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Chapter 683 - Exceptional Precious Technique


Immortal Palace's young inheritor released true flames. His head of black hair scattered about, and he raised his head to roar. The sound waves were like thunder, shaking one until one's blood energy roiled!

In that instant, he grew a pair of black wings. He produced nine vicious bird heads to deal with Shi Hao's three heads and six arms. 

"Nine headed bird!"

Someone became shocked. This was but an archaic great vicious, a rarely seen bird that was similar to a Zhuyan. In certain fields, it was only inferior to the  archaic vicious ten. Its vicious might was incredible!

Shi Hao's six arms waved about. They were all great yang fists. Golden divine light erupted, blasting this place until this entire place exploded. 

The archaic great vicious' nine heads all released dark light to deal with the Zhuyan's secret method, resisting the great yang fists. The two collided and killing energy surged. 


The two fists collided. Palms and fingers interweaved. Black feathers flew about, and golden multicolored light grew dim. Blood splashed high into the air. 

It was an intense close combat fight. Both sides took a step back, and then they pressed forward with great power to kill the other party. This battle was one where physical flesh reigned supreme. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor was conceited and arrogant, not believing that anyone could surpass him, even if it was in physical power. Equal was not good enough. He firmly believed himself to be the most powerful, and that was why he continuously attacked. 


His eyes were cold, and his aura changed. The Nine headed bird's body became hidden. A hand was covered in scales, releasing a terrifying aura as it clawed towards Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao was shocked. This was the aura of a True Dragon? Immortal Palace was indeed terrifying. Of course, this was still a 'loose move' and not the true True Dragon precious technique. 

Despite this being the case, it was extremely sharp, terrifying one down to their soul. This claw left behind an afterimage. Shi Hao picked up a fragment of a magical artifact from the ground and released an experimental attack. 


In that instant, the magical artifact piece was crushed into powder, blasted into fragments by that claw. 

One has to understand that this was a weapon that came from the distant deity confrontation. Even though it was a damaged weapon, it was still tough and difficult to break, yet it was shattered just like that. 


Shi Hao shouted loudly. This time, he didn't use any other methods and instead used the profound mysteries he comprehended himself. The surface of his body shone, and symbols condensed into a bell. 

In his blood, countless 'dao bells' that were so small they couldn't be seen with the naked eye quickly flowed about. Then, a great dao aura emerged from his entire body.


A bell sound shook the skies. Shi Hao seemed to have become a dao bell. Ripples diffused from the outside of his body. This was the fruits of his Spiritual Transformation Realm comprehension. 

Combining the True Primordial Record, he produced all types of unordinary miraculous moves. 

At this moment, his hands formed an imprint that released brilliant sacred light. With a hong sound, a great bell took form. It covered the surface of his body. This was the embodiment of countless little bells merging in his body.

The True Dragon claw reached out, striking down on the dao bell and producing a great heaven rumbling sound, making one's blood energy surge. However, it still couldn't penetrate Shi Hao's physical body. 

Even though the great bell swayed and cracks appeared, in the end, Shi Hao's hands formed a dao bell magical imprint, ultimately blocking Immortal Palace's inheritor, blasting him backwards.

"What kind of method is this?" Immortal Palace inheritor was shocked.

"A method I created!" Shi Hao shouted lightly. 

"Just some extreme embodiment of symbols. Has a bit of enlightenment." Immortal Palace's inheritor's innate talent was extremely high, seeing some clues. However, he was still extremely shocked.


Shi Hao's body shone. The surface of his body, as well as his flesh produced blazing little swords. They flowed through his blood. This was the transformation of symbols again.

Then, his entire body became sharp like an extreme immortal sword that was incomparably sharp. Killing intent surged. 


Shi Hao leapt up. His entire body became like a thin sheet of paper. He turned into a great killing sword and hacked towards Immortal Palace's young inheritor. 

"What is this?"

At this moment, everyone was shocked. His body seemed to truly have turned into a sword. It was resplendent and invincible. 


Not far away, fairy Yue Chan took action, producing a bone shield, appearing in the stage to stop Shi Hao. She deliberately did this to test Shi Hao's power. 


A sharp and clear sound rang through the air. Shi Hao's body turned into a sword. He rushed outwards, hacking through the bone shield, turning it into two halves. The surface of the cut was incomparably smooth, shocking others until they were stupefied. 

This truly was strange. His flesh became a sword, and not even secret treasures could stop him.


Immortal Palace's inheritor shouted loudly. His head of hair danced about. His palm enlarged, and his right hand seemed to turn into a golden divine monument. It was incomparably bizarre, and there were all types of symbols carved on it. 

"This is… Monument flinging palm!"

Everyone's minds jumped. This was a well known divine ability that could turn one's palm into a golden divine monument. When refined to the peak, it was known to be able to suppress all things.


The golden divine monument and sword violently collided, releasing waves of metal sound, making everyone's ears heard. It was about to break apart. 

Everyone revealed serious expressions. These two had tangled with each other for so long, continuously changing methods, but they were always using extreme flesh methods. Every single method was incredible and rarely seen in the world.

These were a series of the most powerful loose moves that could display the greatest potential of the flesh. This was a collision of the greatest power. 

Everyone sighed inwardly. The two could be considered to have reached the extreme of the flesh to divine path, unable to go any higher. They were already at the absolute peak.

After a clash, the heavenly sword finally changed, turning into a human body. Shi Hao backed up. His gait staggered. He didn't feel so good. His inner organs were in pain. 

This was true for Immortal Palace's inheritor as well. He lowered his head and looked at his own palm, unexpectedly seeing that his flesh had been broken, revealing bone. This injury could not be considered light. 

Both sides were injured. They looked at each other.

A strange energy circulated. Finally, like a flood, it erupted. Both sides' auras erupted. They charged forward murderously again. Their bodies of essence blood burned, releasing the most terrifying radiance.

They rose into the air from time to time, resisting against the golden dao platform's tremendous pressure. They could temporarily stay in the void, producing all types of divine birds and auspicious beasts as they fought this vicious and intense battle. 

After fighting to this state, Immortal Palace's inheritor had no choice but to accept the reality that in the domain of flesh, it was difficult to suppress the other party. It would at most be a draw.

He couldn't continue like this. Where did he come from? This wasn't some small dispute. He needed to kill his enemy right now and obtain the supreme inheritance.

More so, this was Immortal Palace's requirement. He had to collect Origin Sky Supreme Being's inheritance and add to the sect's backing.


In the blink of an eye, Immortal Palace inheritor's aura completely changed. Magical force erupted, and a head of hair fell downwards. His pupils shone with resplendent silver light, producing symobols. His entire being created a formless force field. The weapon fragments on the ground floated upwards as well, revolving around him. They then exploded. 

This was a wave of shocking aura, as if a heavenly deity had revived and was now overlooking the world. 


With the raise of Immortal Palace's hand, symbols interweaved. Lightning immediately erupted, wrapped around by the divine magical laws. It was simply impossible to defend against. 

Forget about others of his generation, even the deities not too far off gasped, because this youth could break into the Divine Flame Realm at any moment. He had long reached the consummate level of the supreme expert realm and was only suppressing it. 

It was clear that he was doing this for the power struggle in the three thousand provinces, the gathering of hundred rivers. When the time came, there would be a world-shocking great natural opportunity!

"I admit that your physical body has reached the golden and unbreakable, dao body incorruptible realm, able to fight on equal terms with me for a duration." He said coldly. 

Everyone was shocked. This was the first time in his life that he assessed someone like this. Both parties' flesh had reached the extreme, near equal. 

Shi Hao calmly replied, "Keep fighting and you will understand whose physical body is more powerful!"

"There is no need. At most, both sides will suffer with neither side winning. I do not have time to play with you. We should end things here." Immortal Palace's inheritor said coldly. 

With a hong sound, divine multicolored light flew out. Electrical arcs interweaved. He took action, using magical force. He formed a divine imprint with his hands, and then in his surroundings, an enormous immortal being projection appeared. 

This person's precious image was dignified and incomparably indistinct, but the aura he erupted with was shockingly terrifying. This was Immortal Palace's restricted secret method, one known as immortal dao natural laws!

His hands formed an imprint, producing a human immortal!

This type of precious technique was known as the forbidden natural law --- Human immortal imprint. 

Upon seeing this scene, everyone was shaken and incomparably shocked. This person was indeed heaven defying. This type of natural law was incredibly difficult to learn. Under normal circumstances, it wouldn't be casually passed down to the disciples. 

"What do you have to compete against me? In a true contest of strength, I am enough to kill you!" Immortal Palace's inheritor said. His eyes were cold and ruthless. His words were ear-piercing.

In front of his body, the indistinct figure became more and more realistic. It quickly released a palm, and then it was as if immortal dao natural laws surfaced, shaking the entire ancient palace and about to hack the golden dao platform apart. 

The Human immortal imprint was known as an unmatched precious method. Some people said that it was something started when a past forbidden figure cultivated to the extreme. There were others who said that it might really be an immortal being's divine ability that was left behind in the human world. 

"Just a method. You should understand that it is the person that is unrivaled!" Shi Hao's entire body shone. The symbols within his body surged. At this moment, the reincarnation force within his flesh revived.

It formed a light screen, covering the surface of his body densely. Together with his recent insights, he faced this great enemy!

"Huh? What is that?" Some people were shocked. Shi Hao had many symbols on the surface of his body. Those patterns were strange and mysterious. They were accompanied by mist as well as lightning. 

"What kind of precious technique is he using? Is this a combination of lightning and other symbols?" Some people were suspicious. Shi Hao truly used his own secrets.

However, he seemed to still be concealing things, not willing to directly use the forbidden divine ability.

Even at this point, he had self-confidence and wasn't in a rush to display it.


Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Lightning covered Shi Hao's surroundings. The reincarnation symbols covered his flesh densely, forming armor like patterns that were incomparably powerful. 


The Human immortal imprint arrived. It was ridiculously terrifying. 

However, Shi Hao was also extremely mysterious. He quickly neutralized the incoming magical imprint, covering that indistinct palm in lightning. It gradually grew dim. When it made contact with the symbols on the surface of his body, they even more so mutually destroyed each other.

Shi Hao was shaken. The Human immortal imprint was indeed formidable beyond imagination. It could stop his reincarnation divine ability, resulting in mutual destruction, continuously becoming more dim.

On the other side, Immortal Palace's inheritor was incredibly shocked too. He used a sect protecting precious technique that was known to be an unmatched divine ability, yet it was unexpectedly stopped. How shocking was this?!

"Inconceivable. Who exactly is Huang?" Even the exceptional talents here were shocked. They originally thought that Shi Hao was going to fall, yet he unexpectedly stopped the Human immortal imprint.


Immortal Palace's inheritor shouted loudly. In the end, he still had the advantage in magical force. He wanted to use his boundless divine force to kill Shi Hao. 

In addition, his entire body shone. The immortal feather battle armor appeared, making him feel like he was ascending into the heavens. Sacred multicolored light shone, and endless immortal light rushed into the heavens. It was bright and dazzling. 

"Die!" Immortal Palace's inheritor shouted loudly. 

"Keep dreaming! You should just take out everything you have right now, or else you won't have a chance to!" Shi Hao berated. 

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