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Chapter 685 - Imminent Peril 

A fist that shocked the divine!

This fist was too tyrannical, blasting through Immortal Palace inheritor's skull. Blood rushed high into the air. 

No one could have expected that Shi Hao would be so swift and ferocious, descending from above and smashing his opponent in the forehead. His divine bravery was matchless!


Immortal Palace's young great one roared. His entire body shone, especially his forehead. Even though it had split into several pieces and sparkling white bone was protruding outwards, he continued to release symbols. 

How could he be killed like this, how could he fall like this? He did everything he could to retaliate, stopping that fist from entering his skull. 

This was especially the case after his hands formed the most powerful magical imprint. It erupted with endless light to try and turn around this losing battle. He truly was not willing to fall like this. 

In that instant, this place was covered in endless symbols. Holy light illuminated everything in thousands of streaks of auspicious multicolored light. It surrounded the entire golden dao platform, holy and shocking. 

However, when faced against all of this, Shi Hao remained calm. His black hair scattered about, his body sticky with blood. He ruthlessly took action, sending the fist piercing inwards! 

This scene was incomparably terrifying, horrifying everyone until they felt a chill run down their backs. Goosebumps appeared all over their bodies. 

This was a reflection of tyrannical power. A youth that was known to be able to suppress the younger generation with his power, the Immortal Palace supreme being youth that made it difficult for others to breathe was killed. 

When the fist entered, a huge hole appeared between Immortal Palace inheritor's brows. Blood surged out chaotically. His eyesight began to scatter. He immediately lost his body's vitality. 

Even if it was a true deity that had his skull blasted through, there was no hope of reversing the situation!

Immortal Palace inheritor's flesh cultivation reached the peak. He was equally matched with Shi Hao, sturdy and unbreakable, reaching the impenetrable reputation. For this fist to enter really wasn't easy.

Blood flowed out from Shi Hao's fist. There was blood from himself, as well as from his opponent. 

This strike looked dim, but the Kun Peng technique was contained within his five fingers. It erupted with the great yin and great yang mixture's extreme power. 

That was why it was unstoppable!

Everyone became stupefied, feeling incomparably fearful. They watched as Immortal Palace inheritor's skull was blasted through and bright colored blood splashed outwards. Then, he fell downwards. Everyone's hearts were indescribably shaken.

This was a major event, one that would inevitably trigger a huge storm that would sweep through every province. 

It was clear that the young devil king, Huang, was a newly risen star. With his courage, cold-bloodedness, tyrannical confidence, and glorious battle achievements, he showed the world that he truly rose up!

Immortal Palace's young inheritor was definitely stunning, but now, he encountered disaster, triggering an uproar here. This was definitely going to be a event that would greatly shake up every great sect. 

The so-called undefeatable had his legend broken today!

Meanwhile, this attacker might very well be someone outside of those hidden geniuses from ancient inheritances. Many clues pointed at the fact that he was likely a loose cultivator. 

A rain of light scattered downwards. When this battle ended, Immortal Palace's inheritor that was collapsed in a pool of blood was carried away by holy light, quickly bringing him away from the golden dao platform.

"What a pity…" Shi Hao said to himself. The other party had the life symbol to protect him, so he still ended up escaping disaster this time. He didn't truly die. 

He didn't stop this process, because he had tried before and found out that such efforts were useless.

Shi Hao stood in his original spot and calmly thought to himself. He concluded that this battle clearly brought him great rewards, verifying his magics and dao. The road within his heart became more and more clear, as well as increasingly vast. 

Meanwhile, he became aware that Immortal Palace inheritor truly was terrifying. In another battlefield, it was difficult to predict who would win or lose. 

In the beginning, Immortal Palace's young inheritor was too self-confident, or else he would have gone all out from the start. The situation was rather unclear, with the battle having too many factors. 

Apart from this, Shi Hao's cultivation realm hadn't reached the peak yet. If not for the tattered battle clothes on his body strangely erupting and infusing him with surging magical force, he could only rely on the pill furnace. 

The most important factor was that this battle continued for such a long time, lasting more than three thousand exchanges. It was just too difficult. This was something that had been done over a long period of time. 

It was also precisely because of this that both sides' losses were severe. A great issue appeared when Immortal Palace's inheritor ultimately merged several types of forbidden enlightenments, causing him to become unable to support it. 

Otherwise, his flesh should have been able to support it. 

"Hm?" Suddenly, Shi Hao's mind jumped. A wave of ominous feeling crept up inside of him. He quickly reacted, doing everything he could to defend himself. 

Forget about him, not even the others anticipated there being this type of change. A humanoid figure took form, almost within reach as it slaughtered towards Shi Hao. 

This was done during his most relaxed time. He had just finished a great battle, and as long as he paid attention to the other exceptional talents and deities, it was enough. He never expected there to be danger at his side. 

The Human immortal imprint!

It was actually this imprint. Even at this moment, he could still display its power.

Everyone was shocked, finding it difficult to believe. This forbidden inheritance was immeasurable after all, making one tremble in fear. 

Immortal Palace inheritor released one final attack before death, and that was to form this imprint. Unfortunately, when he had just released it, Shi Hao blasted through his skull, killing him. 

This magical imprint naturally became dim as well, with a wave of mysterious energy scattering into the void. 

Who would have expected that it would appear again now, turning into a 'human immortal'. It blasted Shi Hao's body. This was a completely unpredictable and shocking change!


Shi Hao coughed out large amounts of blood, because when he was alert again, he suffered a strike. There was no way to dodge. It was too close. The 'human immortal' was right at his side. 

"Ah…" His hair chaotically flew about like a waterfall. Blood was continuously coughed out from his mouth, and his body suffered from unimaginable great wounds, as if it would break apart at any moment and fall here. 

The Human immortal imprint was known as one of the world's most powerful divine abilities. It shook both past and present! There weren't many precious techniques that could compare. It was one of the higher realms' most forbidden enlightenments.

He was truly careless. He didn't expect the Human immortal imprint to be like this. 

The others also shivered inwardly. Only now did they realize the meaning behind the forbidden enlightenment's three cultivation realms. Activation, merging, transcendence; it was a meticulous process. 

The final transcendence was actually so mysterious. Not only did it reappear again, there was also this type of 'transcendence' meaning. Even when the user was killed, it still didn't scatter. 

If one thought about this carefully, one would become horrified. If there was a day when Immortal Palace's person cultivated this to the limit, would the magical imprint truly produce a human immortal that would never scatter?

Perhaps this was a path that could be used to reach enlightenment, abandoning the self. The dao fruit could be entrusted to the human immortal. 

This made people develop wild and crazy thoughts. Immortal Palace was terrifying after all, making one feel great reverence!

All of this happened in the time it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint. It happened just too quickly. In the blink of an eye, everyone produced different reactions. Precious techniques filled the sky. A few people took action.

"You dare!" The Great Demonic God roared with fury, his head of hair dancing about chaotically. He rushed forward crazily to defend Shi Hao. 

It was because some of the other exceptional talents and deities took action, trying to kill Shi Hao here. They wanted to wipe out this abnormally terrifying opponent.  

The current Shi Hao was extremely weak. Even if no one came to attack him, his body was already on the verge of collapse. After all, that was the human immortal imprint that attacked him!

The magical imprint completely erupted. In this situation where there was no additional defenses, if he was smashed into head on, it could be said that almost no one in the supreme expert realm could take this blow. 


Lightning flew out in tens of thousands of streaks. The Child of Lightning was the first to arrive. Just purely from these exceptional talents' speeds, no one was faster than him. He used electricity to slaughter over. 

"Get lost!"

The Great Demonic God roared angrily. He had always been watching his grandson closely, so as soon as theses changes took place, he took action, moving first. 

On his back, a black and a white wing appeared respectively. Yin and yang energies swirled about, and at the same time, there was lightning power that streaked across the sky. He ignited his essence blood and attacked out with great anger. 

Lightning radiance flew out in tens of thousands of streaks. Blazing and resplendent light erupted between the two individuals. It immediately submerged this place.


An azure scorpion tail that was illusory like a dream pierced through the void. It hacked over with great speed and was closing in on Shi Hao, aiming straight for the space between his brows. 

The heavenly scorpion took action. It was one of the best among the deities here. It was extremely powerful, and its current attack could be regarded as ferocious and ruthless. 

This was a fatal strike!

The area between Shi Hao's brows shone. He stirred on his divine will and activated the pill furnace. With a dang sound, it blocked the scorpion tail. He almost had his flesh pierced through by this scorpion tail.


Not far out, and entirely black woman came. A long black stalk extended from her palm. It formed a spear and quickly pierced over. 

She was a Black Orchid, one of the plant type exceptional talents. She chose to attack mercilessly, wishing to wipe out this competitor. 

In reality, these weren't the only ones that attacked. There were others with the same idea. This was a rare opportunity. If they allowed Shi Hao to recover, then he would be too difficult of an opponent to deal with. Everyone saw him kill Immortal Palace's inheritor with their own eyes!

The Great Demonic God went crazy. He blocked east and slaughtered west, stopping these enemies. 

A small rabbit that was snow white like jade rushed over. It stared with its red coral like sparkling eyes, and then it opened its little mouth. With a kengchi sound, it chewed through the spear made from the Black Orchid's stalk. 

It spat out great yin energy that was exceptionally dense and muttered, "Orchid grass tastes the worst!"

"Roar…" The Taotie roared, rushing over crazily at Shi hao. This was a rare opportunity. If it could devour this youth, it would receive great benefits. 

It was because its race could devour all things, and even natural laws could be devoured and refined. As long as he could ingest a portion of Shi Hao's innate essence blood, he would be able to comprehend many things and seize his natural luck.

"Fatty, what you owe me, return it!" The little rabbit shouted.

Little fatty Cao Yusheng was discontent, muttering inwardly. However, it still decided to take action, because it understood the Lunar Jade Rabbit's intention.

The higher realms' third killing formation erupted, stopping the Taotie. 

However, there were still others that rushed over to kill Shi Hao. No one wanted to miss this opportunity.

Shi Hao's eyes became disillusioned. He stared at these people. However, right now, there truly was no way to struggle free. His flesh was covered in cracks, about to break apart at any moment. He could only activate the pill furnace to block it. 

In this type of state, he evaded many attacks in succession. However, in the end, there were still problems. His entire body spurted out blood, on the verge of blasting itself apart. 

A pair of a young male and female rushed over. It was precisely Immortal Palace inheritor's servants. One was Chen Qing, and the girl's name was unknown. They were rumored to not be weaker than divine children or holy women. They were protected by Immortal Palace's inheritor and brought in here.

At this moment, both individuals crazily threw themselves over. Their originally handsome and beautiful faces became distorted. 

"When a tiger falls, he will be mistreated by even dogs." Shi Hao said to himself. After dealing with the attacks of several exceptional talents, he truly became powerless and couldn't hold on any longer. 

In addition, it was at this moment that he saw fairy Yue Chan. She turned into a white rainbow, rushing over with extreme speed, decisively and mercilessly taking action against him.

 Shi Hao was frightened. He saw a different emotion fluctuating within her eyes. His heart jumped inwardly. That complex killing intent made him even more vigilant.


The witch decisively took action, and unexpectedly, she was stopping fairy Yue Chan. her eyes revealed a rather odd look as she gazed at Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao's mind trembled. He knew that these two… most likely recognized his identity!

It was because these two came from the lower realm and had quite a few dealings with him. Now, they noticed some clues. 

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