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Chapter 704 - Who Are You?

At that moment, she thought of too much. Her mind was trembling, and she said to herself, "Heaven warping martial talent, there was actually someone so close to this saying, someone who really is this extraordinary…"

The scene before her eyes caused Yun Xi to inadvertently think of that lower realm youth. The two bore a remarkable resemblance. Removing the heads of enemies in an army was incredibly easy. He really did have a heaven warping nature. 

Back then, Shi Hao had rebuked heaven and earth in front of the Kun Peng nest. Standing on that dao platform, fighting viciously against experts from all directions. He swept thought everyone around him, and no one was his opponent. 

They were all at the Spiritual Transformation realm, but not even supreme experts could kill him!

Meanwhile, the youth in front of her also had this type of temperament, killing deities in such a domineering manner. It was incredibly dazzling. He had an unrivaled confidence, and he naturally exuded divine might. 

"Let's go!"

Shi Hao swooped down. He carried that young genius from the War Race while running towards Yun Xi, bringing her with him to escape. 

In the sky, the Firecloud Sparrow was incredibly shocked. This youth could kill their leader and kill that War Race expert, so he was definitely terrifyingly powerful. Why was he now running away?

As for the other vicious birds, they were all stunned as well. That youth's performance could be considered terrifying to the extreme, simply like a demon. He killed the powerful Golden Crow in an instant. 

In addition, he casually killed several other vicious birds as well, leaving them horrified. 

"Chase after them!"

The Firecloud Sparrow and other divine birds weren't normal. They immediately realized the other party didn't dare to fight continuously, so he likely felt like he couldn't win.

Soon after, they understood that the other party had a special method, but couldn't use it for an extended amount of time. He was now no longer as ferocious, so it was a good opportunity to eliminate him.

"I don't mind killing a few more of you! Those that stop me will all die!" Shi Hao shouted. 

His words possessed extraordinary intimidating prowess. A few vicious birds immediately stopped in place, not daring to swoop downwards. 

However, the Firecloud Sparrow did not belong to this group. It continued to slaughter over.

Shi Hao sealed the War Race young genius, and then he tossed him into the cauldron. Then, he collected the Golden Crow corpse that was in his way inside as well. 

For him, this was a delicacy, and even more so a great flesh medicine. 

"You…" The Hundred Bird Mercenaries were furious. The other party killed their Golden Crow leader and even seized its corpse. How could they just let him leave? This was a type of humiliation.


Immediately afterwards, they were stupefied. While pulling Yun Xi with him, he displayed the Earth shrinking into inches great divine ability. After rushing out a short distance, he entered the great earth, disappearing beneath the ground and disappearing without a trace. 

The group of vicious birds spread their wings, bombarding the ancient battlefield with their most ferocious attacks. They all opened their beaks to shoot out symbols, and some of them even brandished their divine wings to tear apart the great earth.

However, this was completely useless. Even though they tore open the ground, they still couldn't find Shi Hao. 

The Earth shrinking into inches technique was the human race's great divine ability, know as having one of the world's greatest speeds. When one grasped it, one could move through the skies above or the earth below. When refined to its limit, one could even travel to the sun or moon, roaming through the universe. 

It was to the extent where one could go to the nine heavens above or the nine layers of the underworld. One could roam about the different areas of heaven and earth. 

This type of precious technique naturally could enter the earth, carrying out the so-called earth escape. However, Shi Hao hadn't grasped it for that long, so he had just comprehended the earth escape technique. He now displayed it. 

The Hundred Bird Mercenary Group's people were furious, but they couldn't do anything about it. Shi Hao and the Celestial Race's young lady entered the ground, thus disappearing without a trace. They were birds, and as such were unsuitable to moving through the earth. 

"Next time, bring someone who can use earth movement secret techniques!" The Firecloud Sparrow said hatefully. The losses this time were too severe. It was too difficult to explain things to the delegation head. 

Only after along time had passed did Shi Hao and Yun Xi rush out from underground. They brought an earthen colored haze with them as they emerged on the surface of the ground again. 

"The Blood Plains have been locked down by restrictions. Even the underground terrain was affected." Yun Xi frowned. They only traveled eight hundred li, but they were already feeling great strain. 

This ancient battlefield covered an area of at least fifty thousand li. They set out towards its depths. 

What they needed to do right now was not head for Heaven Province, but instead stall for time and await rescue. Once Celestial Race's ancient ancestor who personally created their ancient glory revived, the situation would completely change. 

The old celestial's aura devoured mountains and rivers. In the past, his might trembled the three thousand provinces. His power shocked the higher realms!

This ancient battlefield had many strange things. There were even more specter-like beings roaming about. They needed to be on their guard. 

This was especially true after they traveled relatively deeper where even more demonic spirits and others appeared. It was extremely dangerous. Shi Hao's group had avoided several dangerous areas and passed by several True deities. They were careful and prudent.

"Let's get some rest."

Not a single blade of grass grew here. It was quite and noiseless.

Fleeing for their lives should be an extremely bitter and worrying matter, but with Shi Hao here, this wasn't the case at all.

He was full of energy and curiosity towards the ancient battlefield. Right now, his mood was even more excellent as he dealt with that Golden Crow, plucking its feathers, butchering, and cleaning it. His movements were smooth and practiced. 

Yun Xi was completely speechless as she watched from the side. This fella's mind really was a bit too unusual, right? After being chased to this point where a True deity might show up at any moment, he even had the nerve to cook a meal. 

"It's a good thing I brought so much spiritual spring and condiments. It really is good to be prepared just in case!" Shi Hao said to himself, appearing extremely satisfied. 

Soon after, he properly cleaned up the Golden Crow and propped it up. He used his dao flame to start cooking it. He then brought out the bone cauldron to even prepare some soup.


When the War Race young genius was tossed out, upon seeing this scene, he was immediately terrified. What kind of scene was this?

The divine level Golden Crow was propped up and roasted to a golden state. Fragrance wafted outwards, and grease continuously trickled downwards, releasing chi chi sounds as it landed on the flames. 

How could the War Race young genius not be dumbstruck?

Then, his fine hairs all stood on end. This fella was just too savage! Killing the enemy was one thing, but he was even going to eat it!

"You should start speaking. How many experts did you invite out this time, how many Heavenly deities and True deities? What other mercenary groups are going to appear?" Shi Hao roasted the Golden Crow while casually interrogating him. He wanted to obtain some valuable information. 

"I… don't know." The War Race youngster's voice trembled. 

"Your mouth is so tight. Could it be that you want me to roast you too?" Shi Hao smiled. His eyes swept over, and a formless pressure immediately crushed down onto this place. However, his hands never stopped, continuing to 'work' at the food. 

He brought out some seasoning and scattered it down on the Golden Crow, and then he even more so brought out a jar of honey, smearing it over the Golden Crow's wings that had already been roasted golden. His movements were fast and even somewhat graceful. 

The War Race youngster trembled in fear and went stupid. This fella really brought these types of things with him? He had never heard of a cultivator that did something like this. It was just too weird!

Of course, he felt even more fear. What if this person really did decide to roast him too? When this possibility emerged in his mind, he went cold from head to toe, shivering greatly inside. 

"I really don't know! After the great figures of the our race discussed this matter among themselves, they made their decision. Meanwhile, I am just a younger generation youth with above average aptitude, so how could I learn about this? I just came out with a martial uncle to gain experience!"

He was extremely nervous, and his face was pale white. He responded carefully and cautiously out of fear of angering the devil king in front of him. 

It was completely different from his high-spirited and incomparably judgmental attitude. Right now, his heart was full of fear. Even his martial uncle was easily trampled to death, so how could he be this youth's opponent?

"What is the point of keeping you around then? You don't even know anything. Better off just killing you…" Shi Hao said to himself.

"Please, no!" The War Race youngster was so scared he began to tremble. He struggled with everything he had, but he couldn't break through the seal. There was simply no way for him to escape. 

"What formidable individuals are there among the War Race's younger generation?" Shi Hao asked. He didn't believe that the so-called genius in front of him represented the most powerful youngsters of this race. 

"My race's younger generation has three great war kings. If any of them leave the clan, they would become great and influential individuals. They are powerful to the point of being immeasurable." 

Shi Hao nodded. This was what made sense. The glorious War Race was one of the Emperor Clans of the old world, so how could they not have any truly outstanding youth? This person in front of him was just too inferior. 

"Your War Race has three war kings that are comparatively outstanding. Why don't they dare call themselves War Emperors?" Shi Hao mocked. 

"This… there is a legend that they might exist." The face of the youth in front of him turned white. After some hesitation, he replied like this.

"What?" Shi Hao was shocked. He was just randomly asking, but there was actually this piece of news.

"I don't know whether it really exists, but there has always been a legend that in this world, my War Race might have someone who can obtain the title of young 'War Emperor'."

What did this title represent? It was self-evident.

Shi Hao asked him for the details. 

Within the War Race, only the most dazzling disciples that exceeded the youth of past generations could obtain the title of War Emperor. 

Since the ancient past, there were only a few individuals from the War Race who were able to obtain the title of War Emperor. It was just too small of a number. 

In addition, the past individuals were pretty much all concentrated in the archaic era, and it was precisely them that established the unmatched glory of granting their clan the name of War Emperor Race. 

Another War Emperor appeared in this world?!

Shi Hao turned around to look at Yun Xi, finding that she was preoccupied with something. She didn't pay attention to his question and had been watching him roast the Golden Crow the entire time distractedly.

He immediately laughed and said, "Because I like good food, I am often being made fun of by others. It seems like I finally met an intimate friend to share my love with, haha!" 

He was extremely happy to find someone that understood him. His smile was bright and radiant. He personally tore off a Golden Crow wing that had honey smeared on it before handing it to Yun Xi, inviting her to have a taste. 

Yun Xi's head of purple hair was shiny and soft. Her large eyes were like gemstones, containing a spirituality and radiance. Her fine nose was tall and straight, her red lips small and bright. There was a suffocating type of beauty to her appearance. 

When she heard Shi Hao's words, she felt a wave of speechlessness. She wasn't someone who would become an intimate friend like this, she never even had this type of interest. What kind of cultivators acted like this?

The reason she was absent-minded just now was because she thought a few past events. There had been a youth who, in the Hundred Shattering Mountains, had an enormous bag, and inside were pots, ladles, plates, and all types of seasonings. He had been a huge laughingstock at the entrance. 

Later on, as expected, that fella was a foodie, eating anything from things that flew in the sky to what ran on the earth, even including the true supreme water. He even bit a person's ear.

Yun Xi immediately felt a wave of suspicions. Back then, that youth wrestled with her, biting her snow white and sparkling earlobe. Was it for the sake of having a taste, to eat her?"

When her thoughts returned to reality, she accepted the golden roasted wing, watching as it gushed with multicolored brilliance. Spiritual essence poured everywhere. She felt as if this scene was more and more familiar, as if it had all happened before. 

Yun Xi gathered her beautiful hair. Her eyes were flowing with radiance as she looked at the youth in front of her. Why did he also have this type of character, this love for food. As well as carrying all types of seasoning with him? It was just too similar to that person!

Moreover, both individuals were extremely self-confident, radiant and dazzling. When fighting a great battle against enemies, they were without any fear. There was a type of 'unrivaled' style to them.

It was too similar!

Yun Xi trembled inwardly. Her expression was a bit distracted as she stared at the youth in front of her. Could it be… the same person? She didn't dare believe this. That person should have been buried in the great wasteland of the lower realm. 

However, there was  doubt in her heart. She was extremely unwilling to accept this and wanted to test him out. She raised her slim lily-white hands towards SHi Hao's head of pitch-black hair.

At that moment, Yun Xi made an extremely brazen move. That pure white jade hand unexpectedly… grabbed Shi Hao's ear, and then she tugged on it with a bit of force!

"Who are you?" She asked softly with a somewhat alluring voice. She stared into Shi Hao's eyes to peer into his soul. 

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