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Chapter 709 - Ancient Ancestor

It wasn't that the reincarnation symbols weren't strong enough, but instead that the True deity's cultivation realm was too high. Shi Hao had just reached the Supreme expert realm, so he wasn't able to suppress and kill her. 

"You dare come here to try to kill me? Go to hell!" The War Race woman shouted. Her entire body shone and magical force shone. However, her flesh couldn't handle this type of impact and began to quickly split apart.

In addition, an alarming thing happened. Even though her magical force was vigorous and all types of symbols landed on Shi Hao's body, it wasn't able to effectively seriously injure the other party this time. 

Shi Hao coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, but he successfully held on. He had the magical force immunity type of ability, but against a True deity, it was still not enough to completely eradicate the other party's symbols. 

Shi Hao released a roar. He pressed forward, formed fist imprints, and then smashed it downwards. Two fists shone and erupted with incomparable divine force. This type of fleshly power was enough to blast a great mountain into pieces. 

The War Race woman experienced great fear. Her magical force was dissolved, and she herself was long injured to a near dying state. She had a high cultivation realm, yet it was difficult for her to display her power. 

Due to her eruption of magical force just now, blood flowed through her entire body. All of the cracks over her body erupted, placing her body into an absolutely critical condition. 


She used an arm to defend herself, and as a result her palms and fingers became numb from the fist imprint. The other party's flesh was sturdy to a terrifying level, completely unlike that of a supreme expert. 

After just this strike alone, the War Race middle-aged woman's body swayed, and many areas of her flesh split open. Blood splashed high into the air. She was on the verge of falling apart.

It was because she had just too many injuries on her body and too many bones were broken and muscles cut. There were even a few areas that were going to fall from her body. After suffering this attack, her condition naturally worsened to the most terrifying degree. 

"Ant like existence, today, you actually climbed to my head. You are courting death!" The War Race woman berated. The area between her brows shone, forming a symbol that pressed towards Shi Hao's body. 

Then, Shi Hao raised the pill furnace, enlarging it and then sending it forward to suppress and kill the other party, as well as block these symbols. 

The first strike ended in his disadvantage. He never expected the other party to be so powerful, able to injure him even before her death. Blood shot out from his mouth. As a result, he raised this treasure, not wishing to take risks himself.


The pill furnace trembled, releasing a long and drawn out sound.

Shi Hao formed a fist imprint again. He continued his ferocious attacks.


Both his fists moved, as if they had the power to move the sun, moon, and stars. The surroundings were brilliant. It was magnificent and divine. A pair of fist imprints bombarded downwards with incredible might.

The War Race woman released a groan. Even though she blocked these attacks with her arms, her chest split apart and her shoulders ruptured. A terrifying injury even appeared on her skull. Her entire body seemed like a dropped piece of porcelain, clearly shattered, but forcefully pieced together again. 


Shi Hao shouted loudly. He ferociously moved his leg, and then like dragons and snakes, they lashed outwards viciously. This was a precious technique he obtained from Origin Sky Secret realm. Just like the Earth shrinking into inches, it was also a great divine ability that was recorded in that cyan bone book. 

Magical force was now useless, so Shi Hao was simply borrowing this technique's form, turning it into the most ferocious physical power attack. His legs moved like a dragon and a snake as they thrashed down on the other party's body. 


In the end, the War Race woman couldn't hold on any longer. Her flesh quickly ruptured, releasing sounds continuously. Several dozen areas shot out blood; her body was crumbling apart.

"I am unwilling!"

She raised her head and roared angrily. If not for the bone deity leaving her in such a state, how could it have ended like this for her? For a True deity to die under the hands of a supreme expert, this was truly too depressing.

"Unwilling? You should just suck it up!" Shi Hao said coldly. He seized the moment and bombarded her crazily with attacks, because the magical immunity time limit was about to end. 


When Shi Hao's fist smashed outwards this time, half of the War Race woman's body was dyed in blood. Her right shoulder shattered, falling off her body.


Then, Shi Hao's body spun around and a leg swept out. The War Race woman finally couldn't hold on any longer. She cried out loudly, and then her flesh split apart into pieces. All of the injuries exploded at the same time, and her body crumpled apart. 

The moment the War Race woman's head fell, the space between her brows shone. A divine flame shone. She wanted to ignited herself and drag Shi Hao down with her. 

Shi Hao was given a fright. The final soul roar the bone deity released clearly seriously damaged her soul, yet this attack was unexpectedly still so powerful!


Like a blade, his right palm sliced down on her head, splitting it open. Then, he quickly opened the pill furnace and kicked her inside. With a kuang dang sound, he pressed the lid down. 

Lightning electricity flickered about and curse power surged. Soon after, the angry howls inside ended.

Shi Hao shook the pill furnace, and then a scorched black head fell out. It then split apart, now completely dead. 

As for the ruined body on the mountain, it had long been ignited by Shi Hao's innate dao flame and burned under the fiery radiance.

This time, he killed a True deity in a clean and efficient manner. In his hands, the golden fruit shone. A rich fragrance that made one's pores relax wafted through the air, making him feel extremely relaxed.

"You killed her?"

When Yun Xi came out from the cauldron, learned of the result and saw the ruined traces, she was utterly shocked. This was not a Divine Flame Realm expert, but a True Self Realm's great figure, yet she was actually killed!

There were rumors that exceptional talents at the consummate level of the Supreme Expert Realm could kill Divine Flame Realm experts, but never had someone like that killed a True Self Realm extreme expert. 

Moreover, this youth in front of her shouldn't even have reached the consummate level of the Supreme Expert realm!

This was simply inconceivable!

Yun Xi was completely stupefied. Even though she had an extraordinary bearing, right now, she completely lost herself, staring at him like she was staring at a freak. It was as if she was looking at a ghost. 

"Didn't I already say that I am an undefeated legend? What, we should just journey the world together. I'll teach you later." Shi Hao teased.

Yun Xi slapped her cheeks. Her sparkling white charming face revealed a conflicted expression. Her bright red lips remained open this entire time, and in the end, she sighed with amazement and said, "How exactly did you do it?"

"She was almost dead from the bone deity's attacks. I chased after her and then finished the job." Shi Hao played it down, not mentioning the actual dangers of the final fight.

If he had been a second late and the magic force immunity ended, then the one that would have been dead would be him.

"Alright." Yun Xi nodded. However, she was inwardly admiring Shi Hao. Regardless, a youth killed a True deity! This was simply a legend. If word got out, it would definitely shake up all of the great ancient sects. 

Shi Hao also felt rather moved. He was now seventeen years old, and this was the most powerful enemy he had killed so far, so it was worth rejoicing about.

"Let's go." Shi Hao called over Yun Xi. 

"Are we going to leave this ancient battlefield?" Yun Xi frowned. Such a great thing happened where a True deity died. The War Race would definitely be furious. 

"We're going hunting. Let's kill the Dragon Sparrow first, and then we can leave," Shi Hao said. After speaking, he dragged her with him, and like a streak of lightning, he quickly rushed towards the mountain range. 

"You are still going to take action?" Yun Xi was shocked.

This was a mountainous region. Shi Hao had previously saw the Dragon Sparrow flee into this region with his own eyes, so he didn't think it cold have gone far. It was because both of the Dragon Sparrow's wings had been removed, and its body was covered in bloody holes. It was already about to die. 

When he arrived in this mountain range, Shi Hao noticed a trail of blood. His eyes shone, and then he licked his lips, appearing incomparably excited.

Yun Xi immediately felt like fainting. Did this fella come here to satisfy his desire for good food? She couldn't help but say, "You are hunting the Dragon Sparrow to eat it?"

"Of course!"

When she saw how righteous and self-confident he sounded, as if it was to be expected, Yun Xi immediately became speechless. What kind of person was this?

Shi Hao looked around, and in the end, he actually lost the trail. This Dragon Sparrow disappeared inside this mountain range. There wasn't any aura.

"We lost it." Yun Xi felt regretful. 

"Impossible. With my hunting experience, it definitely can't escape. For it to suddenly disappear means that it is panicking. It most likely used a secret method to disappear out of fear that the bone deity would chase over. It is just hiding." Shi Hao put on the appearance of an aged veteran. 

"Are you really that certain?"

"Of course. I am an excellent hunter. It can fool the bone deity, but it won't deceive me." Shi Hao grew up in the wasteland since he was young, so he possessed abundant hunting skills. 

Sure enough, two hours later, they discovered some more clues and followed it into a mountain region. They finally discovered the dying Dragon Sparrow.

The mountain valley was full of blood. The Dragon Sparrow's injuries were too severe, even more so than the War Race's woman. It was already about to die. It ingested quite a few pills and was recovering here.

Its wings were hacked off, and its claw exploded. It made it here purely on its last drop of magical force. 

"You all… are following the path to your own doom!" It was extremely vigilant. It immediately woke. When it saw the two close in, its eyes erupted with divine radiance.

"Stop trying to fool others. I already killed one like you. I came specifically for you," Shi Hao said indifferently. 

The Dragon Sparrow's gaze was ice cold. Its body shone, and symbols covered it densely. Even though it lost its wings, it could still fly into the sky through magical force. It didn't want to be too passive. So it made the preparations to battle and then escape. 

"If you all want to deal with me, you'll have to pay with the price of your lives!"

When Shi Hao heard this, he sneered and said, "Your Hundred Bird Mercenary Group has been pursuing me this entire time. Now is the time to settle accounts. Killing you, their group head, is the most suitable conclusion."

Then, he had Yun Xi hide in the cauldron. A great battle began!

Even though it was close to death, this battle was still extremely intense, as well as extremely dangerous. After all, this was a True deity. 

Then, Shi Hao blasted through the other party's flesh. However, at the final moment, because he didn't control the battle well, he blasted the Dragon Sparrow into the pill furnace, and it was corroded by the curse power and scorched black by the lightning.

He beat his chest and stamped his feet in anger. How was he supposed to eat it now? This was too unfortunate!

In the end, he dealt with the Dragon Sparrow and let Yun Xi out. He had a sullen expression. He was extremely depressed. 

Yun Xi felt as if she was going mad. This was clearly a world shaking accomplishment that could overlook all peers, yet in the end, this fella had this kind of expression after winning. It truly left others speechless.

This time, the two quickly left, fleeing into the distance and escaping this battlefield. 

It was because they knew that this place would become chaotic soon. With the death of two True deities and the appearance of the Golden Bodhi fruit, what power would easily let this go?

This was especially the case when there was a Heavenly deity undergoing rebirth underneath that bone mountain. This was definitely going to trigger a huge storm. Perhaps even a world shaking great battle might erupt. 

The two used their greatest speed and exhausted everything they had to escape. They wanted to leave this chaotic place. 

Several days later, Shi Hao and Yun Xi entered the largest ancient battlefield in the Blood Plains. It was at least two hundred thousand li in size, and it occupied a third of the Blood Plains' territory. 

The yin energy here was extremely heavy, and it was an extremely terrifying vicious place. Rumors had it that there were taboo existences that fell here, turning this place into a demonic land. Its aura was isolated from the outside world, and many secret treasures were ineffective here.

That was precisely why the two decided that only by hiding here could they have a chance to live, perhaps escaping this disaster. 

Two days later, a powerful wave of energy swept through the entire Blood Plains, shaking heaven and earth. It traveled far into the distance. That type of fluctuation felt as if stars were collapsing!

"What is this?"

Shi Hao was shaken up. This type of power was too shocking. Resplendent symbols blossomed in the sky, illuminating the skies. It was as if three thousand great worlds were opening!

In that instant, countless demonic gods appeared, seated around a resplendent figure and chanting in the void. It set off the creature at the center as the highest deity!

"The ancient ancestor… revived!" Yun Xi's voice was trembling, and then she felt incomparable joy. She knew that the day when they were freed arrived. They finally lasted until this moment.

"Don't act rashly!" Shi Hao grabbed her. His expression was incomparably serious as he stared at the distant sky. 

In the distant end of the horizon, an enormous figure appeared. It sat there within the indistinct expanse. Above its head was the blue dome of heaven. It overlooked everything.

"What is that?" Yun Xi's heart trembled. 

That creature was just sitting there, yet it filled heaven and earth. It was as if all deities and ancestors descended to chant the dao. 

Stars appeared one after another between his hair, fingers, and on the surface of his body. Then, they all moved around him. 

He was extremely indistinct, and an aura of great changes was exuded from his body, as if he lived in the past, but was currently arriving from the archaic era!

"War Emperor! There was actually a War Emperor still alive in this world!" Yun Xi finally understood what was happening. She couldn't help but tremble. This was a taboo existence that founded the War Race's unrivaled legend!

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