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Chapter 687 - Exotic Flower

Everyone became stupefied. This was the one that killed Immortal Palace's inheritor, the one that kicked him out of the secret realm? He even chased after him. How domineering and arrogant was this? It left everyone speechless!

Everyone was shocked. This was completely unexpected. What kind of person was this? He actually acted like this!

Immortal Palace's members never exceeded five. This was an ancient sect that had existed forever, together with the world. Those that walked out could suppress all other young talents in their generation, known to be an undefeated legend!

This sect's inheritor had been swept out of the secret realm by someone. This piece of news was definitely going to spread throughout the higher realms, triggering a great commotion throughout the great ancient sects. It was definitely going to produce a huge sensation. 

The one that did this would inevitably become the focal point of this uproar. Everyone was making their guesses as to who it was, exactly what kind of person it was. They never expected that he would appear here himself!

Meanwhile, with this type of brash and domineering attitude, Shi Hao trampled down from the sky, killing Immortal Palace's servants and even blasting their master off the altar, forcefully chasing over here. 

"Too conceited! Is he just pretending to be high and mighty, or does he really have a shocking enough background?"

"It might very well be that he really did come from one of the hidden ancient sects, one that shouldn't be inferior to Immortal Palace!"

Everyone trembled inwardly. This person was definitely going to rise to greatness. Following today's battle, his domineeringness and illustrious accomplishments, his name was definitely going to shake the higher realms. 

"Forget about others, even the sect masters were stupefied. Their eyes were quite blank. Even they were shocked, unable to process what had happened momentarily.

Just how crazy did this youth have to be to do this? To kill himself to return to the altar just to hunt down Immortal Palace's inheritor? It gave others a rather strange feeling. 

"Yi, where did he go?" 

What was shocking was that after the figure decisively took action and everything went smoothly, after he confronted Immortal Palace inheritor, he borrowed the recoil force to send his body backwards, back into the secret realm. 

However, he didn't come out again, not carrying out the so called 'pursuit'. In a flash, he disappeared far from this place!

Many people's mouths opened, feeling a bit puzzled. 


A sect master quickly reached out a hand. It hid the sky and covered the earth, reaching into the secret realm. Then, he said, "Little friend, you are injured. Let this old one help treat you. You should come out first."

"There is no need. I just came to defeat the one under Immortal Palace," Shi Hao said. His movement technique was fast to the extreme. In a flash, he entered the mist shrouded mountainous region.

Even though that large hand reached it, it received restrictions. Its power weakened, and its cultivation realm dropped. It was affected by the secret realm's powerful restrictions. 

That sect master frowned. In the end, he was still too late. He retracted his arm, not continuing to reach inside further.

Everything happened too quickly. From Shi Hao's appearance to his lightning fast strike towards Immortal Palace's female servant, and then the forceful strike towards Immortal Palace's inheritor, borrowing the recoil to leave this place, it all happened in an instant. 

Forget about everyone else, just the old sect masters alone were immediately stupefied. Things happened too suddenly. During their moment of shock and confusion, none of them did anything rashly. 

That was why Shi Hao hurriedly retreated into the secret realm. 

The others in the outside world were in a stupor as well. They saw him enter the secret realm and stand in the mist. All of them couldn't help but look at each other in dismay. 

"Hand over your life!" Immortal Palace's inheritor coughed out a mouthful of blood. Half of it was caused by being ambushed, and the other half was from anger. This enemy was too shameless. 

He was fully aware that the other party had most likely been attacked from all sides and forced backwards, but this fella actually shouted that he came back to kill him. This was too shameless!

The other party didn't only do this for the sake of confusing everyone. While everyone was in a state of shock, he hurriedly retreated back into the secret realm. The second reason was to embarrass him, telling the world who the winner was. 

"Kill!" Immortal Palace's inheritor shouted loudly. He rushed into the secret realm to fight this enemy. 

"You already lost to this great one, yet you still dare to fight against me. Today, I came out here for the sake of killing you!" Shi Hao was in high spirits, passing judgment in a biased manner and putting on a look of being the most powerful person in the world. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor felt like vomiting blood. This bastard's skin really was too thick. He clearly came back from being killed, yet he dared to shamelessly stick gold to his face.


He slaughtered over, swooping down and immediately using the White Tiger Arm. Spotlessly white holy light surged. A White Tiger erupted with murderous energy as it pounced at Shi Hao. 

"Insignificant talent, you aren't my opponent. Do you have any senior sisters? Have her fight me instead." Shi Hao's hands were behind his back, assuming an extremely self-important stance. 

In front of his body, an azure lake was formed. It was produced by lightning, and it blocked the other party's 'loose move'. He looked carefree, as if he was looking down on his opponent, but this attack was definitely terrifying. 

Everyone in the outside world was stupefied. Everyone stared blankly. Was this person really that powerful?

"Does Immortal Palace have any martial sisters?"

"He is clearly powerful to the extreme, thinking himself as unmatched in his generation. This is most likely to challenge Immortal Palace's youth." Someone said. 

Only a few sect masters revealed looks of surprise. Even though they didn't know what exactly happened in the secret realm, they now knew that this youngster was talking big!

However, no matter who it was in Immortal Palace's inheritor's place, they would all be angered until they vomited blood. Opponents with skin this thick really were few and quite the exotic flower. 


The White Tiger arm and azure lightning lake collided. Endless light erupted, turning all of the plants and mountains into ashes. 

Between heaven and earth, holy light blazed brilliantly, making it difficult for others to stare straight at it. 

The two individuals began to fight a great battle. At this moment, there was a clear contrast between them. 

Outside the surface of Immortal Palace inheritor's body, immortal feather battle clothes shone resplendently and wrapped him tightly within. Meanwhile, that youth's armor was all tattered with many holes. It was just too ugly to look at. 

What kind of ancient sect did he come out of exactly for him to be this poor, not even having a set of battle clothes? It really left others stupefied. 

This was especially true when Shi Hao's body moved, as the armor on him would release bits of rust. As a result, there was rust everywhere on the ground, leaving everyone speechless. 

"Huang, hand over your life!" Immortal Palace's inheritor was going crazy. The Human immortal imprint appeared. He used the most powerful forbidden art again and erupted with gorgeous light. 

"What?!" Everyone became stupefied, and then they cried out loudly. 

That's Huang? It was him again!

This time, Shi Hao emerged with the tattered armor that was covered in holes. It isolated his aura, so they couldn't recognize him. 

Perhaps this tattered armor's only special area was that it could isolate aura. 

"Heavens, it's actually the young devil king! He has such powerful fighting strength?!"

This place erupted with commotion. Everyone knew who he was. Earlier, he had obtained illustrious battle successes, and now, he was even more shocking. Everyone watched this in disbelief. 

"It's actually him! He killed even Immortal Palace's inheritor and even chased him out here. What a tyrannical devil king! Worthy of being the Huang that left his name on the Demonic Sovereign's divine monument!"

When these words were spoken, Immortal Palace inheritor's eyes became even colder. There were flames brewing within his heart. Even though he was killed once, he still believed that he was more powerful than Huang, just that he had been too arrogant and careless earlier. 

"Splendid military successes, his name will definitely shake up every sect!"

"No one can stop his rise to power. The young devil king will leave the entire higher realms trembling!"

Outside the secret realm, the crowd was discussing among themselves, they were all extremely excited. A young supreme being was rising to greatness, and they were here to witness it themselves. All three thousand provinces were going to be brightly illuminated. 

The sect masters' eyes were deep. They all stared at Shi Hao. A few carried deep hostility, because his actions not long ago left them furious.

Unfortunately, they couldn't enter.

"Old ancestor, do you have any more life symbols? Give me one. I will go inside to kill him!" Qin Clan's deity secretly spoke to Qin Changsheng. 

Qin Changsheng sat there, calm like a boulder. He didn't reply. He knew that if an expert entered, they would still be restricted. Generally speaking, Divine Flame Realm was the limit. 

He had two life symbols left on him. If he sent in two experts, it wouldn't change much.

After all, there were quite a few deities that entered from the Qin Clan, yet they were all killed. 


After receiving the Human immortal imprint's stimulus and immortal feather battle armor's inhibition, the tattered armor on Shi Hao's body shone again. Those large holes began to surge with radiance, covering him within. 

This time, everyone's heart trembled. They finally understood that the tattered armor was also extremely terrifying. The old sect masters were even more alarmed.

The old Hou that survived from the archaic era had a dried up and shriveled body, but his eyes revealed a strange light. "I can feel the aura of that place, this armor's origins are definitely not inferior."

When Qin Changsheng heard this, he nodded and said, "You're right, this tattered armor came from the uninhabited region. It is contaminated by all types of unique auras!" 

In the secret realm, these two powerful individuals fought against each other. Light rushed into the heavens. The battle was chaotic and berserk!

No one could see the true scene, but they could feel a sense of what was going on. Their hearts all trembled. This wasn't like two supreme experts anymore. It was too terrifying. 

"Huang truly is the expert of a generation! Even though his age isn't that great, he already killed several exceptional talents and even killed Immortal Palace's inheritor once!"

"I recall that the one that first provoked the young devil king was Fire Devil Palace, treating him like trash fish and sending him inside together with their own clansmen, in the end provoking a huge disaster," someone said. 

The faces of everyone from Fire Devil Palaces were ugly. Every time the young devil king was brought up, they just had to bring them up. It felt absolutely horrible, making them want to cry.

"You are too weak, not my opponent at all. Go call over your senior sister to exchange pointers with me."

Shi Hao's voice transmitted over from the battlefield. Lightning suddenly erupted and symbol light rushed into the heavens. 

Immortal Palace inheritor's face fell. They were clearly evenly matched with neither side able to deal with the other. In addition, the other party was borrowing that armor to make up for his magical force deficiency, yet he dared to say this.

It was clear that this idiot with ridiculously thick skin was purposely mocking him, taunting him in front of everyone's faces. 

In the outside world, everyone was shocked. Was this really the case?


They exchanged another blow. The battle was already shifting, heading towards the depths of the secret realm. Shi Hao didn't have the time to waste wrestling with him here. He had to hurry back to the golden dao platform. 

The first reason was because he was worried about his grandfather's safety, and the second that he really didn't want to miss out on that golden sheet. 

The people of the outside world gradually became more and more dejected, because they couldn't see the battle anymore. The two individuals disappeared, their auras impossible to sense anymore. 

"A life or death battle, do you dare?" Immortal Palace's inheritor shouted.

"We already decided life and death a long time ago. You were killed by me." Shi Hao replied indifferently. Then, he sped towards the distance. "I don't have time to play with you. I need to go seize the inheritance."

In reality, even though Immortal Palace's inheritor was angry, he gradually suppressed it too. He understood that the most urgent thing was to hurry back and seize the highest palace's inheritance. 

Just like that, the two fought intensely as they headed inside towards the place of inheritance. In the end, they ultimately separated.

Shi Hao pulled out a piece of holy medicine, the golden water chestnut. He quickly devoured it. The golden liquid flowed out, releasing dazzling light as it entered his flesh. 

This time, he suffered a deadly injury on the dao platform. After the beast tooth life symbol brought him back, it miraculously recovered most of his body's injuries, but his foundational energy was still greatly injured. 

That was why he disregarded the costs , directly using the holy medicine for the sake of recovering in the shortest amount of time possible and carrying out the final bloody battle.

He treated his injuries while heading along the way. His entire body's blood energy roiled, rushing out from his pores and wrapping itself around his body. It refined his body and replenished his foundational energy.

Two hours later, he entered the place of inheritance again. He ascended the sacred mountain. Shi Hao was a bit worried, so he sat here in meditation and tried to gain some insights. 

What was worth rejoicing about was that the grand sound appeared again, unexpectedly allowing him to enter again. He was transported to the highest palace. 


This place was bitter after all. Everyone fought intensely around the praying mat. From time to time, people would reach their hands over to grab the cyan bone piece, but it only released symbol light and did not move. 

"Ah, you…"

Chen Qing cried out loudly. He hadn't died yet and was hiding in a corner. When he saw Shi Hao, it was as if he was looking at a ghost. His face immediately became pale. 

"This great one returned!" Shi Hao waved his hand, and then he picked up an ownerless bone sword. With a xiu sound, it hacked out. The sword radiance was too fast.

Immortal Palace inheritor's servant -- Chen Qing, had been seriously injured before he was forced out, so how could he block this attack?


A head flew out, carrying large amounts of blood with it as it traveled outwards. His face was full of fear. This scene, together with Shi Hao's words, immediately created an intimidating atmosphere. 

Shi Hao walked outwards with large steps. He stared at the enemies that had made moves against him before and then coldly said, "This great one has returned to send you all on your way!"

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