time to time, it would release an immortal-like rain of light that is incomparably brilliant. Also, by standing in front of it, it can reflect one's self and increase one's self understanding. It could also allow them to comprehend the dao," a young lady explained.

"Oh, speak about it more in detail." Shi Hao became a bit interested.

"Regarding the fFying immortal rain of light, it is a bit fleeting. After all, it would be hard for it to appear even after tens of generations. Meanwhile, the self illumination can be carried out at any time, especially if one is an exceptional talent. It can allow one to view their own bones, blood, flesh, and other parts, allowing them to comprehend their own dao and methods further."

"So that's how it is…" Shi Hao looked pensively. He strolled over and stood in front of the Flying Immortal stone.

At this moment, not only the two young ladies, but even the others raised their eyebrows. They paid close attention.

The Flying Immortal stone trembled. Everyone became shocked, widening their eyes. They then carefully observed, finding that it was dim and without luster, calming down again without any reaction.

"Sigh!" Some people sighed lightly. 

The two young ladies were clearly disappointed. One of them said, "Is great one not an exceptional talent?"

"Why do you ask like this?" Shi Hao didn't turn around. He was quite shocked. He was suppressing himself. Just now, he had the urge to comprehend the dao!

This was a great treasure. If he could cultivate here, he would definitely obtain great benefits!

"This stone is extremely special. Regardless of whether it is the immortal bones, divine skin, condensed blood bestowed by the heavens, it can all be displayed," said a young lady. To put it briefly, it could examine exceptional talents' innate true bones and other things. 

Soon after, everything that happened here was reported to that golden magic-robed old woman. When she heard this, she said to herself, "What a pity, he's not an exceptional talent."

Then, she asked, "Did you not have him try to shake up the Flying Immortal stone?"

"No." The person that came shook his heads. 

"Being able to kill a War King is enough to prove how unordinary he is. His fighting strength is terrifying. Everything is good except for this small defect, not being an exceptional talent." The old woman said softly. 

Shi Hao was reluctant to part from the martial arena, really not wanting to go. He wanted to bring this stone away. Just now, he actually wanted to comprehend the dao.

After all, in that moment of distraction, he could vaguely sense a Flying immortal brilliance. It was mysterious and terrifying!

The City of Heaven was extremely vast and incomparably enormous. However, there were many places that one couldn't get closer to. There were fiery cliffs for pill concoction, ancient caves for storing scriptures, dao comprehending mountains, and Heavenly deity residences. 

Two days later, Shi Hao couldn't sit still any longer. If he stayed any longer, his true identity might be unveiled, and an old Celestial might revive to watch him. It would be extremely terrifying.

"Please help me deliver a message, saying that it is my great fortune to have visited the Celestial Race's pure land and that it was an honor, but I have things to take care of, so I have no choice but to take my leave." Shi Hao had these two young ladies pass on this message. 

When the old woman Xi Xia obtained this message, she personally hurried over. Even though she was only a True deity, she was in charge of Shi Hao's matters, proving her importance to the related parties. 

A heavenly warping genius like this was worth roping in. When they learned from Yun Xi that he killed a War King, many people in this race felt fearful.

"Little friend, there is no need to be in such a rush to leave. We have been refining a furnace of precious pills these past few days, so if you wait, we have a gift for you."

"Senior is too generous. I do not need pill medicines." Shi Hao spoke humbly. He just wanted to leave, even though he wasn't willing to give up on that Flying Immortal stone. 

"This is a Divine Flame Pill, something that can only be refined through many heavenly materials and treasures. It is extremely precious. It is extremely important for you right now as well," said the old woman.

When Shi Hao heard this, he was a bit tempted. 

The Divine Flame Realm was extremely critical. This was a dividing line. If one's backing was great enough when breaking through, his strength would shoot up greatly. This affected his future accomplishments!

The Divine Flame Pill was created precisely for this reason.

Of course, he also had quite a brilliant foundation on this matter. He could find Star essence, Nine Underworld flame and other legendary divine flames to build this realm. It would be dangerous and terrifying, but perhaps his accomplishments would be even more brilliant. 

Apart from this, there were people who obtained the Ten Thousand Ancient immortal flame, Primal chaos flame, and others. Unfortunately, in the end, they all burned themselves to death and didn't succeed. 

Regardless, however, the Divine Flame Pill was essential. When igniting the divine flame, one needed its support. It was similar to firewood.

"Little friend saved Yun Xi, and we have not been able to repay you for this favor. We plan to gift you a Divine Flame Pill," said the old woman. 

"The value of a Divine Flame Pill was shocking, because it needed many rare precious medicines. Meanwhile, the Celestial Race directly gave him one, so this was quite the expense.

"Many thanks for senior's kindness!" What else could Shi Hao say? If someone was willing to gift him this to make him stay… then he could only accept it all!

The old woman Xi Xia smiled. If they could truly make Shi Hao stay, forget about a Divine Flame Pill, it would be fine even if they gave him even more precious things. This was a young talent that could kill a War King!

"About the dao companion topic I raised the last time, have you thought it over?" Xi Xia asked. 

"I still don't think it is too good of an idea. Yun Xi is the Celestial Race's pearl, and now that she merged with the heaven's mandate stone, she will be greatly focused upon. If me and Yun Xi become dao companions, I fear that I will make the entire Celestial Clan's younger generation my enemy," Shi Hao said. 

The True deity Xi Xia was speechless. This youngster's skin really was this thick? She didn't even say that much, yet he already began to pick and select on his own, already choosing a target?

Apart from this, when she thought about how this youngster mumbled behind her back about how he wasn't all that reserved or aloof, that they shouldn't hesitate in bringing him a dao companion or an exceptional beauty, the old woman Xi Xia felt her forehead began to crease. 

Was this youngster reliable at all? If they gave him a clansman to become his dao companion, would it be like throwing them into a pit of fire?

"Ah, right, senior, where is Yun Xi? I haven't seen here these past few days." Shi Hao asked. 

"She is merging with the heaven's mandate stone, so she can only come out after a few days," Xi Xia replied. When she looked at this fella, she felt more and more like he wasn't reliable. He was a bit too spontaneous!

This shouldn't be a wanton child that does what he wishes right? She frowned.

"My Celestial Race has three pearls in total, and every single one of them is an exceptional beauty whose names can shake dozens of provinces. Many people wish to give priceless gifts to ask for their hand in marriage, but they have all been refused." The old woman Xi Xia said. 

Even though she was a True deity, on this aspect, she really wasn't lying. There were countless Celestial Race individuals, and as a former Emperor Clan, their most dazzling exceptional beauties were naturally extremely important. Their names shook through every clan. 

"Three brilliant pearls, exceptional beauties… is senior planning on making all of them my dao companions? Why don't I give them a look then," Shi Hao said.

Xi Xia's eyelids jumped!

"No one can marry three people at the same time!" She began to feel a bit of regret. This youngster was too brash, making others feel worried. She had never met such an 'unreserved' person before!

"Is Yun Xi also one of these three?" Shi Hao asked. 

"She is!" The True deity Xi Xia replied without that great of a tone now. 

"I met her already, so what about the other two? Will they show themselves soon?" Shi Hao's skin really was thick.

From the side, the two young ladies who were in charge of tending to him immediately laughed in secret. They had never met such a daring person before. Is he not scared of scaring the bride's side of the family? Fortunately, the other two pearls are not here, or else they would definitely wish to give him a beating. 

"My Celestial Race's pearls will not marry someone outside our clan. Normally speaking, they will all become dao companions after joining my Celestial Race." Xi Xia said with a darkened face. 

"Isn't it just living with the wife's family? I understand!" Shi Hao nodded, putting on a completely understanding look. He had on a rather fearless and nonchalant appearance. 

The True deity Xi Xia was speechless.

She looked Shi Hao up and down, wishing to back out of this. She felt that this fella was not of the good sort. 

This place immediately became quiet.

"Senior, can four people not be dao companions together?" Shi Hao took the initiative to start up the conversation again.

Four people… three pearls plus him? Xi Xia's brows stood vertically, and veins jumped on her forehead. She really wanted to give him a beating.

Soon after, when the two exceptional beauties obtained these news, they hurried over there with unkind expressions, looking like they were about to harshly berate him.

"If you want to become dao companions with us, unless you can raise the Flying Immortal stone, even if you are an exceptional talent, it wouldn't be enough!"

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