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Chapter 706 - Golden Bodhi Fruit

Yun Xi felt that this person was too narcissistic, and that his skin was especially thick. She had never met someone like this in the higher realms before. 

"Even though you saved my life, it is still impossible for there to be anything between us." She worded her words carefully, expressing what she meant and turning him down tactfully. 

"It really makes one sad. If you miss out on this chance, it might be many, many years before we meet again. By then, the blue sea will have turned into mulberry fields." Shi Hao shook his head. 

"What are you randomly speaking about? Hurry up and go. Our pursuers are about to arrive," Yun Xi said. She didn't want to continue discussing this. Anything went for this youth, and he was always blabbing nonsense. 

The ancient battlefield was extremely vast. Strand after strand of scarlet mists curled about. Rumors had it that this was a bloody mist formed from the deaths of demonic gods in the past. 

The ground was hard and dry without any plant life. They could see all types of skeletal remains, golden, white, and black ones. Even after tens of thousands of years had passed, they were still glowing with luster. 

The two continued forward, continuously changing directions along the way. It was because they discovered extremely shocking creatures that were at least at the level of True deities. They made a detour around their territories. 

"So fragrant!" Shi Hao's nose moved. His five senses were sharp and his divine awareness extraordinary. He immediately detected an orchid like fragrance. 

Soon after, Yun Xi also smelled it, and she couldn't help but feel moved. She had a feeling that this might be a mature heavenly treasure.

The two looked at each other, and then they restrained their auras before carefully proceeding. Soon after, they arrived in a forest. They revealed looks of surprise. 

It was because through the mists, golden radiance blossomed from the depths of the forest. It was as if a golden flame was jumping about, scattering the mist. 

After arriving here, they found that the fragrance was becoming richer and richer. It penetrated deeply into their hearts, making them feel intoxicated. 

"What is that?" Shi Hao was moved inwardly. For there to be this kind of medicinal fragrance in such a barren battlefield was definitely unusual. 

Both him and Yun Xi closed their pores, eliminating traces of their existence. Not a bit of vitality leaked outwards, and then they silently made their way through the forest towards that place.

A mountain stretched across this place. Mists surrounded this place, and a baleful aura was released that made one's fine hairs stand on end. 

"This is… a bone mountain?!" Yun Xi was inwardly shocked. A chill crept down her back.

Shi Hao narrowed his eyes, and then his heart also jumped. This place was unusual after all! In front of the forest was a bone mountain several thousand zhang in height. Black clouds swirled about it, and the baleful aura was oppressive. 

There was an intangible sense of majesticness to its appearance that made one feel suffocated in its presence. 

The bone mountain was peaceful. It was made of all types of skeletons, including those of the Golden Giant, Flood Dragons, and human remains. They were tightly packed together into this mountain.

This was definitely not some good place. As soon as they reached this place, they felt a bone chilling coldness.

Meanwhile, the fragrance came precisely from this bone mountain. There was a golden expanse there with a golden flame jumping about. A rich fragrance entered their mouths and noses, making them feel intoxicated. 

The two gave each other a look. They became even more careful. This place was extremely sinister. If they encountered a true deity here, then it would be extremely troublesome. 

When they walked out from one side of the forest, they made a long detour around the bone mountain, and then arrived in this place. What they saw made their minds jump.

There was a small tree about half a meter in height. It had three branches that were covered in golden leaves. However, they seemed a bit dim, and the tree itself was about to wither away as well. 

Between the branches was a golden fruit the size of a fist that was releasing a fragrance. It released a blazing radiance, the golden light it released resembling a pulsing flame.

Heavenly treasure!

This was definitely an extraordinary fruit. They could tell with a single look, because it was too different. 

"What kind of wondrous medicine is this?" Shi Hao thought out loud. 

"I think I know what it is. This might be the legendary Golden Bodhi fruit," Yun Xi said. 

The fruit was ripe, but the small tree was about to wither. It was because it had exhausted its spiritual essence, all for the sake of producing this Golden Bodhi fruit, concentrating all of its essence. 

"Golden Bodhi fruit is the holy object countless times more precious than the Blood soul grass?" Shi Hao was shocked.

"Correct, this should be it." Yun Xi nodded.

There were a few special medicinal herbs in these Blood Plains that were incredibly precious. There was no need to talk about the Blood soul grass, something explorers loved. If they brought out a few stalks, they could be sold for extremely high prices. 

As for the Golden Bodhi fruit, that was something that could be stumbled upon but not begged for. It was too rare, and it was difficult to pick as well, because they were all in the most dangerous places with powerful creatures protecting them.

Rumors had it that this thing similarly couldn't be eaten alone, as it will result in one's self exploding. The medicinal fragrance was too intense, making it even more dangerous than the Blood soul grass.

"You said before that the Ape Demons could walk the path of extreme body refinement mainly because they could eat the Blood soul grass and Golden Bodhi fruit, so the other was this thing?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Normally, the Ape Demons will only be able to eat Blood soul grass. If they are able to eat the Golden Bodhi fruit, because the latter is countless times more precious than the former, the Ape Demons will become Vajra Demons after ingesting it. They will become another type of creature," Yun Xi said. 

"There is this type of saying?" Shi Hao was shocked. 

Yun Xi nodded, revealing a serious expression. 

Based on what she said, this type of fruit was rare throughout the world and extremely precious. It was a true heavenly treasure. Countless people wished to purchase them in the outside world, yet are unable to satisfy their wishes. 

When refined with other spiritual medicines, the leftover essence could strengthen one's soul. It was much more powerful than the Blood soul grass.

Of course, it could even strengthen one's magical force a step further and carry out a type of consolidation!

Similarly, it was incredibly dangerous when forcefully devoured, directly blasting one's body to pieces and burning their flesh to ashes. Nothing would be left behind. 

"Rare precious medicine!" Shi Hao licked his lips. His eyes shone with multicolored light.

Yun Xi was given a fright. She carefully warned him that this fruit definitely couldn't be randomly eaten, or else he would definitely die. Apart from a select few races, no one else could absorb its medicinal characteristics. 

The two silently observed the surroundings, looking for other creatures. They felt that this heavenly treasure definitely had some terrifying creature protecting it.

"There doesn't seem to be any…" Yun Xi was shocked. 

"No, look there." Shi Hao pointed below the foot of the mountain.

"A skeleton." Yun Xi's mind jumped. 

One wouldn't notice it at all without paying close attention, mistaking it for a part of this bone mountain. It was because that place was full of bones. 

This skeleton was entirely snow-white without any trace of life. It silently sat there, and not a bit of life aura could be felt from it. If not for the bone blade on its knees, one would definitely overlook it.

Shi Hao sized it up, watching it from the darkness. Then, his mind jumped. He felt that there was a flame burning within that skull. Once this flame erupted, it would make heaven fall and earth collapse. 

Yun Xi's expression immediately changed. This powerful creature was definitely not something they could provoke. They were definitely not its opponent. 

"What a pity. If we could bring this fruit out, it will be enough to exchange for an extremely powerful divine ability." Yun Xi pointed out its value again. 

"It seems like its value truly exceeds what I thought." Shi Hao said. 

"If it is refined, the Blood soul gras can nourish one's soul, but this Golden Bodhi fruit's medicinal effects are even more extraordinary, able to directly increase the strength of one's divine senses. You can imagine what kind of effects that will bring!"

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air. Something that could strengthen his soul by a large amount was definitely a priceless great medicine! His eyes began to burn even more fiercely. He had to obtain this. 

"I have to think of a way…" He said to himself softly. 

"Fortunately, this is a bone deity and not an Ape Demon. It is not suited to eating food, so it shouldn't care too much about this fruit," Yun Xi said.

"Then that's perfect!" Shi Hao became excited. 

"It's quite strange. It is just a bone deity, so it might not be enough to protect this Golden Bodhi fruit, so how did this small tree grow until now?" Yun Xi was confused. 

"Even a true deity isn't enough to protect this Golden Bodhi fruit?" Shi Hao was shocked.

"Correct. The Golden Bodhi fruit is too precious. Once news of it gets out, it will trigger a huge war." Yun Xi said with a grave expression.

Shi Hao carefully observed the surroundings, but he didn't find another creature. He was a bit doubtful inwardly. Only when he raised his head again and sized up the entire bone mountain was he shaken up. 

"Something's not right. Yun Xi, look, isn't this bone mountain's state quite unusual?"

"This is… an enormous grave!" Yun Xi was terrified. 

Upon closer inspection, they found that the several thousand zhang tall bone mountain was too similar to a tomb. It made one tremble with fear. 

Meanwhile, that snow white skeleton looked quite similar to a grave guard. The blade rested on its knees as it protected this place.

"A great vicious land!"

The two looked at each other, and then they silently retreated. Even Shi Hao's magic immunity was limited. If there was too much of a difference in cultivation realms, there will definitely be some dangers.  

"Perhaps obtaining the golden bodhi fruit will allow me to strengthen this ability." He was quite hopeful.

They didn't act recklessly, instead choosing to retreat outwards. They prepared to find some scapegoats. It would be best if they could lead their pursuers here. 

However, when they wanted their pursuers to come, they never did. They waited for half a day and laid down many formations, but no enemies came.

Only after two days had passed did traces of their enemy appear.

In the distant skies, several dozen birds flew over in great numbers. It was a rather spectacular sight. There were many birds that ignited their divine flames, and one of them was especially resplendent. 

"Firecloud Sparrow has someone sitting on its back, he… is a true deity!" Shi Hao narrowed his eyes, feeling that things were a bit bad. 

"He is formed from a Dragon Sparrow, the delegation head of the Hundred Bird Mercenary Group." Yun Xi recognized his identity. 

Apart from this, there were a man and woman on the backs of vicious birds behind him. Their auras were terrifying, and divine flames surged around them. There was a purple symbol imprint between their brows. They were two True deities from the War Race. 

Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air. Three True deities had arrived. How were they supposed to stop them? If they really were discovered, they would undoubtedly die!

Fortunately, they arranged many formations and were currently hidden within them, not being detected.


They definitely couldn't hide in here. They had to immediately withdraw, or else they would die tragically. 

Shi Hao pulled Yun Xi over, and then with the Earth shrinking into inches great divine ability, he entered the earth and went into hiding.

It was because everything had already been properly set up, with a trail leading the experts right to that bone mountain. 

As soon as they arrived there, even if those experts didn't find the two of them, they would still definitely take action. It was because after discovering the golden bodhi fruit, any creatures would find it difficult to calm down. 

Even if they knew that it was dangerous, they would still try to obtain it. That was just how human nature was, because the Golden Bodhi fruit was too valuable. It could greatly strengthen one's divine senses! How heaven defying was this?

From a certain perspective, the soul was even more mysterious than the flesh. If one had a chance to strengthen it, then it was the same as undergoing a qualitative improvement. Who wouldn't be tempted?

"This… we actually encountered the legendary divine fruit!" Soon after, the Hundred Bird Mercenary Group arrived, and they also saw the golden fruit. It was hard for them to calm down. 

The three True deities were all moved. Their divine senses swept through this place. Even though they felt that this place was odd, they still decisively took action, each reaching out a large hand towards the ground. 

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