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Chapter 715 - Most Ancient Being

Within the center of the bloody battlefield -- the taboo region, where white bones were piled up and flowers and plants thrived, an individual in snow white clothes stood alone. This was an extremely strange scene that did not really match. It was extremely mysterious. 

Heaven and earth trembled greatly. Shi Hao hurriedly snapped back from his daze and retracted his eyes. He looked towards the heavens. 

That battle had ended. Was the victor of the two great forbidden existences decided?

Who exactly won or lost? This momentary silence made this area of several hundreds of thousands of li suffocating to the extreme. All of the battles stopped. Everyone gazed towards the sky. 

The blood moon suspended overhead. Yin mists pervaded the air. Heaven and earth was hazy and dark red, making everyone's moods nervous to the extreme. 

It was because the results of this battle would be too great, truly able to affect the fate of their clans. If they lost, then the so-called Emperor Clan, Emperor Race might very well have been a pipe dream.

Their former glory and undying inheritance were going to go up in ashes from this battle, becoming a thing of the past. 


Heaven and earth was silent without a sound to be heard. There wasn't a trace of noise. Everything sank into a terrifying state of deathly stillness.

Battles had continuously happened in the Blood Plains. The Celestial Race and War Race's war had persisted all this time. Armored mounts galloped past, and blood dyed the blades of soldiers. Now, however, time seemed to have come to a standstill. 

Everyone was waiting, all wishing to know the final result.

Reincarnation Mercenary Group, Heavenly Deity Mercenary Group, and the others, the most well known external powers also stopped, waiting for the result. 


Suddenly, a bugle horn sounded. It was boundless and forceful, oppressive and imposing, ringing through several hundreds of thousands of li. This was the War Race's call for their people to retreat.

"How could it be us? Has the War Emperor been defeated?!"

The instant the bugle horn sounded, for the War Race, it was like the end of the world. Everyone's faces turned snow white. They all suffered heavy psychological blows. 

This was a call for unconditional retreat, as well as to immediately leave and stop all military force. What did this mean?

"How could this be? We are the War Emperor Clan, we live through battle, go crazy through battle, we've moved unhindered through all three thousand provinces. How could the ancient ancestor be defeated by anyone else?" Someone shouted loudly, unable to accept this result. 

In the distance, the one-legged bull bugle horn's noise was oppressive. It was as if it came from the underworld, shaking the great earth until everything was shaking and requiring all of the War Clansmen to immediately retreat. 

This was a tremendous psychological blow!

The War Race's armies retreated like a tide, carrying unwillingness, panic, and a type of fear as they did so. The great army lost their morale. A sea of corpses were left behind.

There were a few small mercenary groups that felt fearful. Their faces were deathly pale. They were scared, worried that the Celestial Race would come after them to settle things. This was supposed to be an opportunity for them, yet it ended like this. 

"We won?" The Celestial Race was dumbstruck, and then they cheered. Loud shouts sounded throughout the Blood Plains loudly, celebrating this result. 

They were originally extremely worried, because after all, the old celestial had just revived and it would be difficult for him to live. They feared that he wouldn't be the War Emperor's opponent. They never expected such a great result.

"Kill! We should now fight back. Today, we are going to wipe out the War Race, turning them into a thing of the past, never to bring us trouble again!" Someone shouted.

Cries of war rushed into the skies. The Celestial Race's morale was great. They all activated their precious techniques and prepared to attack and overcome their enemy.

However, something shocking happened. 


A rhinoceros horn sounded, one that carried a wave of sadness, as if it sounded from the ancient times. It tore through the air with a type of ancient great changes feeling. 

This was the Celestial Race's precious artifact. It wasn't the bugle horn of attack, but rather one that demanded retreat, calling all of their clansmen to leave the Blood Plains and return to Heaven Province.

How could this be? Many people were stunned. 

The Celestial Race also ordered retreat, not pursuing their retreating enemy. What exactly happened in the battle between the old Celestial and the War Emperor?

Many people were confused. They gazed into the night sky.

"I knew it would be this type of result." Reincarnation Mercenary Group's lord said softly. Then, with a wave of his hand, his powerful subordinates silently departed into the distance. 

Not far away, Heavenly Deity Mercenary Group also left silently. None of them said anything.

Neither the higher levels of the War Race or Celestial Race, those Heavenly deities, said anything. It was because they had long knew about the result. 

The two powerful experts indeed fought, but it wasn't a fight to the death. At their cultivation realm, they understood each other too well, to the extent where they knew the other party even better than a family member. 

If they really did fight to the death, perhaps one of them would die, but the other person's blood energy would wither up as well and enter a bitter state. Soon after, he would also depart from this world. 

That was why even though the battle in outer space was intense, it still didn't reach a point where one couldn't exist in the same world as the other, an ultimate bloody struggle. 

Otherwise, they would only be letting the other party off too easily, and the two clans would suffer greatly. Without a hundred thousand years to recover, they would be ruined and fall right there and then. 

Meanwhile, the two clans' higher level figures, the Heavenly deities, clearly knew that since the two unrivaled experts were confronting each other, they immediately commanded their great troops to attack each other to produce a result. 

This was a type of tacit understanding, a chance to go all out. This was also something the two ancient ancestors accepted. They were going to fight it out here to decided a victor.

It was because the battle could still be controlled. If the old Celestial and War Emperor fought to the death, then that would be a disaster. The fate of the clan would be difficult to control. 

They weren't willing to go that far, not willing to stake everything here.

"It ended." Yun Xi cried out in joy. After fleeing for so many days and travelling several hundreds of thousands of li, everything was finally about to end. 

She didn't notice the snow white clothed woman. She looked towards the horizon, feeling extremely stirred up. This mean that she could return to the clan, ending this great escape. 

"What are you looking at?" She was shocked. She felt that Shi Hao was a bit absent-minded. He was staring into the depths of the taboo land, his eyes flickering with radiance. 

"Nothing, You should leave first." Shi Hao said softly to her.

Yun Xi stared blankly. She quickly snapped back and understood what Shi Hao was implying. She knew that the situation wasn't right. She didn't argue with him, because her staying behind would only be a burden on him. After all, she hadn't started the 'Man to heaven' yet. 

Shi Hao's attention was concentrated ahead. Multicolored light swirled in the void, covered with broken divine chains of order. There was a woman standing in the taboo area covered in white bones, so how could he not be on his guard?

"Were you the one that produced the lightning just now?" The snow-white clothed woman looked at him with interest. Her eyes were filled with specks of light as she transmitted divine sound. 

Shi Hao's mind trembled. Could it be that he had been discovered by this woman when he fought against the True deity? The Lightning Emperor's precious technique's fame and power were extremely well known, so it would easily attract others' attention. 

Light flowed about. A white jade bridge appeared, extending out from the depths of the taboo area towards his feet. A passage was created just like that, one that avoided the chaotic chains of order. 

Shi Hao hesitated, but he still walked over towards the taboo area. The blood-colored ground, the white bones that were everywhere made this place seem like the underworld, yet there were still flowers and plants releasing multicolored light. There was even an exceptional beauty standing on the other side. 

Shi Hao's eyes swept over the ground. His mind was greatly shaken. He saw that there was a broken cocoon shining, and the surroundings had a few traces of shedding remains. He immediately felt a chill that ran down to his bones. 

Could it be that this woman… came out from a cocoon?

His mind was all over the pace. This thought immediately gave him a fright. An exceptional expert had fallen here in the ancient past. Could she be that person?

Shi Hao stared at the cocoon and came to the conclusion that the cocoon hadn't been broken for long. He felt nervous inwardly. His heart was shaking. Right now, he was even more terrified than when the War Emperor and old Celestial confronted each other. 

His face didn't change, maintaining a calmness. He played the profound thinker and said, "Too long, these hundred thousand years, the blue sea has turned into mulberry fields. I congratulate dao friend's successful rebirth."

"Lightning Emperor, you've also reincarnated?" The woman smiled, giving off a breathtaking feeling. Within this underworld of white bones, her white clothes made her extremely beautiful. 

Shi Hao was immediately shaken up. He was stupefied. He originally wanted to try and fool the other person, but he was now absolutely horrified. What kind of background did she have? This was beyond frightening!

"All those years ago when you pledged your loyalty to me, how young you were back then. You ambitions were far-reaching, but now, how did you become so low and foolish, eyes without any brilliance? It is a pity." The female's voice was like the sounds of nature as she shook her head with a sigh.

Shi Hao was stupefied. This was an old monster? Why did she sound like the Lighting Emperor's master? How ancient of a figure was this? It was even more distant than the archaic. 

This… might very well be the most ancient existence alive, right?!

"A single immortal dream, and eras fade away. You still aren't going to come and pay your respects to your master?" The woman said with a serious expression. "I will help you establish your previous wisdom and reincarnate your memories."

Shi Hao was stupefied. What was going on? He was the Lightning Emperor's reincarnation? He felt as if the world was spinning around him.

"You can… recognize me?" Shi Hao summoned his courage and asked. 

"All living things are speaking about how focused you are. You understand the root of things." The snow white clothed woman's beautiful eyes were deep. She had an appearance of bemoaning the state of the universe, as if she was pitying the fate of mankind as she looked at Shi Hao.

"You… understand the past, able to comprehend previous incarnations?" Shi Hao's mind was in utter chaos. He encountered a taboo existence that understood the past?"

"With just a turn of a body, the previous generations would appear, and by looking forward, it is the next life. A will that exists is the present." The woman's appearance was dignified, her style unmatched. She was incomparably beautiful and holy. Then she looked at Shi Hao, it was as if she was teaching a junior. 

Shi Hao's scalp felt numb. He was completely shocked, almost unable to think straight. What kind of heaven connecting existence was this exactly, to have this type of methods?

"Disciple, you still aren't going to pay your respects?" The woman said.

Shi Hao hesitated. Paying his respects to a senior great one wasn't a loss for him, but his head was in chaos. How did he randomly end up encountering an unrivaled existence?

Suddenly, he saw that this woman's spotless white teeth were flickering with luster, the corners of her lips curled up slightly and a trace of craftiness flashing through her eyes. His mind was immediately startled. Things didn't really seem right!

How could covering up expressions belong to an old freak? This was clearly a quick-witted young lady. He soon understood that he… had been duped instead!

He immediately revealed a look of disdain, revealing discontent. This woman truly wasn't kind and honest. 

It was clear that this young woman realized that he woke up. She immediately released a shallow smile and said, "Little brat, you still wanted to try and trick me. Are you the good-for-nothing the Devil Blood Ghost Tree was talking about?"

Shi Hao was going to faint. This young lady changed too greatly! She was acting all profound just a moment ago, yet now, she was acting witty, moreover directly talking about Origin Sky Secret Realm's ancient tree. 

"Where did the Devil Blood Ghost Tree go?" He asked. 

"Returned home." The young lady replied with a voice that was as light as a feather.

"You… came from the vast uninhabited region's depths?" Shi Hao's mnd was greatly shaken. 

"I guess you can't be called stupid. This immortal has just left my home. For that old tree's sake, I won't beat you. If it was anyone else, I would have definitely hung them up and beat him bad!" This young woman spoke domineeringly. 

She was full of different appearances. When she was quiet, she was exceptional and solitary, but when she moved, she was crafty and quick-witted. When she started spouting nonsense, she then had this type of domineeringness...

When Shi Hao heard this, his complexion immediately changed, no longer believing that she came from the uninhabited region. 

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