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Chapter 684 - Killing Immortal 

At this moment, Immortal Palace's inheritor used all types of methods. He truly didn't want to waste any more time. He wished to obtain the inheritance a bit earlier. 

A qiang sounded. A bronze palace appeared, suspending itself above his head. It resonated with his body's immortal feather battle clothes, as well as the great halberd at his body's side. He aimed it at Shi Hao. 

Of course, the most terrifying thing was that his hands merged together again to produce the Human immortal imprint!

It was different from the previous time. He now used all of his magical force to ensure that Shi Hao would be blasted into meat paste. Even if the other party's precious technique profound mysteries were equal, he would still be able to kill the other party.

After all, his magical force was more tyrannical!


A terrifying aura pervaded the air. An immortal being that was indistinct and hazy appeared. However, that type of fluctuation made everyone's hearts palpitate. There was an indescribable pressure that was about to overwhelm them. 

Shi Hao looked at this magical imprint, and then looked at his own various precious artifacts. His expression became cold. He brought out the pill furnace, suspending it above his head, ready to send out the heavenly river at any time.

This wasn't all. He brought out a set of armor that was tattered and full of rust. He directly placed it onto his body. 

Everyone became stunned. Weren't these the magical clothes he got earlier? Could it be that it really was a strange treasure?

Soon after, everyone understood what was going on. Shi Hao was purposely mocking Immortal Palace's inheritor, believing that he was relying on external objects and that he wasn't all that. 

The armor Shi Hao wore shook slightly. Rust fell like rain, coming off with rustling sounds. It left the spectators between laughter and tears. 

"This old one will just wear tattered iron clothes, yet can still kill you!" Shi Hao said. He had a sense of confidence to him, as well as a wave of pressure. With these battle clothes on, he truly was mocking the other party.

Immortal Palace inheritor's face immediately became downcast. He was equal when fighting against the other party in physical power, but he definitely possessed the advantage when it came to magical force. He believed that if they fought, he would be able to kill his opponent.

However, he didn't want to wait any longer. He wanted to end this battle as fast as possible to prevent mishaps from occuring. He didn't want the inheritance to fall into the hands of others. 


The great halberd moved through the air, tearing through the void and hacking forward. 

The bronze palace swayed, releasing terrifying energy, surrounding and protecting him.

Meanwhile, the human immortal imprint he formed was already complete. It blasted forward to kill Shi Hao. 

At this moment, the immortal feather battle clothes shone. He was like a reincarnated immortal king, illuminating heaven and earth.

On the other side was a clear-cut difference. Shi Hao wore tattered armor with rust everywhere. It was dim and lightless, as if the slightest movement would make the armor break apart. 

At this moment, he didn't hold anything back. Regardless of whether it was reincarnation or the Kun Peng technique, he had to display them both, as well as all the methods he established himself. 

First of all, in his body, divine light sparkled, turning into little furnaces that were extremely small. Then, his entire body became like a simple and ancient cauldron. 

However, this was just an illusion. He was only doing this to get closer to the great dao!

The blood within the cauldron flowed. Both of his hands produced additional extreme divine abilities. His right hand was reincarnation, erupting with blazing multicolored light, while his left hand was the Kun Peng, swirling with undying aura. 

He used the cauldron symbols he established himself for defense. He also opened his only heavenly passage. Meanwhile, the reincarnation divine ability and Kun Peng technique entered his fists as he attacked.

Shi Hao's energy erupted. In that instant, the two fists resonated. This concentrated and merged the most profound mysteries of fist techniques!

"Kill!" He shouted loudly. 

The Human immortal imprint arrived, colliding with Shi Hao's precious techniques.

Deafening rumbling sounds rang through the air. Symbols rushed into the heavens. It was as if a sun exploded, making it difficult for others to look at this. The light was too ferocious.  Both individuals used everything they had.

However, what was completely unexpected was that under the terrifying pressure, the tattered armor on Shi Hao's body shone. The holes began to release auspicious multicolored light one after another. 

At the final moment, the holes released multicolored light that actually began to rise like smoke, surrounding Shi Hao within. 

This was a shocking change of situation that exceeded everyone's expectations. The crowd didn't know why this type of thing was happening.

Even Immortal Palace's inheritor was stunned. He used his most extreme methods to kill his opponent in the shortest amount of time possible, so how did he end up provoking this type of trouble?

The tattered armor changed. It was still covered in rust, but the holes became a spring of magical force, surging and submerging Shi Hao within. 

Ear-splitting rumbling sounds reverberated through the air. Above Immortal Palace inheritor's head, that copper palace enlarged, and the great halberd in front of his body shone. They both suppressed and attacked outwards. 

It was precisely because of the pressure of these attacks that made the tattered magical clothes revive and become completely different. 

Shi Hao originally wanted to utilize the pill furnace, because the other party's precious artifacts were too powerful, but now with this type of change taking place, he decided not to release the heavenly river.

"Hand over your life!" Shi Hao felt extremely good, because the auspicious light the tattered armor released entered his body, allowing his magical force to erupt. He immediately became powerful to the extreme.

These mysterious battle clothes were extremely strange. The auspicious multicolored light it released was too shocking, unexpectedly able to contain this type of secret, infusing his body with divine magical force. 

If not for him still being in the supreme expert realm and not breaking through, having a barrier stopping it, he even suspected that his magical force would continue to climb!

RIght now, his flesh was sparkling and translucent. The magical force he possessed wasn't any weaker than one at the consummate level of the supreme expert realm. It was all because of this set of magical clothes. 

This was definitely a rare treasure!


The pill furnace shone. The furnace body and lid were separated. Shi Hao used his divine will to activate it. The furnace body smashed into the other party's bronze palace. Meanwhile, the lid smashed into the void battle halberd. 

As for his own body, the tattered magical clothes had a pile of rust shaken off. He rushed murderously at Immortal Palace's inheritor. 

"No matter what happens, you are still going to die!" Immortal Palace inheritor's hands formed a magical imprint. It was even more resplendent. The human immortal imprint emerged again!

At this moment, this Human immortal imprint began to merge with his flesh and palms, combining into one. With his movements, heaven and earth erupted, as if everything was on the verge of collapse. 

If one wanted to cultivate the human immortal imprint, it always started with scriptures. They had to construct a human immortal, and then merge it together and guide it into the magical imprint.

He already finished this step. Now that he merged it, the magical imprint's power was increased by a large amount. 

However, right now, Shi Hao's magical force surged violently, becoming completely different. He had confidence that even if he didn't use the pill furnace, he could still show disdain for the golden dao platform. This was his unequalled will!


His right hand's reincarnation profound mysteries were restrained. It could be considered a reincarnation fist, because his body's innate precious technique was condensed in this fist!

No symbols erupted, and no divine light could be seen. There was only a terrifying aura pervading the air that made others shiver inwardly. 

At the same time, black and gold appeared on his left hand. It disappeared with a flash, quickly returning to normal. The Kun Peng's profound mysteries were similarly concentrated, collecting within the fist, storing divine might!

This was a heaven shocking collision. Divine might erupted between the two individuals!

Immortal Palace's inheritor was shocked. The tattered magical clothes were formidable after all, pushing Shi Hao's magical force to the limit of the supreme expert realm, making them already on par with each other.

Thing were looking extremely bad!

As expected, his Human immortal imprint was stopped. 

The pair of fists were too terrifying. They didn't erupt with symbols, instead remaining dim and lightless. They directly charged over, penetrating through his various symbols. They were on the verge of reaching him. 

He knew that the other person did this intentionally, that Shi Hao was still taunting him. 

At this moment, the other party still purposely didn't reveal his precious techniques, instead attacking like this, displaying how tyrannical and conceited he was. 

The different parts of Immortal Palace inheritor's body shone. The White Tiger arm and Qilin foot appeared. In addition, a pair of phoenix wings appeared on his back. These 'loose moves', together with the immortal feather battle clothes' support, became boundlessly powerful, making his body erupt with endless symbols. 

However, no matter how many thousands of divine abilities or tens of thousands of natural laws he used, Shi Hao could still still blast through it all with his fists!

This was the first time he displayed his two greatest enlightenments. His fists brandished about, breaking through the heavens. One hand contained reincarnation, the other the Kun Peng. There was nothing that could stop them. 


Sure enough, when these two divine abilities were used and displayed together, they forcibly pierced through the human immortal imprint and continuously wiped out the symbols. 

"Break for me!" Immortal Palace's inheritor shouted loudly. He activated his precious clothes, erupting with divine force. He began to stir up his body's vital energy. 

A honglong sounded. The Human immortal imprint shone again, and this time, the immortal that was merged inside flew out from his palm as well. It turned into the height of a person and slaughtered towards Shi Hao. 

This was an activation, merging, transcending, three layers' third stage. He reached this stage, truly worthy of being known as an rare genius. 


Shi Hao's right fist faced this attack, the one that represented reincarnation. It smashed against this dao figure, and with a weng sound, precious techniques and profound mysteries were displayed. They smashed into the body of that 'human immortal'.

His fist began to bleed. It looked like it was about to crack apart. 

However, that supreme immortal also broke apart into pieces, gradually becoming indistinct and continuously dimming until it disappeared. 

Everyone thought he saw that the human immortal had been blasted apart by the fist, only Immortal Palace's inheritor knew that this was entirely wrong. It was as if a devouring force sucked away the human immortal's vital energy!

In reality, Shi Hao released his reincarnation power, making the human immortal age. This caused the human immortal to become blurry and decline. 

However, the reincarnation force was used up as well. Shi Hao's fist was drenched in blood. It was clear just how terrifying the Human immortal imprint was. 

However, his Kun Peng fist continued to smash forward, not making contact with the magical imprint. It smashed apart the other party's protective imprint, and then with a honglong sound, the great yin and great yang forces exploded. 


Immortal Palace's inheritor coughed out blood. This time, he suffered greatly and staggered backwards. 

"You dare look down on me?!" Immortal Palace's inheritor was the first to become angry. The other party unexpectedly didn't reveal what kind of technique it was. The symbols were still collected inside the fist, not displaying any irregularities. 

He knew that this was an intersection of yin and yang, a method that possessed matchless power. 

If different people used the Kun Peng technique, the results would be different too. After cultivating it, he became proficient in the great yin and great yang, but that didn't mean that others would be like this. 

As for Shi Hao's reincarnation divine ability, it had directly blasted apart that 'human immortal', and it didn't clash with Immortal Palace's body, so it was even more difficult for him to determine what kind of ability it was.

After fighting up to this point, Immortal Palace's inheritor still didn't know exactly what kind of divine abilities the other party used, making him furious. Was the other party purposely looking down and humiliating him?

"Immortal king nine seals!" He shouted loudly. He activated another supreme precious technique. 

Then, his pupils shone. Silver symbols interweaved, turning into two silver ropes. These were divine chains of order, and they unexpectedly flew out from his eyes. 


Shi Hao didn't notice it. His cheek began to drip with blood, almost being pierced through. 


The most intent great battle erupted. The two figures left behind a streak of afterimages that interweaved like lightning, intertwining together. 

No one could have expected that this battle would actually be so difficult. The two individuals had exchanged over a thousand moves, yet no victor was decided yet. 

The main reason was because Immortal Palace's inheritor was too terrifying. His methods were endless and his profound mysteries world shocking. There were also a few divine abilities that weren't any weaker than the Human immortal imprint! 

From start to finish, Shi Hao always faced his enemy with his fists, destroying all methods and smashing through everything in his way.

Only, the reincarnation divine ability was not in its greatest form. Even though it became quite a bit more powerful than before, it still couldn't be used at any time. After using it once or twice, he had to wait for a period of time. 

During this process, the others not far out also engaged in a chaotic battle, but no one could close in on the praying mat, or else they would be attacked from all sides. At the same time, they all watched Shi Hao's and Immortal Palace inheritor's great battle. 


When the great battle reached three thousand exchanges, Immortal Palace's inheritor released a deep breath. He found it extremely difficult to believe that he was experiencing such a difficult battle. 

He had a feeling that things were not going well. He already suffered serious injuries. 

The corners of Shi Hao's mouth had blood flowing out as well. He didn't use the heavenly river in the pill furnace, fighting the great battle until now. He was also injured. His body's situation was starting to look not so good. 

However, he became more and more calm, because through this extremely difficult great battle, he verified the effects of the True Primordial Record and compared it to his body's magic and dao, becoming more clear of his own path.

When Shi Hao slowly brandished his fists, he raised a heaven and earth power. It was fast to the extent of forming a ocean. It surrounded this entire dao platform. 


Immortal Palace's inheritor coughed out blood, but his eyes began to burn even more fiercely. He clenched his teeth, deciding to carry out a final battle. 

However, at this moment, Shi Hao became incomparably sharp, continuously searching for weak points and pressing forward. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor's expression suddenly changed. He felt as if things were turning far from reassuring. He displayed power that surpassed the limits of his own body, and several of the sect protecting precious techniques that were too terrifying. He couldn't hold on any longer.


His face looked like a sheet of paper. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, having his foundational energy injured. 


Shi Hao instead felt as if things were going rather smoothly. He unfolded his body. His fist power was matchless, and right at this moment, he attacked!

A peng sounded. Immortal Palace's inheritor was blasted flying by a punch. He spat out a string of bright blood from his lips. 

Then, Shi Hao followed closely, trampling downwards from above. Then, he struck down with his fist murderously, striking him between his brows. Blood immediately splashed outwards!

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