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Chapter 686[1]

Fairy Yue Chan's clothes fluttered about. A pair of lotus like arms spreads outwards, accompanied by the sound of a phoenix crying. Behind him, an immortal bird rushed into the air, spreading its wings and taking to the skies!

Fiery red multicolored light scattered ownwarsd. The enormous golden dao platform was dyed a brilliant red. The True Phoenix streaked across the air and slaughtered towards Shi Hao. Yue Chan's main body displayed a loose move of the True Phoenix, or in other words, the incomplete precious technique. 

The witch released a scoff. Like a fairy that was graceful and intelligent, she raised her hand. An expanse of symbols shot out from her palm, interweaving together to stop the True Phoenix. 

Shi Hao's eyes were deep. He stared at these two people, feeling greatly restless. Was he going to be exposed? However, this didn't matter either!


A large earthen hand reached out, grabbing at Shi Hao. The Child of Lightning moved. The palm he produced covered heaven and earth and was as large as a mountain. It surrounded Shi Hao. 

The Great Demonic God's hair was all over the place, and his entire body was covered in blood. It was because he was moving left and right, clashing with many people to prevent them from getting closer to Shi Hao. When he saw this current situation, his eye sockets were about to split open.

Blood energy surged. He rose into the air, disregarding everything as he sent a palm outwards to clash head on against that earthen-yellow great hand. 

In that instant, electrical arcs flew out in tens of thousands of streaks and lightning hacked about everywhere, erupting like a great wave. 

That earthen large hand looked like a mountain, but it was actually a gathering of lightning and interweaving with electricity, condensed by the aura of heaven and earth. 

It was just like how Shi Hao could comprehend the profound mysteries of lightning, producing plants in the void. This type of attack was the most terrifying. 

The Great Demonic God suffered attacks from many opponents at the same time. He coughed out large amounts of blood. This was especially the case after a portion of the lightning from the earthen hand entered his body, blasting him until he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood and charred his body black. 

Fortunately, he had studied lightning secret techniques, so he could neutralize a large portion of it. 

At this moment, there were enemies everywhere, placing him in extreme danger. He risked life and limb with no thought of personal safety as he stopped exceptional talents and deities alike, preventing them from getting close to his own grandson. 

"Grandfather…" Shi Hao called out inwardly. He activated the pill furnace, pouring out the heavenly river, it was still difficult for it to show effects. It was because everyone backed off, waited for the lightning and curse power to scatter, and then they rushed forward again.

The main reason was because it was difficult for Shi Hao to move. He was stuck in his original spot, unable to move and attack. 

"You group of dog shit!" The Great Demonic God berated. His hair was dishevelled and he had blood all over his body. He wasn't willing to cower, definitely not allowing anyone to harm Shi Hao. 

"Killing my Immortal Palace's young great one, you can go die as well!" Chen Qing shouted. HIs face was sinister as he threw himself over. He held a black bone sword in his hands and hacked towards Shi Hao's skull.


In this critical state, Shi Hao opened his mouth, spraying out a mouthful of essence blood, turning it into scarlet multicolored light and symbols. It smashed into the bone sword. 

Essence blood scattered the black bone sword, but the blood itself didn't scatter there. It instead turned into a scarlet rain of blood, concentrated as it shot towards Chen Qing's body.

Chen Qing made evasive movements, but even like this, he was still brushed by the rain of blood, causing a few small holes to be opened up on the left side of his stomach. It made him release a muffled groan, but it wasn't enough to force him back. 

Chen Qing raised his hand, sending a fist smashing across the sky. A White Tiger roared, and then while surrounded by symbols, it rushed murderously at Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao found it difficult to move. He opened his only heavenly passage with difficulty and blocked the White Tiger fist, but he was still attacked. His heavenly passage became unstable, and his body greatly trembled.

On his flesh, wounds extended outwards like spiderwebs. Blood splashed high into the air, and his body's condition worsened a step further. It was quickly going to collapse. 

Immortal palace's other servant slaughtered over. When this woman raised her hand, a lunar finger appeared. It was also one of Immortal Palace's secret methods, one she was lucky to learn. Its magical force was extraordinary. 

It was also because of this that she and Chen Qing had been regarded highly by the outside world, because they weren't inferior to a few great sects' holy children. Their potential and fighting strength were both outstanding. When this finger descended, Shi Hao's body trembled. His flesh cracked apart, and blood covered his body, making his current state even worse. 

"All of you, get fucking lost!" The Great Demonic God roared with fury, doing everything he could to slaughter outwards. He weaved left and right, rushing forward to fight Immortal Palace inheritor's servants.


The Child of lighting took action. A silver spear appeared in his hands. It hacked towards the middle of the Great Demonic God's back. It was created from lightning and possessed shocking amounts of power. 

"Go to hell!" The Heavenly Scorpion's eyes were cold. The scorpion tail on his back flashed with azure luster. It pierced through the void and hacked towards the top of Shi Hao's head. 

There were others that took action too. There was a chance that Shi Hao might be killed at any moment. It was extremely dangerous. 

"I can't tolerate you all!" The little rabbit shouted. With a weng sound, its ruby like eyes shone, firing scarlet symbols and stopping everyone. 

Moreover, it turned into a little girl that looked like she was carved from jade. With a raise of her jade legs, she trampled downwards, trampling down with a hong sound. It quickly enlarged, covering the sky. 

She faced off against the Black Orchid and stopped the Taotie, displayed terrifying cultivation. 

"Is this the legendary rabbit trampling leg?" Someone mocked, revealing killing intent.


Cao Yusheng's killing formation displayed the most terrifying divine might, hacking out streak after streak of divine radiance. It was accompanied by strands of chaotic energy. It struck the heavenly scorpion's tail, leaving it shaken. 


The Great Demonic God coughed out several mouthfuls of blood, because it was simultaneously dealing with the Child of Lightning, Yin Yang Academy's Child of Light, and others. He suffered severely. 

However, he wasn't willing to take a step back. He rushed towards Shi Hao, protecting him and not letting anyone injure him. He himself was covered in blood and seriously injured. 

"Grandfather, you should back off. Let's temporarily give up on this inheritance." Shi Hao said secretly. He definitely did not want his grandfather to be in danger, not wishing for him to fight to the death like this. 


A streak of blinding blade radiance hacked over, slicing at Shi Hao's heavenly passage, seemingly brushing past his body. The divine Jade Mantis also took action. 

"Roar…" The Great Demonic God roared, erupting with endless lightning as he rushed over, smashing apart that entirely shining green mantis.


The little fatty's sword energy arrived, helping him neutralize the dangers and stopping the mantis' attack. Otherwise, it would have been extremely dangerous. 

"Grandpa, quickly retreat!" Shi Hao secretly shouted, not wishing for him to stake his life on the line.

"Just die!" Chen Qing and that girl slaughtered over again, attacking Shi Hao at full force.


Meanwhile, this was precisely when the witch and Yue Chan took action, she produced a small little golden cauldron to suppress Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao was forced into this desperate situation. He had no choice but to activate the pill furnace again to deal with the cauldron. Dazzling radiance erupted.

Many people attacked at the same time, all of them wishing to kill Shi Hao!

Meanwhile, fairy Yue Chan displayed the most powerful Heaven Mending Technique to face off against the Witch. In that instant, they clashed again. Her true body slaughtered towards Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao's expression froze. He then looked at the distant golden lamp male. This person was extremely powerful and comparable to Immortal Palace's inheritor. He never declared where he stood in this battle, making it difficult to tell whether he was a friend or enemy.

He sighed quietly. His body couldn't hold on any longer. He wanted to stay behind to get that golden sheet, but it seemed like that was going to be hard to achieve. 

"Go to hell!"

At this moment, a group of people slaughtered over. Even though the Great Demonic God and the Lunar Jade Rabbit were trying to stop them, there were too many people, so they couldn't turn this situation around. 

Immortal Palace's two servants' expressions fell ashen. Their eyes were intimidating. They carried pleased looks as they attacked the only heavenly passage with everyone else. 

The pill furnace that smashed towards the golden cauldron didn't return. Shi Hao was about to lose his life!

"Grandfather, I'll leave the pill furnace with you. Use it to save yourself!" Shi Hao secretly said. He blasted the golden furnace flying and then sent the pill furnace towards the Great Demonic God. 

At the same time, he himself also moved. His entire body was rupturing, on the verge of blasting apart. Blood surged out violently, but he couldn't care about any of this. He did everything he could to attack!


Lightning poured down like a waterfall. The Child of Lightning slaughtered over. 

"Go to hell!" Immortal Palace's two servants laughed sinisterly. Their temperaments were originally extraordinary, but now, they looked rather terrifying. 


The Taotie's eyes were fiery red. He didn't need to completely devour Shi Hao. As long as he could ingest a portion of his innate blood essence, then that was enough!

The situation was dire, yet Shi Hao was laughing loudly. His eyes were ice cold. Even though his body was breaking apart, he still displayed his most powerful profound mysteries, brandishing his two fists. 

One fist carried reincarnation, while the other the Kun Peng. The two forbidden precious techniques condensed on his fists as they blasted towards his enemies.


As soon as they met face-to-face, Chen Qing cried out miserably. The black bone blade was blasted apart, and then his arm exploded afterwards. Then, half of his body turned into a bloody paste as it flew out horizontally.

"You…" The Child of Lightning was shocked. Right now, his chest was feeling extremely stifled, actually unable to defeat his enemy. He was shaken up until he coughed out blood.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao's arm flung over. The Black Orchid was wrapped around his arm, and then it was forcibly torn apart. 

"Aohou…" The Taotie roared, wishing to devour Shi Hao's blood essence, yet in the end, he was blasted flying by a fist.


In that instant, Shi Hao's fist blasted through the skull of Immortal Palace's servant girl, making her explode. 


Without any sound, Yue Chan's jade sword entered through Shi Hao's chest. It was difficult for him to dodge this attack, because his body was breaking apart. 

"You group of people, wait until I return!" Shi Hao roared loudly. His fists swung out one final time. Heaven and earth rumbled, shaking up everyone until their throats became sweet and they wanted to spit out blood. 

Meanwhile, he couldn't hold on any longer, because he went all out, no longer caring about the state of his body. At this moment, he began to split apart. 

However, his body and spirit weren't destroyed, and was instead wrapped around by a beast tooth life symbol and brought into the distance. This was the spoils of war he obtained from fighting Qin Clan's expert on the elevated arena.

Meanwhile, Immortal Palace's female servant also disappeared from this place.

The others were silent. Regardless, the devil king youth was now gone. This terrifying contender was out of the struggle. 

"I hope he doesn't come back in time…" Someone muttered in a low voice.

Meanwhile, there were other creatures that were dissatisfied. The Taotie wasn't able to ingest any essence blood. Even though there were blood traces, on the ground, it was not the innate essence blood he needed.

The Great Demonic God roared angrily. He held the pill furnace in hand and released a long roar. 

At the entrance of the secret realm, Immortal Palace's inheritor stood there without moving. He was wrapped around by symbols, and heaven overflowing divine might rippled out from his body. This time, he was truly furious.

He was actually killed by someone and forced back here. This was a type of humiliation. Immortal Palace's people had never been defeated before!

In the outside world, everyone was shaken up. Who was the youngster on the altar? Even though he was wrapped around by symbols and his true appearance couldn't be seen, they knew his identity. 

Everyone found this difficult to believe. He was unexpectedly killed, reviving on the altar!

Was the sky going to be overturned? Who did this? It was simply unbelievable!

Even the old sect masters' eyes were widened and their minds shaken. Never did any of them expect that Immortal Palace's inheritor would be expelled, killed by someone. 

"Is this real? He was actually killed? He encountered defeat in the secret realm!"

The outside world's cultivators released trembling voices, breaking the peace by talking about this event. 

Everyone was in an uproar. This place erupted with noise. 

On the altar, Immortal Palace inheritor's face was ashen. His immortal feather battle clothes immediately released keng qiang sounds. It released blinding light and wrapped around himself. It was difficult for others to see him. 

The sect masters' expressions fluctuated between bright and dark. Their faces contained all types of colors. They were all shocked, finding it hard to believe that Immortal Palace's inheritor would be defeated, killed by another. 

"Who exactly was it?" Someone asked. 

However, Immortal Palace's inheritor didn't say a single word, refusing to reply. 

Then, an old sect master asked himself. However, he also remained silent, not opening his mouth.

The scene was a bit tense. Immortal Palace's inheritor stood on the altar with his scattered black hair. He was wrapped around by symbols, unmoving. 

In the outside world, apart from a few sect masters, everyone was in an uproar. Discussions erupted unendingly. 

A moment later, a wonderful female's body suddenly appeared. Someone else had been killed. When her true appearance appeared, it showed that it was actually Immortal Palace's female servant.


Suddenly, a terrifying wave of fluctuations spread out. Another youth appeared. It was just too fast! In addition, this individual directly took action. His attitude was ostentatious and domineering as he flew out. 


Shi Hao's foot descended from mid air, and then this kick blasted Immortal Palace's left hand woman to pieces!

That girl's eyes widened, only having enough time to get a single look at Shi Hao. She was overwhelmed with horror and despair. This young devil king followed her here!

Her body split apart, and a rain of blood splashed outwards. She died on the altar. 

Shi Hao was just too fast. Everything went smoothly. Before he even landed on the ground, he already poured all of his pour into his fist, smashing it towards Immortal Palace's inheritor. "This great one has come to hunt you down!"

It was just too sudden. When Immortal Palace's inheritor turned around, he only saw his own female servant be blasted to pieces, and then he watched as a fist closed in on him.

He could only hurriedly defend himself, so he naturally suffered a loss. His body flew outwards, blasted off the altar and traveling into the distance.

Everyone was deeply shaken. Who was this youth that had tattered armor all over? He actually chased after Immortal Palace's inheritor, arriving on the altar afterwards. This was just too crazy!

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