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Chapter 714 - Huang's Reappearance

Zhan Tiange released a groan. Even though he moved as fast as he could, he was still sliced at the waist. The lower half of his body fell from the sky, while his upper half continued to float in midair.

His face was pale without any trace of color. He was actually defeated so badly like this!

Shi Hao was merciless. While holding a lightning warblade, his hand hacked downwards. The small lightning world was stirred on. The grass inside was fresh and clean, and the water was a deep azure; everything was extremely realistic. 

Meanwhile, in midair, a flying immortal-like radiance descended. The War King wanted to escape, but he couldn't. 


The remaining half of his body was already in tatters. It was then pierced through by the beam of light. His body that had lost seventy percent of its combat strength became even weaker, dropping onto the ground.

"Lightning Emperor secret technique!" He said through clenched. His clan's ancient ancestor -- the War Emperor, had long deduced that Origin Sky Supreme Being had the Lightning Emperor's inheritance.

He now personally experienced it and already verified it. Huang obtained the Lightning Emperor's secret method from the secret realm. 

'Seizing light from the nine heavens' was a tangible manifestation of the Lightning Emperor's taboo secret method. It resonated with the small lightning world Shi Hao constructed and engraved itself in the void, able to hack down like immortal light.

"War King!" 

The surrounding people shouted. They rushed forward together. If Zhan Tiange died here, then they wouldn't be able to live either. 


Shi Hao walked up. Lightning appeared everywhere, immediately blasting through the four supreme experts. The space between their brows dripped with blood. They collapsed onto the ground, their faces looking towards the sky. 

"Going to stake it all against him!" These were the War Race's death knights. They didn't fear life and dead. A vicious light appeared in their eyes. They rushed forward together.


Within the little world Shi Hao created from lightning, weapons rushed out one after another, drawing out a rainbow expanse as they rushed forward. 

Pu pu sounds rang out incessantly. In the blink of an eye, more than ten people were killed, unable to stop his footsteps. 

"This was all your self-confidence amounted to? It's nothing much at all." Shi Hao looked at Zhan Tiange. His voice was calm. He raised the warblade in his hand into the air. It flickered with soul shaking blade radiance. 

Zhan Tiange's face was snow white. It was because he lost half of his body, and his blood loss was sever. His battle strength was even more so flowing out from him. He couldn't retaliate at all.



In the surroundings, the War King's troops and followers were shouting, rushing at him with no fear of death. Once the person they were supposed to be protecting died, there would be no good end for them either.


Shi Hao stopped moving. At this moment, his body and mind were clear, elevated to a wonderful state. He comprehended the Lightning Emperor's precious technique and touched upon its natural luck. His understanding advanced a step further. 

He began to take steps outwards like when they first encountered each other, harmonizing with heaven and earth. Lightning accompanied his movements. He walked forward step by step. It was as if drumbeats sounded in the air. 

"Ah…" Someone cried out miserably, trapped within this rhythm. That person's blood began to rise and fall in response, trembling with his footsteps. 


The faces of more than ten Formation Arrangement Realm cultivators went pale. Under this type of special rhythm that resonated with his footsteps, in the end, their hearts exploded, and then their entire bodies' blood erupted. They raised their heads and fell onto the ground. 

Shi Hao became calm at this moment, becoming one with this world. His entire body swirled with symbols, and a secret force emerged.

Finally, an enormous hong sound rang out, and his body erupted with endless magical force. His cultivation climbed another step, advancing from the initial level of the Supreme Expert Realm to the mid level. 

His entire body was swirling with precious light. Lightning interweaved and cleansed his body. The exhaustion from the great battle was swept away in one go. He was now surging with vitality and full of blood energy. 

He entered a wonderful martial state, gaining enlightenment and breaking through his shackles, advancing a level. This was not done so deliberately, but rather when 'conditions are right, success will follow naturally'. 

The surrounding people looked as if they were looking at a ghost. How terrifying was this person? His steps were like a ghost chasing drum, shaking up a few cultivators until their bodies exploded, while he himself even increased in cultivation realm. 

This was the results of condensing heaven and earth, receiving the baptism of the great dao's harmonization.

Back then, when Shi Hao was in the lower realm, for the sake of fighting the seven deities, he hurriedly took a Little rebirth pill to become a supreme expert. He always felt that this wasn't too good. Breaking through like this wouldn't produce a strong dao foundation.

After coming to the higher realms and mending his body's natural laws, he had been suppressing his body this entire time for the sake of compacting his past 'rashness' and making his body's dao foundation perfect. 

Otherwise, with so much time having passed, he should have broken through a long time ago. 

Now, he couldn't suppress it anymore. His foundation was solid and thoroughly complete. Now, he was in a wonderful magical comprehension state, and he naturally broke through. 

From here on out, there was no need for any more worries. Everything was pointing towards perfection, and he could calmly cultivate.

At this moment, he harmonized with heaven and earth. Lightning pervaded the air, and electricity curled up around him. That small lightning world became even more realistic, vivid, and lifelike!

Along with his footsteps, this type of rhythm became more and more terrifying. The supreme experts all suffered as well, holding their hands over their hearts and coughing out large mouthfuls of blood. 


At the most crucial point, with a snap of Shi Hao's fingers, the lightning warblade in his hands began to vibrate with an ear-splitting sound, ending this rhythmic footstep sound. 

However, this was terrifying as well. Several supreme experts' hearts were torn apart, their chests exploding. Blood erupted from their bodies, dying on the spot!

The blade sound was like the final symbol of death. It hacked apart the vitality of the supreme experts who were brought into this rhythm, killing them immediately. 

There were now corpses laying everywhere and blood covering the ground. Shi Hao was like a devil king, slaughtering all those in his path.


There were only a few people still alive, but they suffered severe injuries as well. They couldn't help but release cries of unwillingness. 


Shi Hao raised the blade and swept outwards. Several heads flew to the side, and blood rushed more than ten feet into the air. Then, with a qiang sound, their primordial spirits were severed. 


In the distance, the heavens swayed and the earth moved. An angry roar tore through heaven and earth. That True deity had hurried back. He was just too fast, shooting over from the horizon like a streak of sunrise radiance. 

"After chasing me for so long, you've come back too late!" Shi Hao looked into the distance. He raised the blade in an unhurried manner, and then he hacked down.


The War King was unwilling. He screamed towards the sky, but his head was still split in two. Blood surged together with lightning into the air. His expression thus froze. 

The lightning was completely restrained within Shi Hao's body, and the electricity scattered. He displayed a secret technique, using the Earth into inches great divine ability, and then together with lightning, he disappeared from this place. 

The True deity roared with anger. He arrived in the blink of an eye and raised the War King's ruined body. His expression was sinister and his eyes scarlet red. His head of hair all stood on end. The natural order of heaven and earth interweaved and exploded like lightning. 

"How could this be?!" He was going mad. 

This was the War King of a generation, yet under his protection, he was cut off in his prime. Even if he was a True deity, when he returned to the race, he would still be severely punished. 

Just how much time had passed? The war race's outstanding talent was killed just like that, and dying so tragically as well. Meanwhile, the other party was similarly just a youth. 

"We are the War Emperor Clan!" He roared towards the sky incomparably sinisterly. 

If not for Shi Hao using the Lightning Emperor's precious technique and surrounding everything within a range of a hundred li with electrical clouds startling him, he wouldn't even have noticed that this bitter battle was happening.

"Who exactly are you?!"

In the present world, there weren't many that could kill Zhan Tiange. Only youths with 'War Emperor' characters could do so!

Suddenly, he stared at the ground. There was a bloody word left behind by Zhan Tiange's ruined corpse -- Huang. 

"Huang!" The true deity roared. His head of hair rose, rushing into the heavens. He was driven mad. 


Shi Hao and Yun Xi regrouped. His spiritual body was in a rather terrible condition, his injuries extremely severe. After being chased by the True deity for so long, he almost died.

"You returned!" Yun Xi was alarmed.

Shi Hao nodded. He guided the spiritual body back into his body, and then he circulated bone texts. Blood energy surged, recovering his foundational energy, slowly returning his body to its peak state. 

The celestial pills efficacy was still there, not completely scattered.

"You… killed the War King?!" When Yun Xi learned about this battle success, her little mouth formed an 'O' shape. She was extremely shocked.

"Who am I? If I said I was going to kill him, then of course I will. Could it be that you thought I was going to waste my time?" Shi Hao said. 

"Everything about you is perfect, just… a bit narcissistic." Yun Xi muttered.

This accomplishment truly shocked her. The War King of a generation was known as a young supreme being that came from the War Emperor Clan, yet he was killed by the youth in front of her just like that. 

Needless to say, this would definitely trigger a huge commotion and shake up these two great clans.  

Not only would the War Race be furious and feel incomparable grief, even the Celestial Race was going to be shocked. One of their future great enemies was eliminated just like that! It was worth celebrating. 

Shi Hao benefited greatly from this battle. Not only did he break through his original cultivation realm, he also understood a bit about the War Race's bone texts, precious techniques, and other things. The value of this was great.

"What kind of special precious techniques does the Celestial Race have?" As they went on their way, Shi Hao asked Yun Xi for guidance. His thick skin even hoped to maybe learn a few small divine abilities from the Celestial Race. 

"From man to heaven, what exactly is that?" He wanted to understand a bit more about the Celestial Race's profound secrets.

"The so-called celestial is just the first stage. If one wants to truly become a matchless expert, to evolve to the peak -- heaven, it represents an even higher level of life."

Yun Xi was not on guard against him, explaining it to him in detail. She spoke about quite a few mysteries, allowing Shi Hao to learn quite a bit. 

"Now that you merged with the heaven's mandate stone, will the rebirth process go smoothly?" Shi Hao asked.

"There is a dangerous stage where I will need others to protect me," Yun Xi replied.

The two walked while chatting. Shi Hao understood a lot, to the extent where he now even knew that during that dangerous stage, the heaven's mandate stone could be seized away. 

It was clear that the True deity behind them went crazy. He chased after them this entire time, wishing to find Huang and get revenge for the War King.

However, Shi Hao had just broken through, so his speed increased somewhat, making it even more difficult for the other party to catch him. He brought Yun Xi with him into the heart of the ancient battlefield. 

It was rumored that this largest ancient battlefield previously had a truly exceptional expert overseeing it. His blood, bones, and symbols were all engraved here, which was why this place was so terrifying. 

When the two individuals approached this place, they noticed that the void was swirling with different colors. Those were broken divine chains of order, laying about in disarray. All types of multicolored light erupted. It was extremely chaotic. 

It was difficult to approach the central taboo region, because the slightest carelessness would result in the natural law divine chains destroying their bodies. They could only watch from the distance. 

"There are plants there!" They were shocked. The taboo region was verdant and lush with life. There were green and thriving plants that released brilliance. There were vines and flowers that were beautiful shades of purples and reds, curling with multicolored light. 

Shi Hao secretly used the dual-pupil to see what exactly it was.

He was immediately shocked, because he saw a figure in snow white clothes, exceptional and alone who stood in the taboo region. It was extremely shocking!

This was a woman. She already noticed Shi Hao. She revealed a faint smile. Her white teeth were sparkling, her appearance extremely graceful and charming. She was flowing with beauty, immediately making Shi Hao a bit flustered. 

This was a feeling he had never felt before. This woman was too unique. Her fine black hair was gentle and supple, her snow white skin elegant and her eyes intelligent. Her appearance was truly exceptional, leaving Shi Hao momentarily absent-minded. 

This person stood in this bone covered taboo land where flowers and plants shone with multicolored radiance. She was extremely special. Her snow-white clothes fluttered about, her divine charm otherworldly. She was truly exceptional. 

Suddenly, an intense quake sounded in the skies above. Great dao poured down like a waterfall, and natural laws were like a sea, seemingly about to collapse the Blood Plains. 

The War Emperor and old Celestial's battle had ended!

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