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Chapter 707 - Heavenly Deity 

The bone mountain was several thousand zhang in height. The Golden Bodhi fruit shone at the base of the mountain. 

Three large hands reached down from midair, neither of them willing to let the other obtain it. When faced with this heavenly treasure, such a rare divine fruit, the three great True deities all wanted to take it for themselves. 

In addition, during this process, the three palms had a secret force swirling about them. They released blinding symbols to compare in power.


Lightning appeared in the void. The laws of True deities appeared, interweaving in the void like chains. They sparkled with radiance, and any one of them was enough to remove a mountain peak and collapse the great earth. 


Suddenly, a streak of white light tore through the air, hacking apart all of the divine chains of order. It then closed in on the three large hands. 

This was a bone blade that was spotlessly white like jade and incomparably sharp. It unexpectedly startled the three great True deities, and they quickly retreated. One of the three was a bit slower, and as a result, drops of blood scattered out from his palms and fingers. 

A blade streaked across the void!

"The three of you invade into my territory and wish to obtain the Golden Bodhi fruit. Do you all have nothing to say?" Underneath the bone mountain, that snow white skeleton revived. It continued to sit there, but there was a flame that released light glowing through its sockets. 


In addition, in the next moment, his head shone. A majestic wave of soul force erupted. It was like a sea as it engulfed the ancient battlefield.

This was a powerful creature. Even though it didn't have flesh, it had reached the True deity domain for many years. It reached great heights in its cultivation. There were mysterious symbols engraved all over its skeleton. 

In the sky, the three deities narrowed their eyes. They felt that this was a powerful opponent that was incredibly difficult to deal with. 

The Firecloud Sparrow and the group of vicious birds all backed up. They felt a tremendous pressure. The power of True deities made them tremble. There was a suffocating type of feeling. 

"Dao friend, what kind of requirements do you have? This Golden Bodhi fruit should be useless to you." The Hundred Bird Mercenary Group's delegation head spoke. He was a Dragon Sparrow, but was currently in human form. A head of red hair scattered down. His face was handsome, and his eyebrows reached his temples. His eyes were bright and full of expression. His entire body gave off a powerful feeling!

"Even though it is useless to me, I can use it to exchange for divine treasures," said the bone deity. It was not an Ape Demon, unable to directly ingest the Golden Bodhi fruit. In addition, it wasn't familiar with medicine refinement, unable to refine a portion of its essence like other great clans. 

The War clan's male and female pair looked at each other. The male said, "We come from the War Race. Our clan does not lack secret treasures. If dao friend wants something, you can discuss it with us."

At this level, if a battle could be avoided, then that was best. After all, they were all True deities,and if they really did fight it out, no one could say for sure that something unexpected wouldn't happen. 

"I wish to obtain a divine lotus that can help me pass a tribulation." The bone deity said calmly. 

The three individuals' expressions immediately changed. The other party was asking for something that they couldn't fulfill. That was a legendary ancient holy medicine, so how could they obtain something like that themselves?

Tribulation passing divine lotus could allow one to undergo rebirth and recreate flesh. It could also help one pass through a bottleneck and enter the next great cultivation realm. 

That kind of thing, forget about them, it was something not even a heavenly deity could obtain. The first was that there weren't many, and the second was that it was too valuable. 

Who didn't want to reach a higher cultivation realm? As long as they could obtain it, they could cross the checkpoint and even reconstruct their flesh, further perfecting it. 

It was clear that this snow-white skeleton wanted to recreate his flesh, as well as break through its current cultivation realm. It wished to undergo rebirth, emerging from the flames as a deity anew. 

"Dao brother, you are forcing others. The Golden Bodhi fruit is not worth that much," said the War Race woman. Her beautiful thick hair was coiled up high with a golden ornament inserted at the center. Even though she was close to middle-age, her skin was still snow white and her eyes clear. Her aura was outstanding, exuding a sense of elegance and nobility. 

"Then that's that. I do not have any other desires." The bone deity said indifferently, a look of losing interest.

The three True deities didn't immediately say anything, all of them remaining silent. The atmosphere immediately became heavier. 

"Daoist brother, making things easier for others will bring convenience onto yourself as well. This Golden Bodhi fruit is useless to you, so why don't you just hand it over to us? We can compensate you with secret treasures, divine weapons, and other things," said the Dragon Sparrow. 

"I do not need those. A single blade in my hand is enough." A soul flame burned extremely powerfully within the skeleton's eye sockets. His entire head became as brilliant as jade. 

"Dao friend, there is no need to be so stubborn. Both of us are cultivators, and amiable relations are what is long lasting. Disputes will lead towards disaster and calamity." The War Race middle-aged man advised. 

"Are you all threatening me?" The bone deity sat there. The bone blade on its knees trembled, releasing keng qiang sounds. There was immediately a wave of biting cold killing intent that spread outwards. 

The scene immediately entered a deadlock. The bone deity was extremely unyielding, while it was impossible for the three True deities to back off. They wanted the Golden Bodhi fruit badly, because it was too useful for them.

"Daoist brother, have you seen a male and female roaming about here?" The War Race's middle-aged woman spoke, wishing to alleviate the atmosphere. 

"I have sensed something, but I didn't pay too much attention to them." The bone deity spoke, its voice concise. 

The three great experts looked at each other. Then, their bodies shone, each of them producing a spiritual body and they displayed secret methods to search about this ancient place.

"You all should leave. If there is no tribulation crossing divine lotus, I do not wish to exchange the Golden Bodhi fruit." The bone deity gave them a look.

"Then you will just have to excuse our rudeness!" The three deities moved together, turning into three streaks of lightning as they slaughtered over. 

"Behaving atrociously in my domain, just give it a try!" The bone deity spoke. With a qiang sound, it raised its spotlessly white bone blade and hacked it towards the three experts.

A great battle erupted!

This was an intense battle between true deities. Shockwaves spread out everywhere, and symbols covered every inch of this place, creating a destructive power that made was utterly terrifying. 

In the distance, the Firecloud Sparrow and Hundred Bird Mercenary Group shivered in fear. They backed up again, staying far away from this battlefield. They didn't have the qualifications to participate in this battle at all. The difference between them was just too great. 

There were three other figures in the distance that displayed their body techniques. They moved about quickly, each heading in a different direction and disappearing into the horizon. They were precisely the three great True deities' spiritual bodies. 

The War Race woman brought out a secret treasure, a rusted copper mirror. She opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of spiritual energy, and as a result, the mirror shone. It unexpectedly produced the scene from not too long ago. She saw Shi Hao and Yun Xi's figures. 

"The time mirror really is an unmatched supreme treasure. Even though it is just an ordinary object, it can still have such miraculous effects." She said softly to herself. 

Their figures swayed, disappearing underground. She chased after the two, because she already knew where the two fled to. 

Deep underground, a hong sounded. Formations exploded, and the great earth collapsed. A great earthquake occured. 

"Not good, someone chased down here, discovering our traces!" Shi Hao was shocked. The formation he had set up beforehand was destroyed.

"True deity!" Yun Xi's expression changed. This level of expert was definitely not someone they could deal with.

"Change locations." Shi Hao quickly made this decision. 

"Are you going towards that bone mountain?" Yun Xi immediately understood his intentions. He was desperately trying to find a way out of this impasse. 

Now that a True deity appeared, the two of them were definitely not her opponent. That bone tomb was definitely strange, so perhaps it could stop this enemy.

Shi Hao displayed the earth escape technique, quickly arriving below the bone mountain. As soon as he approached this place, he saw an expanse of dark light that pulsed about. 

That place was extremely mysterious. There was a dense mist here, as well as a black flame that was throbbing about that unexpectedly prevented them from passing through. It was unknown what laid here. 

Shi Hao secretly used the dual pupil to observe it, and then his mind was shaken. There was an enormous blood pond here that was several dozen li in distance. Bright red blood surged like an ocean wave.

Upon seeing this scene, he felt his scalp going numb. This was definitely not some good place. 

In addition, when looking through the dual-pupil, he discovered that there was an enormous creature in the blood pond. The aura it exuded made one's heart pound fiercely and soul tremble. 

"How terrifying. There is a blood pond below the great pool, and there is a creature here, yet a true deity is actually willing to serve as a gravekeeper." He quickly stopped his advance, and then he slowly closed in on the black flame. 

"Yun Xi, you should hide first." He had Yun Xi hide in the purple bone cauldron.

Then, he carefully tested things out, entering the dark light step by step. He noticed that it didn't harm his body, and then he hid himself too. 

The War Race's middle-aged woman searched about, arriving in this place with the 'Time mirror' in hand. While carrying cold killing intent, she quickly revealed a look of shock. The Time mirror unexpectedly lost effectiveness when it shone towards the dark light.

Shi Hao could see everything clearly from his hiding spot. He couldn't help but be shocked. It turns out the other party had this type of secret treasure that enabled her to find this place.

"The two of you can enter this place, so how could I not?" The woman held the Time mirror in hand, and then while on her guard, entered the dark light, closing in on the blood pool. 

Shi Hao was a bit nervous, not because the woman was getting closer to this place, but because he was about to take a huge risk by attacking the blood pond! 

This will definitely produce a series of terrifying after effects. Not only might this place turn into a place of destruction, it would also affect the great battle on the surface. Whose hands the Golden Bodhi fruit would fall into would most likely be decided as well.

The War Race woman was stupefied. Even though she was a True deity, when she saw this blood pool, she still couldn't help but feel shocked. She said to herself in horror, "Heavenly deity rebirth?"


Right at that moment, Shi Hao moved. He released several enormous streaks of lightning, and all of them hacked into the blood pool. Then, without even turning back, he fled, using the Earth withdrawal great divine ability to quickly leave this place. 

Blood waves rushed into the heavens. A terrifying wave of energy erupted, instantly engulfing everything. Scarlet multicolored light surged within the blood pond; it was as if the world was being opened. 

The War Race's middle-aged woman was horrified. She encountered this scene as soon as she arrived. The precious mirror in front of her body shone, blocking the attacks of this place. She quickly flew backwards.


The Time mirror shattered, and her entire body flew out horizontally. She coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, and then without even turning around, she fled, directly rushing to the surface.

A crazy wave of energy shook the entire earth. Blood colored mists pervaded the air, shaking the heavens. The individuals fighting the great battle on the surface were shocked. Then, that bone deity went berserk.

"You all are courting death, actually daring to disturb the great one!"

It was furious. Even though it was by itself, it wasn't at a disadvantage when fighting these three great True deities. Even though its cultivation realm wasn't higher, it was still about to break through its cultivation realm. 


The bone blade it held was incomparably sharp. It erupted with endless symbols, hacking open the void. With a pu sound, a terrifying wound was opened up in the Dragon Sparrow's body. Blood splashed outwards.

"Things aren't looking good. We should quickly retreat."

The Dragon Sparrow, and War Race's two great experts had a bad feeling. A powerful domain was quickly spreading from underground that made their hearts pound. They felt extremely uneasy. 

The bone deity was also quite troublesome and difficult to defeat.


They felt fear inside. The scene was too terrifying, quite possibly locking them down here. They couldn't care about the Golden Bodhi fruit anymore and all fled into the distance. 

The bone deity's eyes were cold. It stared deeply at them, and then without worrying about anything else, it rushed directly into the bone tomb!

At this moment, Shi Hao was currently rushing towards the surface, charging towards the Golden Bodhi tree to pick its fruit. It was because he had a feeling that a string of unforeseeable events was going to happen after the blood pool was stirred. The other party was distracted, so he had a rare opportunity!

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