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Chapter 720 - Flying Immortal Stone

The City of Heaven was grand and massive. 

Shi Hao walked along the limestone streets. He first passed the city center district, and then he made his way through spiritual mountains and immortal caves, gradually closing in on that well known martial arena. 

The clan's exceptional beauties were going to be married off. News spread like wildfire!

Many people from the Celestial Clan already knew that a genius had entered the city, one that might become dao companions with one of the clan's pearls. This produced a huge uproar, one that shook the entire younger generation.

The young experts were all shocked. This was too sudden, giving them no time to make preparations inwardly. They found it difficult to accept this result. Red Spider Lily, Fu Qu, and Yun Xi were the Celestial Race's well known beauties, so how could they be suddenly married off?

"Who is this person? Let us take a look!"

"What qualifications does he have to become dao companions with one of my clan's pearls? There wasn't even any warning beforehand. This isn't fair for the rest of us! Could it be that some Emperor Clan is pressuring us?"

A few young experts with powerful bloodlines came out and gathered together. 

It was clear that the leaked news was not done so without reason. There was nothing before, but now, things suddenly erupted. Someone did this intentionally.

It was just like how Shi Hao had predicted. The two exceptional beauties used their connections and 'hidden influence' to stir up a commotion, using their own methods to disturb the clan's arrangements. 

City of Heaven was not calm at all!

Shi Hao walked along the road. At first, he didn't notice too much, but later on, when he heard the clamoring and carefully listened, he revealed a smile. 

Even though it was dangerous this time and he might be inviting disaster, from how things looked so far, Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu had 'taken action', so they might truly 'expel' him from the city. 

He wanted to leave. This might be a chance to do so. 

However, soon after, Shi Hao felt despair. There were True deities moving about, alerting the younger generation not to stir up chaos in the city. The clamoring immediately became weaker. 

Only the groups scattered. They were still pacing about.

"Don't tell me that he himself wants to become dao companions with two of our clan's pearls!"

"From a certain source I heard from, this might very well be the case!"

The things that had taken place in the azure lake were leaked out. Everyone was deeply shaken up. After learning about this, many people were stunned.

They didn't know whether to be furious or roar with laughter. 

"This is too shameful and unbridled! Who is this person?" I really want to see what he looks like."

"There is someone like this? Let's go to the martial arena to see what kind of saint this is to dare raise the Flying Immortal stone. I want to see his bones crushed and tendons severed, see blood come out from his mouth."

There were many people around the martial arena. They were all noisily talking among themselves. 

It was just something Shi Hao and the two young ladies wagered on, yet in the end, such a huge storm was raised, drawing the attention of many youngsters. There was no way that this place would calm down.

Shi Hao arrived. He squeezed his way inside, but he couldn't get in at all. There were too many people here, packed so tightly not even a drop of water could trickle through. This was especially the case with the entrance. There was no way to enter. 

As for the air, this place was restricted. One couldn't fly without permission. 

"Dao brothers, excuse me, can you please let me through?" Shi Hao asked the people around him.

"Who are you? Do you not see that I am still waiting? Line up in the back and enter in order." That person rolled his eyes.

"There are so many people…" Shi Hao muttered. 

"Obviously! Everyone came to see that madman. They want to see exactly what that fella looks like. Didn't you come for this too?"

"I came with a sincere heart. The person that dares to raise the Flying Immortal stone is definitely a heaven warping genius," Shi Hao said. 

"What kind of attitude is that? The Celestial Clan took you on as a disciple in vain, actually partial towards an outsider. We should be joining together against a common adversary." From the side, a twenty or so year old celestial reprimanded him. 

The Celestial Race looked quite similar to humans. If one didn't look carefully, it was hard to recognize them apart.

"Don't you feel that this is a heroic undertaking? A heavenly warping martial talent should act like this!" Shi Hao said. 

As a result, the group of people all became discontent, ridiculing and jeering at him. 

Shi Hao argued strongly for what he believed with these people, creating quite an interesting scene. He continuously bickered with a group of people by himself here. 

This place immediately became noisy. It was a battle of words that fired back and forth. Many people joined in, trying to suppress this 'rebel' who was actually speaking on behalf of that outsider. 

"Hey, what is wrong with you? Why are you partial towards the outsider?" Even a few young ladies couldn't watch on anymore and reproached Shi Hao. 

"Truth is not partial to race and shouldn't be territorial. We should have a broad and inclusive heart. How can one be so narrow minded in life?" Shi Hao spoke in a righteous manner.

The entrance was blocked and he had no way of getting in, so he got into the habit of arguing with others, continuously praising the person who dared to raise the Flying Immortal stone, facing this group alone.

"I don't believe that once you see Red Spider Lily form a dao companion relationship with someone else, you would be able to remain so aloof and open-minded!" Someone refuted. 

"You know, my heart really is as open-minded as a sea. My eyes are deep like stars. It really is magnanimous like the so-called unbounded great love," Shi Hao said in dead earnesty. 

"What kind of hideous mess are you spouting? What are you even trying to say?" A young expert asked, his face not pleasant.

"You like someone, but can't have her. As long as she is happy, you can silently wish them well and watch them from afar. As long as she feels joy, I ask you all to let go when the time comes…" Shi Hao was acting smug, but he had a resolute expression. 

"Who are you? What are you randomly saying?" Someone became extremely discontent. 

However, there were some youth who became ashamed, feeling that compared to the youth in front of them, they really weren't all that magnanimous. 

"Do you truly believe this?" A young lady asked. It wasn't just her. There were others who asked him white staring with large eyes, discussing with him. This place became more and more bustling. 

More and more people gathered around this place. Shi Hao disputed endlessly with these people, forming a circle here.

"Hold on, why do you always speak on that fella's behalf? He is so egotistical, going to vainly raise the Flying Immortal stone. He's clearly overestimating his own abilities."

"Wrong, that is the unrivaled heroic confidence." Shi Hao retorted.

"Hey, haven't you spoken enough bullshit?"


At this moment, a voice sounded from within the martial arena, asking if Mo Xi arrived yet and why he didn't appear yet. Could it be that he already ran away from stage fright?

Shi Hao coughed and said, "Everyone, please make way. I should enter."

"What are you trying to say?" After arguing for a long time, a large group of people had gathered, and there were naturally quite a few people who looked at him with unfavorable opinions, so how could they make way for him?

"There is someone inside calling for me. If I still don't appear, it will be too late." Shi Hao explained.

"You… who are you?" Everyone felt that things were not going to end well.

"I am Mo Xi, of course." Shi Hao said while cramming his way forward towards that door.

Outside the martial arena, everyone became petrified. 

A large group of people were stupefied. They all looked over with their mouths agape. 

In the end, someone released a scream, breaking the silence. 

"It's that maniac!"

"Too shameless!"

"No wonder he was always partial to that 'outsider', continuously praising him. This fucker was praising himself! Ridiculously narcissistic!"


The group of people all clamored with noise. They had never seen such a thick-skinned person before. The so-called arguing for what was right, verballing dueling everyone was actually just self-imbued praise!

Along the way, many people stared at Shi Hao. He walked in boldly and ostentatiously, calm and unhurried without any bit of nervousness. 

Soon after, news of the outside events spread. Everyone became stupefied. This person was just too strange, right?


A disturbance broke out in the martial arena. After they all learned about how this fella was self-boasting outside, they almost erupted with popular indignation.

"Too shameless!"

Everyone was boiling with anger. 

"You really dared to come!" Red Spider Lily's head of red hair scattered down, soft and smooth. Her sparkling white face appeared especially cold. 

If not for her and Fu Qu appearing, indicating for everyone to calm down, everyone really might have rushed over to settle things with Shi Hao. A mob beating might have most likely happened.

"Why wouldn't I dare come? This is destiny set by the heavens. We are becoming dao companions to leave behind a great story," Shi Hao said. 

"Shut up!" Red Spider Lily didn't want to talk to him any more. She feared that she wouldn't be able to hold herself back and might end up fighting him right here. 

Fu Qu's white clothes fluttered about. She was quiet and otherworldly. Her eyes moved about, looking at the dozen or so people around them. 

Shi Hao's mind was also shaken. Those dozen or so individuals were all young, and apart from several Celestial Race geniuses, there were a few outsiders. They were all extremely powerful. 

There were exceptional talents among them!

This left him shocked. Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu were actually so powerful, able to summon these types of escorts?

However, things weren't all that right. There was a silver haired woman and a blue clothed young lady who were extremely beautiful. They were also female, so they shouldn't be people that could be summoned. 

"These are a few friends that came to my Celestial Clan as guests." Fu Qu smiled faintly, not introducing them further. 

Shi Hao's mind trembled, and then he understood. The Celestial Race and War Race's battle was naturally a great event. During these past two days, they had associated with other races from time to time. He understood what was going on. It was clear that these young talents came from a few ancient sects. 

"I heard that you want to raise the Flying Immortal stone. You really do deserve praise for such courage." Someone mocked. 

Mo Xi's matter of killing the War King had not been spoken by these two girls. No one knew about it yet. There were only a few people that understood the 'inside information' about Mo Xi. 

"Isn't it just a piece of rock? Why wouldn't I dare?" Shi Hao didn't attach much importance to this at all. 

"You don't know how high the heaven or how deep the earth is. Not even exceptional talents can raise it, and no supreme expert had succeeded since the ancient times, yet you still want to carry out an impressive feat?" Someone spoke with mockery.

"It seems like this is all you amount to, yet you still dare to rashly move the Flying Immortal stone. You are bringing the suffering onto yourself."


It was clear that this group of people were looking down on him. It was not only because they bore hostility, but also because they were purposely ridiculing and inciting him to take the risk and do everything he can to raise the Flying Immortal stone. That way, he would most likely inflict upon himself an 'injury to his great dao'. 

Faced with these provocations, Shi Hao was extremely calm. "What qualifications do you all have to talk about me? Do you all dare to try yourselves?"

"At the very least, if we try our best, we can move it. Meanwhile, you, what can you do?" A male sneered. 

Another individual, an exceptional talent this time, mocked, "I heard that if you fail, you get lost on your own from the City of Heaven. I wonder if you really are a man of your word."

"Of course I'll keep my word," Shi Hao said. 

Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu immediately revealed smiles. They knew that they had won, and that there was going to be quite the interesting play to watch soon. This fella would definitely be in an incomparably sorry state and leave while dejected and depressed. 

"Be careful not to injure yourself too badly. When the time comes, we still have to get others to lend a helping hand in tossing you out of the City of Heaven." Someone said while roaring with laughter. 

"If you all really are men, then all of you should give it a try too. Don't just keep speaking empty words. Are there any of you that dare to raise this rock?" Shi Hao taunted, looking at those dozen or so young geniuses. 

The scene immediately became quite. No one said anything. 

"If you are men, then raise it. Are you all not going to do it?" Shi Hao asked.

"You…" The group of people's faces became ugly. This fella's mouth was too 'lowly', daring to mock them like this and imply things. It was too hateful. 

"If we take action, then we can naturally move the rock. We are clearly stronger than you."

"Less nonsense. Let's have a competition and all give it a try." Shi Hao issued a challenge.

What was shocking was that in the end, out of their competitiveness, a few young experts really came down and stretched their muscles to give it a try.


Someone shouted loudly. His entire body shone, carrying the flying immortal stone to make it leave the ground. 

"You are no good, not even able to move it…" Shi Hao jeered. 

"Nonsense!" The one that was taking action was furious. He possessed natural divine force and shocking aptitude. He already moved the Flying Immortal stone, leaving many people shocked. 

Then, an exceptional talent took action, unexpectedly able to lift the Flying Immortal stone half a foot from the ground. Unfortunately, that was as far as he went. His entire face was red.

"Too disappointing…" Shi Hao said, making the exceptional talent so angry he almost spat out blood. He hurriedly lowered the Flying Immortal stone. A trace of dark red blood appeared at the corners of his lips, and his insides were even more surging.

"You try it yourself." Red Spider Lily said, carrying an expression of provocation. 

"Alright, if I fail, then I'll leave the City of Heaven," Shi Hao said. 

"I am looking forward to your great display of divine might." Even though Fu Qu was composed and refined, right now, she couldn't help but ridicule him as well. It was because previously, this person had angered her too far. 

Shi Hao walked forward. Everyone was watching closely. 

"I really have to be careful not to use too much power and really raise it…" Shi Hao muttered. This was his inner thoughts, but many people heard it.

This was too arrogant!

The people here naturally wouldn't think that this was what he was thinking inside. They all thought that this was arrogance and a provocation towards them all. 

"If you truly have strength, then raise it! I want to see it!" Red Spider Lily said, her sparkling white face filled with anger. She naturally didn't believe that Shi Hao could succeed and was waiting for him to injure his great dao. 

Fu Qu was also like this. The corners of her lips had a smile, waiting for him to fail and reveal that sorry appearance she was waiting for. 

Everyone was watching him. All of their eyes gathered on his body alone. 

Shi Hao walked to the center of the arena and directly grabbed the Flying Immortal stone, and then he lightly exerted strength. 

As soon as he made contact, Shi Hao straight-up carried it. Even though the Flying Immortal stone was dull and lightless, he could feel the flesh within him become sparkling and translucent, resonating in response!

The Flying Immortal stone had some natural laws inside that made him tremble inwardly. 

"Ah… he raised it, it moved three feet from the ground!" The crowd cried out in alarm, their faces losing color.

"I didn't even use that much force!" Shi Hao was shocked. He couldn't help but blurt out without thinking. When everyone heard this, they naturally felt that this was arrogance at the peak.

"I'm not going to end up really raising this, right?" Shi Hao was stupefied. It was because he didn't even do that much, yet this Flying Immortal stone seemed to be stuck to his hands, floating up on its own!

Red Spider Lily and Fu Qu were resentful. Was he mocking and harassing them? This fella was not really going to carry out an impressive feat, right?

In reality, Shi Hao had already stopped paying attention to what was going on outside a while ago, because he really was shocked. The Flying Immortal stone had some strange power and natural laws within it that were rousing a type of mysterious force within him!

At this moment, chaotic symbols appeared. They flickered about the surface of his flesh and gradually appeared. 

"This is…" He was shaken up inwardly and incomparably shocked. 

He lost his supreme being bone when he was still in swaddling clothes. There were primitive symbols on it that contained an unmatched precious technique. Unfortunately, he had no opportunity to obtain it and it was seized by Shi Yi instead. 

However, what was happening here toppled everything he knew. Those symbols, that type of mysterious force, was  allextremely familiar. It was extremely similar to what Shi Yi displayed!

This was the first supreme being bone's precious technique, and now, it was flickering within the very depths of his flesh. Markings appeared, unexpectedly displaying its mysterious symbols!

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