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Chapter 712 - By Oneself 

"Go, capture all of them." The youngster spoke in a bossing tone. 

As soon as they made contact, Shi Hao was careless. He thought that he could immediately get rid of that old servant with his magical force immunity and also capture that War Race descendant. 

He never expected that the youngster would secretly take action. He had an ancient magical artifact, a pure white jade bottle, and this bottle was going to suck him inside. His magical force immunity was ineffective!

Shi Hao's body was visibly shrinking, going from his normal height to two inches in height. He was being sucked towards the precious bottle and was already by the bottle's opening.

That old servant assisted him in activating this bottle. 

This precious bottle was warm and smooth like jade. It was spotlessly white and shining with a few extremely special symbols. It could collect tall mountains and great rivers. This bottle was extremely terrifying and extraordinary. 

"You all capture that woman. I will kill him." The youngster was rather content. This was the first time he activated the bottle, yet it unexpectedly succeeded.


Shi Hao shouted. At this moment, he couldn't care about anything else anymore. His entire body erupted with symbols. A piece of yellow earth shot out from the pill furnace and smashed forward. 

"What kind of thing is this?" The youngster cried out.

It was because this yellow earth plugged up the opening of the bottle, stopping it. The symbols on the bottle began to corrode. The bottle quickly dimmed and lost its luster. 

Shi Hao was already close to the opening of the bottle. It was just too dangerous, almost being sucked inside. However, when he was several feet away from the opening, he seized this opportunity and finally broke free. 

"Impossible, this precious artifact is a rare secret treasure and about to become a heavenly deity magical artifact. How could it suddenly stop working?!" The youngster was going crazy. 

There was an old ancestor that doted on him quite greatly, bestowing him with this magical artifact and having him enter the Blood Plains to gain experience. Normally speaking, nothing should be able to destroy it, yet now, it began to corrode. 

Shi Hao quickly enlarged in size again, quickly turning from two inches in height back to his normal size. He landed on the ground, and then he ferociously took action, rushing murderously towards the the Divine Flame Realm old servant. 

In his opinion, this was the most dangerous individual right now. As long as he could get rid of him, then the situation would be a lot more predictable.


At this moment, the magical force immunity had not disappeared yet. There was still a final bit of time. The two individuals engaged each other. Bloody light surged. The old man's arms broke and he flew outwards.

"You…" He was shocked. 

"Get in here!" The youngster shouted from the side. He was still activating the jade bottle, but unfortunately, it was useless. He tried to get rid of the yellow earth with other magical artifacts, but they were all destroyed in the end. 

The yellow earth's background was extraordinary, originating from the boundless uninhabited region. Of course, it was not the true yellow earth and instead something that formed while permeated in the real piece of yellow earth.

Even though this was the case, it still made a secret treasure ineffective.


The old servant was not a match and was killed by Shi Hao. 

The group that surrounded Yun Xi were greatly alarmed. They wanted to escape, but it was too late. Shi Hao took action decisively, killing them one after another. No one could get away. 

"It's now your turn." Shi Hao pressed forward, taking action against that youngster. 

This battle was without any suspense. Even though this young War Race youth was unordinary, he only survived a few dozen moves against Shi Hao in the end before dying. 

In reality, in the same generation, there weren't many people who could exchange several dozen moves with Shi Hao. What he accomplished was already quite a rare thing that few could accomplish.

 Shi Hao put away the yellow earth and carefully examined the fine jade bottle. He was a bit speechless. This was a quite a good treasure, but a lot of its symbols had been damaged. 

"What a pity…" He felt rather regretful.

"You actually stopped a divine artifact!" Yun Xi was shocked. 

Through this battle, Shi Hao was given a wake up call. The magical force immunity was not unmatched. Against a true deity, he could only retreat, and against higher level magical artifacts, it wouldn't necessarily activate either.

The two quickly left, going on their way again. 

"Have we been locked onto by someone? Even though I am hiding in your cauldron, why do they still always find us?" Yun Xi revealed a worried look. 

It was because as they continued, Shi Hao encountered danger several times. Yun Xi hid in the cauldron, but she could still feel how intense the battles outside were. 

After several instances of this, she freed herself from the cauldron. When she came out, she found that Shi Hao's face was pale, and his clothes were covered in traces of blood. 

"It's not that we were targeted, but rather that there were too many War Race troops eliminated by us. They issued a death order that anyone that isn't part of the War Race is to be killed on the spot." Shi Hao's complexion was not good. His face lacked color. Not long ago, he unexpectedly encountered a War King, this race's outstanding genius. However, they weren't even able to exchange blows, because a True deity appeared at the War King's side, chasing him down the entire time and almost killing him. 

During the latter half of the night, he suffered another injury. His entire body was covered in blood. He was almost killed by that True deity. More than ten bones were broken, and there was a crack between his brows. 

Shi Hao's injuries were extremely severe. If not for the Earth into inches great divine ability being formidable, granting him the earth escape technique and allowing him to enter the depths of the battlefield, he would have died right there and then. 

Despite this being the case, his injuries were still extremely serious. His foundation was damaged. 

Yun Xi freed herself from the bone cauldron and appeared in front of him. When she saw this scene, she felt extremely uncomfortable, and tears appeared in her eyes. "I'm sorry, I've involved you in my troubles…" She told Shi Hao to continue alone and not worry about her any longer. 

"You don't have to blame yourself. Even if I leave alone, I won't be able to leave. The War Race wouldn't give up," Shi Hao said. 

Yun Xi sighed softly. This kindness was too great. Shi Hao escorted her several hundreds of thousands of li. If not for this youth being here, she would have long been captured or killed. 

"Thank you." She didn't know what was proper to say.

"You two won't be able to get away." Suddenly, an ice cold voice sounded. A line of people pressed forward.

Among them was a young man who was twenty or so years old. His long eyebrows reached his temples, his eyes like those of a phoenix. His skin was like white jade, flickering with sparkling radiance. There was a unique type of charm to his appearance. 

War King!

He had hurried over, and it was precisely him that spoke. 

"Do you dare fight against me alone?" Shi Hao's body was covered in blood. He stood up, exuding a type of intimidation without anger. It was as if a tiger or dragon was making its appearance. 

"I originally still intended to take action, but what a pity, right now, you are unsuitable. With such severe injuries, any supreme expert can kill you." The War King spoke with an incredibly cold and merciless voice. 

He had this type of confidence, and even more so a type of unequalled mentality. The War Race had previously ruled the world, an Emperor Clan. How could the War King of this type of terrifying ancient clan that only produced someone like him once every dozen generations be ordinary?

In the current world, three War Kings existed, but this was definitely an extremely rare thing. 

"Less nonsense. Just hand over your life!" Shi Hao shouted. 

"I don't want to dirty my hands." The War King carried his hands behind him. His phoenix-like eyes were chilly, his skin pure white like jade. Even his hair was sparkling and shining. His entire body gave off an otherworldly aura. 

This was a type of humiliation. He looked down on Shi Hao in his current state, feeling that it was beneath him for them to fight. He felt that this person was not worth his time. 

"Kill him for me." He turned around, showing disdain beneath contempt. 

Upon receiving the order, a few supreme experts rushed over. 

That True deity also took action in secret, quickly closing in.

Shi Hao sighed. He turned around to escape, entering the depths of the earth again. The True deity pursued him closely!

When he appeared on the surface again, the glaring red light of three blood moons seeped through the ancient battlefield. However, it was still unable to conceal the pallor of Shi Hao's face.

His injuries were too severe. More than ten of his bones were broken. His arm and leg bones were even more so broken at several areas. If not for his magical force supporting him, he would already be lying on the ground.

In addition, regardless of whether it was his primordial spirit or his flesh, they both suffered horrifying injuries, harming his foundation. If this continued, he really might die from his foundation being dried up. 

"You… what's wrong?" Yun Xi felt anxious. She brought out a bit of spiritual spring to have him drink it. Her stunning face was full of worry. 

"Let me rest for a bit." Shi Hao was extremely exhausted. Just now, he suffered another blow from the true deity at a distance. His body almost broke apart and his primordial spirit almost scattered. 

His breathing was unstable. His chest was rising and falling intensely. He had been chased after this entire time. Now that the great battle reached this state, it took a huge toll on his body. It was hard for him to even stand up again. His injuries were terrifying. 

"Don't worry, you will recover again." Yun Xi seemed to have thought of something. While sobbing, she quickly produced a pill medicine and had him eat it. 

"What is this?" Shi Hao was shocked. This pill was the size of a dragon eye fruit and curling with purple light. Symbols wrapped about it. It was as if it had life, smashing about the jade container with peng peng sounds, as if it was trying to escape. 

"This is a Celestial pill, a unique precious medicine. No matter how severe your injuries are, it can immediately help you recover," Yun Xi explained.

Shi Hao was shocked. This pill was priceless as expected. It was just like the Heaven Mending pill, able to save a person's life. 

When he was in the lower realm, he had seized a Heaven Mending pill from Yue Chan. However, after that final battle against the seven deities, the villagers had forced him to eat it. 

The reason he was able to revive might not be because of the holy medicines, rebirth ponds, or his powerful will. Perhaps it was related to the Heaven Mending pill.

"Hurry and eat it. We cannot waste any time." Yun Xi's sparkling white jade hand personally brought the Celestial pill to the edge of his mouth, touching his lips. 

Shi Hao nodded, not refusing her kindness. It was because his injuries were too severe and he couldn't hold on any longer. Being able to escape with his life from a True deity's clutches was already extremely heaven defying.

If he didn't immediately recover, once their pursuers arrived, both him and Yun Xi would undoubtedly die.

When the purple precious pill entered his mouth, it turned into a medicinal starch and erupted with symbols. It immediately rushed towards his limbs and bones, nourishing his flesh and primordial spirit. The effects were quite heaven defying!

There were no side effects. In just an hour, Shi Hao stood up again, vigorous and healthy. He was surging with blood energy, and his spirit was abundant. He had recovered to his peak state.

"The effects are this great?" Even though he was inwardly prepared for the results, he was still extremely shocked.

"It's good that you are okay." Yun Xi's worries faded and she finally revealed a smile. Her beautiful eyes moved about. Her skin was snow white, her smile displaying great beauty. 

It was clear that this type of rare precious medicine was precious. It was because her status was special that she was able to have one.

"They came again!" Shi Hao pulled Yun Xi's jade arms, immediately turning around to leave.

Only after a long time had passed did they stop in a secret place. Shi Hao said with a cold voice, "Are they forcing me to kill their War King?"

He was angry. The War King's people continuously chased after him. It was hard for him to break away. He decided to take some risks!

"Don't be too rash," Yun Xi said. She was extremely worried.

"That True deity is always chasing after me and will always leave the War King for a period of time. I have a chance to take action and kill him!" Shi Hao said. His eyes erupted with light, shooting out like a rainbow. 

Yun Xi discovered that this youth had an indescribable type of charm, an unrivaled style. He was self-confident and persistent. There was a type of divine radiance around his entire being. 

Self-confident people had the most unique temperaments. The current Shi Hao was firm and resolute, confident in himself. He was shining brilliantly. Shi Hao was going to kill the War King

What kind of confidence was this? One has to understand that they were one of the higher realm's ten greatest clans in the past, the most tyrannical War Emperor Clan. Their War Kings were definitely heaven defying. 

When Yun Xi looked at him, she stared blankly for a moment, a bit spellbound. Then, she quickly snapped back, her face a bit red.

"Don't put yourself in danger!" She advised, worrying for Shi Hao's safety. 

"Who am I? A heaven warping martial talent. It is just a trifling War King. I must kill him!" Shi Hao was in high spirits.

Yun Xi was stupefied, feeling that his confidence was a bit narcissistic, as well as a bit familiar. However, she shook her head, and then continued to advise against this. 

"There's no need to be scared. Watch how I kill him." Shi Hao had already decided to take the risk. He produced a spiritual body and had this spiritual body bring Yun Xi away and draw the True deity's attention as well. 

"He is a True deity, so he'll see through this quickly. He will go back to kill you." Yun Xi was nervous.

"Don't worry. I only need a tiny bit of time. If necessary, show him the Golden Bodhi fruit. He'll definitely hesitate then and chase for another period of time." Shi Hao gave the Golden Bodhi fruit to the spiritual body. 

Then, he turned around, resolutely turning around to kill the War King!

The three blood moons suspended in the air. Within the depths of the ancient battlefield, demonic gods would roar from time to time. However, the area in front was quite peaceful. The ground was barren, and when one stepped on it, it would feel as if one was stepping on metal or stone.

Da, da, da…

The sound of footsteps resounded through the silent great earth. The blood moons scattered their radiance, making that person appear especially valiant. He directly faced a group of people. 

Shi Hao had returned and found the War King's group!

"You are quite brave, daring to meet me again." The War King was extraordinary and aloof. His long eyebrows reached his temples, staring out with his phoenix like eyes. His body looked like it was made from precious stones. His entire body had a type of brilliance. He was exceptionally powerful and terrifying. 

"You think you are worth anything? I returned to kill you!" Shi Hao said softly, but there was an unquestionable pressure as he walked over step by step. Under the blood moons, his tall and straight figure was especially heroic. His eyes were resplendent. 

The great earth began to tremble along with his footsteps, resonating with him, pulsing with his movements. Blinding holy radiance erupted from his body. It was as if a Great Emperor had descended into this world.

"Who am I? I am the War Emperor Clan's current generation's war king! And who do you think you are?!" The War King's eyes were extremely cold and ruthless. 

"I am not much, but there will be a day when I will establish an Emperor Clan alone, creating an Emperor Race with my own power. I do not need to stand in my ancestor's shade and will be an Emperor in my own right!" Shi Hao calmly said. 

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