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Chapter 702 - Succeed

Brilliant scarlet radiance swirled about. Shi Hao sat within the field of Blood soul grass, ingesting stalk after stalk. His body was shining like a blood diamond and flowing with a type of mysterious force.

At this moment, his body felt like it was on the verge of splitting apart. Blood shone and his bones released rumbling sounds. It was as if they were on fire. His flesh was about to collapse. 

This type of wondrous grass was not suitable for other races. Its medicinal effects were tyrannical, and if one tried to forcefully refine it, the equilibrium vitality of one's body would be broken, and it would explode.

The Blood soul grass' fragrance was incomparably rich. Shi Hao endured the pain and suppressed these types of changes. Every inch of his body shone with primitive bone texts, preventing his body from breaking apart. 

Yun Xi stood guard on the side. It was too late for her to say anything now, and the other party was extremely stubborn too, not willing to listen to her warnings. 

"What tyrannical medicinal characteristics! Truly powerful." Shi Hao said to himself through clenched teeth. Scarlet multicolored light surged about the surface of his body like an expanse of fiery light. This was a surging of blood energy that ignited his soul. 

He continued to suppress his body, sitting here inside the medicinal fragrance. He used all types of powers to subdue his body, preventing his flesh from breaking.

"Can you expel the medicinal properties out? Don't force yourself like this, it's too dangerous!" Yun Xi said. 

"Don't worry!" Shi Hao said through clenched teach. Together with the blood soul grass he ate before, he ingested more than a hundred and fifty stalks. 

The surface of his body was bright red like blood. A wave of mysterious power placed his body on the verge of collapse, and this was true for his flesh as well. There was a terrifying demonic attribute power that almost made his body explode. 

"Endure!" he was trying to hold on and adapt to these changes. 

It was rumored that the Ape Demons would also feel pain when they ate the blood soul grass, but their constitution was special, so they could still completely absorb the medicinal characteristics in the end, allowing their bodies to undergo changes. 

Shi Hao's expression was serious. His body trembled as he sat there. Even a body as powerful as his had this type of reaction, so one could imagine what kind of pain he was feeling. 

In the past, there were exceptional talents who devoured more than a hundred stalks of blood soul grass, but they began to cough out blood, and then their flesh began to split apart. Their souls were set aflame. 

Meanwhile now, he pushed this limit to a hundred and fifty stalks. It really was shocking. 


A light sound rang through the air. Shi Hao's shoulder exploded. A blast of blood blossomed, producing a rather terrifying sight. Fortunately, the injury wasn't that large, just the size of an infant's fist. It couldn't be considered a serious injury. 

However, this was a sign, and an extremely bad change. Close to where this injury appeared, that arm began to convulse, and then it continuously erupted with blood. 


Shi Hao roared. His only heavenly passage condensed, suppressing his entire arm. Symbols shone brilliantly and resplendently, stabilizing this injury.

"Are you really trying to imitate the Ape Demon and endure all of the medicinal characteristics to forcefully change you body? You have to know that your constitution is completely different from theirs!" Yun Xi became more and more worried.

"My flesh is even more powerful than an Ape Demons, so why can't I do it? I definitely can." Shi Hao said to himself. However, the corners of his lips were a bit distorted, because it was just too painful. 

At this moment, there was the danger of his entire body exploding. A few blood vessels popped onto the surface of his body like snakes and dragons, on the verge of exploding. 


This was the case for his bones as well, simply on the verge of breaking. Gabeng gabeng sounds continuously rang out, releasing resplendent radiance in his body. 

A wave of secret force appeared on the surface of his flesh, and then it reached into his bones, continuously battering against his body. It made the pain he felt more and more difficult to bear.


He coughed out blood. It was incomparably bright and red. In addition, cracks appeared on many areas around his body. His current situation was extremely terrible. 

Shi Hao released a grunt. Divine multicolored light circulated and symbols covered him densely. Small cauldrons appeared one after another, flowing within his blood. Then, they released a ringing sound. His body seemed to have transformed into a large cauldron.

This was the enlightenment he achieved in the Spiritual Transformation Realm. His flesh could produce dao bells, cauldrons, divine swords, and other things. At this moment, they formed a cauldron, because it was the most sturdy, using this form to protect his body. 

In addition, his flesh-formed cauldron merged with the heavenly passage around him, forming an unmovable entity, effectively preventing his injuries from worsening. 

Despite this being the case, Shi Hao's entire body still dripped with blood. He did everything he could to resist and adapt to these changes so that he could absorb the medicinal characteristics.

Two days and two nights later, Shi Hao made it through. The pain he felt began to weaken. He absorbed the mysterious medicinal effects and got used to this type of refinement.

"This… is a miracle!" Yun Xi said.

Shi Hao ate a total of more than a hundred and fifty stalks of blood soul grass, exceeding the record of the past exceptional talents, and he was still unharmed, able to survive.

He silently comprehended. Then, he asked Yun Xi to attack him with symbols so he could examine if it really was effective!

"The magical force attacking me has been weakened!"

Even though it wasn't immunity, it was still quite shocking. During a great confrontation, this was undoubtedly a great help. Weakening the other party's magical force attacks would give him a great advantage. 

"It is still not enough…" Shi Hao said to himself. He looked around him, seeing that there were at least another hundred stalks of blood soul grass, but if he continued to eat them, it truly would be too dangerous. 

However, he decided to keep going, pushing himself to the limit. He wanted to see how many stalks he could refine. 

"A hundred and fifty six, a hundred and fifty seven…"

Shi Hao silently counted. He began to eat the blood soul grass again, using this to challenge himself, wishing to develop the magical force immunity for himself. 

Yun Xi had a worried look on her face, but she knew that there was no way of convincing him otherwise. She could only watch silently and protect this benefactor of hers. 

A day and night later, Shi Hao increased his total to two hundred stalks, and that was when danger finally appeared. His body began to crack, and his soul shone, as if it was going to be burned away. 

He released a low roar. The True Primordial Record was engraved with his mind, and the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram emerged. He covered his body with the true record's bone texts and the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram's symbols. 

His body was covered in blood, cracking and then healing. This type of medicinal characteristics brought races apart from the Ape Demons great harm after all. It was difficult to endure.


On Shi Hao's chest, a bone broke, sending flesh flying out. It was an extremely frightening sight. In addition, the blood that flowed out didn't land on the ground, but instead burned into nothing in the void. The temperature was extremely high. It was incredibly terrifying. 

Yun Xi cried out in alarm. She held the precious mirror, sending a beam of divine light out to stabilize Shi Hao's flesh and prevent the injury from worsening.

"It really is terrifying…" SHi Hao said to himself. His only heavenly passage condensed, almost pressing down against the surface of his body, barely wrapping around him to prevent his flesh from collapsing.

Meanwhile, he used the True record's bone texts and constructed the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, displaying their effects in his body. They appeared and suppressed his body. 

Just like this, a day and night passed. Shi Hao managed to persevere through, finally stabilizing everything. The burning blood calmed down, and his flesh no longer cracked apart or shone. 

"The limit was pushed to two hundred stalks!" Yun Xi didn't know what to say. This was just too shocking! This was a brand new and terrifying record. 

This time, Shi Hao didn't act rashly. He sat there to adjust his body, recovering himself to his optimal state. 

Half a day later, he began to test the results. He had Yun Xi attack him.

"Success!" Shi Hao was excited. The first attack was ineffective against him, completely neutralized. The magical force was dissolved. 

However, this was not true for the second attack. Things were returned to normal. The magical force entered his body. 

He sat there, adjusting his breathing and recovered for a period of time. Then, he tested things out again. The results were the same. The first wave of magical force was ignored, unable to break through his defenses, but when the second wave began, it could enter again.

"This…" Yun Xi was shocked. He unexpectedly really obtained this type of ability! It was too heaven defying! If news of this got out, it would definitely leave the great sects shaken. 

"So this is all it is capable of. Still unable to reach the Ape Demons' level." Shi Hao said to himself. Despite this being the case, he was still satisfied. Just the first wave of magical force being ineffective was already enough to let him do many things!

"I need to continue eating. Let's see what other effects there will be." Shi Hao's eyes shone brightly.

However, when the two hundred first stalk was eaten, the blood soul grass seemed to be useless for him. It unexpectedly didn't injure his body. The tyrannical medicinal effects didn't present itself.

Just like that, Shi Hao continuously ate them, picking all of the remaining blood soul grass. In total, he refined about two hundred and seventy stalks. 

After eating all of these, there really were still some effects, but it wasn't as evident. After Shi Hao conducted one last test, he found that it was still only the first wave of magical force that could be stopped. It was hard for him to have any new breakthroughs. 

"This is inconceivable! You actually really obtained this type of ability!" Yun Xi sighed with amazement. Her beautiful eyes released divine multicolored light.

"It's alright I guess. At least there's finally some type of effect." Shi Hao laughed and said. 

Then, they left this place and entered the depths of the ancient battlefield, going into hiding. Based on what Yun Xi said, right now, stalling for time was the most important. They had to wait until the Celestial Race's ancient ancestor revived. 

Otherwise, it wasn't very realistic for them to make it to Heaven Province alone. The entire Blood Plains were restricted, and it was full of slaughter. 

"They're here. They are chasing us again."

Two days later, Shi Hao and Yun Xi raised their heads. They saw that a group of vicious birds were circling about in the air, causing them to release grave expressions. They were still unable to escape them in the end. 

It was still the creatures from the Hundred Bird Mercenary Group, and the leaders were still that Golden Crow and Firecloud Sparrow. They flew in circles high up in the skies, and then they headed in this direction.

"This group of demonic birds are too sharp, still able to find us in the end." Shi Hao sighed softly. 

They could only continue forward right now. They chose a dangerous place where they could stir up a few true deity level creatures to deal with the Hundred Bird Mercenary Group's creatures. 

"Yi, there are two others."

Shi Hao noticed that there was a middle-aged male sitting on the Golden Crow's back, and there was a youngster standing on the Firecloud Sparrow's back. They were currently observing the great earth. 

"What race do those two figures belong to?" Shi Hao noticed that there were purple symbols imprints between those creatures brows that were like heavenly eyes. It looked like they could be opened.

Other than this feature, however, they weren't much different from humans. 

"War Race, it's them!" Yun Xi's eyes became cold. She knew that of the inheritances attacking the Celestial Race this time, the War Race was definitely the main force, because these two clans opposed each other like water and fire. 

"Is the War Race strong?" Shi Hao asked. 

"In the archaic era, they were ranked within the ten great races and called the War Emperor Clan. They were extremely glorious, and all those under the heavens respected them," said Yun Xi. 

Shi Hao was shocked. To be called an Emperor Race or Clan was definitely an unimaginable glory. Back then, the Celestial Race had six individuals that evolved into unmatched celestials, and only then did they obtain this type of title. 

What kind of background did the War Race have back then? Regardless, they were definitely powerful!

"This is not good. They discovered us." Shi Hao frowned. The Hundred Bird Mercenaries weren't known for their fighting prowess, but if it was strictly pursuit, they were definitely one of the best in the Demon Province.

They originally got them off their trail a long time ago, but it was because of this group that they were found again. 

"Finally found you." The one that spoke was not the Golden Crow or Firecloud Sparrow, but instead the middle-aged man from the War Race that sat on a vicious bird's back. 

"The heaven's mandate stone is on your body?" The other youngster also spoke. His temperament was unordinary. Black hair scattered about. His eyes were bright. He stared at Yun Xi, continuously nodding his head as he did so.

"War Race, you all are playing with fire. When my clan's ancient ancestor revives, you all will have to face the consequences!" Yun Xi said coldly. 

"Who can really say what the future holds? Even if that old celestial really does survive, there will still be others to stop him." The young War Race genius smiled and shook his head. He then said, "You already merged with the heaven's mandate stone. If it is forcefully extracted, then that strange stone's effects will sharply decline. It really is a headache inducing matter…" 

There was an evil aura to him. The corner of his lips tilted upwards, and a golden radiance flashed in his eyes. "How about you just marry into my War Race?"

"Keep dreaming!" Yun Xi only had these two words for him. Her figure was graceful and her hair soft. Her eyes were quick-witted. Her charm was matchless, as if she was a goddess that walked out from a painting. She was exceptionally beautiful and could move the hearts of many. 

"I feel like it's not that bad of a choice. Marrying into my War Race can still be considered an appropriate match." The young man said calmly. 

"Capture them." At this moment, the middle-aged man on the Golden Crow's back spoke in an incomparably imposing manner. 

"It's good that there aren't any true deities." Shi Hao said to himself. However, this was still quite terrifying. If he faced them head on, he would definitely fall. The other party had too many experts. 

However, he had another chance to fight. He wanted to see the extent of this so-called magical force immunity!

"Which one do you want dead?" Shi Hao was quite brash, asking Yun Xi to point at one. 

"Not understanding the difference between life and death!" In the skies, the group of vicious birds and two War Race experts all revealed grins of anger. 

"Kill the War Race!" Yun Xi said, blurting out without thinking. The two sides had been enemies for many generations.

"Kill us?" The War Race youngster raised his head and roared with laughter. His eyes carried coldness and killing intent. "I won't kill you and instead bring you back as a wife for my race. The so-called man into sky should just be carried out in my War Race!"

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