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Chapter 717 - City of Heaven

"Senior, I appreciate your kindness, but I still have a few matters to take care of, so I won't trouble the Celestial Clan." Shi Hao tactfully refused. 

These Blood Plains were no longer chaotic, having peace restored. The troops of both sides withdrew one after another, and the great earth gradually became desolate. Only a few experts still roamed this place. 

"How could we just leave it like this? You saved Yun Xi and escorted her with your life on the line. It is only proper that my clan thanks you properly." Qi Tuo said. 

His purple clothes moved, exuding an air of nobility. Heavenly deity magical chains wrapped around him, and the mists of light in the surroundings were dense. He looked to be about forty years old. His eyes were shining. 

Shi Hao didn't want to go to the Celestial Clan, but he knew that he likely couldn't go against the will of a Heavenly deity. After all, with his current strength, it was hard to get away.

"I greatly revere the Emperor Race. I will definitely pay a visit a different day." He didn't want to give up until the end. 

Qi Tuo laughed and said, "Little friend has so many misgivings, but there is actually no need to be like that. We just wanted to wanted to fully express our gratitude." 

In the surroundings, magical chains interweaved, forming a resplendent web that was mysterious and powerful, making the Heavenly deity at the center appear incomparably heroic. 

In the end, Shi Hao and Qi Tuo went on their way. With a Heavenly deity inviting him with such great hospitality, he had no choice and couldn't refuse. 

The Blood Plains were quickly left behind, gradually becoming blurry. It eventually became just a smear of dark redness. 

Heaven Province was verdant and lush with life. Great hills stood magnificently, and spiritual essence curled about. 

Compared to Demon Province, Heaven Province was spacious, vast, and peaceful, a place of great prospering. Every clan was thriving with deities appearing in great numbers. Conflict rarely broke out. There were many wonderful legends. 

Along the way, there were many immortal ancient caves and large hills of primal chaos. There were demic cliffs and stone forests, places that connected to the heavens. There were too many wondrous places and historical sites to count. 

"Mo Xi!"

Yun Xi was shocked when she saw Shi Hao in a city. She hadn't returned to the clan yet, but she already arrived in a safe place. This was a celestial city. 

"We meet again." Shi Hao said with a smile.

The celestials in the surroundings looked over, because right now, Yun Xi's identity was not ordinary. In the future, she would definitely become an extremely powerful expert. 

Shi Hao didn't understand why the Celestial Race's important people didn't leave and chose to stop here.

"We are looking for the other two," Yun Xi said softly. 

There was a large group of youngsters from the Celestial Race that entered the mysterious ancient place, but only four obtained heaven's mandate stones and merged with them. This was a reflection of extremely great potential. 

Along the way back, they had been scattered. Heavenly deities protected them as they separately fled.

Now, together with Yun Xi, there were two who made it out. The whereabouts of the other two were unknown. The Celestial Clan's higher levels would definitely not give up on them, continuing to search for them. 

"We discovered a few clues. Regardless of whether they are alive or dead, they were traces from the past few days," Yun Xi said. 


A day later, an enormous roar sounded. A mountain peak in the distance collapsed. A Heavenly deity appeared on the horizon, his head of hair standing on end. Divine force surged, and flames rushed into the heavens. 

He was furious to the limit. He carried a badly mangled body within his arms as he descended into the celestial city. This triggered quite a huge disturbance. Important characters all hurried back.

"Immediately return to the clan and place him in the divine pool. Perhaps he can still be saved." Qi Tuo said softly. 

One of the two important youngsters had already died, and this one only had the final trace of vitality left. This individual's primordial spirit was cracking part, the damage extremely severe.

"Go!" The Heavenly deity whose eyes were covered in bloody veins carried this youngster towards the heart of the city. It was because there was an enormous transport formation that could cross several tens of millions of li there. 

Heaven Province was grand and boundless. There were many clans. Meanwhile, the Celestial Race's ancestral land was still quite far from this place, so they had to borrow this kind of formation. 

The expressions of everyone were grave. They started up an ancient altar, stepped into the light passage, and then went on their way.

These people disappeared from the city and arrived in a great earth that was full of spiritual essence. There was a city here that had magnificent mountains. This was the Celestial Race's territory. 

When one entered this place, rich spiritual essence could immediately be felt. It was much more dense than in the outside world. Cultivating here long-term would result in twice the effect with half the effort. 

There was no way the transport formation could directly send them into the ancestral land. Otherwise, if enemies invaded, it would be too convenient. 

A purple bone boat rested in the air. It was extremely large and had been prepared a long time ago. 

When this group of people appeared, it immediately descended and carried everyone into the limits of the great earth, speeding towards the Celestial Race's holy land. 

Below them appeared quite a few cities. They were all quite enormous, the places where the Celestial Race resided. The area beneath them was extremely vast. The aura of experts would occasionally rise into the clouds. 

Soon after, they arrived in a mountain range where purple energy surged. It was as if a True Dragon was coiling about, resting here. An immortal dao aura could vaguely be felt. 

This was their ancestral land. The large crystalline bone boat, after an inspection, stopped. After being illuminated by a beam of holy radiance, it disappeared from its original spot. 

Shi Hao was speechless. This holy land's defenses were strict. It was difficult for those outside the race to muddle their way in.

Multicolored light flashed. The boat appeared in the void, and then it descended onto the ground. They had already arrived in the mountain range depths.

In the surroundings, several tens of thousands of zhang of great mountains towered into the clouds, imposing and majestic. Waterfalls descended from above, and it was as if silver rivers fell from the nine heavens as they formed great white expanses. 

In addition, every single great mountain was surrounded by immortal mists and flowing with brilliant colors. The clouds were suffused with a redness. It was an extremely gorgeous sight. 


The great earth trembled. A group of enormous Golden Elephants ran over. Their bodies were golden and shone brightly. Their elephant noses were held high. They released thunderous noises.


In the distance, there was a silver violent ape that roared angrily, beating its own chest. Blood energy surged into the heavens. It was actually at the True deity realm. It was actually herding, protecting a group of auspicious beasts. 

Even further out, a group of seven-colored divine birds flew about, streaking across the horizon. They produced brilliant streaks of colors in the air. 

The medicinal fragrance on the great mountains assailed the nostrils. Within the stone cracks, mountain peaks, and other places, rare and precious trees, and ancient vines were planted, all of them laden with golden fruits, scarlet red flowers, and other things. 

"So many spiritual birds, auspicious beasts, and rare plants. It really is a good place." Shi Hao said softly. 

"This is my Celestial Race's pasture and medicinal garden. It spans a distance of a hundred thousand li." Yun Xi explained for him. 

"What?" Shi Hao's jaw almost dropped onto the ground. He thought that his was already the holy land, but it turned out that this was just a corner of it. This mountain range actually covered a hundred thousand li. 

There were all types of divine beasts, wondrous bugs, and other things in this region. There were large amounts of rare precious trees and herbs. When the high level of the Celestial Clan needed something, they would get most of it from here. 

For example, the Giant Golden Elephant, Barbaric Flame Ox, Seven Colored Spirit Birds, were all excellent food. In the outside world, they were all vicious birds and ferocious beasts, powerful and difficult to defeat.

There was a great formation protecting this area of a hundred thousand li. Back then, when they fought against the War Clan, they suffered from the attacks of a War Emperor, but even then, only the mountains and rivers collapsed, not completely destroying this place. 

It could be seen how sturdy this place was. The formation's defensive strength was at the forefront of the three thousand provinces. 

"Where do you all live?" Shi Hao asked.

"Over there." Yun XI pointed, raising her head towards the sky.

"Thats…" Shi Hao was shocked. Above the several tens of thousands zhang tall mountains, purple energy surged. An ancient city was supported in midair, resting in the heavens. 

While speaking, dao sounds rumbled. An enormous white jade staircase appeared that connected straight to the ground. It flowed with brilliant colors and was accompanied by immortal mist.

"So strict?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

If one wanted to enter the highest divine earth of the Celestial Race, they actually had to pass through layers upon layers of inspections. The examinations were extremely strict. 

"Correct, even if it is the clan's higher level figures that return, they still have to go through this. It is to avoid the intrusion of outsiders," Yun Xi replied. As for the others, they were already long used to this and didn't say anything. 

During this process, there were always mysterious symbols that swept past, examining if there are any dangers. 

The enormous city was vast, large and unbounded. It left Shi Hao extremely shocked. This was definitely the largest city he had ever seen. While standing in this city, he felt as insignificant as an ant. 

Above the city gates that were even taller than a mountain floated a bone inscribed tablet that flowed with holy splendor. Mists pervaded the air. He could vaguely see the large simple and unadorned words on it: City of Heaven. 

This was the true ancestral land, the highest level pure land of the former Emperor Clan. The celestials with the purest bloodlines resided here. 

It didn't rest on the ground, but was instead situated in the sky. Large amounts of great hills rose and fell. Purple energy was released, the mists supporting this city. Purple light flowed about, surging upwards like a flame. 

"Worthy of being one of the ten greatest races, one of the higher realms' Emperor Clans." Shi Hao sighed inwardly. This corner of what he saw alone was enough for him to peer into their past glory. 

This race was seated in the ninth heaven, overlooking all things. They were able to have this type of boldness and attitude. 

Surprisingly, the city was not packed with buildings. The scenery was beautiful, and there were actually many spiritual mountains. There were also streets and large amounts of constructs, but there were even more immortal cave dwellings.

No wonder the city was so big. There was another world inside. 

After returning, those Heavenly Deities directly disappeared, carrying the wounded youngster towards the archaic divine pond within the city to baptise and treat his injuries. 

Shi Hao had a place next to an azure lake arranged for him. The scenery was exceptionally beautiful, and in front of an expanse of green and lush bamboo forest was a fine residence. Spiritual essence rose in spirals. 

At first, Yun Xi accompanied him to help him become familiar with the surrounding environment. However, she was quickly summoned away.

"Little friend, many thanks for saving Yun Xi. My Celestial Race cannot thank you enough." An old woman appeared who wore golden magical robes. She looked rather kind. 

Shi Hao didn't dare act recklessly here and returned the greeting. It was because this was actually a True deity that was receiving him. She arranged a tableful of dishes and delivered divine wine.

"If I may ask, does little friend have a dao companion?" The old woman was smiling. Her head of silver hair was sparkling, and the divine flame was restrained. She was extremely easy-going. 

Shi Hao thought to himself, and after some slight hesitation, said, "I still do not."

"Good, good, good!" The old woman was extremely satisfied, saying good three times in succession. She personally brought over more dishes for Shi Hao. She sized him up again and again. 

"Little friend is heroic and outstanding, truly a dragon among men. Your potential is outstanding and rarely seen throughout all three thousand provinces. No wonder you could kill a War King." The old woman praised unendingly. 

"I do not deserve senior's praise." Shi Hao said, proposing a toast towards her. 

"Being able to kill exceptional talents is truly deserving the title of young hero. Really is rare talents!" The old woman seemed more satisfied the more she looked at him. The wrinkles on her face seemed like they were going to vanish. 

The azure lake and fresh green bamboo appeared even more peaceful under the light wind. 

"Cultivation is a comprehension of life, and a dao companion is indispensable, or else how can one be complete? Little friend, you should begin to think about choosing a dao companion," the old woman smiled and said. 

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