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Chapter 703 - Unrivaled Bearing

"Just a toad that wants to eat phoenix meat. Just go somewhere cool if you want to act all cool." Shi Hao ridiculed, shooting them a look of disdain while standing on this barren earth. 

He had one of Yun Xi's earrings on him, so from a certain perspective, he was quite intimately related to Yun Xi, because for the Celestial Race, that earring contained significant meaning. 

The War Race middle-aged expert's face remained unchanged. He felt that it was below his dignity to argue with Shi Hao, because their race had previously been called the War Emperor Clan, one of the higher realms inheritances' most distinguished races. 

The eyes of the young genius from the War Race became treacherous. "What kind of thing are you? The Celestial Race, War Race are both names that had shaken the three thousand provinces and known as Emperor Clans. The entire world respects us. Even someone like you dares to speak here?" 

The Blood Plains were rather desolate. There were all types of ruined weapons and skeletal remains. There was also mists curling about, making this place look terrifying and mysterious. 

Shi Hao revealed a slight sneer from his mouth, mocking, "I am nothing much, but in my eyes, someone like you who is the so-called genius of the War Emperor Clan in front of my eyes is nothing more than chicken shit."

When the War Race youngster heard this, divine light immediately erupted within his eyes. The purple patterns between his brows transformed and glistened brilliantly, becoming the color of blood. Scarlet multicolored light erupted and killing energy surged.

"The heart of an expert should be like steel. How can you let outside influences stir you up? Why is there anger written all over your face? All you have to do is kill him." The War Race middle-aged man said ruthlessly.

"Understood!" The youngster nodded, recovering his cool. When he looked at Shi Hao again, there was only coldness and swirling killing intent. 

"Stop boasting shamelessly already. I'm standing right here, waiting for you all to kill me," Shi Hao said while looking at the middle-aged man and young War Race genius with contempt. He was purposely provoking them.

"Courting death!" The middle-aged man spat out these two words. He released a large hand that flickered with gemstone like luster and grabbed over. 

Shi Hao and Yun Xi shifted sideways at the same time, avoiding this attack. 

"This is your so-called heart like steel, unmoving like a mountain? In my opinion, you are just showing off to a disciple. When you really do make a move, it only amounts to this much." Shi Hao taunted. 

Then, he pointed at the experts of the Hundred Bird Mercenary Group. "You birdmen should hurry and come over too. I'm going to stew all of you together!"

In the sky, the group of vicious birds cried out. Feathers shone brilliantly, and many of them were surrounded by divine flames. They were extremely powerful. Ice cold radiance seeped out from their eyes as they stared at him. 

"He is just a dead person, there is no reason to pay him any attention. He'll be dead soon anyway." The middle-aged War Race expert said. He then looked at Yun Xi. She was the real target this time. If they could capture her and have her marry into the War Race, then that would be for the best. It would be much more meaningful than just killing her.

The young War Race genius understood what the middle-aged man meant. He smiled and said, "The Celestial Race had previously ruled over the world and reigned glorious for an era. If you marry into my War Race, we will definitely send invitations to your clan's important figures, inviting them to participate. What do you think?"

Yun Xi's pretty face turned ice cold, and she was fuming with anger inwardly. From her perspective, this was the same as a type of humiliation, and even more so a direct slap to the Celestial Race's faces. Now that the other party spoke about such a thing, how could she endure this?"

"Help me!" She said softly.

Shi Hao nodded and said, "Don't worry!"

Even though he was just at the Supreme Expert Realm, he still exuded a type of confidence. There was a smile on his face that flashed his snow white teeth, immediately making Yun Xi calm down. She suddenly felt a sense of security.

"Since none of you dare to take action, then why don't I come over and kill you all instead." When he spoke up to here, he had Yun Xi move backwards. He trampled on the void step by step, ascending into the skies. 

"You are too arrogant." Forget about the two War Race experts, not even the Hundred Bird Mercenary Group could endure this any longer. 

Originally, they were going to take a few steps back and open up some space for a battle, but now, not a single divine bird backed off. They all stared coldly at him, ready to take action at any moment.

Shi Hao laughed. As he approached this powerful crowd, he stared at the middle-aged War Race expert, and then he looked at the leader of the Hundred Bird Mercenary Group, the Golden Crow. These two experts were his targets. 

They just so happened to be together, because the middle-aged War Race expert was sitting on the Golden Crow's back. 

"Haha…" He roared with laughter. Under this close of a distance, he could take action already. Immediately afterwards, his entire body erupted with radiance. Resplendent symbols surged as he rushed forward. 

"A little dog that doesn't know the difference between life and death." The War Race middle-aged man treated his actions with extreme coldness. Of course, he was on his guard this entire time as well, fearing that the other party had some kind of extreme methods. 

However, he believed that strength decided everything. The other party didn't display any secret treasures and insteads rushed forward in a suicidal manner, so the result was quite obvious. 


He sent a palm flying outwards. Symbols swept out like a tide. His hand formed a Little thousand world to surround Shi Hao and then suppress him. 


Suddenly, he felt as if something wasn't right. The resplendent symbols circulated about, but unexpectedly failed to injure that youth, and on the contrary, the other party shot straight for him. When he approached the world within the palm, he was unexpectedly completely unhindered!

The divine ability was ineffective!

He quickly discovered what was wrong. The symbols in his large hand became dim, and the world within the palm was destroyed. This youth's fist smashed over.

In that instant, the youth's palm collided with his own, and then a string of blood shot high into the air!

Shi Hao packed that fist with as much power as he could. All of his strength erupted. This was a strike that represented the peak of his power!

This fist not only had the Kun Peng technique, it also carried the reincarnation precious technique, and even more so the Lightning Emperor's divine ability. It all merged together. The divine might was world shocking!

Others might not be able to see through it, but that didn't mean that this deadly strike wasn't frightening. The War Race expert cried out loudly. His great hand ruptured, and then crumpled apart inch by inch. A bloody mist pervaded the air. 

No one foresaw things would develop like this. The War Race Divine Flame Realm expert's entire arm was splitting and crumbling apart. Blood was everywhere as it quickly disappeared. 


He roared towards him and quickly backed up. He was greatly shaken up inwardly. There was unexpectedly a reincarnation force inside of that fist that was 'corroding' him, damaging his vitality and making his body functions quickly decline. 

He was still a deity in the end with astonishing defensive strength, so his outer appearance didn't become old.

"No!" He screamed loudly. 

A wave of electrical force rushed into his internal organs, and it erupted with berserk destructive force. This was the second type of terrifying symbols. 

"You…" He was shocked, because the third type of symbols then appeared, wreaking havoc within his body. It was actually a Kun Peng, leaving him in complete disbelief. 

In that instant, he thought of many things. He had also heard that the unmatched Kun Peng technique had landed in the lower realm, and that a youth obtained it. 

He wanted to say something, but he didn't have the time to do so, because the deadliest attack arrived. 

Shi Hao erupted with power. He formed a fist imprint. It was as if the stars in the sky all moved, terrifying to the extreme. His head of hair flew about chaotically, and his pupils were like a sun as he unleashed a great slaughter. 

An attack that relied on his physical strength; this was actually his most tyrannical attack right now!

It was because the War Race expert was, in the end, still a deity. Even though his magical force was ineffective against Shi Hao, he could still defend himself inwardly against the three great precious techniques. 

When one's cultivation realm was high, it decided everything. 

However, the so called balance was destroyed by Shi Hao's flesh. He formed a fist imprint, and like a heavenly emperor, he attacked ferociously. Each time his fist made contact with flesh, blood would appear. 

The War Race expert's symbols were ineffective. When used on Shi Hao's flesh, they were all neutralized, unable to stop him.

This was a true struggle of the flesh. He had no choice!

At this moment, he trembled. Even though he was a deity, his flesh wasn't as powerful as his opponent's. One of his arms had long been blasted to pieces, so right now, he was truly in a difficult situation. 

Shi Hao didn't utter a single word as he formed a fist imprint. He was like a divine king that was incomparably terrifying. Every fist drew blood, blasting the War Race expert until both his arms were in tatters. 


In the end, his fist pierced through the War Race expert's chest. Blood splashed high into the air. It was an incredibly ghastly sight. Then, with a ferocious tremble, his body split apart into pieces!

This all happened too quickly, all in the time it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint. 


Nearby, those vicious birds shouted. They all attacked, opening their mouths to spit out symbols and kill Shi Hao. 

"Martial Uncle!" The War Race youngster was even more shaken. He shouted in alarm. 


In that instant, Shi Hao stamped down from the sky, forcibly trampling that War Race expert's head to pieces. Blood and brain matter splattered in all directions. 

It was too fast. Who would have expected that a deity would be killed by a Supreme expert in an instant? It was too late to save him even if they wanted to. 

Golden light shone resplendently. The Hundred Bird Mercenary Race's leader, the Golden Crow, spread its wings and roared. Its entire body was covered in symbols and flames that wrapped around Shi Hao to burn him to ashes. 

It was because it was extremely close. The War Race expert was right on its back, so its attack immediately landed on Shi Hao's body. 

However, it miscalculated. The symbols were ineffective, and the magical force dispersed in the void, unable to harm Shi Hao. 

The attacks of the other vicious birds rushed over as well, but a similar situation appeared. 

"I need to seize this moment." Shi Hao was inwardly anxious. He could only endure a single wave of attacks, because the time frame was short and limited. The magic immunity was about to become ineffective.


His foot trampled downwards. He used all of his strength to stamp down on the Golden Crow's back. It was as if a great mountain crushed downwards. 


The Golden Crow released a miserable cry. A large bloody hole appeared on its back. 

Shi Hao released a roar as well, one that shook heaven and earth. All of the blood essence in his body erupted, and every pore of his body released blood. It was because he was using the greatest strength he could muster to end this battle as quickly as possible.


His speed was just too fast. He rushed to the Golden Crow's neck, and then his arms wrapped around it. Following a ferocious twist, a ka cha sounded. He used a world shaking divine force to twist off the Golden Crow's neck. 

Blood splashed more than ten foot into the air!

This scene was incredibly shocking. All of the vicious birds were stupefied. The Golden Crow was their group's leader, a creature that had lit its divine flame for over a hundred years, yet it unexpectedly had its head removed by this person. 

The Golden Crows were definitely a powerful race. Their precious technique was astonishing, and their magical force was up there in the rankings, yet one of them was actually killed like this. 

They wanted to save it, but it was too late. Shi Hao pointed at the space between the Golden Crows, and then with a jump, he rushed at the Firecloud Sparrow. It was the vice leader.


The Firecloud Sparrow was extremely powerful. Its entire body was covered in crimson symbols. Fiery light surged, burning the void until it became indistinct. It was incomparably shocked! The Golden Crow was unexpectedly killed!

When it saw Shi Hao slaughtering over now, it instinctively felt fear. This youth was simply like a devil king, killing two great experts in the blink of an eye. Could it even defend itself from him?

In this brief moment of hesitation, Shi Hao already arrived. It was greatly alarmed!

"Ah, no!" The War Race youngster on the Firecloud Sparrow's back screamed, his eyes full of fear. 

Shi Hao reached out a large hand. With his magical force immunity, he grabbed his neck in one go. As if a great Peng was spreading its wings, he rose into the air. He didn't fight a great battle against the Firecloud Sparrow, because he was out of time. 

He quickly swooped down to the great earth, and during this period of time, several pu pu sounds rang through the air. Several Supreme experts of the Hundred Bird Mercenary Group were killed. The Lightning Emperor's divine ability was, after all, a world-shocking precious technique!

Those divine birds had the space between their brows pierced through. Electrical arcs flickered about and blood splashed everywhere as they fell from the sky.

Yun Xi was shocked. This youth was just too valiant and daring, simply like a heavenly deity that was descending onto this world! He was actually weaving between the attacks of deities, killing two great experts while doing so. It left her absolutely stunned. 

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