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Chapter 710 - War Emperor

"A will to live, hundred worlds wither away. A glance from the eyes, and the world has already greatly changed."

At heaven and earth's extremity, that blurry and enormous figure spoke as it sat there. It was as if it lived in the past. It was overlooking all three thousand provinces of the higher realms. 

This was a War Emperor!

He established his reputation in the archaic legend, creating a legend and forming the base of the Emperor Clan legend. This was an unmatched ancient existence. 

No one expected him to still be alive. Based on the bone book's records, he should have passed away a long time ago from the endless passage of time, becoming one with the earth. How could he appear again?

This was an inconceivable scene. It was hard for others to believe what they were seeing!

The War Emperor overlooked the skies. He had previously shaken up all three thousand provinces and overlooked the nine heavens and tenth earth. He had bathed in the blood of countless giants and established itself as an unmatched existence. 

There were many glorious figures in the past, but when any one of them was brought up, there wasn't a single clan who wouldn't tremble. This was a living taboo and legend, now that he appeared, who could contend against him?

Everyone was saying that he died, and this had long become the final conclusion. However, now, he unexpectedly appeared again in the higher realms

"A great dream and millions of autumns passed, who could have foreseen this?"

On this side, the sky was covered in resplendent symbols. The old celestial sat in the void, illuminating the skies. The three thousand great worlds revolved around him, and countless deities and gods emerged, chanting scriptures as they did so, setting him off as the highest god.

This was a taboo as well, one that underwent man to heaven, established a higher realm Emperor Clan and ruled over the world. This individual bathed in the blood of countless deities and established an archaic glory!

The two individuals formed a stark contrast. One was dim and indistinct, while the other illuminated the past and present. 

These two's encounter could still be considered peaceful. There was no great battle that immediately erupted. They were like two archaic copper bells that were unearthed. They shook off their dust and were releasing dao sounds. 

"Your road has deviated, forgotten how to cultivate. The old celestial spoke, his words carrying sorrow, but was extremely great. It was as if the entire Blood Plains was ringing with his voice, perhaps even the entire Demon Province. 

In that instant, countless powerful existences between heaven and earth were alarmed. There were even more people who were horrified in the direction of the Demon Province. There were heavenly deities who felt chills run down their backs. 

"The old celestial has revived." There was a sect master who said softly. His expression was grave, and his voice was trembling. The entire Demon Province seemed to be trembling. 

The figure of the old celestial in the Blood Plains seemed to have crossed time and place. Everyone became aware of its existence. Countless eyes were cast in this direction, and there wasn't anyone who wasn't experiencing great fear. 

"Life and cultivation should be a never-ending journey of self-improvement. What forgetting and what deviation?" The War Emperor spoke. His indistinct figure became more majestic and grand, occupying heaven and earth. 

His voice was extremely calm, but it tore through the air like lightning. It spanned across mountain and rivers, shaking up the boundless great earth and making all living things shiver with fear. 

The War Emperor appeared! He hadn't entered the Blood Plains yet, and that indistinct figure was just a magical projection. His true body was still in the Demon Province. When he spoke like this, it was naturally even more world shaking. 

The countless ancient sects of the Demon Province all heard these words. There wasn't a single creature that didn't feel terrified.

"He… is still alive!"

"The War Emperor is still in this world!"

Heavenly deities spoke with trembling voices. When these words sounded, it confirmed everything. The War Emperor's grandeur was incomparable, even if he hadn't emerged for hundreds or thousands of eras. Everyone had believed that he had long died. Now that they appeared again, it immediately terrified the world. 

"The cause of suffering is the pursuit of the wrong." The old celestial's voice was downcast.

"A wrong path might not be a mistake. Believing that a path already established is best is what is most pitiful." The War Emperor replied. 

"Those who are filled with their own thoughts and opinions will forever be unable to hear the voices of others," said the old celestial. 

The two faced each other sharply. Their dao were different, and their paths were different. What they believed was even more so conflicting. 


In that instant, the world trembled. The Blood Plains were shaken, and everything in a range of several dozen li rumbled. A large black crack appeared. Mountains and seas moved, and the sun and moon were about to fall. 

This was an intangible pressure between the two. Through the air, they encountered each other and made a slight contact, yet this type of terrifying result was brought forth.

At this moment, forget about Shi Hao and Yun Xi, even the white bone true deity inside the ancient battlefield, the Vajra Demons, and others were all shivering in fear. They all hid themselves, not willing to display the slightest bit of arrogance. 

What kind of existence was this? Just a will alone, a fluctuation of their auras would produce such a terrifying scene. If they displayed their power, it would be unimaginable!

The War Emperor was unmatched in battle, becoming an emperor through war. He had pressed forward unhindered his entire life, sweeping before everything in front of him!

The old celestial created an undefeated legend that connected the past and present. It was hard for him to meet an opponent in this world. 

Now that these two faced each other, this was the battle of an era, an extremely rare confrontation between existences at the peak since the ancient times. Every movement they made would be forever recorded in the higher realms' history. 

"Someone who thinks he possessed the dao, but is actually being controlled by the dao," the War Emperor spoke. His voice was like thunder, shaking through the boundless wilderness and oppressing the heavens, making the sun and moon tremble.

He already moved. His true body moved through the demon province and closed in on the Blood Plains. It was also because of this that the Demon Province that was incomparably vast and stretched across who knew how many tens of thousands of li was lightly trembling. 

An oppressive aura surrounded everyone's minds. They were all horrified, and many people couldn't help but kneel down towards the heavens!

This was the War Emperor. Once he appeared and his body moved, the world would shake in response. Countless existences of the Demon Province began to kowtow before him. 

"You and me both seek the dao, so what purpose is there in talking about possessing it." The old celestial replied. 

His entire body shone. Strand after strand of blood energy surged, seeping out from his pores. His aura trembled the heavens above and earth below. 


The deities all trembled in fear. They felt a powerful pressure moving through the Blood Plains and then sweep towards the Demon and Heaven Provinces. Seas from all directions surged. 

Many people found this hard to believe. A few giants sucked in cold breaths of air, and their expressions went rigid. They couldn't help but back up, their chests rising and falling violently.

Through the secret treasure, through the enormous heaven connecting formations, they saw this scene, and then all of them felt a tremble that reached down to their souls. 

In the skies above the Blood Plains, the old celestial released strand after strand of blood energy. It distorted space and isolated the heavens, making the air itself appear unstable. 

One could clearly see that from him at the center, streak after streak of cracks appeared in the void. He seemed to not exist in this world, but instead in hundreds and thousands of worlds past, tearing through space to descend here. 

That type of scene was too terrifying. Everyone felt as if they saw a great stream of time pierce through the void, and he was seated right by it. 

He… where exactly was he? Is he alive, or is he releasing his divine might from the ancient past, displaying his power in this world?

This was the question quite a few people were thinking in their minds. They could feel a rumbling, a weng weng sounding in their ears. The great dao sounds entered their sea of consciousness, making them feel great fear and tremble uncontrollably. 

Heavenly power! This was the true supreme heavenly power!

From man to heaven, this was not just a saying. There really was this type of power. 

"How could this be? It's just too terrifying! Who can contend against this?"

"This is the Celestial Race's unrivaled taboo existence? It is terrifying after all. No wonder he could roam unhindered through the three thousand realms in the archaic era. It is hard for him to meet an opponent."

Forget about others, even when a few sect masters saw this scene, they all shivered inwardly as well, their souls even shaking. This might be the peak of human dao. 

Perhaps if one evolved a step further, it would be a different type of creature, one that didn't belong to the higher realms!

The blood energy seeped out from the old celestial's pores strand after strand, creating countless great cracks in the void that extended outwards several tens of thousands of li. It surrounded the entire Blood Plains.

This scene made everyone feel great fear. 

"War Emperor, come! A battle it is!" The old celestial spoke, his voice like a great bell that rang through the heavens above and earth below. This area of the void became unstable, as if it was going to split apart. 

In that instant, the great restriction formation across the Blood Plains and the symbols covering every inch of the great earth were completely wiped out, shattered under a single thought from the old celestial. 

Meanwhile, the rulers of this prairie, the twelve cities of crime simultaneous collapsed. The twelve most powerful devil kings were immediately blasted apart, turning into bloody mists.

"Heavens! The lord has died!"

"Sea Turtle Devil King has fallen!"

"Great Might Devil King's body and soul were destroyed!"


In that instant, great cries of alarms sounded from the twelve, now collapsed, cities of crime across the Blood Plains. People were panicking. What kind of power was this?

The twelve devil kings that had controlled this area of the great earth for countless years all died, killed by a single being's will. The great formation that several sect masters laid in the past was all destroyed as well.

This was a world-shaking divine might!

What unmatched expert, what taboo existence? Right now, everything was perfectly displayed. The old celestial was recreating the undefeated legend!

"If you move again, I will also take action. There won't be many people from the Celestial Race left on these plains." An indifferent voice sounded. The War Emperor had arrived!His true body appeared, crossing through the Demon Province into the Blood Plains. It was still a massive image that was indistinct, towering between heaven and earth. 

Along with his advance, the great cracks in the void seemed to have disappeared, merging again. He was like a the highest ancestor of all deities that overlooked mountains and rivers, observing the world below the heavens. 

Within a scope of several tens of thousands of li, in the boundless blood colored battlefield, there were Celestial Race experts, mercenaries, as well as War Race people. It was extremely complicated.

Yin energy surrounded the ancient land. Shi Hao shivered inwardly. His expression became grave as he watched silently. 

Yun Xi opened her mouth, wishing to say something, but she stopped herself. This type of power brought her a great shock. She found it difficult to calm down. Was this the pinnacle of level?

"Will the ancient ancestor discover us?" She said softly.

"Don't think too much. With the War Emperor here, he cannot act too rashly. Otherwise, this entire place will be destroyed, and the consequences of that are unfathomable," Shi Hao said. 

The War Emperor's voice rang over, rumbling like thunder. The world seemed to be on the verge of being flipped around. Heaven Province and Demon Province seemed to both be trembling lightly. Violent earthquakes shook through the Blood Plains.

"Great seas will turn to dust after a million autumns, the divine paths wandered rugged. The two of us are already at this age without many years left to live, so from here on out, a battle it is. I want to see what kind of comprehension you have attained!"

"A battle beyond the skies!" The old celestial spoke. His figures swayed, and then he disappeared from the Blood Plains. A great crack remained in his original spot. 

"Fine!" The War Emperor replied. A streak of lightning hacked over. He also disappeared. 

Peace was restored to the Blood Plains, as if nothing had happened. However, that type of oppressive atmosphere didn't scatter for a long time. 

The momentary silence and stillness were shattered. As if comets tore through the sky, a silver-robed individual appeared, in his hands a spear. He traveled through the air and stood in the heavens above, pointing his finger towards the battlefield. 

"Celestial Race, come! Fight me! Otherwise, your people cannot leave!"

Then, dazzling radiance appeared in the sky. Other experts traveled through the air. The Heavenly deity sealed off the battlefield, not willing to let any prey leave.

"Do you think my Celestial Race is scared of you?" A woman moved through the sky with a golden bone bell in her hands. She exuded the pressure of a heavenly deity.

This battle was unavoidable. 

The old celestial was facing the War Emperor, and experts of other levels were also competing. This was a grudge that had existed between the two clans for an extremely long time.

Apart from this, Heaven Province and Demon Province had a few top level mercenary groups that were dragged in as well, for example, Reincarnation Mercenary Group, Demon Blood Mercenary Group, and Heavenly Wings Mercenary Group. They might have Heavenly deities commanding them as well. It was an absolutely terrifying scene. 

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