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Chapter 711 - Blood Land Chaos

In the air, heavenly deities roared, dragging dazzling radiance behind them that illuminated the great blood colored land. 

Blood blossomed, old enemies fought. There was no way back, only forward. 

“This is… a great battle between heavenly deities!” Someone cried out in shock. The entire Blood Plains were shaking, as if the battle from the ancient past had been recreated, turning this back into a place flowing with blood.

This was a grudge between two great clans, and even more so a tangled and complicated mess of powers that were involved that made this battlefield extremely miserable. Divine blood dyed the skies red. 

After heavenly deities participated, experts of other levels took action one after another as well, rushing into the depths of the great earth and sealing off different roads to prevent the Celestial Race from bringing back the heaven’s mandate stones. 


A great murderous roar tore through the air. This battle was even more terrifying that what one predicted. It involved too many people. After receiving great benefits, many great mercenary groups all participated as well.

One could imagine the manpower the Celestial and War Clans would send out. They poured into the great earth like a tide. Enormous armies slaughtered at each other.

This was a great moment of history that was glorious to the extreme. Once this war ignited, the world became chaotic. Demon Province sent out demons, Heaven Province sent out deities, demons and gods danced about, fighting a war that reached into the heavens!

One could well imagine without thinking too much that this battle would be recorded in the annals of history, as well as leave long-lasting effects. This was the prelude to the destruction of the higher realms’ peace, the fuse that would blow everything up. 

Of course, there was even less of a need to talk about how grand of an occasion this was now that the old celestial and War Emperor appeared. Regardless of what they did, it would all be carved into bone books. 

“Taotie devour the heavens!”

A barbaric beast roared. It opened its bloody mouth, devouring several deities. It was an incredibly bloody sight. 

“True Hou moon shattering roar!”

An enormous vicious beast appeared that was even imposing than a mountain. It opened its mouth and roared, and then several experts exploded in the void. Sparkling white bone pieces sticky with blood descended onto the ground. Bloody mists pervaded the air. It was a spectacle too horrible to endure. 

There were too many races involved. There were people from the various great mercenary groups, as well as other experts the two races invited over. They all slaughtered over. 

It was because the old celestial and War Emperor entered outer space to fight, so it would be difficult for the two clans to settle things peacefully. They were both fighting with their lives on the line. They invited all of their comrades to slaughter and stake it all.

This battle would decided the future of these races!

“Ao hou…” Deities were howling, and demons were roaring. Heaven and earth were in chaos. 

Apart from the divine level existences in the sky, there were supreme experts, even formation arrangement youngsters that were running along the great earth and searching about. 

The two clans sent out too many men. They all entered the Blood Plains. 

It was because the great formation that sealed the Blood Plains had been destroyed by a single thought from the old celestial. That was why transport formations could be used again. 

Of course, twelve terrifying devil kings that ruled these plains had fallen as well. The old celestial was furious, blaming them for assisting the War Race, so he released twelve strands of blood energy that blasted them to pieces. 

Great armies flooded unendingly into the blood-colored battlefield. 

Regardless of whether it was the Celestial Race of War Race, they had both been ranked within the top ten great clans of the higher realms. They were Emperor Races and Clans of the past, so they had many people on their side. 

This time, two ancestors fought a great battle. The ones that came were all elites. Iron hoofs rang through the skies and mounts roared, their cries echoing through the clouds. 

One could clearly see group after group of armored mounts rushing out of transport formations. They then stepped onto the void and soared towards the horizon, slaughtering into the boundless battlefield. 

The great battle was divided into many regions with the twelve collapsed cities of crime as their center. They then stretched out towards the variou ancient battlefield ruins. 

Shi Hao and Yun Xi were alarmed. This battle exceeded their imaginations. Not only was it for the sake of the heaven’s mandate stone, it was now a war that decided their clan’s fate. The results would affect hundreds of thousands of years.

It was clear that they were being caught up in it as well.

“Let’s leave and inform the clansmen,” Yun Xi said. 

“Things aren’t looking too good. The Celestial Race is at a disadvantage. The ones that are rushing into this battlefield are almost all from the War Race. If we leave like this, we will become targets.” Shi Hao frowned. 

“That’s because the War Race made abundant preparations and had conspired greatly. They invited many extremely well known powerful races to surround and wipe out my clan...” Yun Xi was worried. 

In the past, there were six great celestials in this world, establishing their clan’s glory. 

Now, four of them obtained heaven’s mandate stones, meaning that four similarly great experts could be produced. How could the other races allow this? That was why they secretly worked together. 

The ancient battlefield Shi Hao and Yun Xi were in was the largest one, covering two hundred thousand li. It was also the most dangerous one. The mist inside was thick, isolating it from the outside world.

It was too the extent where when one entered this place, a few secret treasures and other items would lose efficacy. There was a strange natural law that affected all creatures. 

It was because it was rumored that there had been an extremely powerful expert that used to oversee this place. His blood, bones, dao, were engraved within the mountains and rivers, not scattering this entire time. 

That was also why Shi Hao and Yun Xi chose this place. It was to protect them.

They didn’t know that the great formation of the Blood Plains had been destroyed, nor were they aware that the twelve devil kings were all killed by the old celestial. Even if they did know, they wouldn’t have any other choices. 

It was because the entire great earth was chaotic, and slaughter happened unendingly. Enormous armies were clashing, so they might as well just hide here.


The great earth trembled. Great banners displayed themselves. A group of armored horses appeared, and then bows with arrows were drawn back. They shot towards the group of scattered soldiers ahead.


Arrows flew out chaotically. Dazzling light appeared in the sky, and all types of divine rainbows streaked across, drawing out long tail lights. It was exceptionally beautiful. 

The dozen or so people that were trying to escape up ahead cried out miserably. Feathered arrows pierced through their bodies, and then they fell onto the ground with putong putong sounds, the smallest among them barely over ten, not even fully matured yet.

“It’s my race’s people!” Yun Xi felt anxious and furious, but it was already too late to save them.

Within the Blood Plains, the great battle reached high into the sky and involved many regions. The Celestial Race of this region were defeated. A small group fled here, but it was difficult for them to avoid death. 

“Help… help me…” A youth among them with a rather young and tender face clearly saw Yun Xi and Shi Hao. He helplessly reached out his hand, blood continuously being coughed from his mouth. 

Unfortunately, it was already too late. That youth’s eyes grew dim, and then with a putong sound, he fell just like the other clansmen. 

“No!” Yun Xi’s nose felt sour. 

Now that the battle reached this point, it truly deviated from its original intention, no longer purely for the purpose of seizing the heaven’s mandate stone, but instead a great battle for the fate of a clan. Their goal was not to completely wipe out their old enemy.

“There are two left. Your luck isn’t bad.” The leader on an armored horse spoke. He gave Shi Hao a look, and then he stared at Yun Xi, feeling extremely stunned.

“A girl this beautiful really is rare in this world. Since there is such a stunning beauty here, capture her and bring her back to the clan for me!” With a wave of his hand, several dozen armored mountains rushed forward, surrounding Shi Hao and Yun Xi. 

“Drag this unsightly brat out and kill him. I don’t want him to be a hindrance here,” said the armored horse leader. He was a Divine Flame Realm expert, so he naturally didn’t care much about a supreme expert. 

“Yes sir!”

There were immediately more than ten centaurs that pulled back their bows and aimed at Shi Hao. Then, they shone, and a dozen or so streaks of divine light flew over.


Shi Hao wasn’t angered. The surface of body erupted with lightning, surrounding him and releasing pi pa sounds, all of them landing on those feathered arrows. Dazzling symbols immediately erupted.

Then, noises sounded continuously. The feathered arrows were all blasted apart.

“Lord, things are a bit off. These people seem to match the secret report. It might be the ones we are looking for,” someone said softly., 

“Is that so?!” The armored horse leader’s eyes widened, releasing brilliance. He immediately roared with laughter, thinking that this really was good luck.

“Great one, be careful. I heard that these two aren’t easy to deal with. There were Divine Flame Realm experts that had fallen because of them. We need to be careful.” Someone secretly warned.

“I understand. Arrange the formation and kill them.” The armored horse hinted with his hand, and then all of the armored horses backed up. They flung out banners to seal this place. 

“Kill!” Yun Xi moved. Just now, her clansmen had died, leaving her feeling greatly broken hearted. She produced a precious mirror that illuminated all directions. Brilliance scattered about that attacked at the enemy.

Shi Hao was even faster. He immediately rushed out, soaring into the sky and slaughtering towards the leader.


Both sides’ palms collided. Symbolled light rushed into the heavens. 

“Go to hell!” Suddenly, someone too action from the side. Divine flames rushed outwards, unexpectedly more powerful than the leader to attack Shi Hao. The Pixiu precious technique smashed over. 

“I am the real leader.” He revealed a sinister smile. He was with the other soldiers, while the leader bossing everyone around was unexpectedly his spiritual body.


What left him shocked was that the symbols were ineffective. When they blasted onto Shi Hao, they were completely wiped out. 

Meanwhile, his spiritual body cried out miserably. Its precious technique was useless, and after trading blows with Shi Hao continuously, it exploded in midair. Even the barbaric beast mount was killed. 

“Hand over your life!” Shi Hao rose into the air. He didn’t have much time left, so he had to quickly decide this battle. 

The leader’s true body’s expression changed. He quickly backed up, but it was useless. Shi Hao’s palms and fingers shone. He quickly closed in, erupting with his great flesh’s divine might. 

This battle was a more daunting experience than dangerous. Before Shi Hao’s magical force immunity ran out, he barraged this person with attacks. Blood and bone splashed high into the air, and a bloody mist scattered outwards. It died an extremely violent death. 

Shi Hao seized a great bow and continuously fired it. Miserable cries sounded continuously. The ones that tried to escape all collapsed into pools of blood, and there were even a few mounts that exploded as well from Shi Hao’s shots. Blood splashed out everywhere. 

War was always like this. They would never be peaceful and full of blood. This troop was completely wiped out. However, Shi Hao found it hard to make himself feel better. He had a bad feeling, because they would eventually be found by the great army.


He quickly and immediately brought Yun Xi away from this place towards the depths of the ancient battlefield. 

From then on, Shi Hao and Yun Xi continuously fought bloody battles, wiping out more than ten troops. They moved while bathed in blood. 

“If you can’t, then just put me down and escape by yourself,” Yun Xi said. 

The most dangerous time was when a true deity came. If Shi Hao hadn’t lead him into a Vajra Demon’s nest, they would have likely encountered quite a crisis. 

“It’s fine, they haven’t found us yet.” Shi Hao said to himself. 

“Yi, are these two the ones that were to be captured?” Soon after, they encountered another troop. A young man within this group saw Yun Xi, and then using a precious mirror, he revealed her true appearance. 

“It’s them. Surround them!” He was overjoyed, ordering the several dozen experts under him to take action.

“Little prince, please be careful.” An old servant spoke. 

The youngster was the descendant of king, but he himself hadn’t been granted a nobility title yet. This had always made him feel rather upset. “Our generation has three great war kings, and one of them is nearby. I want to capture her before him.”

Yun Xi was shocked. The three war kings came! Those were the illustrious young supreme beings of the younger generation, and one of them were actually nearby. She looked towards Shi Hao and revealed a look of worry.

Inside the War Race, once one was granted the title of war king, that meant that their natural talents were exceptional and oppressed those of the past. They truly had the power to overlook their peers. 

There would inevitably be a few formidable characters by these people’s sides that would protect them, following them into battle to prevent others from secretly attacking them.

“I am actually quite excited to see just how formidable these war kings really are!” Shi Hao said to himself, his eyes shining.

One has to understand that this was the War Emperor Clan, one of the ten great races. It was difficult for them to produce a single war king after several tens of generations!

For this generation to have three of them really was unordinary. 

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