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Chapter 716 - Ye Qingxian

"You… what kind of background do you have exactly?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Didn't I already say I came from the homeland? Who do you think I am? An age identical to heaven and earth, shining together with the sun and moon." The snow-white clothed woman spoke extremely narcissistically. 

Shi Hao shot her a look disdain. He sized up the other party's strength, but he couldn't see how deep her cultivation was. Otherwise, he truly would have taken action. 

"Looking at me like that, are you trying to challenge me? Do you want to get eaten up?" The snow-white clothed woman walked nimbly, her body shining. She gave Shi Hao a look that harbored evil intentions. 

Shi Hao was speechless. He was actually being threatened! 

"I just wanted to understand the situation and have no ill will. Who exactly are you?" Shi Hao gave the cocoon on the ground a look.

The snow white clothed woman immediately laughed and said, "You thought I came from the cocoon? This really disgraces this immortal's dignity."

When she spoke up to this point, she produced a jade container. One could vaguely see a strange divine bug that was two inches in length and sparkling with radiance. It looked quite similar to a Qilin!

"My luck wasn't bad. After searching the entire world, I finally caught a bug king. It should be able to evolve into a bug emperor." She was extremely happy as she fiddled with it. 

Shi Hao was shocked. He only understood a bit more about bug emperors from Origin Sky Secret Realm. That Little thousand world had bug kings, but he didn't see any of them. 

The snow-white clothed woman caught one, and it could evolve into a bug emperor!

"Are you sure of this?" Shi Hao was a bit suspicious, because he heard that as long as it became a bug emperor, it would display all types of unimaginable abilities.

"Of course, hehe, this one is quite unordinary you know? It is a legendary Qilin Bug, with one only appearing every thousands of eras. It is a precious bug out of legends. Once it turns into a bug emperor, not only will its fighting strength increase greatly, it will also have the divine senses of finding immortal materials. It is the most precious type of existence."

It was clear that the snow-white clothed young lady was extremely happy. She played with the divine bug in the jade container. Her mood was excellent.

"How powerful is it now?" Shi Hao was quite curious as well. He wanted to understand how unordinary the Qilin bug was.

"Right now? It can eat supreme expert level weapons." When the snow-white clothed lady spoke up to here, she produced a golden sky spear, shrunk it, and then tossed it into the container.


Under Shi Hao's stunned gaze, the Qilin Bug that was swirling with purple radiance chewed through the weapon and then began to gorge itself. 

"It can eat supreme expert level weapons?" He was extremely shocked!

"It loves to eat any precious materials with spirituality, or else how will it find unmatched immortal materials in the future?" The snow-white clothed woman rolled her eyes at him. She continuously praised her own good luck. 

After admiring the divine bug, she put away the jade container filled with symbols. She looked towards Shi Hao with her beautiful and intelligent eyes as if she was staring at prey. She walked a circle around him.

"You… what do you want?" Shi Hao was acting rather unnaturally. He was actually being examined like this. This woman was extremely mysterious. He couldn't see through her cultivation realm, unable to tell how great her strength was. 

"You are still not bad. I've decided…" The young lady nodded in satisfaction. She then paused momentarily. 

"I am not someone that goes with anyone!" Shi Hao said directly, and then he added softly, "I need time to think about it…"

"Anyone my ass!" The snow-white clothed woman almost gave him a beating right there and then. Symbols actually interweaved within her beautiful and intelligent eyes, releasing intimidating divine radiance. 

Shi Hao was shaken. This woman really was terrifying. He had a feeling that that was the beginning stages of a martial dao Heavenly eye!

This type of ability had nothing to do with cultivation realm, not something that one had just because their cultivation was profound. That was why it was something even sect masters were envious of. It was extremely rare. 

"I decided. I'll reluctantly accept you as my attendant." Her clothes fluttered about. Her alluring figure was sparkling and shining, flowing with luster, seemingly untainted by the world of mortals. 

However, her words made Shi Hao feel like he couldn't help but feel like beating her up. Why was this person even more deserving of a good beating than himself?

"Now that I came out, there's no way I'm going to do everything myself. There will have to be people who help me take care of things." She muttered softly as if no one else was here. It was as if she was thinking about a few extremely important matters.

"Being so busy, are you going to Immortal Palace to comprehend the dao or discuss methods with the War Emperor?" Shi Hao mocked.

The snow white clothed woman widened her eyes and said, "Yi, how did you know? I just went to Immortal Palace. That place really is boring. The so-called immortal ancient bronze palaces are filthy and covered in green copper rust."

"As a girl, you really are ridiculously pretty, but you really like to shoot your mouth!" Shi Hao really didn't know what was proper to say.

"The first half is already enough. The latter half can be completely ignored!" She corrected seriously. 

Shi Hao was speechless. 

He had to admit that this girl really was stunning. When they first met, he even became a bit absent-minded, a bit distracted by her beauty. She was so pretty it was like seeing someone out of a dream.

However, the more he understood about her character, the more of her many faces he discovered. Narcissism, craftiness, loved to bullshit, and extremely powerful. How she appeared when she was moving versus when she was still was too different.

"If there's nothing you need, I'm leaving." Shi Hao said his goodbyes. He felt that if he stayed here any longer, he would most likely suffer a loss. This woman was too evil!

"Are you going to Celestial Clan? That girl outside seemed a bit special. Could it be that she was the one that obtained the heaven's mandate stone?" The snow clothed woman spoke, her pair of intelligent large eyes shining. 

Now, the so-called exceptional, unique, otherworldly characteristics completely disappeared. The feeling she gave off when they first met was completely different. 

"That's good luck. I'll capture her, and then the heaven's mandate stone would be mine. That's good stuff." She said to herself. She looked outside the taboo area, the symbols in her eyes immediately becoming resplendent. The martial dao Heavenly eye formed, releasing two golden beams of light that were exceptionally brilliant. 

"You shouldn't act recklessly. The old Celestial hadn't gone that far yet." Shi Hao's body shook. He advised, carrying out this warning.

"Tch, he and the War Emperor have both ran a long time ago. It's already quite something for them to fight each other once. They have to quickly go back into isolation to stop their blood energy from completely drying up." The snow clothed woman seemed not the least bit concerned.

However, she then muttered and said, "Forget it. This kind of stone I can find sooner or later. I won't make things difficult for her this time, because I still have to pay the old Celestial a visit. Not giving the other party any face like this isn't too good."

Shi Hao was completely speechless. Not a single one of this young lady's words were believable. This was just too much!

"Alright, you can leave. As someone under me, if you are bullied, you can give them my name." She waved her hand for Shi Hao to leave.

"Can you stop talking big already?" Shi Hao rolled his eyes. "Also, who are you? What am I even supposed to call you?"

Soon after, he regretted uttering those words, because the young lady began to brag again. 

"Sigh, truly saddening. Just accepting a servant, yet I have to put up with this. If it was two years ago when I still haven't grinded out my inner rashness and inexperience, I would have definitely first given you a beating."

Shi Hao watched helplessly. He finally met someone that was even more arrogant than himself. 

"Remember, I am Ye Qingxian. If anyone tries to make things difficult for you, just utter my name and you'll be fine," said the snow clothed woman. She then waved her hand to have him leave.

Shi Hao didn't want to stay behind even a moment longer. If not for the fact that there really was a 'disparity' between their strength, he would have definitely thrown himself over and subdued this snow clothed woman.

"Right, I forgot to tell you. Don't just casually report my name unless you are facing people like the old celestial or War Emperor." Ye Qingxian reminded extremely seriously. 

Shi Hao stumbled, almost falling off the white jade bridge leading into the central taboo region. He said to himself, "In the future… I won't ever shoot my mouth again!"

When he left the heart of this battlefield for a hundred li, Shi Hao found Yun Xi and regrouped with her. 

"What was there inside the taboo region?" Yun Xi asked. She was quite shocked just now, because there were two golden beams of light that rushed over from that direction. 

"Nothing important, just some shattered natural laws. The divine chains of order might have become chaotic just now," Shi Hao said. He didn't want to mention the snow clothed woman, because what happened just now really didn't make him look all that great. 

The bugle horn was still sounding from the distance, oppressive and forceful as if an ancient beast was roaring from the ninth heaven. The sound resounded through the entire Blood Plains. 

"You should go back," Shi Hao said. He looked at the girl in front of him. 

When Yun Xi heard this, her expression became a bit sluggish. The youth in front of her had protected her through the Blood Plains for several hundred thousand li. They travelled together this entire time, and if not for him being there, she would have most likely been captured or killed. 

"You won't come with me to Heaven Province?"" Her red lips moved slightly. She wanted to invite Shi Hao to the Celestial Clan. 

"We journeyed together for so long, but there will be a time when we have to part ways. There will be a day when we will meet each other again. This time, I won't go together with you." Shi Hao said. He did not want to go to the Celestial Clan. 

"But it's extremely dangerous right now! You killed a War King and provoked a huge disaster. The War Clan definitely won't let this go. It's still best if you return with me to the clan…" Yun Xi advised. 

Shi Hao shook his head. If he went to the Celestial Race, once time went on, his identity would likely be revealed. There were Heavenly deities there, and even more an old Celestial that founded an archaic glorious legend. 

"Thank you. Without you, I would have most likely died." Yun Xi expressed her gratitude. 

"Go, I'll take you to a safe place. Perhaps in the future, I'll visit the Celestial Clan as a guest. When that time comes, it'll be enough if you just receive me then." Shi Hao said with a smile.

Seeing how free and at ease he was, how brilliant his smile was, Yun Xi sighed softly. Then, she nodded and said, "You definitely have to be careful. The War Clan is extremely terrifying." 

Shi Hao displayed the Earth to inches great divine ability, and soon after, departed from the center of this battlefield. He rushed outwards, quickly finding a group of people belonging to the Celestial Race's troops.


After saying his goodbyes, he turned around. His figure became blurry on the horizon. He quickly left.

Finally, when no one was around him, he even used the Kun Peng technique. With a flash, he left behind an afterimage, thus disappearing from this region. 

Shi Hao went into hiding. He understood well that regardless of whether it was the Celestial Race or the War Race, they both had Heavenly deity level experts that were still in these plains. That's why he entered deep beneath the earth and restrained his aura, waiting for the storm to calm. 

However, he miscalculated. In just two days, an intense wave of energy tore through the earth. Someone cut through everything!

He knew things weren't good. He quickly fled into the distance, using the great divine ability, shrinking several dozen li to inches as he fled, wishing to flee from the ones that had invaded.

Unfortunately, a powerful wave of energy surrounded him, imprisoning him. It was an expanse of resplendent divine chains of order that interweaved together around him, and then it pulled him out from the earth.

Heavenly deity magical chains!

Shi Hao was shocked. He was sure that a Heavenly deity was the one that took action, capturing him and bringing him to the surface.

"Little friend, why are you leaving without saying anything?" This was a middle-aged male with an upright and tall figure. His eyes were deep, as if they could see through one's soul.

He wore purple clothes. Around him, Heavenly deity divine chains protected him, shining brilliantly and resplendently. They interweaved about in every inch of the void, surrounding him. 

This was a Heavenly deity that came from the Celestial Clan. 

"I wish to know, why did you come looking for me?" Shi Hao didn't reveal any fear and instead calmly asked.

"You ate a Celestial pill, so if you as long as you are not too far away, you can still be found." The middle-aged man smiled.

Shi Hao was stunned. So this was where the problem laid. 

"Little friend, do not be worried. I do not mean any harm, I just wish you to come to my clan as a guest and thank you for saving Yun Xi." This Heavenly deity loosened the magical chains. 

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