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Chapter 708[1]

Shi Hao arrived. He rushed out from the earth, arriving at just the right time to seize the Golden Bodhi fruit. 

Golden light surged like flames, illuminating everything. There was also an intoxicating fragrance that seeped into one's bones. A refreshing feeling immediately overwhelmed him, one that made him feel like he sprouted wings and ascended into the heavens. 

"En?" He was shocked. He couldn't pick it!

Even though the little tree was about to wither away, it was incomparably sturdy, as if it was created from divine gold. The stem of that fruit was also like this. He was unexpectedly unable to get it off on the first try.

He had heard Yun Xi say that this Golden Bodhi tree was a rare weapon refinement material, and sure enough, this was true. Even someone with flesh as powerful as his couldn't break it. 

"Just come off already." He used a bit more force. The Golden Bodhi tree shone, and then the stem of the fruit broke. 

However, right at this moment, a shocking transformation took place. A powerful wave of energy surged from beneath him that blasted him into the air. He coughed out blood.

If not for the magical force immunity, he would have definitely been killed! It was a resplendent expanse of symbols that blasted on his body. 

The War Race's middle-aged woman appeared, her beautiful hair curled up, the golden ornament shining. Her jade hands were raised. She rushed out from the earth, and then she immediately seized the Golden Bodhi fruit that released a strong fragrance. 

Shi Hao felt great resentment. He actually had the divine fruit seized from him at the critical moment, leaving him furious.

This was the War Race woman's spiritual body that entered underground to kill Shi Hao. even though the blood pool had injured her, it didn't greatly hinder her movements. She unexpectedly secretly arrived in this place. 

It could be said that her goal was exactly the same as Shi Hao's. After discovering that unforeseen things had occurred underground, she came to pick the medicine out of great risk. 

"You…" Shi Hao almost spat out blood. He originally wanted to plot against others, but he ended up becoming prey himself, wasting all that effort for nothing. 

A weng sounded. The world began to sway about. A terrifying field spread outwards that swept through this ancient place.

Shi Hao's expression changed. Even though he was extremely unwilling, he still immediately displayed the Earth shrink to inches great divine ability to flee into the distance, because the existence in the blood pool underneath the mountain seemed to be reviving. 

Feeling that it was the most important thing right now. He couldn't care about anything else. 

"Do you think it is that easy to escape? Leave behind your life." The War Race woman chased after him to eliminate him. 

Shi Hao's expression was unpleasant. The so-called magical force immunity was limited. It was clear that in the end, there was no way for his Supreme expert realm to contend against a True deity. 

The losses were too great this time. His injuries were few, but losing the Golden Bodhi fruit was too great of a loss. 


The great earth split apart. A bone blade tore through the air. White light shone resplendently. That bone deity rushed out and released a roar. "Wishing to seize my divine fruit, leave behind your life!"

With a chi sound, the blade radiance was like a rainbow stretching a thousand zhang in length. It hacked towards the War Race middle-aged woman with heaven overflowing killing intent!

In the sky, the three great True deities stopped. They didn't travel that far. They gazed towards the ancient land, and then they couldn't help but be shocked. They all revealed looks of pleasant surprise. 

"The Golden Bodhi fruit is at hand, quickly provide assistance!" The War Race woman's true body was extremely excited. She made her way around the bone mountain and quickly chased after it. She was extremely stirred up. Her spiritual body had done great work. 

In reality, they never had any intention of leaving from the start. The Golden Bodhi fruit was too precious. Even though they knew that this place was dangerous, they still wanted to move based on the circumstances. 


On the battlefield, the bone blade was like a rainbow as it hacked apart one of the War Race middle-aged woman's spiritual body's magical artifacts. It pressed forward, the white expanse of blade radiance wreaking havoc like a sea. It was extremely terrifying. 

"Cease your insolence!" In the rear, the three experts arrived. A great battle erupted. 

Shi Hao broke away from the battlefield. He spat out several mouthfuls of blood. This great loss made him feel rather gloomy inside. He was actually attacked from behind and had his precious medicine stolen! It was hard for him to swallow his resentment. 

It was clear that in the eyes of the three True deities, the Golden Bodhi fruit was much more important than him. Not a single person chased after him. They were all fighting the bone deity. 

What was shocking was that the shaking bone mountain not too far out calmed down again, and then the domain released from underground disappeared. 

"Heavenly deity rebirth?" Shi Hao said softly. He concealed his body, and then he left, not wishing to become prey after the great battle ended.

"Heavenly deity magical blade, please display your power!"

Right at that moment, the bone deity spoke, shouting like this. It also changed a short line of incantations. The bone mountain immediately shone, and divine radiance erupted powerfully. 

The three deities' expressions changed at the same time. They immediately turned around to leave. There was an icy cold killing intent pressing over that made them tremble inwardly. 


Blade radiance surged into the heavens. From that direction, a bone blade tore through the air like a great sun, rushing out from the bone mountain and hacking over with extreme speed. 


Blood flew outwards. The Dragon Sparrow released a miserable cry. It revealed its original body. One of its wings was hacked off, drawing forth a rain of blood. It began to escape in fear.

"Where do you think you are going?!"

The bone deity shouted loudly. A palm slapped over, and with a peng sound, the Dragon Sparrow was struck. Its feathers scattered about, and then another cry sounded. It flew outwards. Meanwhile, the heavenly deity magical blade's radiance, unstoppable and oppressive, curling with dazzling symbols, sliced over, hacking the War Race woman's spiritual body into two. 

When the War Race man and woman's true bodies saw this, they both trembled inwardly. However, they still weren't willing to give up the Golden Bodhi fruit. They swooped downwards to grab that golden fruit. 

"Kill!" The bone deity shouted. That heavenly deity magical blade dragged a dazzling tail light behind it like a comet. It streaked across the sky, erupting with incomparable fluctuations. 


The two individuals were both struck. The male lost his left arm, while the woman lost her right leg. War Race's precious blood splattered everywhere. 

However, the middle-aged woman still caught the Golden Bodhi fruit. She endured the pain and rushed into the sky.


The bone deity shouted. The heavenly deity magical artifact flew forwards, but the light dimed, and the power this time was decreased. 

This was the Heavenly deity's weapon. The bone deity was activating it purely based on an incantation. Unfortunately, the time limit was up, so this time, it was unable to injure his opponent. He himself also expended a lot of energy.


When the War Race male and female pair saw this, they were no longer interested in fighting zealously any longer. They turned around and ran. Bringing away this Golden Bodhi fruit was more important than anything else. 

"You all dare take something that belongs to me? You all are not allowed to leave!" The skeleton held his own bone blade and chased after them, erupting with heaven overflowing killing intent. 

The Dragon Sparrow rushed into the distance. It had suffered a serious injury. It followed the other two great experts, clearly trying to increase its chances of getting away by sharing the danger. It feared that it might be killed if it stayed behind. 

The bone deity released a cold laugh. He was a hair from the next cultivation realm and more powerful than the other three, so he wasn't scared of them joining hands. 

This was a chaotic battle. The bone deity slaughtered after them, and they continuously fought intensely. The three deities suffered quite bitterly under that heavenly deity magical artifact. Their fighting strength was already weakened, so they were no match. 

As the battle progressed, the three individuals' bones were broken and their muscles severed. Not only did they receive cuts from the blade, they suffered many palm strikes as well. There were many parts of their bodies that were cracked and about to break apart. 

The Dragon Sparrow was in the worst state. After turning back to its original form, both its wings were chopped off, and one of its claws even exploded. There were bloody holes all over his body. He was on the verge of falling. 

In the end, it managed to break away. It flew into the distance while on the verge of collapse.

As for the group of vicious birds under the Dragon Sparrow, they had long retreated. The True deity battle had left them trembling. They all escaped from this ancient battlefield. 

The bone deity was also injured. Several of its bones were broken. He gave the Dragon Sparrow a look, feeling a bit of reluctance, but still ultimately letting it go, not using one of its spiritual bodies to chase after it. He instead concentrated his attention on fighting the two War Race experts. 

"Going to stake it all!" The War Race male shouted. He summoned all of his spiritual bodies to join this battle, and he activated magical artifacts to fight the bone deity. 

In the end, it was still not enough. The spiritual bodies were killed one after another. He dropped from the sky and landed in pool of blood. 

"You are the last one left," said the bone deity as he stared at the woman.


At that moment, the War Race middle-aged woman could only escape. She ignited her essence blood to frantically rush into the distance. She lost one of her legs, so she was relying purely on magical force.

The moment the two rushed into the distance, the face of War Race middle-aged male that was lying in a pool of blood fell. He crawled up. And then with some hesitation, he fled from the battlefield as fast as lightning. 

It was clear that even though he was injured, it wasn't as severe as it looked. For the sake of living, he didn't hesitate to humiliate himself by feigning weakness, collapsing in that pool of blood. 

It had to be mentioned that the War Race woman's speed was extraordinary. Even though the bone deity chased after her the entire time and took action from time to time, he was still unable to cut her off.

As time went on, the bone deity felt uneasy, because it was getting too far away from the bone mountain. It had a responsibility to protect it and couldn't depart too far from it. 

The so-called Golden Bodhi fruit wasn't too useful for it, and it just didn't want to give it away for no reason. As time went on, it couldn't hold on any longer and had to return.


It released a test, releasing a soul roar. His entire skull shone, and then a soul fluctuation erupted, rushing forward. 

"Ah…" The War Race's middle-aged woman cried out miserably, clasping her head between her arms. However, she still didn't fall in the end. She increased her speed and departed from this place. 

The bone deity's face fell. While carrying the pure white long blade, he hurried back. This battle thus concluded. 

On the great earth, a figure appeared that chased towards where the War Race woman fled. His body was surrounded by resplendent symbols, and on his back were Kun Peng wings. His legs erupted with multicolored light as well. 

In that instant, Shi Hao used both the Kun Peng technique and the Earth withdrawal great divine ability, turning his body into a streak of light that tore through the great earth.

He had been following along the entire time, watching the great battle in secret, only that he stayed rather far away and not easily closing in. Only when the bone deity had departed far into the distance did he erupt with power and chase after that woman's trail. 

On a stone mountain, the War Race woman descended. There was blood all around her body. Her bones were broken and her muscles cut. She had suffered unimaginably serious injuries, and there were cracks all over her body. She was on the verge of splitting apart, only managing to escape here with great difficulty. 

She really couldn't hold on anymore. She descended, and then she immediately ate a spiritual pill before sitting here to rest.

Shi Hao silently closed in, his entire being seemingly merging with the void. His expression was cold and his gaze merciless. The moment he descended on the stone mountain, he suddenly increased speed. 


The War Race woman was extremely vigilant, noticing that something wasn't right. However, the moment her eyes opened, a youth already slaughtered over. 

This kind of thing was normally unimaginable. As a True deity, an enemy's attack would actually be so close before she noticed. The main reason was because her injuries were too severe and she was on the verge of collapse.


Shi Hao took action, his entire body erupting with symbols. The reincarnation divine ability was perfectly displayed, surrounding the blood covered body in front of him. 

"Huh? What kind of precious technique is this?" The War Race woman was shocked. She was seriously injured, and she was severely lacking in spiritual essence. Her condition was currently worsening. 

She felt her vitality quickly flowing out from her. Her life force was simply being seized! She quickly retaliated, her entire body erupting with symbols to kill this youth!

When Shi Hao saw this, he was quite shocked. After landing his attack, the reincarnation force operated in the other party's flesh. If it was anyone else, they would definitely age greatly and quickly deteriorate. 

This woman was a True deity. In the battle before, even though she was seriously injured, right now, she held on, not being killed by a single strike.

"Hand over your life!" Shi Hao roared. He threw himself over to kill this enemy and seize the Golden Bodhi fruit. 

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